Mysterious Towers in New York City – Could this be new ‘Smart City’ Technology?

Mysterious dark towers have recently
been seen going up all over New York City. These towers were built overnight
and the city has been keeping quiet about their construction methods as well
as their hidden applications. What could these towers possibly be used for? Are
these the new 5G towers that have been long anticipated for? Could this be a new
upgrade to the existing NSA surveillance systems? And what’s even more
disconcerting is why they aren’t answering our questions and telling us
exactly what they are going to be used for. Here is a special report from CBS
with some details about them: Jose Lugo says these tall metal towers
quickly popped up after Brooklyn Battery Tunnel toll booths came down. “We don’t
really know what’s the purpose of this” It’s a 100 million dollar MTA project,
full of secrecy, with 18 of these for the tunnels and bridges. So what are they
exactly? Are you saying you can’t comment to me?
That’s the MTA’s man in charge of bridges and tunnels, Cedrick Fulton,
dodging our questions. “Not even late later can we talk to you about it?”
“I said no comment.” Some MTA board members, including New
York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, say they know too
little about the towers. Even with about half the money spent and some of the
towers up, a lot of the board members felt like they didn’t have all the
details they would have wanted, myself included. Residents who say they suspect
there is much more going on with these towers than meets the eye.
Wonder will they ever know what’s going on inside them? “I’m gonna guess it’s
probably not just a decoration.” It’s a bit mind boggling that the MTA is
approving a hundred million dollars for what appears to us to be big decorative
pylons. John Kaehny is leader of the watchdog group, Reinvent Albany. What
we’re asking for is transparency from the MTA. We demanded answers from MTA chairman Joe Lhota. Some of your own board members say they
don’t know the specifics. “The base of these new new pieces that are going up
include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those homeland security
items.” In other words, anti-terror technology. Could it one day include
facial recognition? We don’t know. He won’t say. “I’m not at liberty to discuss
that.” So watch as more of these expensive towers rise with mystery tucked away
inside them in lower Manhattan. Dave Carlin – CBS 2 News.
Chairman Lotus said, “all necessary homeland security technology remains in place at
all crossings, even the ones that don’t have the new towers just yet.” And Shams
Tarek, a spokesman for the MTA, has given a more fulfilling answer recently
stating that the towers have cameras, traffic monitoring equipment, and other
equipment related to homeland security that would otherwise have been hosted by
the former toll booth structures themselves. So here’s my theory on what
they possibly could be. NVIDIA has recently partnered with China based
company Alibaba, to help launch their new smart city technology platform called
‘Metropolis’. Metropolis was just launched back in May of 2017 and is Nvidia’s
new cloud platform technology that sifts through surveillance and traffic camera
video using artificial intelligence to manage traffic, parking, law enforcement,
and other city services. Metropolis will use several Nvidia technology
including Tesla GPU accelerators, deep learning software, and the companies DG
X-1 cloud-based supercomputers to comb through the vast amount of data
collected by a city security and traffic cameras to make decisions based upon
what it sees. The platform can monitor video in real-time, and view data and
video recordings up to 30 times faster than even humans can in most cases.
NVIDIA believes its total addressable market in the smart city space will
reach at least two billion by 2021 and teaming up with Alibaba will help the
company’s prospects even more. Alibaba’s cloud services are already an integral
part of creating smart cities in China. The city of HangZhou, home to millions of
people and Alibaba’s headquarters, has already started using Alibaba’s
artificially intelligent cloud computing services to help manage vehicle and
pedestrian traffic. The system is called “Hangzhou City Brain”, and if all goes well
it will be expanded into most cities all across China.
Simon hu, the senior vice president of Alibaba Group and the president of
Alibaba cloud, said last month that “Alibaba clouds big data and deep
learning technologies have been helping to build city brains in China to help
local governments effectively make management decisions.” The benefit for
NVIDIA and working with Alibaba on smart cities is that China is expected to have
500 cities with some level of connectivity by the end of this year, far
more than any other country. Not all of those cities use Alibaba’s cloud
services of course, but by partnering with Alibaba Nvidia opens itself up to
tap into China’s burgeoning smart city market. NVIDIA is positioning itself in
the Smart City space now for what could become a $3.4 trillion
dollar market by 2026. Metropolis and NVIDIA partnerships are just getting off
the ground right now, but the company already uses software
and hardware capabilities to begin dominating other AI segments and there’s
no reason why you can’t do the same with smart cities. America currently lags
behind China’s smart city plans so investors should keep a close eye on
what the company is doing with Alibaba and other China based tech companies to
see if Nvidia can create more opportunities in China and around the world. Investors also need to be patient as NVIDIA smart city
opportunities materialize. We’re only at the beginning stages of using AI to
improve traffic, pedestrian safety, and law enforcement. But it’s definitely
clear that NVIDIA sees this as a huge opportunity to capitalize on its AI
hardware and software. Other applications for smart city uses include but are not
limited to: Retail Analytics, Traffic Management, Smart Parking, Law Enforcement,
and Safety and Security. NVIDIA has also partnered with dozens of other companies
involved in AI development and the human surveillance business. Let’s play a game
to see who can spot the most Illuminati symbolism found in these Nvidia corporate partners logos. Also I was able to do some more digging into who else could
be a partner of Nvidia’s surveillance team, and I came across this curious company
that was involved with our homeland security. Which led me to believe that
those mysterious pylons that have been popping up all over New York City is
quite possibly part of the new Nvidia Metropolis Smart City platform. SAGIVTECH, is an Israeli based company that specializes in surveillance, defense, and
algorithm development and implementation for image and signal processing for our
homeland security. So why is an Israeli based company being used to
monitor US citizens and provide advanced defense systems for our homeland
security? The answer is just as much shrouded in secrecy as these mysterious
towers being placed all over New York City. Will New York be the first
implementation of Metropolis as the new ‘smart city’? Will our every move become
recorded, and be kept in data files to be analyzed over by advanced AI? To
determine if we will be considered a ‘future threat’ or by keeping track of our
shopping habits to make sure that we are still just another functioning member of
society. And this ultimately begs the question, “what other projects and plans
does our government have waiting in store for us that they are not telling
us about?” Stay woke everybody. Take care.

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49 thoughts on “Mysterious Towers in New York City – Could this be new ‘Smart City’ Technology?

  1. those towers are the same as these towers thousands of years ago in my opinion. Thanks for all your amazing work

  2. They are high tech residual scanners, lesser models are used at airports, jails, borders, but these are high tech and can detect guns, drugs, biohazards and so on, they use camera, light and sound tech to also capture your biometric markers which is a large fingerprint basically and your assigned an alpha numeric code, used to rapid ID you thru the system instead of constant camera survalance, your ID will be tracked by the data alone, no need for cams, mics or biometrics once your in the system. Remember all those facial recognition apps used to unlock your phones and tablets, or the finger or palm print scanners or Palm reading apps they push now, guess where all your biometrics are going? Guess.

  3. Not just new york, some Wal-Mart's have these towers aswell i know this because i went to my walmart and saw this big tower near the entrance

  4. if they're only in the tunnels and bridges. They are probably some kind of air sniffers that sniff the air air for some kind of explosive or radioactive residue.

  5. The new reporter says meet the eye key statement these are face recognition towers plain and simple the fake news knows. The New World Order its almost at its final stage

  6. It's a smart information delivery SYSTEM put there by the AMERICAN Nazi goveremnnt.. it identifies and tracks you EXACTLY the same as if you were in a concentration camp which is what cities ARE relative to control as well as is everywhere else, but particularly cities as that's where the vast number of people live and where it's essential to pass through,, then you are directed what to do or you are expedited according to the Gestapos directives…it also performs threat evaluation…This video is not WARNING ITS INFORMING!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think they will also be weaponised, , LRAD,, Assault Intervention System (AIS), you know there's all sorts. I believe we'll be getting them in Australia too.

  8. I have pondered this verse and linked it too the nation of China itself. Revelation 13:2
    "And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority." I have thought that maybe the "dragon" in this verse is a reference to China. The symbolism of the dragon is deeply embedded into the Asian culture and worshipped. Possibly this beasts mentioned here are nations allied together. I think I got the idea from Hal Linsay a long time ago from his book, " The Late Great Planet Earth" yet I find most of his studies to have no credibility because he is a date setter and was wrong in so much of that book.

  9. it in plain sight wen the lights go out and the agenda 21 list..the kill list they will line u fuckers up and if your in Dept owe any money your heads coming off..cause how u supposed to pay in the new war coming up..they don't need leaches mooching off the government

  10. These things are weapons. They give off Electromagnetic Radiation. Hey America. You are being radiated right under your nose. Tear them towers down.

  11. I think these 'towers' are all that you guys have posted, PLUS listening/hearing devices; the towers observe the words, including intonations of our individual voices, which are then used to I.D. us even further. Just imagine all the positive ways these technologies will be used for when We, the original inhabitants of this planet, are at last freed to live in harmony with all our brothers and sisters on-Earth and in the Cosmos! Peace, everyone. No Fear… .

  12. Dear friend , this towers have to do with smart city control but in sad way. Here in Europe we named this : microwave wapon , its be used to control demonstrations and so on , the people's getting extremely headaches and feeling very sick , so they will leave this place immediately . What's looks like a cam is the end part from a Magnetron , thats a high frequency microwave lamp . In germany the police have such devices in small trucks , hidden behind black glass, its easy to stop a car on highway without stress , the driver willbe looked save in his car .

  13. It's a full scope surveillance system to record facial rcognishion and to track certain terrorist prospects, also tracks cell phone and intercepts calls using certain words over the cell, and using gps to track the people.

  14. why has it become common practice to let corporations and govt entities keep secrets from the public? Why don't we make a bigger fuss about these things?

  15. there will be no privacy in the future. it will simply be impossible. while a lot of different things could happen fundamentally there are two path, either the powers that be will spy on everyone, or everyone will spy on everyone.

  16. Many conspiracies but I still don’t see this being good for the people. Way to much secrecy, if it was something good and meant to help everyone they would’ve just told everyone what it was and what it’s doing to help. Strange things the government has bin ding the last 5 years. It’s like they’re getting ready for something big!

  17. #ElectronicGrid #SoulBox #MkUltra #FrequenciesCreateOrDestroy #5Gbathinginradiation #RadiationMutatesCells We will be covered in radiation and bathed in it 24/7. Many will develop cancers, ringing ears, dizziness or vertigo, hair loss…baldness will be common…and Headaches, sweating profusely… Even now they are using our skin (largest system/organ) and our sewat glands to amplify their waves. GWEN were not to be continued to be built according to CONgress in mid 90s but they kept on it. HAARP, GWEN, VLF, ELF, UHF,Cell towers, Pine Gap, and EISCAT in Norway…Patents for 5G say it will cause "…ambulatory movement…" and behavioral changes…those sensitive will be driven crazy with the never ending invasive waves, and generating heat…

  18. With their proven reputation for ' trustworthiness and professional integrity'… yet their projects are protected under the strictest of confidentiality. Wtf; that's a bit of an oxymoron is it not? Yeah… I TOTALLY trust their 'trustworthiness' and their 'integrity'. Oh, and all of this trustworthy activity is funded fully by… US, right? It boggles the mind. Run! Run for the hills!

  19. Notice how the all seeing eye channel made the jew lady look good? Fuck her. She a concern troll. Wheeler says 5G will help boost economic activity. They include funeral homes and health care in that.

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