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44 thoughts on “My 7 Top-Secret Strategies on How to Get More Facebook Likes

  1. True organic reach has been down, but don’t let that discourage you from jumping on FB I have built a few pages to over 100k likes and they make me money everyday.

  2. Hi Mr Neil
    First of all thanks a lot for your Help and for the Amazing Tips
    I like to know can I start a FB ads agency in 2020 i mean is it good time to start? (Asking because of the competition i hope could understand why I am asking)

  3. Please create a video on sponsorship for small business and no ad money making also without affiliate marketing

    11th commenter and 521th viewer.. 🤠🤠

  4. Thanks Neil, what do you think about posting to Facebook groups? Ohh my YouTube channel is up 50% in subscribers 😁😉

  5. Hey thanks this was truly helpful… not just content to post. Please consider breaking up this post and making longer versions of some of the larger factors to boost fb engagement eg fb live, messenger post boosting.

    Given that FB punishes off site traffic diversion, should we consider doing separate but similar videos for FB, Instagram, Youtube etc??

  6. How many hours a week do you spend doing this? It sounds like the computers are running our lives. Computers were supposed to serve us.

  7. Good tips, Neil. Not sure I'll ever focus on Facebook ever again for anything other than retargeting. I feel like they really don't respect their content creators and advertisers the same way that other platforms do.

    Messenger is a different story, though! Love that marketing tool.

  8. I also agree, "If people care, you should too" that is how we engage and socialize in our real life and here in this virtual world same theory goes on. Thanks Neil for your valuable info's.

  9. Sir plz answer my question…. I also asked it earlier….. Sir i have good knowledge about cricket and I m also a passionate cricketer… So can i start a blog about cricket…. Is it profitable?????
    I m passionate about cricket but is it profitable??????

  10. I have the biggest and most practical secret ever and I'm going to reveal it with you for free. Ready? Facebook is a platform to watch cat videos and spy what's going on with your ex. Don't waste your time on this crap especially on "organic" efforts. It's a platform which works relatively good only for retargeting campaigns

  11. Hello Mr. Patel!
    I have one question.
    What is the average conversion rate from email list subscribers to digital product purchase?
    Thank you in advance, your videos are extraordinarily helpful.

  12. Great point about posting quality content! Btw, sorry to bother you Neil but I sent you a message on LinkedIn last week. I shared a tip that will help you increase your organic engagement on IGTV.

  13. When I do facebook live streaming on my video game creator page, most of my visitors our outside my country. It is with their algorithm?

  14. Hey, Neil, I think facebook is a waste of time because they don't like to show organic posts nowadays they are promoting videos and paid advertisement.

  15. Finally … This is what I looking for.
    You know what? When I focus on FB Marketing for last two months, I'm almost get stucked.
    After I found this video, my mind feels like blown. It's really helpful.
    Thanks for your advice, Neil. 😊

  16. Hi Neil,
    I'm asking one question from last 1 week on your FB post, here also, LinkedIn also. But you are not even replying.
    Again I'm asking, can a .in (Indian) domain rank in global searches, or can it outrank a .com domain for any query?

  17. 1. Quality over quantity: Do Live Videos!
    2. Look at your insights to see what works and who likes what you are sharing!
    3. See what others with big followings are posting. Look for what is working and failing for them to get an idea of what can work for you. Engage and connect when possible and appropriate!
    4. Timing is everything. Posts in the morning may work better for you as they do for Neil. Test the same type of post at different times of day to see what works best!
    5. Share posts directly via messages which almost everyone opens!
    6. Focus on providing value to followers rather than just sharing what you like or trying to make a point!
    7. Encourage engagement but make sure to do it according to the terms Facebook sets such as avoiding "comment baiting"

  18. Hello Neil Sir, I am studying in class 11 right now. My school doesn't teach Digital Marketing.
    But I want to drop my school and learn Digital Marketing. Is my decision is good or not? What should I do? Please help me. Btw I have huge interest in Digital Marketing.

  19. sorry my question is different must answer these days google adsense going wrong they put ads limit for 15days 20days didn.t run ads on our website and second reason google adsense didn.t approve our website i want to know best google adsense alternative which pay like google as your experinence thanks

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