my wife left me. (“How success destroyed us”)

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100 thoughts on “my wife left me. (“How success destroyed us”)

  1. more than often the wife cannot tolerate her in law's and this is a major upcoming future red flag that men should be aware of.

  2. honestly i am sorry this happened to you I do apologize I see the sadness in your voice may you continue to build success even after you lost your job may both of those losses bring new opportunities for you. NEW SUBSCRIBER ACQUIRED!

  3. I am really sorry for how things turned out for you. You deserved better. Sadly, as you said, you can be a hard working dude, with a kind, gentle heart and a great personality, and you can have all the money in the world and still end up miserable. Thanks, Feminism. Fuck you.

  4. Don't give up. Money was not the filter through which you should be evaluating your relationship (or yourself). Though it is a nice, concrete and quantitative variable…it is not the one that will allow you to feel why she left. Start practicing building your empathic skillset. Eventually with enough practice one day you may be able to actually feel what your wife was feeling as to why she arrived at that decision. That is where you will be able to come together and rebuild. Keep practicing. (Also read up on love languages, because it seems like you and your ex had different ways to express and receive love.)

  5. awww.. that sucks … sorry to hear… I guess everyone have sad stories in their life. I also think I have everything but life sucks for me…

  6. You made such a great point. In this world, people always equate financial wealth with happiness. But that is simply not true. I hope you will recover soon.

  7. Japanese woman, sad they way they are. My wife took my 3 children to korea 9 years ago for a 2 weeks trip and never came back. It is so difficult. Deep sadness. Now now i work, i have my business and what. What is the purpose of working so hard.

  8. I’m wealthy & my partner is wealthy. We both came from poor immigrant background. In my opinion it’s not the money it’s the person themselves it’s their mentality that causes these problem! That’s just my opinion I’m truly sorry that this has happened to you. I wish you the best & hope everything works out for you.


  10. Bro never care about women or chase them, they are cruel and selfish. it happened to me 9 years ago. She was very selfish and took my two kids. Now after 8 years my ex wife is living with diabetes and poor situations. Kids love to live with me and they don’t want see their mother. Don’t worry large majority of women are selfish and self centred creatures. Enjoy MGTOWS life and progress in life but never bother about women they are number #1 replace able item nowadays. It’s better to get rid of toxic people in your life

  11. Always remember “Time, money and women are most disloyal things in this world, if you use, consume or spend them wisely they will stay with you.” 😜 I am saying this after life long experiences

  12. why should "value, respect, fame, and dignity be limited to how much you spend, and how many things you have"?
    materialism is a disease it's not something to be proud about!

  13. Techlead you are smart and entrepreneurial. If you focus your mind and energy I know you can make an absolute fortune in short period of time. Keep on keeping on man, we are all cheering for you!!

  14. I have to admit this grace and poise you drop the red pills with is rather impressive. Sorry you had to learn awalt

  15. Women will bleed you . And I had my daughter taken out of The country by my ex before too. So stay strong 💪🏽 Brother!

  16. Marriage is really complicated. And it’s a philosophy you would never figure it out until you aged or mature enough to accept all the imperfections of life, marriage, career development as well as the ties and connections among them.

  17. Anyone else watching this unsure if their loved one is wanting to walk out?..

    Okay I’ll just go cry in the corner by myself..

  18. Hey buddy. You have to read the book The Rational Male. There is a series of books in the series but read the first one. You are totally lost about female nature and what happened to you. Rollo Tomassi is the author of these books. There is audiobooks, ebooks and the books are in print. Trust me. it will change your life.

  19. It's a mindset thing surely. For me small acts of kindness mean the world to me, even though my husband makes good money…I never wanted a husband who worried about impressing me with expensive stuff. Stuff is meaningless. I suspect there were other issues she struggled with and didn't know how / or couldn't be bothered to address. I'm sorry this happened and hope you can resume contact with your son in later life.

  20. Marrying a Japanese woman comes with some special risks. If you arent Japanese, then you likely were unaware of these. To start with (1) once she takes the child to Japan, you lose all rights to that child. So if its her wish, you'll never see that kid again. Even though Japan has signed the Hague convention on child abduction, it is effectively ignored if the man is not Japanese. (2) Even if you are a resident in Japan, you'll still have no rights to that child post divorce. There is no legal concept of shared custody post divorce in Japan. The child's registration gets moved to the family register of the woman post divorce in 99% of the cases. if you are not Japanese, make that 99.9%. Even if you don't divorce, she just has to say something bad about you and you'll lose all rights. (2) Most Japanese women feel that child rearing is the domain of the woman only. So involvement in the child's life can be challenging. (3) first 6 months is the most extreme period, where some women who live close to their mothers like to go into isolation with their mother and just focus on the child. less nowadays but you'll still see it. So there is a possibility you'll be totally shut out of the kids life for the first 6 months. I've seen many cases over a 30 year period here where Japanese women made the man feel like he was a living god. This was before the kid was born. But after the kid is born, the relationship radically changes, by an order of magnitude more in a relationship with a Japanese woman than a non-Japanese.. The woman might start looking at you as a wallet to support her rearing of the child only and would rather you wouldnt disturb her. I've seen many guys in this country go down hard – lost access to their kids, had to pay bribes to see their kid(s) and eventually lost the right anyway, kids got brainwashed by the mom to think their dad is evil…. the list goes on… the saddest thing is even when you warn them upfront, the standard reaction is "you dont understand… Junko (or Akemi or whatever) is different"… So TechLead-san, I feel for you bro. Hope you dont hold this against Japan or the Japanese people as well. Japan is a great place and the Japanese are the nicest. But there are risks… and most men I know got burned bad. Also another warning if you are a foreign man married to a Japanese woman outside of Japan…. I've seen many women experience the 'return to mothership' mentality after a number of years- so you think your life is comfortable in (fill in the blank)… but in reality, she gets that 4 year itch, and the next thing you know, she is telling you its time to go back to Japan. I saw it happen many times. Be careful out there.

  21. Damn i feel you. Its not easy as it by the books. You have a past and a story with that person you loved and married at. Most important are the children, the person who you love can go away or just leave. But childern should always have a place in your heart and never feel like they arent loved anymore. Its again tough because sometimes they understand it when they are already old. Keep up and never give up! In the end if we like it or not, we are alone!

  22. Marriage is business. Get marry with a lease on the table. Every 3 to 5 years you have a meeting and see where you stand. If there is no more then you walk away.

  23. My friend got dumped with 2 kids under 7. He is a mess trying to raise those kids. She felt in love with a commando in the army where she also work. Yeah the army is full of cheaters

  24. open a bank account for your parents in switzerland. the bank are obligated to say shit about who the accounts belong to. and tell the bank, you will be the owner of the bank account after the death of your parents. hope they live long

  25. The uncomfortable truth is… most women (not all) become bored once married. You're no longer a challenge or mystery to them and you become very predictable in their eyes. Before marriage a woman will be more agreeable and will give you her best. After marriage she will become complacent, point out your flaws, nag you to death, and become unappreciative of all the things you provide to the family. I feel your pain brother. I have experienced this a few times already. It also explains why women initiate over 70% of divorces in America.

  26. I'm really sorry to hear that hopefully you'll get your son back.As long as you're alive you can fix it I know that can sound hopeless but stay strong and hopefully it'll come around from you.

  27. Sorry to hear this happened to you. Search for a channel called "Sarah Speaks" here on YT. She'll explained what happened to you.

  28. I am sorry for this harsh change in your life. You had indicated that your success influenced your wife to leave. It is too bad that you and your wife were not climbing the mountains together. Your parents had that commonality as you said, a unit of combined engagement – in their case a common struggle to survive. Having moved from her home and family so far away has its own set of typical challenges. Seeking that happy balance in all things considered with a partner/lover is a delicate dance indeed.

  29. brother !! so much reality in what you said. I wish you good luck. Sometimes a pause is all that you need to ask a question "what's really important in life". It can change everything that you do, question is, "when you ask that question for yourself".

  30. He seems disingenuine. Idk what it is about him.

    Doesn't really make sense. He would have to fuck up pretty big time for any sane person to give up such a life of luxury not only for themself, but also their kid.

  31. Don't waste your feelings on someone that doesn't love you. Do better next time. Guess she didnt love you to begin with.

  32. I'm now close to… what you are going through. Deep research and studies on the subject of "why it's so difficult". Now, I begun to understand the lines in females lyrics of the songs they sing. Its like another language. Far away from my understanding… and yet only few months ago. It's too late to make some changes and fix some decisions, but as long as we made this first step too our enlightenment. We will be fine!

  33. You were married to a materialistic, entitled person. You dodged a bullet. There are good women out there. Keep your head up! Some tech girl will fall for you after watching your videos.

  34. I'm getting alarm bells when you talk about your relationship. You seem more connected to your financial success than to the relationship.

  35. You've married a typical Tokyo Gold Digger !! It was good that she left you, however taking your son without a notice.. THATS WRONG!!!

  36. Men are taught to be successful but aren't taught that women can't be trusted. Woman have a biological need to bare a child from 21-35. She doesn't really care about you once she has that baby, she wants your seed. Men research online about red pill, blue pill. Most men don't learn how women manipulate men. We aren't taught this in school.

  37. You don't have to apologise for making this video. You're human. you're honest with yourself and that's important for moving forward and correcting your mistakes.

  38. I love when you said your personal value of money hasn't caught up with your success. It just helps me understand someone a bit better…

  39. Remember to vote democrats in 2020. Once they pass universal healthcare, free college, and free housing your wife won’t ever leave you again!!!!

  40. Iam sorry maybe adopt a kid and rais them yourself. Better yer get siblings. Start over. This way your not alone when your old. + you have the means to do it.


    Hey man, Rollo Tomassi did a breakdown of this video. I suggest you watch it ASAP if you haven't already. It's going to give you a lot of valuable insight into why things happened the way they did. All the best brother

  42. This is my opinion of course. Step one: Any painful or seemingly negative experiences are part of what brings us our dreams. Most people do not know how good their life can be. I was married twice actually and I, of course, like anyone else, want the perfect relationship to be the first one. As a society we are not there yet. We all will get there. Step two: To realize that all people are connected to one progressive movement towards love. The more we focus on it, the luckier we become and the wider our opportunities. Experience taught me that. I am poor by most standards in the USA but I am also happier than ever because I just give the little I have to what I deeply feel are worthy causes and it just has opened so many doors in my life. So many people are suffering this minute because they are born in the wrong country or family and that is not their fault. When all humanity, and that of course starts with one, realizes that by improving the comfort and happiness of everyone starting with those that suffer most, all people will naturally work as one organism. That is how every system in the universe around us works; things live for the purpose of unity with the next highest cause and thus are benefitted in every way that all member beings can share. None go without. 3) Now is just the time that this world will learn this. Many people are having success nowadays doing things that benefit everyone. This is very different and only started in the last 60 years or so. All the corporations before that were and still are trying desperately to rape the world and are losing thank God ! I know you have gone through the experiences you have and painful as they were, not to hurt you, but to help and even save many others. Here is someone that is so very outspoken about the crime rampant on Wall Street for example (linked at the end of the comment) Regarding your family, you will soon have the family you dream of. So why and how did it not occur before ? That is a very long story but the bottom line is that the purpose of life is joy and to share love in a family. Above all (even though it is the bottom line) that is the only lasting true direction of everything that happens. If it hurts someone, that means it is the dying throws of the old world that you are shaking off of you and you will soon be free of because you know better now than to pursue something going the other direction. Now you will just feel if it is good or not and stay away from the nots. Find a charity you really believe in and give it your every hope and effort. That is the fastest way I can think of on my own anyway. Everything I feel and the luck I have today I owe to that happening to me. Again, thank you for sharing. You are one super amazing and honest man ! Oh and your son… you will be very close when that time comes. For now there are billions of children that would love all your hope and inspirations to share with as of course few have it now. I just hope and pray for your future to turn out like mine has and I believe it will be better than that.

  43. Please check out coach Greg Adams channel he will provide elaborate details about women on why they behave the way they do and the marriage system is a scam.

  44. Same thing happened to me. Multimillionaire, no debts, son not even 1yr old and my ex wife to kill the marriage just like that. I spend years trying to understand why but it doesn’t matter anymore.

  45. You NEVER learned about the "red pill" or MGTOW. If you refuse to learn, you'll repeat the same mistakes over and over, to your demise!

  46. If you were neither success nor wealthy when your wife decided to married you, the success (you mentioned so many time in this video) may not what she want or care about.

  47. Hang in there buddy….when there are no problems in life…. Some people create problems, just to have that element of drama in life.

  48. Her government mandated entitlements and access to your assets and future income were already vested. Sounds like you just got punked by gynocracy – also referred to as divorce raped. I can relate. I've been there done that – been paying for last decade and had most of my access to children stripped.

  49. TechLead you need to check out Rollo Tomassi, he did a 2hr break down of you, explaining how we(guys) have same problems you do.
    He had helped millions of guys and even save some from committing suicide.
    We’re all with you buddy, It’s time for you to Unplug from The Matrix 💊.

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