Hello everyone, today I will tell you about
the brand mxdvs and its creator Max Reinders. If you want more fashion-related videos, don’t
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of new videos. I will not pull, pleasant viewing. First of all, I’ll tell you what the mxdvs
brand is. The brand was created in Belgium, in Antwerp,
in 2015. And the name is an abbreviation on behalf
of the creator. The brand creates unusual things with elements
of military structures, by type: Bronikov, balaclava, unloading belts and so on. The brand has become very popular in a short
time, not only in the CIS countries, but also in the west. In this brand appeared such performers as
lil peep, ghostemane, sucide boys and others. By the way, in October 2019, the mxdvs brand
will have a collaboration with the lil pip brand. In Russia, this brand is popularized by Tenderly
Bae and Morana Batory. Now let’s talk about the creator, Max Rainders
is the creator and concurrently creative director of the brand mxdvs, when he was 17 years old
he met such brands as Stampd LA, I Love Ugly and UEG. But ueg had a great influence on the development
of the max image, which gave the novice designer the opportunity to shoot his models. This inspired Max to create his own brand. When creating things, max is inspired by absolutely
everything that happens in life, absolutely everything. o make this video more interesting, I will
tell you interesting facts about mxdvs and max. Most often they recognize Max on the streets
only by their shoes, because no one knows what his face looks like,
Favorite artists of lil peep, lil tracy, blade and baby demon2006
Max has a pet, this is a royal python named Gucci, she is already 3 years old. The brand logo made in the form of barbed
wire does not carry any idea, it just looks cool. Here’s a video like this, write in the comments
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