Navdy’s heads-up display for any car windshield

Since 2014, Navdy has crowd-funded $2.5 million dollars, plus another $26 million in venture capital, to build a smart heads-up display for your car. Two years in, the Navdy is ready to ship. Navdy looks like something ripped out of a
fighter jet. It uses a bunch of optical trickery to project
your GPS routes, incoming texts, and other notifications onto a transparent surface in
front of your windshield, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road ahead. It can read or display incoming notifications
from most third-party apps, but it gives you granular control to let you disable alerts
from apps you don’t want to see while driving. It’s also got a sensor on the front for
detecting hand gestures, letting you control certain functions with little more than a
jedi handwave. A swipe to the left to answer a call, for
example, or a swipe to the right to ignore it. For the stuff thats a bit too complicated
for a gesture, there’s also a wireless scroll wheel that straps to your steering wheel like
a wristwatch and lets you zoom into the map, change the current song, or trigger the voice
assistant your phone. Alas, at $800, it’s pretty pricey. That seems a bit steep, considering that much
of what the Navdy does right now can already be handled by your phone or your car’s built-in
interface… just… not on a shiny screen floating in front of your windshield. But damn, does it look cool.

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20 thoughts on “Navdy’s heads-up display for any car windshield

  1. Lol so basically the only people who will have it is reviewer and 5 rich people who cares about this. This thing is worth no more than 200 bucks esp if it require your phone

  2. Definitely not worth more than $800. I'll go with the Hudway or the Roav (Navdy clone). Sorry, Navdy, it's cool, but not THAT cool when my phone does the same thing and I just need something to project its screen.

  3. I was one of the early kickstarter project backers and my investment was a lot lower than $800. Just received my unit and posted a first impressions review. It works without any hiccups!

  4. I was an early pre-order at $299. Waited over two years to get the unit. The hardware is really good and works as we had been told. It's the lacking of the most basic GPS features they desperately need to work on. And it's route planning and time estimates which both are way off. Thinking about putting my Garmin Nuvi back in the car.

  5. I agree that $800 is overpriced, but it is a premium product for your car. Aftermarket car upgrades have always been expensive and always will be expensive as long as there are people that will pay 40 grand for a new car, which is also extremely ridiculous.

  6. $499.99 available at Best Buy near you or free 2 day shipping. But still pretty pricey for what this thing can do at $500…maybe at $199 is more likely for an "add on" accessory.

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