[MTG] Teshar Loops – Infinite life & damage in Standard! | 30 Second Deck Tech

Alright, I know I’m billing this as a thirty second deck tech, but this video’s going to go a lot longer than that because this combo is crazy and convoluted and silly and it uses a ton of Dominaria cards that I’m gonna go over right now. Here’s the loop: You have Teshar in play, you have Yahenni in play, you have a Gate to the Afterlife in play you have a Scrap Trawler and at least one other card in hand, and a Walking Ballista in the graveyard. I know that’s a lot of pieces, but it’s gonna win the game, I promise. Cast Scrap Trawler and sacrifice it to Yahenni. Return the Walking Ballista to your hand with the Scrap Trawler’s dies trigger. Also, you gain one life off the Gate to the Afterlife when Scrap Trawler dies. You could draw and discard a card to the Gate as well, but you don’t need to loot right this second. I’m just trying to keep things as simple as possible for now. Okay. So now that the Scrap Trawler is in your graveyard, cast the Walking Ballista for X equals zero. When you cast Walking Ballista, Teshar will trigger because Walking Ballista’s historic. Return Scrap Trawler to play with the Teshar trigger. Walking Ballista resolves and dies due to state-based effects (it’s a 0/0,) and you get to gain one life again and loot, if you so desire. And now you’re back where you started. Now, do that loop 20 million times, declining to draw a card every time Gate to the Afterlife triggers. Ready? Go. Alrighty. Now that we’re at 20 million life, we should be all set. However, there are decks, like Approach of the Second Sun nonsense, that don’t care how much life their opponent gains. That’s okay. Now we’re going to do the loop again, but we’re going to opt to draw a card off the Gate of the Afterlife every time it triggers. This is where the spare card in your hand comes in handy… …we’re trying to draw Defiant Salvager and cast it. When you finally hit the Defiant Salvager, you’re going to need a card in hand to discard to the Gate so that you can hang onto the Defiant Salvager and cast it. Defiant Salvager’s important because it lets you sacrifice a creature or an artifact. Keep the loop going and keep looting. Now we’re looking for Mox Amber. Once you hit Mox Amber, we’re going to do the loop, but with Mox Amber taking the place of Walking Ballista. This loop will give us infinite mana. I’ll walk you through that real quick. So Mox Amber’s in the graveyard, Teshar’s in play, Defiant Salvager’s in play, and Scrap Trawler’s in play. Gate to the Afterlife’s still on the battlefield too, but at this point you need to opt out of drawing a card on all the dies triggers that are about to happen, or you’re going to draw more cards than are in your deck and you’re gonna lose the game. Okay. Sacrifice Scrap Trawler to Defiant Salvager. With Scrap Trawler’s dies trigger, return Mox Amber to your hand. Now cast Mox Amber. Teshar will trigger when Mox Amber goes on the stack (because it’s historic.) Use that trigger to return Scrap Trawler to play. Mox Amber then resolves, and since Teshar’s legendary, it taps for white mana. Tap it. Now sacrifice it to Defiant Salvager, and you’re right back where you started. Every time this loop happens you net one mana, not to mention one more life off the Gate to the Afterlife. (Even though you have 20 billion life at this point so it doesn’t matter.) Do this loop until you have roughly one million mana in your mana pool. Now sacrifice Scrap Trawler one more time, but instead of getting Mox Amber back with Scrap Trawler’s dies trigger, return the Walking Ballista from before. Now cast it, with X equaling five hundred thousand. That should finish off most opponents. So why use Yahenni instead of playing a bunch of Defiant Salvagers? The answer is a little Dominaria gem called Board the Weatherlight. Board the Weatherlight goes five cards deep and nabs any artifact plus Yahenni and Teshar, since they’re both legendary. Similarly, Trophy Mage gets a lot of the combo pieces. Gate to the Afterlife costs three. Scrap Trawler costs three. Workshop Assistant, which can get back a downed combo piece, costs three. The combo looks clunky, but it has a LOT of redundancy thanks to these two cards. Here’s a cool aspect to this deck: Banewhip Punisher. It costs three, so it can come back via Teshar. If you have a Teshar in play and a Banewhip Punisher in your graveyard, all of your historic spells suddenly have a kicker cost of one black, and if they pay that kicker, they get to destroy target creature. A quick explanation of how that works: You have Teshar in play and Banewhip Punisher in the graveyard. You cast a historic card—let’s say Renegade Map. Teshar triggers, Banewhip Punisher enters the battlefield from the graveyard, and you get to put a minus one minus one counter on target creature. Now you can pay one black mana to destroy any creature with a minus one minus one counter. It’s a nice way to hold off a creature swarm while you’re still setting up the combo. This deck is probably a little too fiddly for serious play, but it’s
perfect to show off to your friends at FNM. Dominaria is full of cool cards that enable busted combos—share a combo you discovered in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe. See you next time.

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100 thoughts on “[MTG] Teshar Loops – Infinite life & damage in Standard! | 30 Second Deck Tech

  1. Evra, Halcyon Witness with anything that boosts her power will, eventually, grant you infinite life. At four mana a cycle. You can do it in Standard with Dub, Short Sword, etc.

    You swap your life with her CURRENT power. Base is 4, and with a Jousting Lance she gets +2. So, 6. Your life becomes 6 and her base power becomes your life, which is then increased by 2 because of the Jousting lance. Swap it again, and her base power becomes 6 (assuming nothing happened) and your life becomes whatever it was a moment ago +2.

    Use an infinite mana combo in Modern and Fling her at your opponent for 10mil.

  2. I feel like Aetherflux Reservoir would be an easier win condition than adding the extra step of infinite mana. The ballista is still useful as a utility creature to remove creatures. You could also include Ornithopter as another 0 cost historic card, since the sacrifice outlet is already there.

  3. That combo may look nice but i guess takes just too many pieces to be playable in competitive standard. I'd prefer playing squee the immortal + Hazoret's Monument and Paradox Engine combined with some mana stones like manalith, pillar of origins and gilded lotus. You can get a high amount of mana and the monument lets you dig for the win condition and it only takes 3 pieces since the other relevant cards are incorporated in a higher amount. The best suggestion i've read here so far is helmm of the host + combat celebrant. Easy to find, protect and execute.

  4. One bonus with this. You can play this as a backup in an aggressive construct build. With Champion of the Foundry, Metallic Mimic, Scrapheap Scroungers, Ballista, and even Sparring Construct, you can go fairly aggro with constructs and be unafraid of sweepers. Phyrexian scriptures becomes a 1 sided wrath. Teshar and Scrap trawler both lead to ridiculous loops, getting value while you keep the pressure on, until a yahenni can throw an infinite loop in there somewhere, without even having to break stride. Also foudnry inspector and vanquisher's banner can do a fun bit of work.

    The loop here is usually yahenni, teshar, scrap trawler, mimic set to construct and ballista. (but there are so many more without goign out of your way). Only issue is that there's alot of sideboard grave hate targeting GPG and Scarab God

  5. You dont need Defiant Salvager, if you are looping through the deck you can just get a second mox amber and legend rule them instead of having a non-legendary sac outlet.

  6. The real question is, is it finally time for the return of combo decks in standard?
    As a combo player myself, I'll sure as hell try to make it so.

  7. turn 5-6 infinite damage. Cards rquired: Karn, Scion of Urza, Mishra's self replicator, and cheap historical spells, preferably artifacts
    Step 1: Play Mishra's Self Replicator
    Step 2: Play Karn and pay the 1 mana to duplicate MSR
    Step 3: use Karn's third ability "Create a 0/0 colorless Construct artifact creature token with "This creature gets +1/+1 for each artifact you control." pay the 1 mana for each Mishra's Self Replicator duplication
    Step 4: Play cheap artifacts, paying 1 extra mana each per Mishra's Self Replicator
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: a 20+20+ colorless construct and 20+ Mishra's Self Replicators

    If you combine this with the infinite mana shown in the video, you're practically unstoppable

  8. If you have Serra’s Disciple out during this loop, you get an infinitely big birb. Surprised not to see it on the deck list.

  9. You'd be able to pull walking ballista from the graveyard when you play scrap trawler because cmc X is equal to 0

  10. If you play makeshift munitions, you can actually infinite shoot them another way instead of ballista infinite mana, play the mox to recur trawler, sac trawler paying the 1 off the mox to shoot and get mox back to hand loop…..

  11. The guy that made the animation for this clip should work for a Magic Computer Game, for example xmage.de
    That would be so awesome to have such a good game!

  12. I actually discovered an easier infinite combo in standard. First forum I'm sharing it with. Haven't built a deck yet. But the combo goes like this. You need Teshar Ancestors Apostle, diligent excavator, restoration specialist and a mox amber on the battlefield, with another mox amber in hand. You tap the mox for W, then cast the one from hand. The legend rule will sacrifice the tapped mox. You use the floating white mana to activate restoration specialist. Returning the mox in your graveyard to your hand. You tap the mox on the battlefield for W, and cast the mox in hand. This will trigger Teshar, allowing you to put restoration specialist back on the battlefield, which can then be saccd again be with the floating W. You can do this an infinite number of times. Every time you cast the mox, the diligent excavator mills you opponent for two until they're decked. Alternatively, you can use the trigger from cabal paladin to deal infinite damage, but he costs 2 more to cast than excavator.

  13. He can't do that mox amber say mana only use for planeswalkers and legendary so that won't work so the deck useless

  14. Interesting, but what are the odds of getting all of these pieces in the right place at the right time???

  15. What I hate is how he returned Walking Ballista to his hand when Teshar's ability returns it to the BATTLEFIELD!

  16. Ok, so my favorite combo is more of a group of cards. It involves having Brisela, Voice of Nightmares, Archtype of Endurance, Avacyn Angel of Hope, and Sigarda, Herons Grace. Not to mention Sunblast Angel and Subjugator Angel.

  17. It's not a standard combo however astral cornucopia clockspinning and paradox engine work really well together infinite mana. Can boost any plainswalker to Max right when you drop it, you can boost lots of artifacts as well.

  18. Since scrap trawler counts as a historic spell, when you first initiate it into the combo, you bring back walking ballista to the battlefield before the trawler resolves. Since the power and toughness would equal 0, it dies and goes to the graveyard and you gain one extra life off of the gate to the afterlife. After that happens, scrap trawler resolves and then you can initiate the combo. This is just one tiny thing that was overlooked in the video that only applies before the combo starts.

  19. Not infinite, but insanely mean.
    First: you have 6 lands on the battlefield, along with world shaper and sentinel totem. In your hand is a swamp, Fatal push, and fall of the thran.
    Step one: play fall of the thran destroying all lands.
    Step 2: play a the swamp in your hand.
    Step 3: revolt triggers on fatal push and you can now kill creatures with CMC 4 or less
    Step 4: Destroy your own world shaper, bringing all of your lands back to the battlefield.
    Step 5: Tap sentinel totem to exile all graveyards, exiling all of your opponents lands.
    Step 6: win

  20. you have too many pieces. amber, trawler teshar and ravenous intruder or defiant salvager gives infinite mana. implement of combustion gives 2 life for everycard you want to draw and draws you into walking ballista.

  21. Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle, Tragic Poet, and any Saga, gives you an infinite Saga generator.

  22. I made a Red/White Combo of Reckless Fireweaver, Ravenous Intruder, Teshar, Ballista, Trawler combo. Either ping opponent every time ballista and trawler come back into play with the sac ability from intruder, or just build a big intruder. I also have in my deck the Combat Celebrant/Helm of the Host combo which also helps with swinging with that big Intruder.

  23. Hey, here is a really stupid infinite life combo using standard, I haven’t got it to work personally but a better player probably can, bonus, it uses squee.

    So you will be playing red green, you need access to two squees, so one in hand one in grave or any combo of that kind, a goblin warchief giving goblins haste and making them cost 1 less, aetherflux reservoir which gives you life based off storm count, song of freylaise which its one and two of its saga lets you tap creatures for mana and skirk prospector to gain a red mana by saccing a goblin.

    With skirk, warchief, song, aetherflux, and two squee, you can cast a squee for 2 mana, tap it for mana, sac it for the other to cast your next squee, rinse and repeat until aetherflux gives you the mana to blow up your opponent.

  24. I found an infinite combo using Whisper, Blood Liturgist, it isn't standard though.

    It requires 4 cards to work:
    Whisper, Blood Liturgist
    Thornbite Staff
    Golgari Germination (or similar)
    Falkenrath Noble (or similar)

    You start the combo with all the cards in play along with any other creature, Thornbite Staff equipped to Whisper. Tap whisper and choose to sacrifice Fallenrath and the other creature, sacrificing these creatures will cause whisper to untap, thanks to the staff, and create at least 1 saproling token. After all these triggers resolve, return Falkenrath to the battlefield with the rest of the now paid whisper ability. Now you're back where you started but with a saproling and Falkenrath in play, your opponent down 1 life and you up 1 life.

    Repeat this process sacrificing the saproling and falkenrath as many times as you want.

    This combo can be set up from a single Diabolic Tutor if you have an Eternal Witness.
    Tutor for the witness and play the witness to return tutor. Next tutor for Whisper, play it, then sacrifice a creature and the witness to return the witness, which will return the tutor. Tutor for the rest of the peices in this or a better way.

  25. I have an infinite combo that either wins or can give you a lot of 3/3 Dino’s
    First you need a forerunner of the empire on the field and along with a frilled deathspitter, then you need a heroic intervention and raptor hatching In the hand
    First play hatchling then the intervention, the hatchling will trigger forerunner dealing one damage to everything on the board this makes a 3/3 from raptor hatchling and deals 2 damage to your opponents from the death spitter, now the 3/3 triggers forerunner and as everything is indestructible you can just machine gun down opponents

  26. naru meha and release to the wind = infinite cast triggers
    bontu's monument = infinite drain
    with raff capashen you can combo off at instant speed
    works best in a control shell.
    have one many fnm's with it.

  27. So i decided that brawl would be way too easy to make a combo at since you can bank one legendary creature at all times, so i put sram, senior artificer and some zero cmc equipments, and i drew into about half my deck. Just sucks when someone plays Consulate Crackdown.

  28. People told me online you can pull walking ballista with scrap because it’s mana cost is zero lolololololol I nearly pissed my panties

  29. Love the video, impressive how easy you made it to understand a complicated combo. Definitely going home and brewing with this tonight!

  30. guess if you're playing against someone who's entire strategy is to let you start with the draw and then coast on this for 53 turns until you run out of cards 1 turn before him, you might manage to pull this off.

  31. "i know it looks like a lot of cards, but it's gonna win the game"
    well with that many specific combo pieces i would sure as hell hope it would

  32. An infinite turn with planar Bridge and timestream navigator. Keep tapping timestream for an extra turn and then use planar Bridge to search out timestream. End your turn to have an additional and repeat

  33. Okay, so you have Forerunner of the Coalition and Hostage Taker in your hand. Play Forerunner, and tutor up a second Hostage Taker. This second one will be out on top of your library. For convenience, we will label them Hostage Taker 1 and 2.

    Next turn, draw Hostage Taker #2. Play either one, but again, for convenience, play #1. Each opponent loses 1 life. Then, exile Forerunner. This will discourage your opponent from blowing up Hostage Taker #1.

    Then, play Hostage Taker #2. Exile Hostage Taker #1. Forerunner re-enters the battlefield. Tutor up Hostage Taker #3. Next turn, draw Hostage Taker #3.

    Play Hostage Taker #3, exiling Hostage Taker #2. Each opponent loses 1. Hostage Taker #1 re-enters, exiling Hostage Taker #3, each opponent loses 1. Hostage Taker #2 re-enters, exiling Hostage Taker #1, each opponent loses 1. Hostage Taker #3 re-enters, exiling Hostage Taker #2, each opponent loses 1. And repeat. Forever.

  34. This is a more recent combo that I want to build a deck around. You need Drowned Secrets, Diligent Excavator, Naru Meha, Master Wizard, and Return to the Wind. You want as many copies of both Drowned Secrets and Diligent Excavator in play as possible. Cast Return to the wind targeting an nonland permanent you control. Secrets triggers because you cast a blue spell. Then before you let that trigger resolve and mill your opponent for two, you flash in Naru Meha. Secrets triggers because Naru Meha is blue, and Excavator triggers because Naru Meha is historic. Naru Meha copies Return to the Wind. That copy of the spell is now on top of the stack. The copy resolves first, and Naru Meha is exiled. Now you can cast Naru Meha again without paying it's mana cost. Continue flash casting Naru Meha for as many mill triggers as you need to mill your opponent out.

  35. What was the list of cards you use in this deck so that I can get an idea of what I need to set up a deck similar to this

  36. Megrim
    Liliana's caress
    Raiders wake
    Damnable pact
    dark deal
    And liliana vess

    Liliana vess to tutor out the first three onto your field (i know it goes to top of library, thats not a big deal) once you have all three, you can pump liliana to force a discard, dealing 6 damage in the process. Tutor out dark deal or damnable pact, pay high x on pact to force your opponent to over draw. With all three on the field provided they don't have a destroy enchantment. If they discard 4 cards its game over, or, play dark deal to force a hand discard, and if that dosnt kill them, pump liliana for that last card yoh need.

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