NBN Tech Talks – Imagine Greater Possibilities in Israel

the amount of investment you’re seeing here and startups and infrastructure in everything to be a testing ground and to see amazing growth there’s so much opportunity here the mission is simply to bring Israeli innovations the same technologies that we are using here in Israel to pump water to grow food we bring them to remote villages if you choose to look at things then you’ll see challenges if you choose to look at people you’ll understand that the quality of your life is improved dramatically by moving here innovation and change comes from this unique desire to want to make things better you’re seeing more and more people invest their business skills and trying to improve society here on both the micro and macro scale and I think we’ll see more of that as the country grows and matures social tech is such a good fit to the Israeli market people really do want to cater and help out and make a difference you should be proud of coming to Israel being part of Israel because Israel is doing good things in the world if I was hoping to lead a typical life I wouldn’t be here today if I was gonna settle for doing what everybody else was doing I wouldn’t be here today but if I was passionate on making a difference then where else in the world can I possibly be then land of milk and honey is also the land of unparalleled opportunity

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