MythBusters: Shark Shipwreck (360 Video)

[Music] so welcome to Mythbusters virtual reality reality reality this is Adam and know however much you turn around you won’t see me because I’m not here I’m just doing the narration but the narration of what well for Shark Week 2015 we tested the myth that sharks are scared of Orca noises killer whales and we conducted that experiment on a shipwreck this video is a behind-the-scenes tour of that wreck in full 360 degrees so as we descend you can already see the reason why we came to this wreck in the first place there’s loads of sharks if you look all the way around you you’re surrounded by an I reckon what 25 sharks these are nearly all Caribbean reef sharks with the odd nurse shark thrown in there pretty hard to see now I have to admit I do get a little nervous before getting in the water with these guys particularly when you’re on the surface of the boat looking down into the water looks pretty scary but once you’re in the water what you see is that sharks are beautiful graceful creatures it’s a real privilege to be able to dive with them but back to the wreck this wreck that were over and out isn’t the wreck that we filmed it to be honest I don’t know what this wreck is and it’s so dilapidated it’s actually hard to see what it might have once been so enough already on that the right we filmed in is the one just coming into view in the distance yep here comes now behind that diver who happens to be our executive producer checking the place out prior to our experiments you can see that somewhat predictably the wreck is guarded a bunch of sharks actually not a bunch a shiver I think that is the collective noun for sharks the shiver of sharks like that it’s better than a mouthful or a gulp where tooth now shivers definitely the best so now we’re swimming directly above the rack heading towards the stirring this particular boat was called the ray of hope it’s a pretty terrible name for a boat that became a wreck lying on its side at the bottom of the ocean oh cool look if you look straight ahead you can see a large wrasse heading into that tunnel beautiful but anyway back to the story this ship didn’t have some kind of accident no it was sunk here deliberately to become an artificial reef and over the last two decades it has become colonized by all kinds you can see stag coral sponges sea fans a huge amount of life as it can hold on this wreck now because this is only 40 feet deep it gets a lot of light so it’s a great place for coral to colonize and it’s because of this colonization this diversity that means an entire ecosystem completely complex food chains and food webs can exist and ultimately what that means is that there are sharks lots of them a shipper of them although of course at the moment I say that I realize there’s not any sharks to see at this point of the boat Murphy’s Law we did this dive the day before our experiment has a kind of a recce reconnaissance mission to get familiar with it and figure out how our experiment was going to go down but to see how the experiment itself worked if you dare you need to check out our other virtual reality video [Music] you [Music] [Music]

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  2. Does anyone know how to enlarge the two squares of VR? The screen of my phone gets divided in two, but the size of the squares is very small, leaving 3/4 of the screen black.


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  8. Imagine a dead body popping up out of the shipwreck behind the diver at the end.. Would be a great April Fools' scare as a tribute to Jaws 2..

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