Mystery TECH – Unboxing Time 24 – One Million Special

[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] All right. [Music] What’s up guys! Saf here on SuperSafTV, and welcome to
the 1 million subscriber special episode of Unboxing Time. Mystery unboxings of
cool tech and whatever else anybody has sent me. Of course, we do have an open address. So, if you’d like to send
something for a future episode, then that address is gonna
be in the description below. Also in the description below
will be all of the links to the products featured in today’s episode. So if you wanna pick anything up, that’s where you need to check. Right. Let’s get to it. Uh, the boxes are getting bigger. The studio is now seeming smaller. We’ll get this big box
out of the way first. A very very big box
but it’s a quite light. I think I know what might be in here. All right. A bunch of balloons. Awesome. Right. Wow, this uh,
this is really quite different for Unboxing Time We have a little message in here saying
congratulations on 1 million subs. But it doesn’t actually say who it’s from. No, it doesn’t actually say who sent it. So whoever has sent it,
thank you so so much. These are some awesome balloons. Really really appreciate it. Right now with that huge
box out of the way, we can get to the normal size boxes. This box here is from Manfrotto. Right. So we have lots of airbags, and here we have the Befree Advanced. This is the carbon fiber version. This is so so awesome. So, you guys may already know
that I have the regular version of this, the aluminum or aluminum version, and it’s something that
I take around with me everywhere because with the
Befree Live Fluid Head, uh it’s absolutely perfect
to take around with you. But this version here
is the carbon fiber edition so it’s going to be super super light. So we get a case with it. We get some manuals
and here is the tripod itself. Wow! That is crazy crazy light. So as you guys can see,
it actually folds in on itself. So then that way,
it’s going to be so compact especially with the weight so you can actually
pick up the legs like this, and then you can obviously
expand the legs like this. So, it’s gonna be actually really steady because its carbon fiber,
but at the same time very very light. Now, it’s actually got
a standard ball head on here, and that’s because I already
have the Befree Live Fluid Head, which I use for video but uh you can get it
with different combinations. This is absolutely awesome. I’ve been loving the
aluminum version of this. Aluminum version, and this uh carbon fiber
version is gonna be so so dope. Thank you manfrotto for sending this over. Right next up, we have this parcel. Alright. Okay. What is this? Oh we have some Millions here. So these are tasty, chewy sweets, and I’m assuming it’s got something
to do with the million of course. Dear Saf, you are one in a million, mate. So happy for you. See you at two million. Love you [inaudible], Laura and the rest of the OnePlus team. So it’s actually from OnePlus. This is awesome. Thank you to OnePlus
for sending these sweets over. I wish I could share them
with all of you guys. Cheers OnePlus! Right, next box. This is from Minger? I’m not sure what that
means in other languages, but in the UK, you guys may already know
what minger is referred to as, but anyway so here
we have an LED light strip. So of course, comes with a power brick, and then we’ve got a little bit
of a remote control here. I’ve just gone ahead and powered it in
and you can see all of the multi colors. So you’ve got lots of
different colors on here, and by using the button,
you can cycle through the different colors, and you can also cycle
through some different effects if that’s what you’d like. You can see here that we’ve got
some adhesive here at the back. So if you want to put these,
maybe behind your table, or some other furniture,
you’re gonna be able to do that. And I’m not sure of the price of this,
but I’m sure it comes in quite reasonably. So, if this is something
that you’re after, then that’s gonna be linked
in the description below. Thank you Minger. It’s getting super hot in here. We’ve got British summer time, uh which usually is not so hot, but recently it’s been
really really good, and super hot throughout
for the past like few weeks, but in the studio especially,
with all of the lights, it gets extremely hot. But anyway, so we have here
some bits from RAVPower. RAVPower have been featured on
Unboxing Time many times before. They do lots of little
accessories and things. Uh, let’s see what we have first. This is a portable wireless charger. Okay. I see what this is. So this is not only
a standard portable charger which you can take around with you
and charge your device up with a cable, but it’s also got this circular area here, which is going to let you
wirelessly charge your smartphone. Completely wirelessly
because you can charge up this power bank itself,
which is around 10,400mah. Just testing this out
on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and it is fast charging wirelessly. That is pretty dope. Right, we have more stuff from RAVPower, however, so let’s
go ahead and unbox them. And this is a standard
fast wireless charger. So very nice, slick and clean. This one of course does
not have a power bank built-in. So we got a power brick with this, which you can connect to the mains, and you can have this
inside of your desk or something. HyperAir with an output of 10 watts. Fast wireless charging
is generally not as fast as fast wired charging of course, but it is still quite a bit
faster than regular wireless charging. So that’s awesome. And then we have a
wireless charging stand. So once again, it’s under
the RavPower HyperAir branding, and this is actually a stand,
which is very very cool. Once again, it does
come with a power brick, and a braided USB Type A
to micro USB cable. This is really nice uh kind
of sit into the side of your desk. You can still see your smartphone, and any notifications etc.
that are coming through. Uh so it’s not flat on your desk
like other wireless chargers. Very very cool. Right, now we’ve got the last
little bit from RAVPower. Another portable wireless charger. So once again, this is a power bank
that has 10,000 mah, and you can still use this to
wirelessly charge your smartphone as well. So you’ll be completely wire free but the same time,
it doesn’t have a USB Type A output. So you can also charge your devices
with a wire if that’s what you like. So another great product
here from RAVPower that really embracing wireless
charging with all of these products, and if you want to do that as well yourself, then once again,
all of those links will be in the description below. Right let’s open this next one up, and here we have a bag. So this is the Banks laptop backpack. It can have up to a 15 inch laptop. It’s got CableReady Organization, so you can charge on the go without having wires
dangled out and everything. SlingTech protection, and it says here, the best impact
protection is impact prevention. I agree. Got some nice padding here at the back. So you’ve got a compartment
here for your laptop. and for documents and
things like that here as well. [inaudible] compartment, a zip
container here at the top, and it comes with a mini case as well, which is attached onto here, and we’ve got some more
compartments here at the front too. And inside here, I’m not sure
if you can see properly but it’s got some cable hooks
and a battery compartment. So if you’ve got a portable battery, you can have that inside here, and you can feed the cables
through here nicely and neatly. Thank you for sending this over. Right almost there we’ve just got a few
more things to get through. Uh, these are some liquid
screen protectors. We’re a company that focuses on
developing nanotechnology products. We love your work, and thought that we would like
to send you a little package of some liquid screen
and surface protector items. One drop of Nano Protect +
suitable for all the glass screens replace all existing
glass and phone protectors. I’m really interested
to see how these work. So we’ve got an alcohol cleaning pad, and then we’ve got
these little sachets which have this liquid inside, which I’m assuming you’re going
to be able to drop on your phone, and it’s gonna create
a screen protector on there. This looks very very interesting. I have no idea how
exactly it’s going to work. So I’m gonna go ahead,
and definitely try this out on some of my smartphones, and we’ll be posting something
on IGTV based on my experience. This is something that I’ve been
struggling with a lot on my S9 Plus. Trying to find a screen protector
that goes over those curve edges. I’m assuming this is going
to be ideal for that. So, I’ll let you know how I get on. Right, final package here. And here we have the Samsung Gear IconX. So you guys may have
already heard about these. These are some wireless
earphones from Samsung officially. Right so these come with
a USB Type A to USB Type C cable, which I’m assuming is going
to be used to charge these, and we’ve got some spare ear tips. You also get two USB connectors, USB Type A to micro USB, as well as USB Type A to USB Type C, and I’m assuming that’s to connect
these directly on to your smartphone if you want to transfer some music. I believe these do have
some built-in storage inside. I’m not sure how much. Right so now let’s try to connect these so I’m gonna open these up,
and a new device has been detected. So it’s come up straight away. I’ve not had to actually do anything. So we’ll go ahead and connect. Allow allow. Preparing to connect to you’ve got a percentage indicator here and it’s just going through the pairing.>>A few moments later.>>You’re all set. Enjoy your gear. All right, so let’s try this on. So they do fit in pretty nicely
because of the shape of these, and they do a decent job
of blocking out the outside noise. They sound pretty good. Let’s get to a point with a bit more bass. Yeah, not bad. Not bad at all. Uh I am no audio [inaudible], but they sounded pretty good to me. The connection was pretty
straightforward as well. Although it did take a bit of time to
fully sync it up to your smartphone. But other than that,
they seem really really cool. Thank you Samsung
for sending these over. Right guys. So that is it for the 1 million subscriber
special episode of Unboxing Time. Thank you to everybody
who sent stuff over. Remember if you wanna
send some things for yourselves, then there is gonna be the address
in the description below, and if you want to pick up any
of the items that have been featured today, then those will all be linked
in the description below too. What was your favorite item? Definitely drop that in the comments below, and also let me know in the comments below if there’s anything that you’d
like me to cover in more details. Maybe on IGTV. I am @SUPERSAF on Instagram. I do post pretty regularly
on there as well. So uh you can definitely go ahead
and give me a follow if you haven’t already. If you haven’t subscribed
to the channel already, then be sure to subscribe
to the channel notification. We’ve got lots more quality
content coming up on here. I hope you enjoyed this video. [inaudible] if you did. You know what to do. Smash that like button. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSafTV. I’ll see you next time.

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