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now come back to it and again I’m sorry it’s chappy but when I do these live streams Google throttles down the bandwidth so it’s not much I can do about that KRT was going out and that was Nicole sneezing in the background Nicole I said bless you yeah hmm I’m a perfectionist I gotta fix that thing real quick there we go look at that that’s pretty that’s nice tell you nobody else on YouTube has figured out how to do this I’ve screamed with OBS yes in the link’ arts you gotta check it out I’m gonna try to meet my microphone um if the music cuts off just getting a chat and let me know and I can see if I could fix it yeah that microphone this microphone is like way too good oh I like turn down turn down to Mike I’m gonna just meet the microphone okay I don’t know how to let the music play but not have it pick up all these noises in the background thanks for that link KRT I’ll check that out alright alright alright let’s go ahead and get this party started these are all the patrons you know that’s been uh active in the community holding me down for the past couple months having done this little screen over in a while I know KRT is on there you know somewhere and a lot of the big people Zach you know Cory man I’m not sure of you on their court but you know thank you for your support thank you for you know tuning in and without further ado we can go ahead and get to today’s discussion right what we will be talking about is nano in a in oh that’s that one right there right let’s do it live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose of Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and if you don’t like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody as you already know Nano is on the schedule today and I wanted to let you all know a little bit about the technology to blockchain the opportunity in the market right how does the market value it what does it think and what’s the likelihood of this coin going up in the near and dear future so if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto trader and um oops these charts as you will soon find out every day I’ve raced this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we’ll do things a little bit differently they normally I give you a chance to earn some free BTC live on the air what I’ll do is I’ll actually roll it back to tomorrow’s video so that way everybody watching this video later in the day you have a chance to win hit the thumbs up button when I come on and do tomorrow’s video I’m gonna check the likes if we have more than let’s say 75 likes on this video I’m just gonna do a random comment generator and pick a winner from the comments so two things you need to do hit the thumbs up button and leave a comment down below and once we get 75 lights I’ll do another video come on and pick a winner from all the comments right I can’t like randomly generate who liked the video but I can look through the comments and have little software picked somebody from down there so there you go I think that’ll be cool to see how that works moving into the future and next thing that we’ll do here is over well next one there goes this is the website balsa Bitcoin calm right check it out if you just getting set up learn how to arc like a boss the method we use is patented and electric property that I developed but I’ll give it to the people for free so click that website boss of Bitcoin comm jump on over there check out the videos in the playlist and that will put you well on your way to make some money on the blockchain right so here we go this is this is what we got going today Before we jump into that I wanted to go to the Nano website right and if you’re not sure what the Nano website is you can just type in nano coin on Google look at that already ranking you know I’m saying right there one of the top videos oh man oh right nano dot org is the website alright they have this little video right here I don’t want to play it basically talks about their value proposition what will they do better than anyone else and that’s speed I think they’re one of the fastest most lightweight simplest Kryptos that is they say infinitely scalable right I like to think of it as like waiting trying to think Bitcoin the problem with Bitcoin is that because it’s a decent distributed ledger distributed right each ledger must agree it must be the same right that’s good and that’s best that’s good because you know the longer the ledger is the more value the ledger has the more accurate it is you know over time but it’s bad because you must wait in line to be confirmed by the network right and as a result Bitcoin I think can only have about seven transactions per second something like that which is really slow in the world of digital commerce nowadays I think visa can accommodate like two thousand transactions per second and these guys I think they’re able to accommodate much much more than that right not sure if they say on the website here but it’s basically due to a lattice style blockchain the way I like to think of it is think of a line of fish right swimming in one big long line right fish fish fish fish fish fish fish right all those fish swim yeah in one line they all go in the same way you know they all receive the same value on the other side of wherever they’re going but they have to wait in that long line right a lattice network is like a school of fish right that school of fish can swim anywhere that school of fish wants and all of them can receive the value at the same time that school of fish can essentially swim through a fence think of a fence a fence has the lattice framework with all the little grid holes right a school as fish can swim through that fence with no problem where is the long line of fish they have to swim through the fence one at a time right so that’s a good way to think about where the value is basically distributed these central and autonomous with within the system of itself right so it’s just a unique way to do it and as a result these guys are very very fast they’re very very I don’t want to say cheap but they’re very very efficient and therefore there is not a lot of value lost in the transmission of their economy where I think of a car with gasoline in a car you want that gas to be as efficient as possible even though a car is only like 10 12 10 percent efficient you know by auto gasoline you put in your car you really should only be using you know maybe one or two gallons when you have to put in 10 or 20 gallons because the car is so inefficient right that’s Bitcoin bitcoin is a huge huge huge machine but it’s also very inefficient and this is the argument that a lot of you know naysayers bring up is that oh my god the electricity the energy the inefficiency of a network boom boom boom well here you go you got a example right here these guys came out and actually you know they’re they’re air drop was interesting because they wanted to make it accessible to everybody they didn’t want you know some rich farmers and Dubai rich miners in Dubai hogging up all the value from the network being the first to receive it so they introduced a CAPTCHA faucet system right to where all you had to do in order to receive some coins was you know click on all the cats and they would have rewarded you with nano coins they didn’t have a pre mining period to where you know some of the coins were held back for a company and all this stuff you know it was literally released to the world and all the coins in circulation right now are all the coins that will ever be in circulation right so just looking at the charts off the top this is already a top 30 coin right here in a you know chelating supply and mag supply right 130 million 130 million everything’s out there already right and it’s already $2 on you know 80% crypto correction right like back in December this thing was $34 now you can get a 250 right need about 250 all right so now we want to take a look at the charts is it is it beneficial to buy what does the energy look like what does the resonance look like what does the markets say so this is nano – BTC on a 343 first thing I’m gonna do is take a look down here again if this method is new to you that’s fun type in chart like a boss on Google and you’ll see my playlists watch that playlist you will be well on your way to making some money biggest thing you want to note is the 77 is above the 231 that’s good 231 going up 77s on top of it that’s good right we did have this little pop down here right where we were able to make some money that looks like the energy that will be planned to on this next cycle right it’s not bad not bad right now that means we have quick energy coming back into the coin now let’s check out some of this long energy right I could do this a couple ways because this thing was just basically an descended freefall right that’s one of the limitations on this coin right now is it doesn’t really have global ice a global distribution I would like to see it on Finance bit tricks and maybe like BitFenix or something like that but essentially is just on finance finance is fine especially for these smaller cap all coins but you can see because it was just one exchange at a really bad part of the market it literally got crushed but what we can do is we can probably just take a cycle from their to their breakdown to breakdown well we could just do a regular straight line cycle I hit pretty good so what I did there is I did my straight line cycle sequence from here but here right basically the top at a 77 to the top of the 77 that gave me this little flat line zone right there which was like a cool-off period and it gave me this little run-up right here right keep in mind those are like almost the exact same I you know which is interesting as well so it’s kind of like a floor right negative negative positive right we do a Fibonacci from those two points this yellow line is like our limbo zone right and so remember I said negative negative positive right two negatives give you a positive negative times negative equals positive which means this was negative energy confirmed and it reversed right there right now we can come down into this thing now that we know we have the negative energy reversed on the other side and we have this quick positive energy now we can do one like that and this is where we’re looking right now right and if I wanted to do a fit on this one after that right here oh I want put you right there what this shows is a fib extension on that little quick cycle right there terminates that force for two two four six and change this into a white line so we get two double white lines at the end for two two four six terminate at this next little long cycle and November right so that means something’s gonna happen in the middle of November that’s it’s gonna start a new cycle because we have quick positive energy I think this is gonna be a floor for us that’s 32:58 gonna be a floor I don’t see us dropping much lower than that if we do fall but more than likely we’re gonna be pulled to that one six right and the reason I say that is because we already hit our head once on the quick one six so when the big energy comes back it’s gonna want to take us to the big one six and we can say that’s when it will want to happen then you get some quick support right there this is gonna be like your macro run I like that as a floor and there you go right got a couple confirmations throughout this thing this is one of them I don’t hear as well right keep in mind again if Bitcoin Falls we could fall especially just being a younger coin only on one exchange but I think this is a very good floor right 32 anything under 32 before October I will buy into that expecting another run in November right but I think the long money already supports this coin at these prices so it’s just a matter of how much they want to buy and how quick they want to buy it I think Beason knows what this is when I was doing the research on this coin they said when it was raid blocks it was you know talked about in the crypto community as kind of a response to the Lightning Network right so you have you know Lightning Network with bitcoin and litecoin and then you a tray blocks on nano you know – I don’t know if it’s CRC 20 it might be its own coin on its own blockchain but that was kind of like the other side right the answer so there you go it’s a very quick you know kind of a turbulent technical analysis I think this would be the ceiling whenever we do breakout this is gonna be kind of like the end of the road up there at a 8500 you know so I wouldn’t expect to see a moon shot but once essentially once we get above 40 you know then we’ll be going up to 60 pretty quick right so you buy it at 32 expecting to go to 40 knowing that once you break 40 you’re going to 60 there you go and that is how you chopped like a pulse Oh so there you go guys if you in a chat right now shout your country out let’s show our people some love that’s been holding us down everybody else we’re going to jump over to the resources that we have available again boss of Bitcoin dot-com I think it’s one of the top crypto trading sites out there especially for the newcomers you scroll down a little bit you see my man on the right-hand side you know I’m Sam putting on for a city helping the people get some money in these streets ain’t nothing wrong with that chart like a boss playlists we already told you about that we got the Crypt some products available you know I know times is hard out here for people so that’s why I made this one specifically for people just getting set up thirty-five dollars it’s a monthly list of the top ten coins the profit package very very very very very difficult to lose money losing my picks I think last last month we averaged about six percent per coin and so the monthly profit package is updated every month thirty five bucks if you wanted every week hundred dollars for the month and then if you want to have direct access to me get priority and exclusive marketing messages boss method BAM boss alert messages is for you right biggest thing is you know we just I just want this content to be accessible to the people it’s a lot of clowns out there flooding YouTube with you know BS content so that’s why I’m taking the time to go through and review some of these big opportunities that will be coming up to try to offset that so again I need you to like the video leave me a comment and I will pay you for it on our next video right so there you go that’s what I learned that Notre Dame bet which gets rewarded gets done so let’s go ahead and give some rewards out and let’s get this stuff done right then young-sam when you want some free support free help 24 hour you know free customer service technical assistance number one Bitcoin group and well stop right there 20,000 of my best friends come together seven days a week keeping each other empowered and in profit in a market place right and so that’s what we try to do men bring it back to the days of people helping people you know I’m saying each one reach one reach one teach one we only got two people shout it out you know they country look like Flo Rida was it going out and Daryl nobody else um Big Dave from Saudi KRT been rockin out with me foremost going on a year and a half now you know I’m saying Florida I remember she talked about playing the currency games with like the milkman you know cuz she knew like the currency exchange milkman I know the currency exchange so she would like trade quarters and dimes with the milkman and make some money on you on the exchange you know I’m saying back back back in the day that was pretty cool Kariba from Georgia you know Georgia there you go guys I know it’s early on Sunday a lot of people still in bed right now like I said to Mike marques don’t sleep you know I’m saying so I’m up early in the a.m. hoping you get a piece of pie to eat with that being say it it’s that time of the day signing out both boy be cat no matter where you stay Brazil debate California all the way back out to jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time hit the thumbs up leave me a comment down below see if you win some free BTC do that for me you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y’all babes

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12 thoughts on “NANO Blockchain Tech Review 🚀Free Bitcoin Market Analysis & Crypto News Today

  1. Lovin the vibe as always Brandon ur energy and mission shine golden, love you to revisit GVT like you did with nano as they are going live very soon and you recommended it at ICO last year its done so well for me and the product is going to make it even better Love always dude 🙂

  2. Sorry, to hear the first NANO airdrop was already made since I just discovered it about 10 days ago. I feel I missed out on something special. Is "everything out there" as mentioned? OR, will there be any more drops made in the future?

  3. One step beyond, I thought IOTA was supposed to be the answer to the lightning network, based on Quantum theory. Does NANO have something better? I would like to know. Any input on that from you, BK, and anyone else will be appreciated.

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