I Think do you want to see March s I wanna know what that you want to see? What is new with a nurse? What do you think about temple boy I think it might be all right, I think Borya has like so many good decks It’s just that controller is so oppressive that You just never have like people just don’t try there are other Wario decks What to do Why Erlich all right, let’s wait the dev on a little bit can I ask a question sighs you can always ask a question. Yes Try breaking the meta we do Test effect Reno, how good is Reno Mitch? I think we know it’s still good You can definitely Detect that I was playing at the start of the expansion. I think it’s very good Play it more early game based and don’t play. Luna luna was one of the worst cars in the Decade Shama Also year joining in the stream Linna thank you for Discipline us welcome Hilary’s also, they’re joining in April’s in a row. Hey guys, thank you for the eight months together. Hey guys Blue fox. Thank you for the sup doctor. Nano. Thank you for this up And hey ties, it is my birthday and no one wished me and happy birthday yet I was wondering if you could be the first Kazuki. Yeah think happy birthday to you I wish you the most beautiful day of the year and you deserve it Enjoy your birthday Actually bees is popping a freezing trap that’s kind of funny All right Mr. Cylinder Thank you. Also for the four months in a row good letters five months with the twitch prime sup greetings and galettes Z They’re joining in as well. Thank you for the prime feels amazing, man Easy Soul Baro CEOs are there joining in? Thanks for the sub less than three This thing feels really really good at the moment That you got a haircut sighs no, I didn’t get a haircut shoot I did not What do you think it’s the best tech in the game right now It is still warrior, maybe it’s just quest the road maybe squaws shaman Do you ever sit on the couch behind you ties very little actually It’s just hardest for the screen background do you think I go out of my chair? Silly chat silly silly chat. We already tested for pressure plate Rats yes That’s okay we can handle right here Like this Silly chat But dice people are sleeping all know me pretty priest just got from ring five to two in a single go No me priest. I mean the too bad measures for know me trees were like mage kind of freeze match and Bob warrior Maybe I shall bring no bprous this weekend through GM guys Mm-hmm Or maybe I should just not make the same mistake as last time You vote snowballs I already did man What do you mean I already did Starkville bees is fine, right? Next are to be We can generate like life, but I kind of want to still play for the board as strong as I can And we draw another card scar, please This card is so good. Actually it’s such a sleeper Hey thighs happy to see you are still streaming Carson and not Wow, ah less than three. I Actually voted watching a little bit of while yesterday and I have never played Wow, so I had like zero experience, but it’s kind of funny to see so many people getting completely hyped I Saw all the people that they are just going to supermarkets or grocery stores and they just like They hamsters and for like a week to get as much food in and just go completely try out all bad these Good old days. I remember that I did that for the harson expansions. I Went to the grocery store. I just bought bought food like for the for the whole week Completely preparing myself to just not do anything besides just playing the expansion That was fun I have played around free. I played around the explosion freezing there. Ooh Sara’s is not ready. We need to swipe It’s ready now flare 7 11 13 girl is always lethal then we do it with the girl Nothing better than finishing the game with or how Smart halt Nice. Damn this thing is insane We just keep winning. Is this a meta breaker? Is this a meta breaker I think it is let’s do one or two more then I think I want to also play something else Because we need more Dex guys that can do it like this It is the meta people are aware already I Think question is pretty good against this thing – GG’s I’m headache – bet it was nice hanging out. Good night’s chat. Good night heaven Good night, I Would say innervates is almost always to keep no matter your hands almost always Sighs when will you make a bar lock Mehta I will make of our luck met up and Varla ket scoots carts That should I cut my cone your schooling inmates now, I think you still play it in at least three dimension That I like Zoo is fine, but Zoo doesn’t feel like Varla to me for me varlet means Control VAR lock And Natsu – Is there anywhere I called p.m. You I got a big issue that needs sorting I don’t know if I can help you. You can message me on this card This card is the easiest way you can message me on my email but there’s a very high chance that I will not respond in the next week, so Ha ha Bees is actually guys are always so good against secrets. It gets so much information Don for free Just for free It’s a trap ties its tenor don’t worry I know how to deal with tenor Ties your head is so massive. Well, that’s because of all the brain cells that I have Like I can’t hide my brain cells Yeah, the tech plays very smooth I Mean probably snake Can be read actually, let’s see what happens That’s fine, we now curve in certain areas, right so can also go and Laura shin to Oasis will still give me five minutes Not now, I thank you for the sub great to have you here Kind of want to go away sis here and play it safe. This is so good their life. Oh, man I Mean on seven bro. That’s what matter are you living in? There’s not a boring metal hunter. You can’t do that God this thing feels just insane now Chet Did we just make a monster here? Are you ready for the Drude meta welcome back in the Drude area? No It’s Luna pocket galaxy’s still good ties. No, it’s not good. You can’t play for seven minutes. Can you imagine? Playing a seven a car for 7. Mana just to pass turn and Then top deck it’s unplayable You you do 7 min I passed the turn I Think she vowel Apella destroys the deck that’s true. Chuvalo Pelle is pretty good against this. I agree with that I Mean it can be pressure played rights Oh Doesn’t leave I mean, he never gets back from this ride Hey ties, you are the best first you create a meta and then you break it less than three. That’s indeed how we do it nice Ten-four chip let’s do one more and then I’m gonna switch but there we have 15 NERF PATCH – TEMPO QUEST DRUID DECK 2019 | SAVIORS OF ULDUM | HEARTHSTONE

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