Nemty decryptor, Apple zero-day, Cyberoam vulnerability, and more.

Hi, I’m Paul Torgersen. It’s Friday, October
11th, 2019 and this is a look at the information security news from overnight. From
Good news for victims of the Nemty ransomware. Security firm Tesorion has released a decryptor
that allows you to recover files for free. This will work for Nemty versions 1.4 and
1.6 with 1.5 coming soon. It also doesn’t work for all file types yet, but it is a good
start. Details in the article. From
Apple has patched a zero day vulnerability in iCloud and iTunes for Windows that is being
exploited to evade antivirus and endpoint detection and response systems. The flaw is
in Bonjour, which delivers updates and helps apps and services discover each other. The
researcher that discovered the bug says there are other similar flaws that have not yet
been addressed. From
The makers of iTerm2, a open-source terminal emulator app for macOS, have released a patch
to address a critical flaw. The bug was found in the tmux integration feature of iTerm2,
where it has evidently been lurking for seven years. You should probably patch sooner than
later. From
A sophisticated cyberespionage platform called Attor, which has flown under the radar since
at least 2013, sports an unusual capability for fingerprinting mobile devices as part
of its attacks on government and diplomatic victims. Highly targeted, Russian speaking
victims. No word on who is behind the campaign. And last this week from
Sophos said it is fixing a vulnerability in its Cyberoam firewall appliances, which can
allow an attacker access to a company’s internal network without needing a password.
In fact, all they need is the IP address of the device. This flaw is similar to those
in other VPN devices reported on earlier this week. Get your patch on kids. That’s all for me this week. Have a fantastic
weekend and until Monday, be safe out there.

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