MTG Young Mage Spirits and Angels Deck for New Players

A Halloween/Saints Day deck tech. One thing I’ve learned is how to make a
fun deck for a new player. This is a Spirits and Angels deck I made for
my sister. I’ll show you how it can be competitive. I’m The Rhino, join me on our adventure
through Magic the Gathering. Welcome Young Mage I’m The Rhino. New and young players want to have fun playing. But there are a lot of times that Friday Night
Magic can be pretty competitive. Sideboarding is a difficult skill to master. I have a hard time with sideboards too. So how do you build a reasonably competitive
deck out of cards you already have? In one word, SYNERGY! Most of the decks you see at Friday Night
Magic have one thing going for them and that’s consistency. They play pretty much the same way every time. You have only one or two win conditions. After you figure out your opponents deck,
you swap out cards to match their deck. That’s too difficult for a new player. But we want the deck to still be fun. So instead of using 4 of each type of card,
we make the deck more… unpredictable. This doesn’t mean that things won’t work
well together, it means you don’t need a sideboard. This deck isn’t going to win any Pro Tour. But it is going to be fun and surprising. It’s packed full of flying creatures. It’s got a little bit of everything. Removal, Plusses, Vigilance, Lifelink and
… even Melding. And it has about 10 possible win conditions. Let’s take
a look…. What do you think of the deck? We didn’t have to buy any cards to build
this deck. It’s based on the cards we got out of a
booster box and a bundle or fat pack from each set. We have a full list of the deck below. Tell me what you think of this video in the
comments below. Please give it a thumbs up, it helps out a
lot. Do you think a deck like this would be competitive
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