[MY13S2] Menara KL Tower Sky Deck and Glass Box! Where to go in Kuala Lumpur?

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
finally we are here. Not finally, it’s actually just a 20 to 30 minutes
drive from Batu Caves to the center of Kuala Lumpur. – And where are we now?
– Finally… – Underneath the KL Tower.
– It’s something, something KL Tower. – Something something KL Tower?
– There’s a name. – What name? Mer something… Anyway so right now we’re at the tower,
so check this out! This is the tower. Take care of my other camera,
I’m scared of thieves. Anyway, this is the tower. So right now we’re gonna go up. And overlook the Petronas Towers, the Twin
Towers. Which is here. Can you see that? Are you ready? – Let’s go!
– That way? There’s a cafe here, at the KL…
This cafe actually looks quite bad. It looks okay, Tea Time.
It’s actually not bad. Whenever he said it’s okay or not bad, the
truth is it’s awful. He’s lying. Politically correct. Hey, look what they wrote here… Reverse parking only. So don’t act smart, come
here and go in like that. Ah, see? Should we film the car?
Is it a Singaporean car? No? Malaysian? Don’t film it if it’s a Singaporean
car, it’s embarrassing. Anyway, I will censor the number plate.
I’m a nice guy. Anyway, I’m actually a really nice guy. Just subscribe to my channel will do. Firstly, welcome to this tower. You have a school excursion here. Hello. – I’m the one who said hello to them.
– Oh, you did? I thought they said it first. I said hello to a kid, he heard it and said hello
back. Then the rest of them said it as well. – Are you guys going up for the view?
– Huh? View? Yeah, going up. – We have a view from the top.
– Can we bring the camera? – Can can! – Okay, let’s go! – Highest point.
– This is the highest point, RM105. Are you Malaysian? – No. – This is RM105. – Oh…
– To go to the top. If you go below (Observation Deck), the problem is
glaring. You know the thing with glass? Glaring. – Yeah.
– So if you go here, there’s a problem it’s this. If you come earlier just now, it’s okay. Now it’s like this, just
now sunset it’s like this. Now, before sunset… Night, like that. You can take photos there.
Glass floor, now. We’re gonna go up, beyond the observation deck
which usually you will get the glaring stuff. – We don’t have… Didn’t we need tickets?
– Oh yeah, tickets! Get it here, and you’ll
have to sign a form. – Oh, sign a form. So in case, we fall down or what?
– Huh? – Just in case if you push people.
– Oh, if I push people? – Yes. – Not people push me? – So we have to sign this… – Indemnity form.
– This is your ticket. – Alright, thank you. – This one you’ll have to give it to the man at the top.
– Okay. – Give to the man at the top.
– So don’t do anything dangerous. – Okay. Nothing dangerous. – Come with me! – Okay.
– Thank you! – Hey, the tickets.
– Go take a photo. – Okay. – Oh, tickets! I gave him this.
– Handsome, handsome guy. – Okay.
– So you guys, be careful, don’t jump. – Okay, don’t jump. – You guys from Singapore?
– Yes. – Welcome to Malaysia! – Thank you so much! – Thank you.
– One by one. – I’ll wait for my friend. – Alright.
– Thank you. – Enjoy your view. Relax, relax. Don’t rush. Take your welcome photos here. Welcome photo come…
Not this photo, that photo! They are smart, three different poses
so they can sell three photos. Anyway, so right now we’ve just
paid about two hundred, not about. We paid RM210. RM105 per person. If you’re just going to
the observation deck, it’s cost about RM70 something. Yeah, RM105. Let’s go! Oh my god… Whoa! It’s so cooling up here. – Breathtaking.
– That is the Petronas Twin Towers. If I’m not wrong, Batu Caves is just there. So just now we… @$%*#^& and we’re here. What is this? – Alarm.
– Oh, this is an alarm. Can we go up further? Oh no,
it’s the light beacon up there. What is this? Oh! That’s the one with glass floors! Look, look! – Come, let’s go. – Go try, go!
– Three of us. Come. – Huh? – Really? – Three of us.
– I’m scared, I’m scared. I’ll film, I’ll video. I’m scared. If we fall down, we
fall down together. It’s okay. I don’t want to fall down together! I can’t even look downwards. All the way, all the way. Steady! – Steady, steady.
– I don’t dare to release my hand. I’m very smart, right? I ask you
to be steady, and I stayed here. – My palms are sweating.
– Lift up your hand, I want to see the sweat marks. – Oh, it’s real!
– I’m not lying! Oh no no! Haven’t! You
must go to the corner! Okay, okay. Just don’t look down.
I’m like an idiot. Okay, the view is very good. Hey, look! Look down! Trust me, you have to keep looking down.
Keep looking. You have to keep looking so you won’t be
afraid. Trust me. See, I’m here with you now. – Okay.
– We can’t stay in the same corner. Maybe I’ll go to the other corner. – You’re scared that it might crack?
– Yes, it might break. You know it’s very cooling up here,
but I’m sweating like mad now. Film me instead. At least if this thing breaks
I’ll have both my arms to hold onto the bar. When I saw this online I’m
like, “Why so scared?” – But when I come here, I’m scared like crazy.
– F*** you know? Hey, let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen.
You don’t think this is nothing. Don’t come over, what if it breaks? Make sure you don’t drop the camera.
If you drop it, this will break for sure. You can’t drop the camera! If you do, I’m
dead. I’ll see you next time already. Okay, I’ll try not to hold on to anything. Okay okay, let’s get the… – Hey, hello… – Huh?
– We’re not done yet. – Huh? We’re going in again?
– Of course. – Round 2?
– Round 2 bro. Guys, you see I’m not scared at all. Just don’t look down. – Okay, say that again. You’re not scared at all?
– I’m not scared at all. I’ll cut out all the parts where
you’re scared and loop it 10 times. You have to break the fear! – Break the fear the fear guys!
– I’m so smart huh? I’m so good at motivating. – You’re smart.
– Break the fear, look where I’m standing. I’m safe. I think I contributed a
lot of sweat to this… You’re putting a lot of moisture to the… – Look how you’re getting out of this.
– I’m crawling like a baby. I already weigh the same as two people.
They only accommodate up to three. They didn’t mention how
heavy is each person. – No wonder you’re scared.
– Three people, one person 30kgs. It’s safe. – If you die, I’ll upload this for you.
– No, it’s safe, it’s very safe for you. Not me! I failed my pull-ups. So even if this thing
breaks I won’t be able to pull myself up. So ladies and gentlemen,
please go and train. – Let’s try this.
– Don’t shake, don’t shake! Bro! Any safety incidents occurred here before? Can you not ask me this now?
Let me get out of here first. Check this out. Look at this… The LED lights on this tower are
actually made up of all these. – Check this out, whoa this one is flashy.
– It’s like we’re in a disco. What? This is worse than disco,
this will cause seizures. This will cause severe seizures. – Want to go higher?
– How? Hello… – Politically wrong.
– Just kidding. – I know.
– Wait, actually it’s not politically wrong. This is totally wrong!

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  3. Do they allow small tripods or monopods to be taken to the sky deck or sky box or observation deck? Loved the way you did the video 🙂

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