MTG – Modern Mono Black Control – 8 Rack Discard Deck With Liliana – Magic: The Gathering

Looking to take control in Modern? Then call your shot! With 8 Rack to corner your opponent with Mono
Black Control. The 8 Rack deck, or Mono Black
Control, is super dirty control, using discard
as a way to effectively counter spells before your opponent even has a chance to cast them. The deck is built
around three cards: Liliana of the Veil, The Rack, and
Shrieking Affliction. The rest of the deck is more or less
discards spells, everything from Thoughtseize and Inquisition,
to Mind Wrench and Raven’s Crime, which all all gets your opponent’s hand down to zero, and then for them to take massive damage
each turn. This deck has some really cheap budget options, $30.00 (USD) cheap, that don’t
sacrifice much in the way of the deck competitive viability. Let’s look at a typical build then
discuss some variations in budget options. Check the description of this
video for links to the deck lists. Remember, I’m showing basic, solid builds, templates. The fine-tuning is done by you, overtime,
and typically in collaboration with others. Liliana of the Veil is easily one of the
most powerful non-banned Planeswalkers in this game. She’s the
Queen of Control, pitching cards and forcing your
opponents to sacrifice creatures as you need her to you. She’s also the most expensive component
at about $60.00 each as if the filming at this video. Luckily, she’s a prime target for
reprinting very soon, fingers crossed, and even with a future
reprint I doubt very much that investing money
into her will ever result in a significant financial
loss. In addition, she’s also got a few budget
alternatives that I’ll mention in a moment. If you’re okay with white borders, you
can buy The Rack for only a dollar each from Fourth Edition. Feeling fancy and want black borders?
That’ll bring them up to $3.00-4.00 each. Shrieking Affliction is a Return to Ravnica
uncommon, grab an entire play set for $1.00-2.00. Ensnaring Bridge is another costly piece
at $20.00 It’s very important to the deck because
it shuts your opponent’s creatures down. You’re not holding on to a hand for long
with 8 Rack, so Ensnaring Bridge quickly translates
to: “Opponent’s creatures can’t attack.” This is another card in desperate need
of a reprint. Now, I hope you’ve already taken advantage of Theros to get your play set of Thoughtseize, a must-have for just about any black
control deck in just about any format. Currently going for a little
under $20.00, this has a strong chance of climbing back up over time. Luckily, there are easy budget
alternatives. Inquisition of Kozilek benefited greatly from its
recent reprinting in the Modern Event deck, and now can be had for just about $6.00 each. This is another card with some clever
budget alternatives. And the rest is pretty cheap. Raven’s
Crime has a clever little combo with Dakmoore Salvage. If needed, you can discard Dakmoore to
retrace Raven’s Crime, and then dredge Dakmoor back to your
hand each turn. Raven’s Crime, Dakmoore Salvage, and the rest of the deck can be had for very little. There’s so much the way of removal options
for black, what you end up putting together is going to be highly
reflective of both your meta, and your budget. From more
expensive removal like Slaughter Pact, to Bile Blight, and Doom Blade, or even Hero’s Downfall, you can customize the removal as your
deck needs. Before I talk budget, there’s been some
recently printed cards that are becoming very popular in this deck. Pak Rat, hot off a standard dominance, is
proving a nice addition. and many people run 3-4 along
with the play set of Mutavaults. Although pack rat is only $2.00-3.00
dollars at the moment, the Mutavaults are a costly addition, but they’ve become such a must-have
playset in general that you might already have them. If you
don’t, you might want to look for a way to get
them. With a little luck, they’ll drop down in price after rotation, but if they do, don’t count on them
staying down. If this happens, get a play set together
fast, and consider holding onto yours if
you’ve already got them. Due to how new Waste Not is, it’s hard to
say whether this will ever own a permanent place in the deck, but it’s definitely something a lot of
people are playing around with, myself included. I have high hopes this
will become a main board must, but only time will tell. Alright, the best
way to budget this deck is replacing any Liliana’s that you are missing with
Necrogen Mists. The card cost is super low at only $0.50 each, and it’s enchantment effect is
almost identical to Liliana’s +1. I’ve even seen some builds run a few
copies of these in addition to a play set of Liliana. At $0.50 each, there’s no reason
not to add a play set to your library. Thoughtseize can be replaced with Duress, and
while not an ideal substitute, it allows for budget play. After all, so
much is being discarded by your opponent that Duress should still get the job
done. As for Inquisition, there’s the budget
option of Blackmail, a highly, highly, highly underrated card. By turn 2 or 3 your opponent is
ideally already down to 3-4 cards in hand, and the fact that Blackmail allows for
the discarding of land is another reason I think this is a hidden gem in black. At $1.50 each, I’d put a
play set in my binder just because there’s such a strong chance that this will eventually take off in
price. What about Ensnaring Bridge? Well, there’s several options that are
nowhere near as close to it. There’s a lot of discussion going on
about this at the moment, but my best recommendation is either for added
removal, or to possibly go for Pack Rats for
defense, even if you lack the Mutavaults. But what I love about the budget
version is that it is 90% of the full version. So for only about $30.00, you
have the majority of a great modern deck. Don’t like it?
You’re not out much money. Love it? Then you can build up towards
the full version, trading up for Liliana and Ensnaring Bridges as you go. And if you look around,
there’s so many options for other builds, from versions
running Bitter Blossom and Bob (Dark Confidant) to Orzhov colors of whit and black. We just found out that Standard is going
to start rotating even more often than it already does, and
that’s likely going to translate to an even more expensive overall long-term
cost. Take control! Call your shot in Modern, with 8 Rack. I hope this video has been of
some help to you. Don’t forget to see other affordable
Modern options, in Mono Blue, Mono Red, Mono White, and Mono Green. Fetch lands? Where we’re going, we don’t
need fetch lands!

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100 thoughts on “MTG – Modern Mono Black Control – 8 Rack Discard Deck With Liliana – Magic: The Gathering

  1. So Professor….Billy here. I was wondering what you have come to think about Waste Not in this deck. I tried it out myself but didn't find it worked well. I have no Liliana of the Veil, but do run a playset of Damnation (Planar Chaos was my favorite set, so already had those on hand) and I also run a set of Liliana's Caress.

  2. also could rotate 2 basics for nykthos and get a playset of grey merchant. boost pack rats and take life.

  3. I bought my wife waste not and mindslash as a combo for her Teysa edh I dont know if mindslash is legal in modern but its a pretty nice loop

  4. Guys play Delirium Skines! I have gone 5-0 and 4-1 in friendly league. This is the link to the list on

  5. So i have hard time finding wrench mind. I know it's cheap but nobody has this card here, and I would have to pay for international shipment, but is Mind Rot good replacement? I don't like it too much because it's mana cost is 3 instead of 2 but seems nice. Anyone has some experience playing with it?

  6. anyone tried Asylum Visitor in this deck? seems like it would be good here and it has a synergy with Liliana/Necrogen Mists and Smallpox

  7. I play 8rackrats with rotting rots and relentless rats to buff the power of packrat and bolster defense while discarding my opponents hand. I plan to get chittering rats to hinder my opponents draw step.

  8. lol i just made a deck like this but illegal for modern and should be illegal for casual. It's so dirty and fun

  9. liliana defiant necromancer +Fleshbag marauder
    works great in my deck this way you get the same as having a liliana of the veil

  10. I haven't had a chance to play this thing yet, but I'm going in with Ravenous rats, funeral charms, and gurmag anglers for round 4 or 5 kill mode

  11. Followed this video and built my first ever modern deck, the budget version, and love it…..starting to build it up into a full version now. Many thanks mate, please keep these great videos going and love the channel. 🙂

  12. I dont have Ensnaring Bridge, so I splashed white for Ghostly Prison… not sure if its necessarily better or worse, tho I would prefer mono black, but it certainly deserves credit for some awesome wins 😀

  13. professor can you review and revise on some of your modern and commander deck for some cards that came out and maybe changed deck tec lists you have here

  14. Professor,
    I have all the pieces necessary to run the NON budget version of this deck. (Liliana, Ensnaring Bridges, Mutavault, etc..)

    However, my question is this-
    Running both Pack Rats AND Ensnaring Bridge in the main (as the deck list suggests) seems clunky…

    Any suggestions?

  15. Can you please recommend me a MTG card shop? In The Czech Republic 2:15 Schrieking affliction cost 1,6$ instead of 0,3$. The prices here are 3 to 5 times more expensive!

  16. I use a rakdos build mainly because of blightning and lightning bolt, I'm also running Liliana's caress turn 1 rack effect turn 2 Liliana's caress turn 3 blightning 9 damage done it's gross

  17. hey I have a question I want to put a 2 of, of a kill spell should I use victim of the night or should I use hero's downfall

  18. this deck would get hammered by burn. it has zero creatures, the budget version has no ensnaring bridges I love the old artwork but I like all my cards to have the modern card frame look unless it's legacy or edh.

  19. its sad that the new Liliana is the same price as the original. rip. (according to SCG, the only cheaper liliana is the foil one, much cheaper than the original foil.)

  20. Just thinking, it would be a great to update this video with more accurate prices now and with new cards

  21. My friend challenged me to make 12 rack… I added quest for the nihil stone and now I play 10 rack with more of an enchantment emphasis and I don't recommend whisper of emrakul due to it being too situational.

  22. average decks costing over 600 dollars, for 1 single deck, people need to start getting slapped for charging like 50+ dollars for one card. next time i see someone in person offering a card above 15 dollars, i'm gonna blast him in the face. fucking thieves.
    "It's more expensive because it's very rare" Jace the mind sculptor is 57 dollars… so it MUST be rare right? There's fucking 95 of them on TCGPlayer alone… how the fuck is that rare??? and you have to pay 220 dollars for 4… meaning they only have 91 left. cunts

  23. My take on 8 rack

    20 swamps
    1 leechridden swamp
    2 doomblade (1b)
    2 fatal push (b)
    2 walk the plank (bb)
    2 wrench mind (bb)
    3 sign in blood (bb)
    2 smallpox (bb)
    3 inquisition of kozilek (b)
    3 raven's crime (b)
    4 funeral charm (b)
    1 victim of night (bb)
    1 torment of hellfire (Xbb)
    4 shrieking affliction (b)
    3 torment of scarabs (3b)
    4 the rack (1)
    1 elixir of immortality (1)
    2 liliana vess (3bb)
    4 treasure map (2)
    3 acoursed witch (3b)
    2 sword-point diplomacy (2b)
    1 sign in blood (bb)
    1 raven's crime (b)
    1 inquisitioin of kozilek (b)

  24. Can I get another opinion on my own personal budget 8 rack deck?
    The list is-
    4 augur of skull
    4 blackmail
    4 bojuka bog
    4 dakmor salvage
    2 duress
    2 languish
    4 ravens crime
    4 shrieking affliction
    2 small pox
    1 smother
    4 the rack
    4 underworld dreams
    4 victim of the night
    4 wrench mind
    12 swamps
    1 Liliana of the veil (happen to have one I opened in a innistrad pack a while ago)
    Total cost (w/ Liliana): $136
    Total cost (w/out Liliana): $46

  25. Fantastic! Thanks for the tips. I didn't realize the Rack was Modern legal. Is Mire's Toll a good card to play in this deck?

  26. This was the first tiered deck I built for modern. I traded for Liliana and bought her at 60$ (now she's up to 120 some places). The deck really taught me how to "read the meta" and taught me how other decks worked and thought (since I got see their hands). Great deck. I think it might be time to think about bringing in some number of bridges again (despite tom ross' success without them) and moving away from the attrition style to a "value" killer build (kill planewalkers, turn off abilities, bust enchantments).

    We will see. Anyway, can't recommend the deck enough if you really want to "learn" magic.

  27. $60 for Liliana. If only… reprinted in MM3 and still $110.

    Love me my budget 8-rack deck though. This video was the one that inspired me to build it. Who needs friends when you have wins?

  28. Mites toll that for each swamp your opponent reveals that many cards from that hand and you choose one and discard that card. Common from world wake

  29. This is so friggin lame. And the burn deck, too. If this is how modern is played – with a curve of 1.5 to win on turn 4 while spending hundreds of dollars – then I hate modern.

  30. I was trying to return to Magic in 2015 and I found this video. My first step on Magic was in 1998 when I was 8 years old and I stopped in 2005. I usually played with Mono Black control since than, and I was looking for a Mono Black option to play with in Modern and this deck was the right option, thank you! I love this deck.

  31. Professor! You should do this series again! Show us some mono-colored or even two-colored budget modern decks we can play!

  32. Well, even though it’s an old video, I updated the list, and I think I have something pretty competitive. Nice List, and video!

  33. Could i just use a different liliana in the deck i have five different ones just not this one or the dark relams liliana

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