MTG – Ready to Bootup in Pauper? The $20-40 Affinity Deck for Magic: The Gathering

(TCC Theme plays) Long before the magnificence of Phyrexian perfection blessed this metal world, there was Mirrodin pure. Each of the five suns dawned on a land of great power. So great a power in fact, that instead of a broken land, these lands were what broke formats. Seat of the Synod, The Great Furnace, Tree of Tales, Vault of Whispers, Ancient Den; Common artifact lands, so powerful they made the affinity deck type an out-of-control powerhouse banned in Standard of the time. Banned in Block. Banned in Modern. These lands were a power too great and indeed, even without them, Affinity dominates in Modern and Legacy alike. But while Modern Affinity will currently cost you upwards of $675.00, it’s no wonder so many love that for only 20 to 40 dollars they can sit down to play Pauper Affinity. Unlike Modern Affinity, Pauper Affinity actually uses Affinity synergy. Dropping amazing power with minimal, if any cost, thanks to the broken power of the artifact lands. Whether you are playing on Magic Online or paper Pauper, these can be had for mere pennies. Pauper Affinity is both an aggro deck and a combo deck. Meaning that you can switch modes and strategies depending upon your matchup. In aggro mode, you overwhelm your opponent with an army of solid 4/4 beaters. Or in combo mode you pump up Atog, then fling him at your opponent’s face for the kill. That’s right! One of your win cons in this deck is the creepily ravenous Atog, from ye olde Antiquities. Atog lets you sacrifice an artifact at any time to give it +2/+2 until end of turn. Since nearly everything on your board is an artifact, you can usually fling Atog for lethal. Or sometimes all you have to do is swing in and sac. The three key affinity cards in this deck are Frogmite, Myr Enforcer, and Thoughtcast. And yes, you’ll want a playset of each. Frogmite is usually going to be cast for free. That Enforcer will come out turn three, and can usually be cast for free, or just a couple mana, and that 4/4 body is for the beat down, and is especially an early-game threat. With all these artifacts, we would be remiss to not take advantage of a little Metalcraft, and Carapace Forger ends up being yet another 4/4 body that we drop for only two mana. While we are talking Metalcraft, the ability to do four damage with Galvanic Blast to target creature or player is another great tool for outpacing our opponents. Ichor Wellspring gives us a card when it enters and leaves the battlefield, which pairs brilliantly with Perilous Research. This deck is a card draw engine, and can outpace most control decks. Thoughtcast will always cost you a blue, but usually no more than that. The gas it gives you, as well as letting you dig down for answers and threats, is nothing short of amazing, and that’s why this card is run in every version of Affinity from Pauper, to Modern, to Legacy. Chromatic Sphere, Chromatic Star, Prophetic Prism, and Springleaf Drum are all low-cost artifacts that fix our mana, give us card draw, and boost our artifact count. As usual, the sideboard is more flexible, but typically you’re going to use Ancient Grudge, Armadillo Cloak, Duress, Electrickery, and Circle of Protections for both Red and Green. And there is a lot of variance here, and one major upgrade I want to mention in just a moment. But before I do at this point, the complete deck, including lands and sideboard is only $20. That’s right! Twenty dollars if you want to buy it on Magic Online, and if you’re fortunate enough to have some paper Pauper going on near you, well then it’s going to cost you $45. So go at it gang. You can log on and play this tonight, on Magic Online for less than the cost of an event deck. But if you like this deck there is an essential upgrade, and I’m sorry to say it’s going to be an expensive one. If you do decide to become a serious Affinity Pauper player, I feel this is absolutely necessary, but yes it will cost you some major bucks- well… major bucks for Pauper. Pyroblast and Hydroblast are major power for your sideboard, but on Magic Online they cost a whopping $3.62 and $4.92 EACH, respectively. And you’ll want to run at least two of each, which means that just adding these to your Magic Online deck’s sideboard will double the price. I know, right? Luckily in paper they cost no more than a buck or so each, and again these spells are powerful upgrades, giving us one-mana removal and hard counters against our two deadliest colors, red and blue. In the end, Pauper Affinity is a powerhouse deck, although it can be a little predictable once you’ve settled on a mode of attack, be it aggro or combo. Nonetheless at only twenty dollars for Magic Online, this is a deck that can be a great starting point for Pauper players. It’s easy to pilot, it puts up a great fight, and wins often, all while letting you explore the format and see what other decks are out there though your matchups. And seriously, there’s a real thrill to playing with old cards like Atog, as well as powerful banned cards like the artifact lands. But there’s so much more to Pauper than Delver and Affinity. Which Pauper deck would you like to see explored next? Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see. I hope this video has been of some help to you. And this video, like all the videos that I am able to put out, is only possible thanks to the support of Patrons on my Patreon. Thank you for letting me make these videos for you.

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100 thoughts on “MTG – Ready to Bootup in Pauper? The $20-40 Affinity Deck for Magic: The Gathering

  1. While trying to figure out what pauper deck to build next, I have been doing comparisons of pauper affinity deck options, and I was wondering why a) Darksteel Citadel wasn't in here, and b) why Armadillo Cloak is in here in the sideboard? I was also thinking that instead of Fling, could we consider using Temur Battle Rage as well/instead. My friends and I do multiplayer paper magic games and I was trying to find a way to make it a little more durable.

  2. There is a mistake in the description. It reads 20 lands, but there are only 19 listed. Am I supposed to run a fourth Ancient Den or only have 19 lands?

  3. It would be really fun to see Elf ball pauper. It takes the same strategy as the legacy one, but you aggro more than you combo ( sometimes you gets two Ulamog's Crushers o the board and even the pumped up forests from the Elvish branchbenders) it's a pretty fun deck to play with, and kinda easy for begginers since we're talking of a more aggro and pump deck. Thanks for all the videos professor and the magic knowledge! XD

  4. Is there a possibility you could have a play video with this deck? I see how it works but I want to make sure with more. I would like to see this exact pauper deck of possible. If you can't try and get Wedge to? I k ow you guys work real well together and that's something I really appreciate! Idk. Thank you!

  5. Not sure if you're aware of Red Elemental Blast and Blue Elemental Blast…both are Commons (later upgraded to Uncommon) and do almost the exact same thing as Pyroblast and Hydroblast (slightly different rulings on what they can target due to wording, but has the same effect unless redirected)

  6. I am just curious, but what would you be replacing to put in Hydroblast and Pyroblast ? I am thinking of purchasing this whole deck in paper, but I don't want to buy cards I would be cutting in order to add those.

  7. I have been trying to get people around where I live (school) to get into Pauper, to do so I was going to build a few decks for us to try out.  I think I have a few of these parts laying around and wont be too hard to get back in so I am going to build one of these 🙂


    It was originally printed as a common and was only changed to uncommon in modern masters.

    PROOF –>

  9. Im a huge fan of white weenie metalcraft, mono-green infect, green stompy, and mono-black control in Pauper. Id love to see your take on any of those, especially WWMC.

  10. Subbing 'Fling 0.01tix' for 'Rancor 0,27tix' will give you more versatility.
    Subbing 'Galvanic Blast 0.04tix for 'Flame Slash 0,04tix' will knock-off most creatures.
    Sub 'Chromatic Sphere 1.80tix' for 'Temur Banner 0,01tix' WOW CHEAP! and it gives you the mana you need.
    or Sub 'Perilous Research 0.01 tix' for Temur Banner0.01tix'
    Add 'Rush of Knowledge 0.01tix' to you SB.

    This deck (as well as most paupers decks) are susceptible to mono-blue. Definitely go for a SB 'Pyroblast' (or 2-4 if you can afford it) that can be subbed in place of "Thoughtcast' and/or 'Perilous Research'. Opponents will be left in the dust while your 'Atog'', 'Myr Enforcer' or 'Carapace Forger' Tramples all over their life total. This video contains solid pauper advice and you'll discover how enjoyable this format really is.

    Say what, only $20-40? Go for it!

  11. 24
    4x Frogmite
    4x Myr Enforcer
    4x Ornithopter
    4x Porcelain Legionnaire
    4x etherium sculptor
    4x vault skirge

    4x Springleaf Drum
    4x Thoughtcast
    4x gods willing
    4x chromatic star
    4x galvanic blast

    4x Seat of the Synod
    4x Ancient Den
    4x Darksteel Citadel
    4x great furnace

    My list I run for pauper affinity…

  12. As a college student, I was almost afraid I would have to quit Magic since its so expensive. Luckily there is a pauper league starting up next semester so I'll probably be able to keep playing. There are three decks I'm trying to decide between. Affinity, Kuldotha Jeskai, and Acid Trip. Any suggestions?

  13. Professor or anyone ! I need some help. I put the whole deck together and after counting, noticed there are 61 cards in the main board part of the deck. Is this right ? Or am I missing something?

  14. "Dominates in legacy".

    Affinity has been dead in legacy for years. Please learn the formats you discuss before making a fool of yourself.

  15. zephyr scribe + elusive spellfist + common 0 artifact like silkspider net or bonesaw + retraction helix (or so) -combo & control deck

  16. Mhmm since I have a lot of Mirrodin cards left that I don't use somewhere else, this might be a nice and cheap alternative to my R/G pauper deck 🙂

  17. With Ornithopter and cards like skull clamp and some common that was giving +x for artifacts my common and uncommon pauper deck was winning FNMs for me at that time of Magic. I used to play full hand on first turn with 0 cost artifacts and frogmites. That time was crazy but also great, at least budget players had chance to win over great players with cards worth more than a sport car just playing chaff. Best time of Magic, skill of a player was more immportant to survive, good cards selection for deck and sideboard. It all teached new players how to think in magic, not only dream about planewalkers or cards worth more than 3 months job money. Shadows over Innistrad at least gave a bit of that to new players with investigate decks, again commons and uncommons can kill great rares and i like that.

  18. Does anyone know what "Antiquities (Common (C4))" means? i was wondering whether ornithopter would be allowed for usage in pauper and it would go pretty well with affinity, but what's up with the "C4" thing? anyone care to educate me on this?

  19. Im new in Magic and I am looking for a fun and competitive deck, preferably white. Can someone help me? :]

  20. I would love a video about Kuldotha Jeskai! I saw one from MTG Goldfish but it wasn't that good. It just needs that Professor touch

  21. I actually created a new format type. I call it, Tre Blade. It has only 3 rules. 1; No more than 3 total mana cost, 2; Nothing higher than rare, 3; No more than 3 power and/or toughness

  22. 3:26 my deck never runned it and its still is my strongest deck XD
    the greatest weapon affinity can have : Cardinal plating, skull clamp
    also recommend ornithopter and Etched Champion

  23. Odd question: what's the music at the beginning when the prof. has his voice synthesized? I've been looking for it for ages

  24. you, sir… you…. you have me starting an mtgo account and playing pauper. this is great!!!!!! but so bad for my, little (but oh so sweet), free time. i blame you for all of the fun i have had playing mtgo. you, sir, are a jerk in the most sarcastic of ways

  25. i added darksteel forge and mycosynch lattice into this mix, thus making ALL of my permanents artifacts, and making them indestructable

  26. dang lol talk about increase in cost as of today the deck is around 80-85 dollars due to the chromatic star mostly but some of the lands as well.

  27. Currently using card kingdom this deck is $49.73 without shipping with the cheapest cards. So a thousand times cheaper than any affinity deck in modern

  28. Best way to play this deck:
    Aggro while digging for atog and fling in your hand, try to get your opponent down a bit. Remeber: every 2 damage you get through is 1 less artifact you have to sac

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