MTG Modern Phoenix Deck WITHOUT Faithless Looting! – Ban @ Next Banned & Restricted Announcement!?

I recently went undercover at a big
magic tournament to investigate how players feel about the current modern
metagame not using my normal voice but my GERMAN voice so that may cover wouldn’t be
blown and it turns out all the players that I interviewed said the exact same
thing which is that the modern meadow game has become way too fast and way too
explosive resulting in frustrating gameplay. Players pointed fingers at
different decks but these decks blamed all happen to have faith is looting. it’s
kind of funny considering that one faithless looting was printed it wasn’t
all that explosive but lo and behold it is now the second most played card in
modern, largely due to the new Phoenix decks which can use faithless looting to
play to Phoenix’s turn one and because that a lot of players I interviewed of
running multiple surgical extractions in the main deck and since all the players
that interviewed expressed a frustration toward faithless looting you can be sure
that Wizards is also receiving feedback like this and there happens to be a band
restricted announcement coming in just a few days. the odds of faithless looting
being banned are astronomically high. now I don’t take any joy in that because I’m
pretty certain that I featured faithless looting in my decks more than any other
card since it’s great for transformative sidebars and explosive gameplay. with
that said though, I understand that the meta game may not correct itself on its
own and if a this looting ban might be inevitable. but now here’s the issue a
lot of people have bought Phoenix decks and banning faithless looting may deal a
huge blow to how well this deck functions. so that’s what we’re gonna
investigate with today’s deck: Phoenix without Faithless Looting. in the
absence of looting we’re gonna have to have ways to discard Phoenix and that’s
why we’re running three lightning axes instead of two as well as four is it
charms it’s cool of this card does three things with the main thing we’re using
it for is this third ability which says draw see cards then discard two cards so
even though we can’t discard two Phoenix’s turn one we can discard two
Phoenix’s turn two pretty reliably and potentially get them out by turn two so
here’s the game plan turn one we can do something like thought scour semen
visions but we can also use rift bolt’ rift bolt’ has to spend one which means
they’ll be cast on the following turn turn tea rolls around rift bulk is cast
and then we command more foes followed up by is its charm that discards phoenix
and fetus comes back that turn because we did cast three spells that’s the new
game plan other than that we have a lot of the same cars that you find a typical
is it Phoenix tech ops lightning bolt 4 thing the eyes to tear Manders and for a
de gas we have one gunshot and two surgical and the sideboard is basically
the same thing you’d find in a current is it thing stuck so all in all it has
the same game plan as well is it Phoenix tech house today – faithless looting and
in place of it is its arms rift bolts and extra light in the axe and now the
question left to answer is how good is this version compared to the current
version with faithless looting and so let’s get to the game plate
answer that question don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more
content like this and let me know in the comments what you want to see next and
what you thought of this deck but without further ado here’s the gameplay
and I hope you enjoy opening hand could be difficult to pull off you have this
to discard yeah I’ll keep it and it looks like it’s burned this shall be
difficult back in our turn mana MorphOS okay now we’re looking pretty good we
can do this this next turn or now I was gonna do this but I think we should do
bolt instead keep that from doing damage to us now there with Jesus lighting he
looks sure utter he looks in that creature do we go for it now the odds
aren’t great I think instead we set up visions neither ones really what I
wanted to see and might as well thought scour as well and what do you know we
hit an arc light the next time we can go boom-boom and hopefully there hit a land
or a zero costing something another helix you’re the critic and back to us
okay let’s go Man O’War photos land cool now do this nothing Phoenix and a little
bit late for this so drop that and scour so you can hit a third Phoenix
nope just to swing for six is a long road back at this point but we’ll see if
we can hang in there twosies repulsive spending Tara Mandor ah perhaps to spend
rift bolt’ well swing put them down 12 suspend this thing lady Tara Mandor and
myzel try and fire it now yep and then pass back repulses for three if yeah
Boris charm we lose and there is a conceit even though will only deal 11
that’s turn is it what I mean okay I mean would happen next time because
next one I would’ve done this into this and then bolt so on the game too so gone
the game to dump two surgical extractions one is a charm to put into
dragon claws and one lightning accident that doesn’t go to game – opening hand
balls total balls sweaty balls mole oh man super balls mole really balls as
mole ok ok we must prepare the Lube for our buttholes
let’s go vision ok bottom both actor huh hang in the ice on top I’m not gone so
bad ok swings then we get to lands and then bolt one to go six of that’s–you
bolts here we lose man ok we’re going again three opening hand
it could be good we have visions and that teach hair manners though really
too early for that but I can see this working so we’ll keep I mean it’s better
than mowing down the floor so visions right and on top and thinking ice next
turn to have a goblin guy would get an extra card yeah lava spike’ boiling and
back for prana rest in peace shirt at least we have thing in the eye so what
to do I say we opt envision hmm techies go charm no dumping these two hoes and
next turn this thing flips unless it dies and just passes back okay let’s go
for it man MorphOS dragon’s claw and first an interesting let’s try and force
him to move oh no no response okay and then vision bottom and the supposed
topping for seven puts them down to nine back to them disease firewalker do we
still want rift ball and maybe not we’ll dump it other thing in the and Phoenix
well Mazal play Phoenix disease uh oh do Ford uh sure and then pumpkin season
gives us the match I mean I wonder what was in their hand cuz they didn’t do
much that game they kind of got flood and they have this thing which is okay
but it’s almost not even worth bringing in against Phoenix that is promising
that we can beat burned which usually has a really good matchup against
Phoenix so things look promising and now on to the next one opening hand not too
great but turn one this we can set up for something Goods so we’ll keep see we
get an or post cool I say we top both of them and then back to prom I’m sensing a
cadet shadow yeah how much takes a thought sees and
backcountry let’s go mana MorphOS vision is an arc like that’s kind of awkward I
say bottom both I think we have enough one here yeah and then pass back what
did these ponent passes back and thinking yeah it’s ok cool thing I guess
is good well as we go that as well and pass back on the passes back strange and
charm nice nice do we go for the charm you can actually pay for for this now a
my first girl we just played the ArcLight right away yes I play the
ArcLight wing for four and then pass back
it is esta they have street rape and their shadow and there’s another shadow
but guess what the power of math going for a boom look at that clean win I
think I cycle on land and they can’t beat themselves but look at that clean
win and now we’re on Game two no changes of sideboard and yeah we can start off
with this even if they discard us they can go to this or this or this turn one
and no just guarding interesting to do this but I think the better move see me
envisions thought scour okay visions and angler interesting only we have
lightning axe but oh well instead scope thing in the ice and the next one we do
big explosion in pants and now back there pollen and other visions aunt
sings for 5 min fail no explosion pants after all well
instead let’s go man more photos and then double thoughts cow we’re probably
on the scar no arclights doing another one now we’re hitting nothing but I’m
wouldn’t be terrible especially with Nana more photos all right bottom top
and I’m back to our opponent about scours this is her five back on our
journalist man Marcos oh my god so unfair
yes ma’am this is so sad this is racist stalling the game three on a dump a gut
shot in the rift bolt’ put in two surgical so hopefully when they thought
scour we can like grab one two thing is like a desks out or angler you know that
was go to Game three opening hand looks pretty good actually
unless they thought see this but we can do this and do that we test it like a
surgical make it worth yeah okey Pont cycle street and thought ceases oh boy
so you lose the man amorphous fair enough thought scour I think the smart
play here on our punch and we’ll do one of these dump that maybe counter
something of theirs if we have to yeah oh that’s great ask our gang and
attorney let’s do this they’re on discard Enix and probably that way kept
the charm if I’d known we would drop that oh do we thing in the ice we just
go for the Phoenix and we could draw like a lava ax not that likely though it
could have fatal push and then but we do then there’s were both the more lame
option thinking the ice and then pass back let’s scour bobble and postings in
four five sure you take five and back to us I said go for it let’s go thought
scour well we didn’t get very far there and is member or was the point of the at
least you have Phoenix to keep us company actually feel six next turn
alright we go to nine that’s ma’am here I say we fetch island Phoenix you can
put the now and potentially one I kind of a bowl I mean it’s not the most
likely thing in a shadow deck a bolt but it is very possible and a battle rage
okay well take that Wow they won’t even let us have that fine
not like we have a gut shot or anything so a bit of a grinding match but we kind
of almost got it I mean it’s hard to tell so onto next match is to figure out
if the stack is good or not opening hand we can turn to Phoenix if they play a
creature though I say we keep it strong so no creatures from them so for now I
just say we play a land and pass back on it passes back Lutron something might
have counter I suppose the sages thing here is just play the eyes see if it
gets countered nope alright back to the employment pass
interesting interesting they do a lot this turn I just depends both try it man
more folks this would be a good car to counter if they could no I’ll go we off
and pull another land so we opted again and watch this clutter move we’re gonna
go lightening acts on thing in the ice discarding this so before the damage can
go through it flips into seven eight survives the X and now we get back to
Phoenix deal ten put them to ten and I’m back to them thirst for knowledge if you
squint really hard on that flask there it kind of looks like a wiener he’s so
thirsty he’s a thirsty boy oh and there’s the
concede all right that was kind of bizarre I always expect that blue tron
has counter in hand that’s ready but I guess not always we’re going to game to
go on the game to dump all this to put in all this snow 1,000 going to opening
him he’s not terrible it’s bearable that should be menu slogan that’s pretty
cool terrible but bearable so we’ll keep on a path back let’s optics pose bottom
and pass back on it passes back to us you know employees foremost let’s turn
to means we scour yes thoughts car do hit a land that’s good and we tried
terror man yeah ass teacher Mandarin if it’s Canada not really cares it’s not
counter okay cool Pasha’s Bach you could dump a lot of stuff in graveyard board
this where we can do thing in the ice and flip it next time but the counter
potential and I’ll just try making that into a big boy this turns even if they
do a counter they might not think to use it five spells in graveyard is six seven
and now we make it into big boy they kept repeal they do ever feel they’ve
been worse though could have flipped the thing in the ice and then have them
repealed that was them bad won’t play his expedition map and also overlooked
bit of a tough call here I think the safest move it actually thing in the
eyes rather than trying to go the Tara Mandor because I doubt that let us get
away with it Oh thinking ice interesting interesting indeed okay here’s the thing
though if they fetch the expedition map this turn we can destroy that yep
alright yeah let’s go for it and lands will also take the repeal just to be
safe he’s like my mom always says better to be safe than pregnant ooh boy
blooming stone condescend thirsty and thought not I don’t see us winning this
the bling sin alone is gonna set us back I mean you can play that and response
man I and I go a thot not see here and of course they take the Chairman Durr
and another relic ok back our let’s go charm I guess yeah that big boy move so
we have a chance now blood moon way they kind of send that right hasta I totally
forgot for a second okay back to them we’re not saved the
magic gods must be punishing us for watching too much anime the phone’s
gonna swing in with an 8 8 lifelong vigilance Oh blocks and old visions flip
this to hand on to bolt Phoenix and surgical and got a bottom both of these
lay the Phoenix Wang for time and back for prana not see her out of her skull
fine swing for six billion I swing in for a try now after block was gonna die
doesn’t go back up to eight so you know we deal six they’ll still be ahead oh
yeah they got us all anime but who can pass up anime it’s so good so we’re
going the Game three Game three no chains aside board kind of a whole lot
nothing in our opening hand but I’ll try and for that nothing into something
start off with thought scour next are clay and a thing in the ice
that’s pretty gangster one place that passes back if you got thing in the eyes
or we can be aggressive and go our clay oh I’d be patient to do thing in the ice
yeah pass back passes back to us interesting interesting
alright let’s go for it oh well that’s my good on day yeah but no blew out yeah
let’s do it but I’m alright back to finding oh never
mind okay back in our turn let’s go opt Enix got a bottom that in
kids surgical but let’s instead of braid this dude then swinging in for 10 bongos
are seven back to them as that card again it’s gonna bring me so much joy
from now on when I see it and there is a conceit so we actually get the match I
mean I felt like we were losing more than we were winning but I guess it was
good enough so now on to the next one opening hand we have the charm to dump
that so I say we keep despite having a tunnel and return one let’s thought
scour another land okay backs are Pont I can I turn thing
the ice yeah I play thing in the ice doctor comment you know it looks like
we’ll be able to pull it off we’ll go vision set up for charm bottom both and
then charm ooh an opponent counter that’s not muy Grande’s suppose we pass
back but it’s not the end of the world because we’ve gotten out Phoenix this
turned this would have flipped next turn putting this back in hands so might have
been for the best on the passes back let’s try this again charm who and to
Phoenix’s now he’s surgical on that hope flipping this hoe too cryptic cij’s a
path to exile on the supreme verdict okay so now we got shot looking for 13
he’s gonna come down the six oh wait note that path to exile
nevermind I go to 9 pass back ring verdict I cannot shouldn’t go man more
foes to be wait at critics we might be able to pull it off now but I be up a
shot scour no I almost got there ok pass back on
back on Cantera Mandor thinking bow that cryptic I mean we’re not gonna win this
I’m just gonna skipped when I lost finally happens the spare you from the
misery one utility late oh my god never and we’ve milled ourselves to zero thank
God Oh so calling the game to dump all this for
all this and what that lets go to game to opening hand seems alright we can do
that yeah you shall keep I suppose now we go thought scour all right pass back
pass for the back tho up here so you should probably hang on to that and wait
to this next turn so pass back and then anticipating that blood moon shoot
alright I can – lets go mana more foes attempting to gate but they don’t call
me thick for nothing spell piercing let’s try thought scour Matt no are
Clyde to be surgical suppose the weight on surgical pass back on the OP where be
the lands and there’s blood man cool let’s play it a little bit risky here’s
go surgical on the gate it could go Jace next turn but blood and
in will do some damage and now I’ll go with the blue moon so they go with the
Jace let’s actually try getting a Phoenix and if not just go at the Bulbul
and let’s try it that Phoenix OH gun bolt and now swing in for three dr.
promo three days late to ponent passes back to us swing in for a three attempts
to bounce it make them pay two for it yes right move because by haim they pay
it be able to use these two to counter drivers coming neck so unless they have
this spell we’re looking pretty good moon bounces can they defend themselves
here as a path will try to counter and this second path and do a surgical now
surgical cric yeah that was right guess but the awesome a path interesting piece
and I saw the wreckage intentions fear yikes
alright yeah back proponent on it hits our land it’s our other land on it then
plays rest in peace on is our other land and I guess we go Drake even though they
have a path and hand okay as well visions here as well octo and dungeons
there it’s kind of funny how I always complain about Phoenix tech so now that
we’re actually playing a phoenix duck it seems like there’s a lot worse decks to
deal with out there like a lot or like I’m there every words like giving your
grandma a sponge bath kind of worse or cleaning your grandpa’s butthole but
back to this let’s go thought scour all right back for
opponent on it plays to ferry thoughts going to lightning bolt I was gonna go
for it now Oh today I’m that actually did it opening ounce try and make this
work will keep not that we have much time to think about things turn one
let’s go vision bottom okay let’s go thing in the ice and if we lose one got
a second one back up on hits Earl and shirt Mon play a path play of half I
suppose playing another thing in the eyes I could have bored with those guys
play it pass it back to us man more photos okay we’ll pass back to play it
safe fun ops end of their turn let’s go mana MorphOS and then op the next man
sugar cool I have to try and bolt them on a preventive surgical on that maybe
she waited for that but it is what it is excellent response let’s go to spell it
spell our to spell oh I’m much in hand snap caster though you can snap caster
path at some point let’s go Phoenix I’ll prevent damage but whatever unclothed
thing in the eye and pass back oh my god some things in this world are just pure
evil well on the bright side I can do this I
thought I’ll maybe should’ve held it whatever we don’t have any time left on
our timer Oh crackling drag play crackling Drake no off button yet where
is that snap caster at for cryptic there it is back for probably a few moments
late oh oh that’s over all right there enough so in the end we actually went
three into we played against burn twice and won both of them the Masters are so
similar I’m just gonna show the first time because it’s pretty much the same
match both times exact same thing but I am surprised to be one those because I
thought like burn would be good against us but and overall I’m surprised the
deck did as well as it did without faithless looting I mean it definitely
was not as explosive as before and I doubt it’ll stay at the top of the meta
game without looting if looting is in fact banned but it’s still a viable deck
and I don’t think so much like panic sell their cards over it unless they
really want to I mean maybe now is the right time to sell but if the ban does
happen in people like oh crud I’m stuck with all these Phoenix cards
like it’s still a viable death three years ago I played blue moon with thing
in the ice heavily and it was nowhere near what this deck is here thinking the
ice just felt super slow back then and even though sex feels more like a
mid-range control deck without polluting it’s still pretty gangster and if there
is a ban am i open the door to a different color combinations like maybe
a black Phoenix ii have you super cool like ii feel like a mono black phoenix
like how cool would that be anyway I got some ideas but for now that
is all and if you’re new to the channel subscribe if you want to see more
content like this cuz it makes me very happy in Ponce and as always I hope you
have a great day

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100 thoughts on “MTG Modern Phoenix Deck WITHOUT Faithless Looting! – Ban @ Next Banned & Restricted Announcement!?

  1. I don't foresee any bans in Modern in the next B&R announcement. I believe WOTC will want to see what Modern Horizons does to the metagame first. Hopefully most of the cards in the set will promote fair magic because interactive decks other than Death's Shadow and maybe UW Control really hurt to play right now.

    I can definitely see Looting getting the hammer one day though. It's in the same vein as Birthing Pod, where the cards will only become more broken as more cards keep entering the format. Every new card with a graveyard or discard synergy becomes potentially busted when paired with Looting.

  2. I honestly don't think it will be banned at this upcoming B&R. Simply because modern horizons is being released soon. I don't think they would make such a big decision about a card that is a staple of the format this close to a set release that will shake up the format immensely, unless they know it will be even better with modern horizons, and will ban it now so it won't effect horizons release.

  3. I swear, if Faithless Looting gets banned Imma freak out. I finally bit the bullet and invested into Modern, the deck I got was Goryo's Vengeance, I'm gonna be an unhappy camper.

  4. I really hope they don't ban looting for the sake of all the non-meta decks. It's such a staple brew piece for under-performing archetypes to be semi functional/consistent. Id rather see a reprint of surgical or more answers being printed.

  5. I like playing a grixis grieshoal brand with Phoenix’s. Don’t typically win the same turn but feels a lot more consistent.

  6. I think arclight Phoenix is too good of advertising that standard still prints power for Wotc to ban a key piece.

  7. You are the most dynamic mtg gameplay content creator I know. Fast talking, really good editing and unique deck ideas. I really enjoy watching you doing 5 matches instead of somebody who takes 1 and a half or 2 hours for the same amount.
    Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Germany.

  8. This is such a great premise for a video, exploring what a deck would be like if something got banned. I'd love to see you try out Ancient Stirrings decks, maybe tron without stirrings.

  9. Ofc daddy watches anime, the humor was too reminiscent of classic anime autism

    Ps: do you watch seasonal or just whatever?

  10. The archetype without Looting isn't even tier 2…..and at almost 30% of the meta (Looting)….it really puts perspective on Ancient Stirrings and the whines it gets, if Lootings gets banned its well deserved.

  11. Honestly after playing against and with the Phoenix deck I’ve come to the conclusion the deck is while good it’s very beatable compared to other top decks. Path /disruption wrecks it pretty hard. Funny thing is Dredge and Hollow one are the better looting decks imo.

  12. But if the deck is still good without Looting.. Then just how much damage is Looting actually doing? Right..?

  13. I dont know who looks at faithless looting and doesnt see a broken card. 1 cmc for that effect is very silly.

  14. WotC bans Faithless, says it's fixed the meta, prints a way more broken version in Modern Horizons (Makes it costs Phyrexian), calls it a day.

  15. Buddy, I love your content. Most MTG Youtube content creators often rely on 'easy' to make content like reviews, repetition of news or just streaming but you really try to make things interesting every time. Love the green bar that times the segments. Thumbs up!

  16. Godforsaken no, not again Wizards gonna take away yet another piece of my extremely fringe deck.
    If you are reading this WotC, please adress this issue through different ways.

  17. there are cards LIKE faithless. just not so busted . it just reached the point where it enables too many decks too fast. the deck CAN survive. they might need to settle a bit on a replacement

  18. Hey MTGAids
    Can you make a deck that DOESNT play RED.
    Like all your decks have been using RED, I kinda got sick of it, want something different.

  19. Faithless looting is in tonnes of decks. They don't ban cards that enable many different decks, they ban cards that make one deck oppressive.

  20. To be fair….wizards gives less than zero fucks about players who have invested in modern. I mean I'm not salty about being a UR storm deck player that had THREE BANS. I'm not saying that I started playing Jund right after that ban ONLY TO HAVE THE CENTERPIECE OF THE DECK BANNED. …and I'm not saying at all that I then abandoned modern till I saw colorless eldrazi be a good deck…ONLY TO HAVE IT BE COMPLETELY BANNED IN LESS THAN A FUCKING MONTH…. but I am saying I built modern Phoenix last week. I'm also not saying that I would be mad if they banned faithless looting but if they do I need to charge wizards for fucking me 4 times in modern and the general going rate for prostitutes is between 100-400 dollars per copulation according to google and they will owe me somewhere between 500-1600 dollars.

  21. The interesting thing about faithless looting is that even if you made it read discard 2 cards without the draw, the card would be incredibly playable.
    Here’s a thought- create a white version. Draw 2 cards, then exile 2 cards from your hand. No flashback.

  22. i think mox opal will get banned as well, i mean, there's a f**king mox in this format, there's literally a mox in this format XD

  23. I have a spicey combo deck i built i would love to see it properly tested i unfortunately only get time to play one shop. Its a infinate mana with artifacts. It would be amazing if you would be interested. Just let me know i have a deck list

  24. @Magic Aids The thing is I don't thing wizards is looking to ban anything YET since they have 2 major contenders about to change the format. 1 we have the London Mulligan rule coming out soon and Modern Horizons. Faithless looting is fine people need to adapt. ALOT of players are forgetting this format changes over night. So for instance a year and a half ago Grixus Death Shadow was the unbeatable deck, a year ago humans was crushing and stayed at top for more than 8 months with a huge dominating stance. Most of the decks that are to linear people are not looking at how they interact with the format. For instance UR Phoenix May have a huge game one presence. Since UR Phoenix has creatures that are cmc cost 1, 2, 4 which means Fatal push is great, path to exile, and cast down is great. Everyone is trying goldfish and complain (which is the norm). Alot of top pro players are analyzing the format again and are saying Faithless looting and ancient stirrings is safe at this time.

  25. I don't understand why you always target yourself with thought scour when RIP is out. This is the 2nd vid I've seen you do it in, and it triggers me for some reason…

  26. I think it would be better to ban Phoenix insted of Faithless Looting, as looting is used in a large variety of decks and Phoenix is just in its own deck and thats whats on the top and hard to play aganst.

  27. Looting needed to be banned in Modern like half a year ago… Why is wotc printing something like Modern Horizons and at the same time not giving a crap about the health of the modern format? Looting neeeeeeds to go.

  28. Faithless is one of those rare strong modern cards that's available for cheap to new modern players like me. If it gets banned I'm quitting modern

  29. Since chalice is so good against the deck why not play contentious plans in the sideboard and proliferate opposing chalices and vials into uselessness?

  30. This popped up in my YT suggestions. I thought this was a new vid and was surprised how fast you’ve become x) (Sorry, no "fast daddy" jokes 😈)

  31. U're saving my life now, try to make a mono red and izzet phoenix builds, or mono red prowess, or even a hollow phoenix, make what u prefer most :), by the way, I love your content,u're an awesome deckbuilder 🙂

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