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(slow music) – I was researching
hydrogels in university. And at the time, my
aunt and my grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer. So I started researching
about how breast cancer and other cancer are treated. What’s wrong with it, and how I can maybe apply my research to treating it better. – Currently, cancer
patients receive treatment that is diagnosed through trial and error. – You’re experimenting on a person, you’re wasting time, and you’re risking their life. – Ourotech takes the guesswork
out of cancer treatment. (upbeat music) – Only 20% of stage three and
stage four cancer patients end up surviving past five years. Currently pathologists take tumor sample outside of the patient’s body, and at Ourotech, instead of
doing a genetic test on it, we put these small tumor samples into our hydrogel. In each well, we tested different drug or combination of drugs over seven days. And we measure which one is the best at killing the tumor. – Once you’re able to test drugs directly on a 3D tumor sample cultured outside the patient, you can test the drug’s
effectiveness outside the patient so the patient doesn’t have to
experience the side effects. – When one of these drugs works, Ourotech recommends the optimal drug so that when the patient
receives their first treatment, it’ll be the right one. – You could individually cater treatments to the patient. – Currently, pharmaceutical
companies do their drug testing in early stages by growing cancer cells in a flat sheet, and testing different drugs on that. But of course, that doesn’t mimic what actually happens in humans where you have tumors
that are three dimensional and there’s a surrounding
environment around them that affects if a treatment works or not. So Ourotech is creating both
the three dimensional tumor and the environment surrounding it so that we have the most accurate results. This mutually beneficial
relationship with pharma companies maximizes the number of patients who can get access to our technology. – I see immense business
potential in what Ourotech does. Because our closest
competitor takes six months to deliver the same results that we could get within one week. That’s time that we could
be giving to the patient to start a new life. – In the second phase, Ourotech provides
hospitals and clinical labs with our hydrogel testing kit so that they can take tumor
samples from their patients, do all the testing in-house, and deliver a result
as quickly as possible. – So we envision a world where being diagnosed with
stage three, stage four cancer doesn’t have to be the end of the world. – So that late stage cancer
patients no longer feel hopeless when they’re diagnosed. – We’re giving hope to the
people who need it the most. (uplifting music)

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