[MTG] Modern Turn Two Infinite Combo

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49 thoughts on “[MTG] Modern Turn Two Infinite Combo

  1. Definitely love abzan. Not really a fan of two card "I win" strategies. If this happens too frequently before turn four I'd like a devoted Druid ban.

  2. Not infinite. Infinite combos repeatedly fire off on their own, infinitely and without player interaction, once initially fired off by an interaction. This combo requires interaction the entire time. IT IS NOT INFINITE.

  3. This deck is old. And it does not have a consistant turn 2 kill.

    It should also run Oath of Nissa over Adventurous Impulse to fuel delerium better. (Also playes around some very fringe cards in the format.)

  4. This deck is made by Ito Atsushi, a well-known Japanese player and the original designer of Suicide Zoo(Super Crazy Zoo)

  5. So I've been testing mono blacc and I stumbled upon oracle's vault and it's absurd in the sheer advantage and option it gives you…allows you to dig…play lands from exile which does two things first you get one more land outta the way second it's card advantage well after three uses it starts tapping (for free!) To play the top card of your library for free! Mastermind aquisition vraska contempt karn duress doomfall final parting all for free plus it's not legendary so if you can get two in play w three bricc counters on them you get two free cards without paying the cmc per turn

  6. why I hate magic in a nutshell, nerds who thinks they are smart by copying internet decks and calling themself "magic god" while playing infinite combos… Ice Climbers Main where you at ?

  7. Turn 3 is the earliest you're going off with any level of respectable consistency, assuming your mana dork doesn't get bolted/pushed/exiled and you're sometimes willing to mulligan into it. This usually means turn 2 Druid into a turn 3 Vizier. Turn 1, you're generally using a best of five card to scrounge up your missing piece or turn 3 Pact into Vizier/Ballista.

    It's extremely fragile and works a bit less than 3% of the time on turn 2.

  8. been doing this for months when I heard about The Vizier or Remedies my friend taught he could infinite mana combo his hydra deck

    sucks for him I also run the same creatures but with blue eyes white counter spells

  9. I love being on the fringes of playability in whatever competitive thing I do. That way I can be respected for playing something good that's not frustrating to play against and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. All hail soul sisters.

  10. My favorite ONE turn win combo is playing a mountain into a goblin guide and than my opponent saying "UGHHH BURN AGAIN… SCOOP"

  11. GW Solemnity, which is a hard counter to turbo vizier, coincidentally. Main deck leylines, turn two solemnity with mama dorks/ gemstone caverns, and suppression fields all big wrenches to this deck's strategy. Even if they manage to stick a ballista out (but are blocked by a leyline,) there are 4 runed halos that can render the gigantic machine harmless.

  12. training grounds infinite combo deck turn 3 win:
    //infinity combo training grounds combo
    4 Pili-Pala
    4 Patrol Signaler
    4 Lodestone Myr
    2 Filigree Sages
    2 Ponder
    1 Brainstorm
    1 Serum Visions
    1 Preordain
    4 Training Grounds
    4 Heartstone
    4 Paradise Mantle
    4 Presence of Gond
    2 Khalni Gem
    2 Yavimaya Coast
    4 Plains
    4 Forest
    8 Island
    1 Mana Confluence
    2 Misty Rainforest
    2 Flooded Strand

  13. Well the turn 2 combo can only possibly go off if you have that land that makes hasty mana dorks in your opening hand and seeing as there's no way to fetch it and still get the turn 2 win I highly doubt this will consistently go off any sooner than turn 4 or 5. Not to mention this gets destroyed by removal soooo easily but really, what combo deck doesn't?

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