MTG Modern ▷ METAGAME OBLITERATOR Deck! ◁ w/ Pteramander!!【 NEW from RNA! 】

faithless looting survives the March
11th ban and it turns out we were all wrong faithless looting didn’t need to
get banned and the metagame just corrected itself just kidding just
kidding get pranked get pranked because six days after it could have been banned
faithless looting is just everywhere it’s like a disease a disease that must
be cured when top finishing decks have this many faithless lootings in them it
is time to cure the disease with this deck here and we shall name this
masterpiece big black thing wait no that’s probably a name of a porno how
about big black policeman cuz it’s like a big black card here like it’s a five
five four four it’s kind of big it’s like police think that you know the
metagame no actually you just forget the name it is here to help the metagame
right now the metagame feels very fast very overwhelming but a lot of these top
decks have weaknesses and that is that a lot of these decks rely on key pieces if
we can take out those key pieces we can beat them and this deck here is designed
to do just that and obviously my first concern with making this deck was how
can we take out arc like phoenix X which is the number one deck in modern right
now and very tough to beat first of all we got a deal with arc like Phoenix
which is possible all we need is a bit of graveyard hate we can do it but the
real issue is thing in the ice which when it flips it bounces all non horror
creatures are collect Phoenix very easy to deal with but thing in the ice not so
much and like many players I was distraught over this how do we deal with
thing in the ice and just when I thought there is no hope while I was in the
middle of watching a video of two hose fighting as one does I
realized wait a minute to beat a horror perhaps it takes another horror and then
I’m like wait a minute if we use horror creatures our opponents thing in the
eyes can’t bounce on two hand and what’s a really good horror creature card for
axion obliterator that’s right or for black mana it’s a 5/5 that says when
it’s dealt damage the dealing player sacrifices that many permanence it’s
really really good with so many red decks in the meta game the easiest way
to kill obliterator would be with things like lightning axe or other red removal
cars that deal damage but do they want to sacrifice at least five permits to do
that I don’t think so so once obliterators out it’s a very very good
card but to make the horror theme better we have four thing in the ISIS of our
own so one thing in the ice lips it will not bounce our obliterator a very kinky
strategy if I do say so myself so to flipp thing on the ice we’re gonna need
a lot of instance of sorceries which we have we have four ops four visions or
thoughts cowers and a peak so a lot of card draw but the card draw does not end
there because we have four cremates as well for one black man we draw a card
but we also get to exile card from a graveyard
why is that good because if our opponent has Ark like Phoenix or dredge card or
anything else valuable regarde we can just wipe it and who
would expect that game 1 you know it is quite nice and on top of that we have
four failed pushes for crease removal but my favorite part of the deck is the
Inquisition’s and the thought seasons one of the big drawbacks of Arc like
Phoenix X is that they have no way of protecting their thing in the ice there
is no main deck counter so the thing ice is very vulnerable and is it Phoenix X
button R deck because we have thoughts easy because we have inquisitions we can
use them to look through Punk’s hands make sure the coast is clear forth in
the ice and obliterator and we can also fire them after thing the ass is out to
help flip the thing in addition let’s say our poem doesn’t
have any cards in hand we can cast a discard spell when thing has one counter
left on it our opponent’s creatures will bounce the hand and we can grab one of
those creatures this energy is quite gangster and speaking of gangster
synergy just like in phoenix x the thoughts cowers work really well with
terra Mandor it is a brand new card for magic allegiance that says for one mana
is they want one flyer that becomes a 5/5 the cost for making it a 5/5 is 8 –
the number of instances sorceries in our graveyard so another great card to
finish off our opponent if thinking the ice and obliterator aren’t enough to do
so but what is the drawback to this deck the main thing would probably be the
mana for black mana is not easy especially when we have a lot of blue
spells in the deck so in addition to 7 fetches we have 3 watery graves for dark
looks towards a swamp island and this island is quite problematic because
there’s so much card roll in the sec i turned 4 we are very likely to hit this
island which is why just to be safe we have our Borg it turns all hands in the
play into swamp and that also includes fetches it might seem a bit overkill
with just one island in the deck but again turn 4 it’s like my mama always
says is better to be safe than pregnant and then there’s also one o’clock
brutality main deck but now on inside board against artifact X and Tron decks
we have two ceremonies rejection again sex with instance we have 2 dispels it
gives generic non creature decks we have to spell Pierce’s as well as to collect
a brutality for more non creature spells we have to counter squall and for extra
gamer hate we have ravenous trap or zero mana we can excel our opponents
graveyard if three or more cards went to the graveyard that turn and a cool
little trick we can do to make sure three cards go to the graveyard is use
thought scour on our opponent and that should enable ravenous trap and lastly
we have one dismember for creatures X so the question then becomes with only one
card in the sideboard geared for creatures what happens when we encounter
a deck with all creatures will we be able to keep up with it and to that
question I say our number one defense against creature heavy decks is the
power of prayer but other than prayers I mean fingers crossed because I don’t
know I mean we do have the obliterators but if the creature deck is a fast eater
deck or the features have evasion they were kind of screwed but you know the
power of prayer so get ready to pray because it is time for that gameplay
don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more content like this and without
further ado here’s the gameplay and I hope you
opening hand is pretty gangster so we will keep we shall start with thought
seas and ooh it’s dredge though we shall take the looting and then pass back
gonna plays that tap passes back back and I return to go with thing in the ice
and then pass back on a dark glass get the dredge stinkweed and okay if this
stuff does come back you have thing in the ass that flips them back to hand oh
he’s so dirty well that’s cremate bonus is probably
like what the heck’s going on man and I’ll finish things up with an opt and
vision if we can hit one more black man source we can play the obliterators that
would be pretty kinky also pulls harem and ER we have our fourth land with
bottom these is try and hit another instant of sorcery and then back through
our pond it on a flash is back polluting eyes and autumn in a stinkweed okay and
that’s not an instant or sorcery okay might as well go with the
obliterator and it could work out awesome because I could keep this loaded
if they do have any other creatures back then just pull them back to hand and
their creatures will come in the play and then we have some hot lesbian action
interesting interesting so be really nice we can hit it in sorcery here come
on oh that’s lame it’s probably safe to swing in with this but to be extra safe
I’m gonna play a second one hold back just in case they have come floral wall
and then back to them actually have can flog a lot and they have it no matter
what but it looks like they don’t huh so thanks for – okay come on please in
Center sorcery there’s so many in this deck okay Val do we shop bot C’s so
beautiful so beautiful I guess just take – alone waiting for 12
why that’s harem and ER left the Terra Mandor and now back for common disease
hope they hit it Oh kidding me thought we dodged that one alright we should
have gotten that one we’re so close alright whatever
Yolo was the kids say oh go on the game challenge I’m thought to use an
inquisition and one failed push because it’s guarding is pretty bad against them
I’m gonna put in some graveyard hate and two o’clock of brutalities for life
games the very least and with that let’s go to game 2 opening hand we have a
cremate so we will keep dart things off with vision a new thing yes I’m on top
actor Connor I don’t go stay the saluting rising I’ll command go gari but
we kinda need to take care of that so they can’t dredge next turn yeah that’s
unfortunate and then might as well play visions to set up or some good stuff
hopefully and bottom top impact upon another faithless looting no dredged
cards yet another famous looting okay still no dress but they do have blood
gas in amalgam I think he’s got to live with that all right let’s go family I
see and myzel thoughts coward and now and back upon and a fourth faithless
looting another Blood gas lightning axe okay at
least we have the obliterator to back it up and you also feel cool okay dogs play
the obliterator and ass back gonna flashback they was living now they have
a sink we didn’t for dredge and nice another obliterator let’s be aggressive
here at swinging four five and employ the other obliterator and if you really
need to even fathom failed push something but i don’t think we’ll need
that oh flashes back faithless living and now we’re looking really good
because we have lethal ok revolt go out ho and with then is swinging in that
will be the wind so we’re going to Game three Game three of the hands not bad we
also don’t have a graveyard hate but now we’ll keep it on the go states loading
Bulgarian prize and all guns want some gravy hate would be nice here man we’re
still trying to hit it I think the safer option here just go
vision instead of op and neither one of these cars is what we’re looking for
alright back for ponent so now to prize amalgams how it dumps that mmm
interesting but they’re out of dredge we might have a shot here yes there’s hope
there is hope on top of that we could thought scour them put two cars in
graveyard I heard this they say fetch even no guys we gotta careful on this
timing here gotta wait till the least expected okay go vision sing in the ice
yeah and I’m back for home I could fire it now but shall we flash back this
living blood gas in graveyard I mean maybe we do it now or maybe we didn’t
next her next turns left thing in the ice yeah could be a bit risky
okay let’s hopefully get away with this thing in the ice and back to kamigari
they whiff on my skates living yet the trying hit land and there’s a landing it
would be a fetch okay wait now I gotta think about this I should be okay let’s
thought scars gonna cremate nice and now let’s go ravenous trap and response
they’ll fast get the blood gas back but my next turn we can flip this and in
position as well okay let’s take a look at their hand before we inquisition them
and not only anything there we could take the keeping chill actually just
kind of dumb now whatever will do it lots of rotala tea well gas back to hand
ate creeping chill so hanging for seven and then back to them and there’s the
match oh that made me feel good in ponds I mean the cremate is so cool it’s like
main deck like they don’t expect that we must play more more so on to the next
one opening hand we can turn one Inquisition and follow up with thing in
the ice so we shall keep and it looks like we have a ghetto death shadow deck
with three thought ceases this shall be difficult what do we even take no matter
what we take we’re getting thoughts these next turns we could take looting
but they can just flash it back let’s just take a thought sees so much for
thing in the eyes and thought sees it is now thinking the ice is with Jesus I can
I turn myzel thoughts cower Inquisition yell fire it I only have a
blue-black here on land the cake thought seized and next to no thought scour yeah
it seems right and then back they’re gonna thought scours and there’s their
other land I can try to pull land let’s go peek dismembered now it almost feels
like the mirror matchup you kind of have similar decks a dump Timur battle rage
back on our turn commander will take it even though they just kill it
I mean is it safer in hand or out have to discard them twice before until the
cleats removals gone yeah I was forced out of them backed up oh no it’ll push
pass back no other land back to our phone and flashes back though nothing’s
happening fires Inquisition to take our fatal place I wanna song song little
Inquisition might as well and an eye on this member take this member actor
opponent on top and finally holds harem endure so perhaps there’s hope after all
and Plus angler but at this rate can out speed them oh we shall swing for five if
they get a five back to them and we get the win and it only took nine turn who
knew – shut up and go nine turns hopefully that wasn’t too painful
so go home win the game – I’m bringing this member a spell appears and swap out
a collector brutality and peak and with that let’s go Game two opening hand the
prog and discard has turned one we can discard them back they don’t take that
well how the term and ER or later we have that to set up for tear mender yeah
we’ll keep on thought seizes us aching or Inquisition I can – watery grave ass
back on a cycle street rape do they have this shadow I’ll scour mmm maybe an
angler angler does that’s gonna be pretty tough to be so it was the best we
can hope for is tear mender and then pass back athough sees us takes the
opposite swing for 5:00 shadow man they really gotta make a move here ask our
blood Raider okay I still think they have fatal push let’s see so it’s
thought scour and pave one for that the five five will hold back with it if they
have fatal push people get they got us assuming they can pump us by one going
to go to one either way they have lethal we’re gonna Game three Game three I
think we can keep this guy’s for once we’re on the play so I’ll get all the
thoughts seize them before they thought C’s slots ooze interesting interesting
the snapcash comes out we can create whatever targets and what is the three
or maybe even the Jayce have an odd card for a death shadow deck though yeah I
suppose you just take the J Sam passed back on and passes back thought scour
myself ask ourselves who an inquisition these do
this until its obliterator yeah Inquisition and another odd choice but
we’ll be taking that all right back up on top oh what a hole I take the
obliterator by Voltaire Amanda it’s not too bad only three instance arteries in
graveyard I suppose best move here a thought sees
we look how dirty they were so close to playing but too bad I’ll play tear
mender and cremate in response the snap caster if it comes down to it on ops
Duty might have to cremate this is tricky here yeah cuz they’re waiting to
you snap caster the problem is to activate this it costs four if we
cremate now maybe there’s a fire by next term but they’ll be able to use snap
caster for op or thoughts who’s back on their turn yeah okay that’s kind of lame
I was take the thought so you spoke Pierce okay that actually works out I’ll
activate this on ops yeah thought they would use snap caster but okay okay we
sing five pass back to opponent oh he’s so dirty I was trying to bounce then
return death shadow yeah a lot that’s how that’s been running that in the
sideboard they leave one copy of pretty smart how to slow them down let’s spell
pair so they can’t play the shout of this turn anything in the iSchool it
cost to to activate that butts go thing in the ice here so that way we can chump
the shadow if needed not this turn but I’ll be ready for the following turn I
don’t expect a bolt from them so they could snap caster that does a sorcery so
they’ll have to that now yeah they could snap caster death shadow dang drop down
the to play the shadows snap cast or imbalance that seems yep getting back to
Jays a whole nice that makes things very convenient let’s do it now mmm boom-boom
and back to opponent oh and there’s the match I didn’t think we’re gonna get
that one I mean it was a lot of back and forth we it felt like the same deck like
it felt like it was a mere match it’s like they have shout out we had Tara
Mandor and they have anglers when we have obliterator so it was pretty
interesting but now on to the next one opening hand to obliterators I mean we
could keep it that’s a lot of leg games I’ll keep it just for fun but if they’re
a fast deck we screwed out of hand and back to us let’s go vision we have a
tomb here for this but I want to help them out or anything I suppose bottom
top and dr. Fong it looks like it’s odd nauseam yeah but we must make haste big
boys let’s ah hopefully hit a thought sees or something
No then maybe we set up for a thought seizing position I suppose so
in fact our homeland Rexy an online inquisition that turn whatever yo whoa
cute and there’s ad nauseum alright got one shot at this
we gotta hit that bot sees that’s not pottsy’s so we’re going the game to go
home of the game terror and dump the fatal pushes the cremate to put a bunch
of Anton on creature stuff and what that was go to game to opening hand a lot of
discarding stuff so we shall keep oh oh we dead well the one combo deck we can’t
get oh do we even bother I guess we could spell Pierce’s yeah their spells
Pierce it back to us I mean it was like a bot Scour well yeah but I refuse to
concede this one we’ll play it out in the meantime we can have story time
what’s a good story to tell poof I got one I got one
there is one time when I was younger I was eating at a restaurant with my
family and one of my crusty old relatives she had like a memory issue
where she could remember old memories but couldn’t remember new memories very
well and so a lot of times she’d repeat herself so in the middle of this dinner
with all the family members and all these people around us she is randomly
looks at me and shouts your great-grandfather and your
great-grandmother we’re cousins and nobody had ever told me this before so
of course I’m like wait what you’re saying I’m inbred so I was shocked right
but because she had memory issues literally five minutes later while I was
still processing the idea that I was inbred she looked at me again and she’s
like your great-grandmother and your great-grandfather we’re cousins the
exact same thing and the first time nobody else in the restaurant looked at
us but this time people started to look and he just made the processing so much
harder cuz like it first is like maybe she’s just crazy right with the fact she
said it again that meant she was telling the truth
and again three minutes later what do you think she does she says the exact
same thing equally loud that time and it just the more she said it the more
people look and it was just not a good day like to find out that you’re inbred
and how someone keep reminding you every few minutes in front of all these people
who are learning with you that you are inbred in watching this hair on your
face from like wait a minute if I’m inbred what does that mean like it
explains so much so by the end of that dinner at least
eight times she shouted out that I was in bread in front of everyone
cuz she’s like also kind f2 so she shouted it pretty loud loud enough where
most of the restaurant could hear so of course I asked my parents about after
I’m like why am i in bread and they’re like oh it’s just a family tradition of
ours at the pinnacle relationship is marrying your first cousin I just
couldn’t look at myself the same way knowing that I was inbred like I thought
only Hillbillies were in matches over alright on to the next one
opening hand could be a lot stronger but we do have a vision so we will keep on
the Tara manner but keeping position on top and pass back oh it’s probably
artifact prison yeah not our effect prison
I suppose we’ll see what’s in store ooh and it looks like spirits that could
actually be pretty tough for us as it can keep swinging despite the
obliterator being out as opposed to take the captain and then tear mender and
then pass back another vial Noble and passes back or what to do I guess a pool
okay top and then opted again oh yeah we can keep that on top I’m tempted a fatal
push but uncle spirit and hand for an extra it might be a better target
yeah okay swinging for one doctor Panipat will they play both yeah okay
swings for to do we try and fatal push that because the next turn is to the end
of five five yeah see if they take out is selfless spirit for that because they
probably be tempted to yeah come on do it do it a lot of die alright well then
that could come back to bite us but might as well peek at or empty hand and
then making to a big boy do we hold it back as a blocker and rely on this and I
supposed to be the aggressor here swing for five sonic slide back to them vocals
limbs doing for five you go big boy and back on our turn swing for five 13 to 6
but we’re gonna follow up with the blood or Raider and back to haunt and we can’t
really block with it but we’ll be pushing lethal next turn with both slots
to hold back to blow wait what is this oh I thought they’re gonna exile
something that is fine that’s just fine well it swings for three okay and who
collected brutality that might be able to finish them let’s see swing with both
at the trample at they block but the trample hope they got us this active and
to that I say hooray for a literacy but all in the game to err and jump to
cremate or dismember and to collect a brutalities and what that let’s go to
game two opening hand we can turn one turn two so we shall keep on those lands
now let’s Inquisition interesting interesting all of them are problems but
I think path to exile is the most pressing problem it will take the path
and pass back gonna place a tap passes back we shall go a thing in the ice
although it could just X out though we could feel it at some point yeah okay
best move here let’s go thought seize I’m not gone okay let’s take the path
lay the tear mender protect this guy and then pass back on pass back to us we’ll
get a land because of unified will let’s just go with the obliterator because we
need to have at least one creature out to tie them for them are creatures okay
to go to 16 back to them but Rawls the horizon can’t be blazed Supreme Phantom
Pasha’s back well I say we thought scour try and fire off tear mender or things
and graveyards go visions autumn – lands hang in the ice as well but for now we
make this guy into five five swing for ten they go to six back to them and
there’s the concede I don’t think we have that great of a matchup against
spirits because if we’re on the defense of this cart isn’t that great because
they’re creatures can just debate it so maybe we got a bit lucky there but a win
is a win so now on to the next match opening hand could be all right so we’ll
keep Bart off within position ooh as affinity I’m gonna call it right now and
just say we’re probably gonna lose I mean their hand isn’t that great but a
fast aggro deck like affinity um we’ll take the vault scourge and pass back and
if we balance everything the hand with thing in the ice it’s like all this
stuff cost zero or one beginning of which there’s that oh we shall play it
and pass back back on their tune they swing in we take it back to us we can’t
really thought C’s op note bottom three mate and now thought scour all righty we
may have to start looping up our bot holes gerrymander okay that helps if
it’s too soon for the loop because actually could go visions on the bottom
and watch this thought sees that will trigger this bounced a hand take this
signal past with any four or seven and back to our homeland the phone’s gonna
refire everything and what the one hailed is she is more enforcer that
cards for losers so this will be the seventh in favor we can play that this
turn what we set up for that next turn my eyes a little cremate okay well I
tear mender and it will hold back for now at least they can say they’re an
actual affinity deck bow interesting interesting
I sense a problem here what if they have to galvanic blast before damage
regardless of whether not we block here if they have y’all been a class they
wouldn’t either way all right let it go through I knew it I knew we needed the
lube alright well gone the game to dump the
thought season one Inquisition the put on dismember two o’clock Batali’s and
two ceremonies rejections but that let’s go to game two opening hand could be
better so a mole I almost have to make it works not better at all go peek at
their hand I mean I’m sure and back for opponent oh good another lamb we knew
that one hopefully we still have some Lube left over from before I cannot turn
just play the thing in the ice and pass back oh god the decks so bad they’re
playing on them sores and we’re probably gonna lose to it
okay I could’ve blocked oopsies just forgive that happen cremate our own
thing unfortunately I feel like the voice of doom today on that note we’re
all gonna die someday anyway blocks like that back to us now we today the
obliterator does one good thing to be happy about and then back up on things
with these two yeah a new background turn thought scour an OP thought um oh
we might actually get this one because I can do this ring them for two billion
for twelve and then play tera Mandor those actually looking very very good
for us I mean you can’t blame me for doubting the stack because like I
imagine the SEC won’t do very well against a gradec so when we see an aggro
deck it’s like you know you gotta expect the worst game 3 no change the sidebar
and I guess we’ll keep this yeah we’ll keep on a placemat might but then passes
back interesting interesting good feel pushed it I think the better move here
visions out on both of these and pass back on its wings for one and passes
back oh we might get this one we shall play thing in the ice ass back on top
three hunts wings for one block I got another fatal push might as well and
then visions yep both those on top and then pass back massive aetherium shirt
on its wings for one no block all that lung can’t kill that this turn you kid
flip this though perhaps on our opponents turn and another one whatever
shall we do oh no okay it’s creamy followed by op
and then turn might as well thought scour again all right I mean the decks
working and I kind of feel bad for doubting it in this matchup
I’m ghost wants Inquisition picks it up and then visions no collective brutality
and we could fetch revolt hit we need see the only things we need to and our
opponent concedes I mean I don’t know so here’s the thing I don’t know about
these results like we happen to play some of our best matchup in all the
decks that we’re weak against like heavy creature deck or super fast aggro decks
we didn’t see it all so it’s hard to gauge how good the seconds is right now
it’s looking really good but I have my doubts off the decks so here’s what I’m
gonna do I’m gonna cut the gameplay here but I’m gonna keep playing the deck to
see what the win percentage is because I never want to mislead anyone about a
deck I don’t really feel like the gameplay we saw was the most reflective
of what the deck is so I’ll let you know how the matches go hello big boys daddy
here from the future and after 21 matches with this deck I have the
results out of 21 matches the deck had 10 wins and 11 losses it was about 50/50
not surprisingly against any kind of combo ish deck that relies on key pieces
like hollow on Truong decks like that this sec did really really well all the
thought sees is all the discarding very good against those kind of decks but
against creature heavy decks we did not do well there was a merfolk matchup oh
it was bad they had harbingers as highs that kept bouncing
our creatures and they also had Island walk so that kept going past the
obliterator it was bad be glad you didn’t see that match there was also a
black white Eldrazi in taxes match up and that was also quite atrocious they
had path to exile we had a lot of removal and they were able to hit our
key pieces like thinking the ice rexington blitter ater and without those
pieces we just can’t really win and then there were random matches that we could
have won but sometimes we got flooded or we didn’t draw any lands because lands
in the sec are a little bit odd because we only have 19 lands in the deck but
with so much drawing once the drawing gets going it seems like we have a lot
of lands if you don’t have any draw cards and getting off the ground can be
tough so consistency why is the deck was a little bit lacking but the main
problem was just creature deck the deck was so bad against creature decks that
it even lost to a werewolf deck who would have thought oh and also any kind
of prison deck this deck did not do all against if they had chalice of the void
we were screwed if you had blood when we were hella screwed and if they had in
staring bridge we were most definitely screwed so in conclusion against
graveyard decks we do very well against common decks we do really well against
any of the top play decks right now this deck does very well but against
everything else not so much but I enjoyed the deck and I hope you did as
well but that is all for now if you’re interested in seeing more content like
this be sure to subscribe and let me know your thoughts in the comments
because I do read every comment but that wraps up this video and as always I hope
you have a great day

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  11. Hey sparkles I have a deck for u that will brake modern in so many ways I call it my modern day legacy

    Infinte turns ampliy:

    Maindeck (60)
    3 Pteramander
    4 Sage of Hours
    3 Vedalken Aethermage
    2 Elite Arcanist
    1 Prophet of Kruphix
    2 Nissa, Steward of Elements
    1 Kiora, the Crashing Wave
    3 Bioshift
    2 Fate Transfer
    2 Merchant Scroll
    4 Muddle the Mixture
    2 Repudiate // Replicate
    2 Disallow
    2 Voidslime
    4 Wizard's Retort
    2 Simic Ascendancy
    2 Wilderness Reclamation
    3 Breeding Pool
    1 Cavern of Souls
    3 Flooded Strand
    3 Forest
    5 Island
    1 Misty Rainforest
    1 Reliquary Tower
    1 Rogue's Passage
    1 Tolaria West

    Sideboard (15)
    1 Pteramander
    1 Vedalken Aethermage
    3 Wistful Selkie
    1 Prophet of Kruphix
    1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
    1 Bioshift
    2 Fate Transfer
    2 Merchant Scroll
    2 Repudiate // Replicate
    1 Fable of Wolf and Owl

    Shared via TopDecked MTG

  12. Magic aids seriously u should test it out for me cause I have a few other alterations of this deck but the main theme is still the same bounces counters from 1 spot to another where I then just take INFINITE turns but also instant kill with a extreme control

  13. I need to know it's power level and it's tier level competition ranking too but I want to make this my official deck when I enter a tornament or but I dont have enough money to pay for a hotel or a entry fee but I still have my dci barcode card and I want to make it a well hidden gem of a deck no one really wanted to play or even thought of where it just goes boom plus if they do the London muligan rule will make it extremely broken but if kept the same I think this deck could beat splinter twin and birthing pod plus I feel its strong enough to be iron works combo deck too so please send me any info from test plays can it be a new tier .1 deck or would it be a deck that modify for legacy and vintage it still be over powered

    My email is [email protected] send me some emails or u .ca send me something on my Instagram and Twitter name it shane caudill and mrcannabis47 is my screen name in them if not then its just plain MrCannabis

  14. I've already stomped this deck with my ArcLight Phoenix deck …I run spell piercing my main board
    And honestly when I have it in my opening hand..
    I win every game

  15. You are by far the most hilarious magic player on youtube. Not to mention one of the best deckbuilders in the Modern format. I'm so glad you chose Modern to showcase your skills. Standard is dogshit and Legacy is absurdly expensive. As fun as Legacy seems it would be, I would rather buy most of a vehicle (or all of one) rather than a deck.

  16. "I was watching prostitutes fighting"
    "To beat a horror it takes a horror."
    Masterful wordplay, truly masterful.

  17. 14:00 maybe it's worth casting some inquisitions on yourself to get enough spells in the bin for pteramander's evolve?

  18. Match 3
    I would've inquisition myself to activate pteramander and flip thing in the ice.

    Would've dealt damage with a fast clock.

  19. Hey! One of my favourite cards is Phyrexian Obliterator & i have spent a fair bit of time playing your recent-ish deck that includes them! After running into a lot of chalices i came up with this: Would love to know your thoughts on the deck! ty x

  20. Your videos are amazingly rewatchable. I had forgotten your grandma story, so that is nice to hear a second time.

  21. im building this deck currently but i was thinking that if you knock down 1 ravenous trap, put a second collective brutality in the mainboard replacing peek and put 2 spellskites sideboard it can help provide more defense for creature decks like elves and bogles as well as burn decks (and live through the bouncing from thing in the ice). to help get around blood moon i may suggest taking out 2 marsh flats or just one marsh flat and one urborg for 2 basic swamps?

    Although i am still trying to figure out how to make tweaks to it to provide a decent match up against humans and spirits. its still a work in progress obviously lol either way im a huge fan of this deck set up.

  22. Is there any way to privately message you or do you not want that. Anyway I am building this deck and I would like to learn more about it. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for the great content!

  23. I know I am late but why not double Inquisition yourself at 13:55 to have a chance of buffing the Pteromander? Or at 14:27 to also remove counters from Thing?

  24. No Phyrexian Revoker, Spellskite, or (And this last one is only kind of a joke) Chasm Skulker?

    Also, it might be worthwhile to have one of those MB Cremates and 2 of the SB Ravenous Traps be Cyclonic Rift, since Chalics really screws with you. (Although to be fair, you can still flip Thing by casting and letting spells get countered).

    As for creature decks, perhaps Yahenni's Expertise.

  25. MB
    1x Pteramander
    2x Phyrexian Revoker
    2x Snapcaster Mage
    2x Spellskite
    4x Thing in the Ice
    1x Chasm Skulker
    3x Phyrexian Obliterator
    2x Cremate
    3x Fatal Push
    3x Inquisition of Kozilek
    3x Thoughtseize
    2x Opt
    4x Serum Visions
    4x Thought Scour
    1x Unearth
    2x Remand
    2x Cavern of Souls
    4x Darkslick Shores
    1x Island
    4x Polluted Delta
    3x Scalding Tarn
    1x Swamp
    2x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
    4x Watery Grave

    1x Phyrexian Obliterator
    1x Fatal Push
    2x Spell Pierce
    2x Collective Brutality
    2x Echoing Truth
    1x Mana Leak
    1x Crypt Incursion
    1x Dismember
    2x Ravenous Trap
    2x Yahenni's Expertise

    Might be worth swapping the Cremate for Surgical Extraction, but those are expensive and don't draw a card, so…the difference might not be all that huge?
    The one-of Pteramander and Unearth and actually super useful here, since you'll probably be getting stuff in your graveyard with Thought Scour, and when combined with Snapcaster, these both have amazing synergy. The 1-of Chasm Skulker replacing the third Obliterator is because Obliterator costs 4, and this deck has 21 lands and 7 fetches. You also draw a lot of cards, the tokens might be useful against wide decks, and you can kill your own guy or make him a fattie.
    The Caverns will help you cast your Horrors and also help with counter control.
    Crypt Incursion will help you against creature decks and taxes decks, as will Yahenni's Expertise.

  26. On storytime I laughed so hard I peed myself.

    Also most memory issues are like your gram's not like how they do TV amnesia

  27. Uhhh??? Y dident you use ur discard spells on ur self in the nusuim match so u could upgrade petramander and win???

  28. Can you please revisit ALL your UB brews, especially with drown in the loch printed and the other blue card that draws 4 cards???

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