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We recently had SAGE reach out to us about sponsoring a piece of content that demonstrated the benefits of their security and home automation ecosystem, but as I was sitting on the couch, tinkering with their hub that connects to your TV, I realized something. My son, who just turned 4, wasn’t impressed at all… …by the idea that the doorbell ringing could trigger a notification on my phone and a picture-in-picture view of whoever standing outside! He took it completely for granted! So I was inspired to create this list of seven differences between when I was his age, and today. [Linus Tech Tips intro] [Linus Tech Tips intro]
“Nyan Cat ain’t got nothing on me” First things first, when I was the same age as my eldest son, all of my toys required me to do all the voices and the actions myself. This friggin’ thing would have completely blown my mind. It even knows his name! [imitation of horse neighing] “I’m pretending to be a horse!” And that’s not the only thing that does all the work for you! I mean, Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist is great and all, but this… *this* is progress. [E-reader speaking; inaudible] Number two: Video games were… nostalgia filter aside, objectively worse. And I was one of the lucky ones. I had a Game Gear! I mean, that thing had a colour screen back in 1990! Just too bad it only stayed on for about three hours every time you put six AA batteries in it, a practice that would probably make the mobile games with… auto-save generation say, “Very cringe, much old man technology…” if they even say that anymore. Number three: Movie content may have been similar or better. I’ll put Homeward Bound up against Django Unchained or whatever any day, but finding physical media, realizing it’s not rewound!? My kids won’t even know that those were innovations! To put it in context, I graduated high school when YouTube was invented, and my kids will take for granted that watching any video they want is as simple as clicking an icon, not to mention the constant interruptions. If the doorbell rang during *my* Saturday morning cartoons, I had to get off my butt and go see who it was, which… Okay, so nothing quite like that ever happened— —you can tell ‘cuz I’m standing here today. But, this is one of the coolest things about the Sage home automation system. You’ve got a picture-in-picture view of the scary guy, so you’ve at least got a few-second headstart to go… hide under your blanket! Number four: While I’m pretty sure that every generation thinks homework is a total drag, trust me kids, it was worse when I was a kid. I mean, that was even before Encarta encyclopedia on CD-ROM, when we had to actually sign out actual books from an actual library, most of which were horrifyingly out of date because, “Yay, school funding!” And don’t even get me started on pens! I mean, between the Backspace button and Wikipedia—which may not be perfect, but it’s a great starting point—the new generation’s only excuse for being uninformed is pure laziness. Which leads us pretty well into number five. When I was already snuggled up in bed in the winter and I wanted to turn off the lights, I had to get off my butt and turn off a light switch—or if I was one of the cool kids, I might have had a clapper. Just don’t install those things too close to each other. “Hey!” By contrast, there is an entire generation of people for whom not being able to control lights with a phone or a smartwatch is gonna be completely unthinkable. Number six: Communication was a completely different animal. “Thank you” cards were written by hand! I’m pretty sure my son has Grandma on Facebook. And for voice communication, you actually had to… remember your friend’s number, or look it up in the phonebook. “Everyone just doesn’t understand me. You know?” And even then, privacy was never a guarantee. “Like if- if they’d just listen, then- then they would understand me better. You know?” “Just a sec… Hey! Is someone listening!?” This… this is awesome! Seven is one thing that may have actually seemed better at the time. Coming home after school, there was pretty much no way for my parents to know if I was actually practicing the piano or not. But… from a parent’s perspective, being able to check in on the home and see if workbooks are actually being completed is a pretty big boon. Number eight: Music playback has definitely improved. CDs brought improved audio quality and easy track skipping, but even that improvement over cassette tapes sucks compared to subscription music services that cost the same as a handful of albums per year would have, especially when you factor in that most of the songs weren’t even things that you’d like. With that said though, you could make the argument that the quality of the music itself hasn’t changed much. So thanks for watching, guys! If this video made you cringe, you know what to do, but if it was awesome, or—y’know, got some of the nostalgia juices flowing—hit the like button, get subscribed, or even consider supporting us directly by using our affiliate code to shop at Amazon— instructions up there—by buying a cool shirt like this one— link down there— or with a direct monthly contribution through our community forum, which you can join for nothing, by the way, and just ask questions, answer questions, and… generally participate in discussion about technology. 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100 thoughts on “My kids are so lucky! – Technology Now vs Then

  1. Listen people it is linus's money not yours, so shut up. Earn enough money to afford the stuff he has or dont blame him because he is more fortunate than you.

  2. Man i remember back when i had a PS2, we never bought a memory card so I'd play like the same 3 levels from each game over and over… And i was happy with it

  3. That definitely doesn’t look like paw patrol. I watch it even though I’m way older than it’s target audience. So I know that the “paw patrol” video wasn’t paw patrol.

  4. 1:54 linus says jango unchained – i think he meant django unchained but what i think he actually meant to say was rango as he was talking about kids movies then and now rango being a good example for kids animation nowadays but i think he mixed it up.

  5. I mean Linus’ kids are a bit spoilt to put it plainly into context, they literally have a phone better than mine to turn off their bedroom light

  6. Linus's son :"I'm sorry little one, you cannot come to my room.
    Linus's daughter :"Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!!!! – 4:25

  7. Kinds are so unlucky. Try to find a r4 crad for your switch… now try to find a r4 card for your ds…

  8. I love then better, because when I visit my cousins, we don't have to be on a phone all day. And the pens, worst. Nvm, I love now better, but except for the addiction if video games

  9. I'm a couple years older than Linus, but I remember printed encyclopaedias being ignored in favour of digital counterparts starting way back in elementary school with the arrival of caddied CD-ROM equipped beige 68k Macs in the early 90s.

    By grade 8 we had a mandatory class that included typing, word processor/spreadsheet use, and a basic scripting language with Mavis Beacon, Claris Works, and Hypercard.

    Grade 9 introduced us to HTML coding (+VRML!) and Pascal. After that it was all more specialized electives.

  10. I had a Vtech, game boy and a cassette tape player when i was a kid…. Now i value every pieceof technology today. I hope gen z will too

  11. Most of the people saying how they miss when they had to struggle and how it was good would like to have all these luxuries right now

  12. On come on i still right cards by hand get up to see who is at the door i can't skip commercials and I didn't get a phone until I was 11

  13. When I was younger I had a Sega system and an intendo 64 with 2 gamesand when I was in middle School I had an MP3 player with about 60 songs on it which everyone had back then I also remember CD players I never had one because my parents never bought me one with my older sister did and don't forget dial-up internet which was really annoying and the old fat computers and I used to listen on my older sister's phone calls on the home phone to I didn't have my first cell phone until I was thirteen and a course back in 2009 they weren't fancy like today I didn't have my first smart phone until I was 18 I think kids are too used to technology I'm happy that I was a kid in the 90s and early 2000s

  14. Imagine people roasting him for spoiling his kids in techn9l9gy, I mean he's this massive tech guy with a gigantic warehouse full of tech. So he is constantly using and working with technology so he gives his children technology, as it's "daddy's job" to work with technology and it seems he clearly wants his children to understand technology as he built pcs with both and made a kano with his 5 year old, so his parenting is bringing them down that route, what's wrong with that

  15. Yes your kids are lucky the get a gaming computer when they are young. I still dont have a gaming computer. And whit you making gaming computers i dint think you mind if they are play all day

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