Navarro says stop listening to US-China trade deal rumors

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28 thoughts on “Navarro says stop listening to US-China trade deal rumors

  1. This is about something you cannot put on paper. This is about hegemony. China has negotiated deals with Brazil, Argentina, and other countries to provide agriculture products. The answer is no, China will not be buying $50 billion worth of agriculture products from the U.S..

  2. True about trade deal:
    1. China do not want a trade deal. China economic may be hurt but Chinese had live in poverty and total authoritarian (since ancient time).
    2. They just want to "buy time" until the next (weak) U.S president. They will sign a small (Part 1 of 3) part of the deal then breaks some rules. We going back to the table, talk, negotiate, and some more deals sign. The cycle continues until 2024 then it's Stealing Season 2.0.

  3. Navarro keeps releasing rumors and then tells us to stop listening to rumors. There's no deal. There's not going to be a deal. Trump will drop another $37,000,000,000 on America's farmers to buy their votes and make them forget that the Chinese market is gone forever.

  4. Anybody who has any contact with the reality of our crops at all sees how that trade will unfold. Can anybody imagine what the result was of multiple blizzards come pouring into the nation only a couple of days after fall began??? The spring planting was late at best, some farmers didn't even get a chance to plant. The fields are still under work trying to recover. The rest needed at least an extra month of crop development in order to achieve an average yield… but now as the fields freeze before the first week of fall is even seen they only lose months more of development and it is guaranteed the crops come up short. Very short. This is food we are talking about. Are people going to decide to simply not buy food??? No… its going to become a limited commodity with widespread demand and when that happens the prices rise. Keep your eye on the groceries next year. Last year was bad and this year we worked through most of the carry over so next year there will be little or no buffer to hold the prices in check. What Trump has been dealing with is not a tonnage of export, but a total price. As the crops become more scarce and prices rise less needs be delivered to meet the higher totals. Perhaps China has cold feet. Perhaps not. Its immaterial. They have suffered a loss of half their hog supply, their major meat supply, and lost massive tonnage to cold just as we did… then another thirty percent on top of that to an infestation of army worms. China has a rich history of toppling their govt when that massive population goes hungry. Widespread hunger is the last thing they want and they are in a position in which they MUST buy. Whether they agree to it or not… they MUST buy. As it is right now I know that we are no longer producing enough corn to meet global demands. Other crops are coming in short as well. There is little choice in the issue.

  5. They have no deal. China will never agree to $50 billion in goods or intellectual property restrictions. At the best they'll get a "phase one" which will bring us back to where we were in 2016.


  7. Never trust China Communist they are killing American for 30 years from last two former President and Fake President Muslim Obama is the top corrupted he hates America & American!

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