My Top 10 Fashion Accessories for Women, Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

Hi everyone, Heather here and today I’m
going to tell you my top 10 favorite accessories and you know what? I’m
wearing most of them now can you guess which ones they are? I’m gonna tell you
in just a second. So my number one item, I actually just
got this like a few months ago and I just love it, it’s one of those exercise
monitors, it tells you… you might not be able to see it in this light but it
tells you the time, it tells you how many steps you’ve taken, your heart rate, you
know how much you’ve walked, etcetera etc and I just love it, it also shows you how
many minutes of a little bit more strenuous exercise you’re doing and you
know what it goes but if I do 10,000 steps it actually shows off some
fireworks and goes…Wow you’re great and encourages you along the way so you know
what?… it’s a great thing to have and for hitting some of those goals that you
might want. The other thing I like about it is the fact that when my phone goes
off this is attached to bluetooth and it vibrates so sometimes I can’t hear
what’s going on in my phone but when this vibrates I know I got a call coming
through which is awesome ,oh and by the way if you’re interested in some of
these accessories that I’m showing you today we’re going to put a link on the
description or maybe in the comments that links back to our blog and there
you might be able to find all or most of the items that you like in a similar
kind of fashion or a similar type of product and we get a little bit of
commission for that so I just wanted to say “thank you so much”, you know, thank
you. So we’re out of the park and somebody
decides to turn on this leaf blower WhoooWhooo so anyway we’re back in the studio now
because we’re gonna get these accessories done some way. Anyway, so anyway,
back in the studio. Let’s talk about number two and number two is my small
purse I love my small purse I used to lug around these big purses every single
day I bought this about two years ago and now I’m wearing this purse about 90%
of the time. I actually did a video for you too it should be up there with a
link that you can watch later… and all this stuff
I get into this little little bitty purse and I absolutely love it. So the
number three is the big purse, hey you know what, ten percent of the time
remember I told you, I need the big purse but how do I utilize it ,well let’s just
check this out, so inside my big purse is my little purse how easy is this, you
know I just throw this little purse in there I’ve got my wallet and everything
is right inside, my phone, I can still grab things super easy, how easy is that
to change your purses huh? All right so that’s one also I’ve got
these little the kind of ballet slippers that you know those times when you’re
out and you’ve got those high heels on and they’re just killing, well I can
sometimes throw on these little babies in, you get them at a drugstore or maybe, maybe
online as well and they’re great for hailing a cab running into a, you know
that sort of thing , also maybe I am using a cab and I didn’t drive that day so
I’ve got a pair of sunglasses in my car but I also have a pair of sunglasses for
those days that I’m not in my car and then the last but not least, we all have
to have to watch the the weather but if it’s gonna be raining I got my
itty-bitty umbrella and speaking about umbrellas Number four…
I love these mini umbrellas they are so amazing, hey when the weatherman says
it’s gonna rain, usually these days it’s gonna rain. Now this little baby you can
get them again you can find them online and you can also find them in most drug
stores watch how it goes from this size and I’m gonna get over my head I don’t
want bad luck but whoa, okay so that’s a cool umbrella there and
yet it can fit in that purse super easy and you and I know you don’t want to get
caught in the rain . So number five are stretchy belts I love my stretchy belts
you know how you you wear a belt, you go out to eat and
it’s like, oh my gosh I can’t eat anything, well not with the stretchy belt and if
you’ve seen my slimming video it also brings in your waist and it’s really a
nice touch and I’ll put the the link for the slimming video, that’s been very
popular, so it’s up there somewhere but no I love these things I’ve got them in
all different colors, I’ve got white ones, I have navy ones now if I can’t find
maybe a certain color or a style, these weave ones they do have a little bit of
give it’s not, it’s not really a lot but I just love my stretchy belts… go get
yourself a stretchy belt. So my number six item… let’s get a little crazy here,
crazy socks and today I’m wearing for you not just crazy socks, these are
actually my bear hug socks that I love wearing and this way I can send you guys
a virtual hug from me to you for all my wonderful subscribers and hey we gotta
have some fun in life and let’s say I’m going out to a movie I might wear my
popcorn socks or my daughter gave me these these are little sushi socks
because we love going out for sushi together and also you know I love dogs
so I’ve got some some dog socks and Christmas socks and all kinds of socks
you know what? Go out get yourself a crazy pair of socks you’ll have a lot of
fun with them. So the number seven item is wear
something whimsical You know what? We got to keep fun and
play in our life and I remember when my first daughter was born we have about
four kids , I mean we have exactly four kids but when the first child was born I went out and
I bought a Mickey Mouse watch and the reason that I bought the Mickey Mouse
watch was to remind me to keep play in our life to enjoy life and
to look at the watch every once in a while and just smile and that’s what it
was intended to do, also I found this little frog, a frog with a skirt, now who
would have thunk that? I found that at a craft show and I absolutely loved it on
my jean jacket, also I don’t know if you can see them but I’m wearing dolphin
earrings um they are so much fun and as you can see you know they’re not even
the same kind of length one is short and one is long they’re meant to be like
that . So and talking about meant to be, you know some days are meant just for
playing. So the number 8 item are scarves Oh my gosh you don’t even have to have a
lot of clothing in your wardrobe just get a few scarves and it can completely
change a look, now you know when I was wearing the jean jacket I was wearing
this scarf I just sort of, you know ,put it through like this and it’s really
really easy it has that purple that picks up on my purse and the blue for
the jeans and that sort of thing so we’ve got that one going but watch this
let’s just say that I wanted to go for a little bit more business look with this
outfit I might wear a scarf I don’t know if I got it perfect but a scarf like
this and it completely changes the look Now another thing you know you can get
winter scarves and that sort of thing too for your coats
but this scarf this big scarf I found. I was specifically looking for it and the
reason that I love it is I can throw it in a purse I can just sort of have it
around me like that but let’s just say that it’s one of those cooler summer
nights and I’m just wearing a t-shirt or something like that this will actually
go over my shoulders and keep me fairly warm so scarves are friend. So the number 9
item, and you might not even think that this is an accessory but I sure do, is
shapewear. Now I wouldn’t have been able to do this out in the park anyway but
I’m gonna give you a sneak peek of the shapewear that I have underneath this,
here we go, and there you go, you can see it’s sort of giving me a little bit of a
tummy tuck and this one is in black that what I’m wearing right now and what I
found was a lot of those dresses where it kind of showed my little bumps and
lumps wearing the shapewear really really helped and you know I don’t wear
shapewear every single day but for special occasions and that sort of thing
I really, really like it and I showed you the black pair of shapewear that I
have and I’m just going to show you the you know, the beige pair that I also have
and you can get an idea of that you can, also see you know how it’s stretchy and
it kind of clings to you as well . So I’m calling this an accessory it’s my number
one, no well number 9 choice. So the number 10 accessory is have maybe a few
statement necklaces. Now in this particular case this necklace is a
beautiful gold necklace, I’m pairing it with just a little stud earring, a gold
stud earring because I don’t want to take away from the beauty of the
necklace but you can see what it does for the outfit it really just live-ins
it up I’m going to do a presto change-o and show you another idea too. Now perhaps
you could also find yourself a beautiful necklace like this with you know
different colors in it and obviously this is handmade I just love it and also
the blue really goes with my eyes and I just wear a teardrop earring that I
think came with it as well and you can see that this kind of a statement piece
of jewelry is absolutely beautiful especially when set behind a solid
background like a black or a white or something like that and for my final
necklace I’m going to show you this necklace I bought this when I picked up
my wedding dress. I just saw it and you know something blue ,something
new and the earrings went with it and I thought I want to wear that, it’s
not real diamonds but I want to wear that on my wedding day and so this is my
something new and I encourage you to wear something that maybe it means love
to you maybe it means, maybe it’s a ring that your children gave you with your
stones of the children in it or a gold necklace or something like that and and
to wear it …an heirloom and to wear it and to feel loved and talking about
feeling loved of course I got little Hurricane here with me our little Yorkie
and I just want to say, oh my gosh I love you guys, you guys are just
amazing and even Hurricane has a little video that we put out for you, but thank you so much
and hey if you’re not subscribing there’s a button down there we would
love you to join our community. So in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this little
video that I did and thank you so much… you’re yawning, time to put him to bed
Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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52 thoughts on “My Top 10 Fashion Accessories for Women, Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

  1. Here's a link to my blog where you can find similar products to my Top 10 Accessories ENJOY! Heather

  2. Thank you Heather, THOSE are truly AWESOME accessories and tips. I agree with everything that you said. I already utilize most of those awesome tidbits. There's always room to grow, and you're helping me to achieve the esteem that I'm lacking at this time in my life. You're a peach!!!Hello Bill&Hurricane.:)

  3. I'm so glad I found you,I have loads of scarves different sizes don't have clue how to tie them,also have Scarf clips??this is brilliant find for me,I have long Brown hair I'm only 5ft one wish I was taller but wear your type of clothes,can't wait to watch all the Vlogs and feel better about myself,thankyou for tips and helping us woman feel so much better about our self's, I've watched a makeup one about the hoods I'd been doing my eye make up like yours due to hooding, I'm needing some new tops for my black leggings got loads scarfs to dress up tops,I'm all excited with this find,xxxxxxπŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’–

  4. The big jewelled necklace is beautiful,could you do a Scarf tying Vlog, the beige Scarf I have one like that and I put it over my head and didn't know know it could go over arms,I can tie basic one but the clips I've not got clue,I must have subscribed to you a while ago when looking for help with hooded eye makeup, the early hours having look through I found you again,brilliant tips for us over 50s,I'm 57 and have ill health and not been looking my best,a few tips from you and I'll be as good as new,xxxxπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–

  5. Hi! Just wanted to give you my idea. I keep a newspaper plastic bag (or any plastic bag) in my purse, for when I use my umbrella, I just but my wet one in the bag, while I’m inside, then I can use again when I leave. Do I make sense? I also use snow cleats any time there is snow or ice. I’ve used these for at least twenty years. Have never fell as long as I have on. I drive in them, when I arrive to me destination, I either carry a plastic bag with different shoes, or when I go in, I stop and pull off cleats, put in plastic bag! Works great and it really is easier than you think. God bless❀️

  6. I agreed with everything but the belts. For me personally after three children almost 10 lbs each at birth. I don't want to bring any attention to my stomach. I'm 10 lbs from my personal goal weight. I just lost 20 in the last 6 months. But I didn't even wear belts even when I weighed 115 in my twenties and thirties. It's just my paranoid spot. But belts do look great on you. And others may love them too. I go to you for my style and makeup because I feel confident with your recommendations.And my toy Yorke Bentley sends hugs.He's my baby now.

  7. Love your tips and style. I wear shape wear just about every day. Thankfully, we don't have to struggle with girdles anymore. Lol Blessings to you … xoxo πŸ‘

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely tips! πŸ‘πŸ» I think you have 11 though with your lovely flashing nail color πŸ’…πŸ» Do you mind sharing that with us too?

  9. Heather, such an interesting video today. I definitely need to try the shapewear. Hello to Bill and Hurricane. πŸ™‚ Mary Lou

  10. Hi Heather,
    Enjoyed the video on accessories. I learned a lot, very good advice! I especially liked the idea of adding a little something whimsical to your outfit. I always enjoy seeing Hurricane! Much Happiness, Teresa

  11. Hi Heather! You really are a bright light in this world. I love your fashion sense, and how you can do so much with only a few things. I think you're absolutely gorgeous! Oh, and may I say – your legs kick butt!! x ps Hello to Bill and Hurricane!

  12. I loved your multi colored scarf you had on with your jeans jacket….will be checking this out for sure. Great tips! Thank you!

  13. What a beautiful person you are. Inside and out. Great accessory tips. So sweet at the end when you brought Hurricane out too. Lovely video. Thanks so much!!😘😘😘

  14. Heather, I too, do the small bag inside my big bag. Just makes sense for me because I can go out for lunch or dinner with my small bag without touting the huge bag that I need to take to work with all the added β€œstuff”.

  15. Hi Heather, so many great ideas! I have the same Fitbit! Love the scarves. And your little doggie. How precious! Take care, Stephanie πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  16. I have a fitbit and I wear a Disney watch every day! I am a Disney girl all day long! It keeps my spirit young (60 soon!) and brings out my "kid at heart" attitude!

  17. Thank you for the great tips! I love the idea of keeping a pair of flats in your purse. I'll have to seek those out! Being from a cold climate, I LOVE wearing scarves. Keep up the great videos!

  18. I tried your stretchy belt and scarf combination on a monochromatic outfit today. I received lots of complements and most said it looked like a I had lost some weight. Thanks for the suggestion, It made my day! I love your ideas! Keep 'im coming!

  19. The more I watch you the more I love you. You have such great ideas and your love of life just shines through. As a lady struggling to adjust to my age I have the greatest fear of being that woman who dresses age inappropriate. Your style matches mine so much it is helping to rebuild my confidence. Thanks

  20. Thanks for posting this video, even though I have given up on all my jewelry (apart from my watch, engagement and wedding rings), heels, scarves, belts, purses collections about 3 years ago (since I've started my decluttering journey), I still enjoy watching it πŸ™‚

  21. 25,000 subscribers… you're on your way to your first million! There are a lot of us baby-boomers out here! (and many seem to think they are 'old' and have given up on themselves- you are such a help to our generation, Heather and Bill!).

  22. I just found ur channel today! Subscribed and I'm hooked. I'm a Nurse who works nights, so I've got extra time to scroll thru YouTube! Yeah, me!!!

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