NC State MBA Technology and Entrepreneurship Commercialization Concentration

[ Music ]>>NC State’s a university
with massive technologies. It’s in the Top 10 in terms
of generating patents. Most of these patents sit on a shelf. We’re the arm that gets those things off
the shelf, into the business startups, into products, into services, into goods.>>These are pieces of real
intellectual property that we source from university partners or the government. We have a very strong engineering
program in computer sciences, in supporting the next generation
electrical grid, in creating interesting technologies
to support mobile devices. We have an amazing textiles program, College of
Veterinary Medicine, amazing Social Sciences. So, our technology that we provide
for this class can be from any sector.>>These technologies come from the 16 campuses
of the University of North Carolina system. They come from NASA, National
Aeronautics and Space Administration. They come from the US Navy. They come from the US Army. And our newest partner is
the National Security Agency.>>This is one place where
students really get to exercise all of their best creative problem-solving skills,
to come up with interesting product ideas, and then do the market research to determine
whether there’s actually a decent business opportunity there. That’s going to help them in a career, whether
they aspire to have their own startup one day, or if they’d rather be an entrepreneur, and
do this to benefit their larger organization.>>We don’t have exams. We don’t have quizzes. We have team reports. We have written deliverables, in terms
of short, 8 to 10-page types of reports, which is exactly what business
is going to ask you to do. We also teach you how to pitch at anywhere
from 60 seconds to a 10-minute pitch.>>Our tech alums end up
in a variety of careers. Some of them will stay with
their existing organizations and use the skill sets they developed on our
tech team, to be successful entrepreneurs. Some of them may actually be
interested in their own startup.>>Since 1995, the tech programs
had about 500 students come through. Those 500 students created probably
25 to 30 new business startups. They employ 400 to 450 people, and they’ve
raised about 450 to 475 million dollars in private funds, to support those efforts.>>Employers really like
employees who are multidimensional. Having a blend of skills and understanding
how to relay objectives both on the science and technology side, as well as a business
side, can be a real asset in your career. These are some of the skill sets that we
know our students can project to the world, and actually be very high performers
at every stop in their life. [ Music ]

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