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100 thoughts on “[MTG] The Truth Behind Magic’s Most Random Deck | Pretty Deece

  1. you should have compared the riskiness with the outcome of the game, or value that was created. but anyway, good video 馃檪

  2. My favorite deck was the one from a WOTC blog post a freaking decade+ ago involving Haunted Angel. When it triggers, it grinds the game to a halt and everyone hates you. Light of Day + Darkest Hour = Nothing happens.
    And by favorite, I mean "hilariously unfun to actually play with or against (but still somehow works)."

  3. Midrange decks represent magic to me. They have a lot of fun interactions with the opponent and the games are always fun for both players (in most cases).

  4. I think that humans represents modern design philosophy very well. For a while now wotc has been turning creatures into spells and humans just realized that if they were all the same type you can use cavern affects to cast any color. So the deck just used the most common type and graves the best creatures in modern

  5. In my opinion it would be faeries. Somewhat an underdog nowadays and can do immense work with a good pilot. Learning to play your deck better than your opponent can. That鈥檚 what I believe magic is about

  6. It鈥檚 four colour scapeshift no white
    It鈥檚 fun
    So many things you can do
    Two win cons that are super cool
    And like 100 answers

  7. Not gonna lie but you never crack bloodstained. well before playing inq. you play inq first then crack it if you mill 2/1

  8. While I don't know what deck best represents Magic, I know which deck represents Magic the worst: Manaless Dredge in Legacy, for which the tagline is basically "Want to play Magic as far from how Richard Garfield intended it as possible?"

  9. u/b control, especially with psychatog and upheaval. u/b control has been winning formats forever, and odyssey was a fun time.

  10. My favorite deck was an Orzhov Weenie deck from Return to Ravnica. Extort was freaking broken. Especially once you knew what you were doing.

  11. The deck that best represents the game? Any Vintage deck worth tens of thousands of dollars. Magic is all about money now. It is a soulless husk of a game that only exists to satisfy corporate greed.

    The fact that I can actually find any enjoyment in this game is more of a side effect than an intentional result.

  12. for me it was day's undiong turns all the way back in origins. it's just a deck that has you thinking and asserting risks all the way down to the last second. in that note modern storm is something like that. tbh everything that's NOT a midrange deck is a good indicator of what magic is supposed to be 馃槢

  13. Why do so many videos have "The Truth" on their videos? Even if the video is good the feeling of being click-baited lessens the enjoyment.

  14. Personally, I think Simic is the best representation of Magic the Gathering. It has a lot of card draw – very important for a card game – and it plays large creatures. Those creatures, because they are generally wacky science experiments, have a lot of ability to do cool stuff. On top of that, since creatures are generally how players beat one another, big smashy means big win. You could make the same argument with Gruul by saying that "burn spells are more representative of how the game is meant to be played because you reduce life total more," but I think a better competitor would be Temur for just having all those things. However, since it does all sorts of things, I think the more stable dual-color decks are a better representation of Magic. Hence, I say Simic is cool and you should like it because I play blue, so I am always right. Except when I'm not.

  15. I don鈥檛 have a specific deck in mind but I feel that Midrange decks best encapsulate the spirit of the game.

    They are IMO the Swiss Army knives of mtg, rather than throwing your deck at a wall and seeing if it sticks depending on the matchup – Midrange feels pretty okay regardless of most matchups.

    And even better it鈥檚 the most sideboard empowered deck type which to me makes it a skill and judgment reflective deck type as well.

  16. Any deck you can't explain how it works to a new player in a short enough amount of time to allow them to borrow the deck at FNM is the epitome of not just Magic, but TCGs in general. Why? Because it's your deck. You built it, you know it inside and out, you've spent time tuning it for the meta you play in. You love that deck. It's an extension of yourself, the ultimate self expression.

  17. Doesn't even take into account it effects your opponent as well. Right? I didn't miss that? "Each player draws 3 and discards 3 at random"

  18. So if I'm understanding this correctly, this deck basically plays like you'd play Texas Hold-em? That's super cool!

  19. Progenitus Cascade EDH with Possibility Storm and Mindmoil.

    Cast all the things at random all the time and no one knows what's happening, not even you.

  20. To me the best style of deck in magic is any kind of deck heavy on non-creature spells. Gives you that "wizard's duel" kind of vibes

  21. Eldrazi are my favorite thing and for me are the manifestation of how cool and creative this game can be. They are basically a faithful rapresentation of Lovecraftian horror and i love it. I still need to figure how to make a good deck with both old and new eldrazi, not for competitive reasons, just for personal fun.

  22. Part of what i think is missing from this analysis is also the fact that playing that card that draws three then discard three at random, also brings your opponent for a ride as well.

  23. So basically you make the best decision based on math but you can still get screwed. How do people take this game seriously on a competitive level? To make the best possible play and still lose thanks to RNG undermines the effort it takes to get to the point where you're making the best decisions.

  24. The type of deck that I like to use is one that can accomplish two goals at once, such as milling the opponent to death while also creating lots of zombies simultaneously. And throw in a graveyard / library reset in there too.
    Like my deck (decklist below):

    Endless Horde

    1 Abnormal Endurance
    3 Black Cat
    1 Clear the Mind
    2 Deep Freeze
    1 Diregraf Captain
    1 Divination
    2 Doomed Dissenter
    1 Drudge Sentinel
    1 Eviscerate
    2 Feast on the Fallen
    1 Final Parting
    1 Ghostform
    1 God-Pharaoh's Gift
    1 Highborn Ghoul
    1 Infernal Scarring
    10 Island
    1 Macabre Waltz
    1 Necromaster Dragon
    1 Night Market Lookout
    1 Reap the Seagraf
    1 Rise from the Grave
    3 Rise from the Tides
    4 Rotcrown Ghoul
    1 Screeching Skaab
    2 Soul Salvage
    1 Stitched Mangler
    1 Stitcher's Supplier
    10 Swamp
    1 Tormented Soul
    1 Undead Alchemist
    1 Wall of Lost Thoughts

  25. I'm gonna go with Izzet Aggro as the most representative deck….it has control in the form of counters and burn (plus arti hate in SB), aggressively costed creatures which can have strong individual board value (Young Pyromancer, Snapcaster, etc.), and big late-game plays because of recursion.

  26. Death and Taxes is the best deck ever. Because there is only two things in this life that are true. And that's Death and Taxes.

  27. And still, after this magnificent "teach"… there's still some hate against a 2 %#d mana PlanesWalker驴? 馃ぃ I did an unlimited loop mill and/or damage UR deck a long, loOong time ago… cheap and funny… and it still rocks with the sets隆! Let the gamble decide… 50/50… OR…more or less than 50%…驴? (like a March of the Machines驴?) 馃馃槑
    Ooh… that Iridescent flying animal… 馃槶

  28. I don't get the hate towards this deck, I love the fact that it exists, it is so unique! And I don't even play it

  29. Idk, I think the sheer idiocy I can play with a mono blue Fblthp the Lost commander that has lots of milling and a jace effect that helps me win when library is empty exemplifies magic pretty well. You can have a legitimate, thought out strategy hidden directly behind a false front

  30. This looks like a super annoying deck, the type i hate to see. Abuses game mechanics in ways the game was probably never intended to be played. I just want a good old fashioned battle, my best guys against yours, not sitting there for 10 minutes while you cycle through your deck and one shot me cuz my deck strat didnt go off by turn 3.

  31. Personally… I think the best deck that represents magic is the first deck You ever make, and whichever one you have that is most recent. The first deck is going to be bad, there is no denying that… But most likely you saw an idea, You saw something that you liked out of the card you chose and you went with that… Sure it wasn't good, but it was yours. The most recent deck is all of your experience so far combinating into one, everything you have worked up for, everything you've played came down to this deck.
    My first deck was a red green token deck… It was bad, it was trying to do stuff that I just didn't have really, considering thalids aren't that good of a card If you are doing shenanigans… And funally enough That exact same deck is also my most recent one, having grown and grown As I started actually earning money so I could buy cards, hearing about the commander format that was the most popular in my town And editing my first real deck to one that was mine, a deck that may not be perfect, it may not be able to go into win any sort of tournament… But it's a deck that I love.

  32. I like how after many years of printed Magic cards, there appeared a deck that defied much of Magic's intended principles. This deck is dredge, whether it's the Vintage, Legacy, or Modern version. Feels very Golgari that such a pile can come together from across Magic's history and be tied together to make such a powerful aggro (?) combo (?) deck. Seems very Magical to me

  33. Living end. You kill off your own things to throw em back on just for your opponent to call for a judge being like 鈥渨tf mate鈥

  34. My brother and I designed 2 headed giant infect decks together. We consistently win turn 2-3. People get pissed. I love it!

  35. The deck that best represents Magic is a Commander deck. Themed, personalized, and with cards and tactics that span Magic's history.

  36. I would say the deck I think best represents Magic is Griselbrand, I can't really explain it, it just embodies the entire combo aspect of TCGs such as Magic and Hearthstone and Yugi-Oh!

  37. I actually disagree with the skill level to risk graph. When I first started playing, I was the most conservative player with my life total, sacrifices, milling, everything… and I play black. Now I've truly embraced the fact that I need to acquire power, at any cost.

  38. Great quality for the making of the video, but again you are proposing a "best scenery", what if the 3 cards I draw it's goblin lore another fish and faithless looting? I get what you mean…but I rather leave risks at minimum with chance if glory

  39. The deck that best embodies MTG to me? UR Delver. Counter-spells, Card draw, burn, interaction between zones, and a ticking threat.

    Anyone who has ever played hearthstone can instantly wrap their mind around the driver deck and it鈥檚 also something you would never ever see in hearthstone because it doesn鈥檛 have instant speed anything.

    It鈥檚 a deck that could exist in lots of TCG games but only exists in Magic.

  40. Simic combos is where I鈥檓 at: for this combo you鈥檒l need Vorel of the Hull Clade, Gyre Sage, Nimbus Swimmer (or another big creature that casts for X) and Experiment Kraj. First play Gyre Sage and Vorel of the Hull Clade then, next turn cast Experiment Kraj (putting a +1/+1 counter on Gyre Sage with evolve) then double them with VotHC, pass turn put a +1/+1 counter on EK with its tap ability then double that with VotHC. Keep repeating this process until you have about 6 or more counters on GS and EK, now they both tap for green mana equal to the number of counters on them, now considering that鈥檚 its turn 8 or 9 now you should have around 8 lands to tap and assuming you have 6 counters on EK and GS you now have 20 mana to cast an 18/18 Nimbus Swimmer, now double that with VotHC. Congratulations, now you have a 36/36 flyer or a win if you have simic ascendency in play. Hope you enjoy.

  41. For me, it's mono blue tempo. Magic has a few tenants that make it so enduring, like economy, speed and sequencing. Mono blue tempo is a deck were you need to think about all these things to pull it off well

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