Probably I was too afraid to leave it up five one ones, but I guess that doesn’t matter That early like bloodlust wouldn’t kill me Thunder it made like 21 ones Where is my questing Explorer? I’m able to spend my mana doing something productive on the chimp If he wants to heal his cleric up he’s gonna have to activate it to We’re gonna kill it That guy threatens to destroy the integrity of my snake trap Nice Now if he doesn’t have a second pyro, these snakes could be nasty Here comes the circle 420 blaze it back 20 missed it No, sick of pyro, no way does he trade and then go second pyro Circle it never happens Now he’s not a pirate’s below game though No more Pyro’s for you, except maybe that one Good curve The swarm is here Just clear it with pyro. Oh wait Anyway our way but were But this is gonna activate We can trade this and it generates it for two, so if we find spring PAH we can activate it manually Only spring pause. All right Questing adventurer into to drop those two we can we have a few ASA manually activate No manual activation Time to send the drawer unless the satellite kills me somehow Oh God yeah, it is cool. It’s cool Ah Come on I didn’t even get to get plus two golden attack is fled screaming. Let’s see it fled streaming Its fled a streamer. I know floods like a semi competitive player to competitive player It does not look like he’s streaming. Let me refresh Trish Yeah, he’s streaming Borrows our eSports. Alright, let’s go red fool red fled eat the copy pest already man. I’ll link it in Chad where we’re going May I see? Mr. Flint he’s rethinking his whole back now we got it Let’s see something in chanting. Let’s get a reaction Lets it follow our only chance How long is the follower only Okay, you got it ten minutes whip We can trade never rate those bad Wow Be brave didn’t end Unlucky dude Have you seen the reversing a streamer? Let me know so that we can cue up the boys and radom if after the game Spreads the viewership spread the love man Does mr. Czaka streamer, I Don’t think so Nothing I’ve ever watched a sock Let alone a mr. Sock You hate when streamers have 10-minute follower only mode oh, yeah who would do that it’s crazy How much I would never have 10 minute follower only mode on my my channel The spear I Mean I think it’s been proven that having follower only mode on helps grow your channel But I don’t know what size that becomes applicable. I Don’t know there’s data out there and it tells you what’s the best for you? If you want to grow and stuff Depending on what your size there’s certain settings that generally speaking have better performance, whatever I Don’t know dog, I don’t know This MC tag, huh? Oh My that goes why to every turn so if we’re gonna get MC texts We get abs detect at least we’ll be at 420 while we’re doing MC tanked that Will go freedom chat for a while for the rest of the stream. You don’t have to follow me So everybody can unfollow if you want and you can still type Freedom in And is old just subscribe to to scram welcome to Becky teen thing the appreciate sport glad to have you here Make sure you unfollowed so you can really embrace the freedom It’s rare that we actually have the time to play this so it’s nice I’m just gonna get it out of the way now We don’t want to over draw Leroy or unleash but any other card I really could care less Heed of them See this is why we need follow her only mode. Look at this the chats gone the crap did Where was our civilized copy fastest and how we’re just spamming freedom? Do to do to do to do that was the disgusting video. Oh I reek the back Feels good man Always lucky I Thought we were screwed and then we won the game and it’s cool Pick that hi reek So you get to play five of these next turn and then push the button Like I played exactly two minions so I could have exactly enough board space to do this And he knew I had these cards in my hands. He played into it man. Come on, mr. Sock Why you let this happen Iq is low my back’s really whack. I press the button and I get two golden attack Should hear a parent before quest was complete to do two damage. I thought it might be better. So I went with the eight Lightning And we will offer we win Next time a triple snip snap or kill him at the lyac It’s healing We could play to instead of the desert spear to be more resistant resilient to MC tank We just bite to and then push the arrow power button I’m too tech so annoying I Like this Also empty tech doesn’t mean on Malaysia maybe I should make it maybe she just went three wide and then unleashed When I say went to random spells and they rather shocked naturally is it to of usually stacking is usually Not good So I’m a divide-and-conquer gamer versus shaman you Always triple SnipSnap not always because I just only plate – You always tripled the new to be three on the field So we do is six Ice behold the unleash Maybe a four, but we don’t really have any burst It is kind of where we want him. It’s a position really really always kills him Hello, hello goodbye. Goodbye About 24 damage not too bad quest hunter saviors of uldum deck 2019

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