[MtG] Prison Toolbox deck by Matthieu Carlouet – Old School 93/94

– I am with Mathieu Carlouet, who will present his deck. – Hello ! – This is a Prison deck. – This is indeed a Prison deck, with classic control cards from The Deck. Here are the control cards: the permission spells, the Disenchants, and the anti-creature cards. We obviously play the blue power cards and Demonic Tutor. I did not include Braingeyser and Regrowth. Instead, I use the freed space for an Artifact Toolbox, with 4 Copy Artifact and 3 Transmute Artifact The idea I had in mind was to build a deck benefiting from Candelabra of Tawnos. Candelabra of Tawnos is very nice with Mishra’s Factories, It’s really nice with Library of Alexandria, and it works really well with Winter Orb. I wanted to play this card today, as it is one of my favorite cards, certainly my favorite card in Magic the Gathering. And the opportunity I had to play in Old School today was the opportunity to play Candelabra as well ! The mana base is White and Blue, with a bit of Black for Demonic Tutor and the side deck. White and Blue are essentially to keep control of the game, and above all to bring and protect the Prison cards. As soon as we have enough resources in hand and in play, depending on the situation, Transmute Artifact will search for Artifacts that are strong in the current match-up : Disrupting Scepter to generate card advantage and to really dispoil our opponent if they play permission spells. Nova Pentacle against Aggro decks, Chaos Orb that we don’t need to present anymore, City in a Bottle which is very strong against a lot of multi-colored decks and Serendib Efreets. And then, classic Prison pieces: Howling Mine, Relic Barrier, Icy Manipulator and Winter Orb, which are pieces of the Parfait decks in Old School. We only play 1 copy of each, as we can duplicate these with Copy Artifact. So, depending on the situation, we lock the prison, which usually imposes to have a Copy Artifact in hand, so we can put a key Artifact into play and copy it in the same turn at a time when our opponent is vulnerable… … Or when we have counterspells to protect it, allowing us to take an additional turn to copy it if needed. The deck works very well, but one card is clearly missing: it’s John C… erm, it’s Triskelion. Or Su-Chi to finish the games quickly, especially post-side. As The Abyss does a really good job post-side. – In this tournament, the Mana Burn rule was applied. As a result, would playing Su-Chi cause problems in this deck? – I do not think it would cause any issues in this deck, as we are playing 4 Mishra’s Factories and Candelabra of Tawnos that can eat the excess mana from Su-Chi. I didn’t draw a lot of Factories today. One of our main game plans is to copy Mishra’s Factory with Copy Artifact It allows us to have a high number of Factories in play. I do not think Mana Burn is something really impacting for this deck. Especially since it can be anticipated, and overall, games with this deck are not decided by a few life points, it is my personal analysis. In this deck, it does not bother us as we play multiple artifacts with activation costs. I had a few ideas with Su-Chi… … So, when I built this deck, I wanted to include Su-Chi to Transmute them into other Artifacts. The issue is that Su-Chi’s ability only triggers once Transmute Artifact resolves. So we cannot search for a Mirror Universe and pay its cost with Su-Chi’s mana for example. It’s a pity, but that’s how it is. I think any deck that plays Jayemdae Tome or Disrupting Scepter is not afraid of running Su-Chi. – This excess mana will be used anyways. – Yep. I would have liked to find one more spot for an additional mana source, a basic Island ideally. I would have liked to find one more spot for a Triskelion. And I would have liked to find one more spot for a Regrowth. I refrained myself from including City of Brass, as I did not want to have a similar mana base to The Deck, especially with City in a Bottle in main deck that can be searched with the 3 Transmute Artifact. And there’s another one in side deck. Having this many virtual copies of City in a Bottle helps in a lot of match-ups. – Let’s talk about the side deck. When do you bring in the 2 Chains of Mephistopheles ? – It’s solely against The Deck. As soon as Chains is in play, I know that I can draw into permission spells, and as my opponent is unable to get card advantage and doesn’t draw into recursion, they’d have no out, and be forced to Disenchant the Chains. My deck is very vulnerable to Disenchant, and the only reliable answer I have to The Deck’s recursion is Tormod’s Crypt, which is mandatory as it gives us a much better match-up. If we do not disable The Deck’s recursion, like Timetwister, the match-up becomes unfavorable. I think that for a good player, with Tormod’s Crypt, the match-up becomes slightly favorable. – Negating Timetwister, Regrowth and Recall is really important. – Absolutely, even though I misplayed today and didn’t empty the Graveyard when I should have ! This made me lose a game. Indeed, it is a useful card against restricted cards, and which, in the worst case scenario, can be Transmuted. So there’s no artifacts that are dead weight in this deck. I know you want to talk about Nova Pentacle. – I was going to ask about it, indeed. – It’s really a last-minute addition. I went through my Legends collection, and… I remembered someone played a Nova Pentacle against me, but it was in 1995 ! It was a Control deck, and it left a mark on me ! So much, that I remembered about it more than 20 years later; and that when you play creatures, and your opponent doesn’t play any, Nova Pentacle really becomes your worst nightmare. It saves so many turns, and it can completely lock some games without having to do anything. The mere presence of Nova Pentacle on the field… … is an immense, gigantic speed bump for most non-recurrent damage-based decks, as long as they play creatures. We can also activate a Mishra’s Factory to absorb a lethal Fireball for example. So, we activate Mishra’s Factory, we activate Nova Pentacle, so we lose our Factory, but at least we do not lose the game ! – I see that you only play 2 Swords to Plowshares. Was it enough, or did you want extra copies? I wish I played 3 copies. I cut the third one to make room for Nova Pentacle, to have a card I could grab via Transmute against Aggro. I think the right number is 3 copies. Sadly, finding free slots in this deck is quite difficult. I had a last question, about your Relic Barrier. Was it useful? Did it have a big impact on your games? Did you go out of your way to grab it with Transmute Artifact? So, as I said earlier, none of the Artifacts in this deck are dead cards. As in worst case, these are food for Transmute Artifact. Nevertheless, the card is really impacting if we draw into Winter Orb or Howling Mine. In either case, this card will be decisive, to break the symmetry of Winter Orb or Howling Mine. But knowing that we run numerous Artifact mana sources, it’s not really necessary with Winter Orb, especially with Candelabra of Tawnos. I realized it gradually as the tournament went on. And it’s the same issue with Howling Mine; if Winter Orb is in play, Howling Mine will do its job by itself, as the opponent will be unable to cast the spells he gets from the additional cards drawn. To be honest, Relic Barrier is in the hot seat. Today, if I could make one change, it would probably be the card I would cut to add a Triskelion ! – Thank you !

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  1. This deck looks really interesting! I would like to play against it 🙂 old school for ever!! Best wishes from Germany 🙂

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