NEO hackathon brings the Smart Economy to Taipei

I’m ready to bring it.
Let’s lay the smackdown on some people. Welcome to a hackathon with Asia’s largest
cryptocurrency, NEO. Where we find out from the organization’s top developers what their future holds. This is spotlight.
In the city of Taipei, one disruptive technology is inspiring young software developers –
blockchain. There is this general hype now with everyone and some people that
have been around since the Internet boom also experienced the same hype and the same feeling. John has organized today’s hackathon –
bringing in the neo heavyweights to teach developers a vital part of the
organization’s technology – the digital, decentralised Smart Contract. The people here have just learned the basics of smart contract programming. So now all these people are going to create a decentralised application using NEO’s smart contracts. The prize pool for this hackathon is 600 GAS – worth around 15 thousand US dollars. I was like ‘oh that’s
actually pretty pretty generous’ and I was thinking ‘hey I’ll give it a shot and
see how it goes’ The developers who do most of the legwork to build NEO’s ecosystem are a group known as the City of Zion. Basically it’s just a bunch of geeks who came together and decided, ‘Hey, NEO looks interesting, let’s get working on it.’ Alan’s hard work co-founding the city of Zion paid off massively as NEO rose to global prominence and its token price skyrocketed meaning that many of the NEO believers became financially free to dedicate themselves completely to making this platform their own. It’s kind of like my baby at this point. It’s something that I am emotionally attached to. It’s something that I want to see succeed. We will make it grow. We will push it forward – no matter what. City of Zion is here to stay. This developer community is funded by the NEO council – who still holds onto around 50% of the NEO tokens and is slowly giving them out to contributors. Now we have quite a lot of funding so it will be sufficient for many years to come. But what impact do locals think that this strategy will have? This could really inspire developers in Taiwan to choose to use NEO: the platform that will promote development. How are you doing? John, Jeremy, pleasure. Good to see you again. Yeah, please come on in. Jon works in a team dedicated full-time to giving Taiwanese blockchain developers more resources and networking opportunities. If we take out these walls we could really have a massive hackathon here. Meanwhile, back at the hackathon, the clock is ticking. We’ve done some drawings, it’s quite nice. We’re going to have to definitely push out this last four hours to make this work. We are doing our best. There are some in the cryptocurrency world that idealise blockchain as the great equalizer – a revolutionary technology that will tear down the pillars of power in the global financial industry. But in NEO’s vision – the two worlds, of old and new can be weaved together. I don’t think everything should be decentralised – not everything should be on top of the blockchain. I think that’s a misconception that some people have. On the other hand I think that there are a lot of industries that will gain a lot of benefit for society by applying these blockchain technologies. After 8 solid hours of coding, it’s time for exhausted hackathon competitors to present their ideas to NEO. We have finished the hackathon! One idea – a decentralised book lending system. I love books right, but – oh no libraries. Who’s going to find things in there? You can’t see anything in there. But you know what? Now we have blockchain! We can find that book for you in your library. Another lets anyone make their own cryptocurrency. We want to make it easy enough for everyone to be able to ICO and not just ICO on Etheruem but on the NEP5 token format. The teams wont find out who won tonight but its clear that they all made some interesting innovations. The hackathon was really impressive. I was actually really surprised by the creative projects. A treasure hunting mobile game where the mobile interface was actually already working, which is super impressive. But what is the true key to getting NEO’s attention? Creativity and some sense of spontaneousness, and it is something which I saw here. And now my hopes are high for the next hackathons. Three days later – the results are finally in. The competitors gather at BlockCamp’s HQ to find out who won. The winning team is NEOSpace! I am so excited! Yeah. Unexpected. Really happy. We built a real estate leasing platform on the NEO blockchain. If you’re a real estate owner you can place your real estate property on the blockchain and accept payments on the
blockchain to lease it to someone who pays you on the blockchain. And manage everything on there. And how are they going to spend their GAS? We might spend a portion of it partying just to celebrate. Next time on Spotlight – we drop in on a speech by NEO founder, Da Hongfei, in Seoul. And meet the visionaries behind a global movement towards a smarter economy. Thank you for watching.

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