What’s up guys welcome to another video and this time it’s a fingerboarding video Because today I just got My first ever fingerboard you can see it’s made out of maple wood. Look at the sides Look at that and then it has bearing wheels. I hope you can hear this right now when I roll it Yep, it has that sound then It has a foam grip tape which is dirty so they can make cleaning. I need to clean it And so I got some electric tape I’m just gonna tape it tape around the grip tape Take the other side of the board As you can see it’s taped With the grip tape then you just press hard on it And then just spread your hands then Just peel the electrical tape and voila No dirt And all the dirt is transferred here tape. So anyway, I made a video For me to show you guys this new fingerboard my decks The box that I Some kind of grind on a box This is basically one of me you want to make a DIY skatepark? But I don’t have any plywood and I’m not loving and so I also made some railings out of Out of just the once you put in a folder the one that you Put to make it Close and then some bottle caps and some loom bands that I Wrapped around and then and then just wrapped around cross And I have another one then. I also made the half pipe Here’s the pipe made out of a shoebox so I just took off the That’s basically a box that you can take the lid off and then I just cut around the edges except for these two then just Fold it Into three and then just put it inside cut this cut the edges And then put some paper clips, but now I got some electric tape. So I’m gonna Focus on that later, but for now, let’s take the paper clips up Take this part Then let’s take the last runner out And this is a my but I’m about to show you It’s the lid Eaters and then I Guess you can see this is the lid Mm-hmm. I cut the corners but not this part pills. It’s basically what I put here the body It’s my technique but it’s up to you and how you Want to make it but it’s basically a DIY you can do it at home without using any Any power tools just some scissors and paper clips so I’m gonna Put it again But let’s focus on this later I’m going to put it This is just a quick video cuz I just want to show you all the things That I having for fingerboarding. I have one Five technics and one fingerboard So let me show you guys a real quick. This is my first This the first technic I think it’s backwards I don’t know because I’m filming it right now and it’s backwards, but hope when I edit it they can just rotate So this is my first tech deck and it has a cool art dessert that my classmate gave me Actually, I bought it from him next This the standard one. It’s plastic Of course, it’s a technic and it has these trucks that put the board trucks on a technic base Next is the this Technic it’s These kinds of wheels. I took the foam grip tape off. It has a foam grip tape then this one it’s a 1031 or 1032 water it has a bad symbol up at the top has a tree then I removed the wheels and Replace them with this pattern and it has no grip tape and then the last one is Tech Deck and And I took the grip tape off and I spray-painted with a cold color then the finger board That I showed you a while ago and two finger skateboards, which are fake fake really fake You can see this you can even adjust the trucks like it’s pure and One screw. Yep, but at least it’s real sad paper and Then like it said the box then I can First somehow grind on Let me show you look like you’re gonna shake my new fingerboard Here you can So that’s dope that’s all the things I have and Thank you guys for watching. I hope that you enjoy this video but yes, it’s It turned out to be mad It turned out to be a long video. I’m sorry guys Hope that you stay till the end and please like subscribe down below and then comment down below What do you think I should do next for the next video because I’m out of ideas but the coming video is gonna be an unboxing of the ones that I ordered online it’s a Fingerboard again another maple wood fingerboard and It’s gonna be my second one and I’m gonna buy the ring light and selfie ring light for it so that I can get some light lighting and then uh, yeah a Finger BMX like a flick tricks. If you don’t know that you can search it online it’s a bicycle but you Control with your fingers kind of like these finger boards. So yeah Make sure the state rule on that and I still have more dramatic vlogs to come. Okay. Bye

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