MTG Modern ▷ Hogaak BridgeVine Deck! ◁【 Modern Horizons 】

modern players are fully electric for the
new Hogaak BridgeVine deck and for a good reason
in the most recent modern challenge tournament a whopping 10 out of the best
32 finishing decks were hodge mala bridge vine decks from these results
alone it would appear that the new modern Crysis cards have broken modern
but is that really the case is Haws ma bridge vine too powerful for modern
that’s what we’re gonna find out first of all let’s look at hodge mala it costs
seven but we can’t use mana to cast it instead we use convoke and del to put
hodge ball in the play either from hand or graveyard and as an added bonus it
has trample the card certainly seems busted because the put out hodge mala we
just need two creatures in play plus five cards in graveyard so in this deck
here we can get hodge mala out by turn two and that’s pretty gangster on top of
that if hodge mala dies we can still recast it from graveyard and if our
opponent tries to path to exile it we could just sacrifice it in response with
Karin theater or altar dementia altar I’ve dementia is a new car that says
sacrifice a creature then mill equal to its power this can put a lot of cars in
the graveyard really quickly at instant speed and there are times where this
card came mill almost our whole deck but yet another new card we have for
sacrificing stuff is carrion feeder it says sacrifice a creature then put a
wall encounter on theater this card is essentially an upgraded viscera seer
that happens to be a zombie and why is that so important because we have grape
crawler grape crawler can be repeatedly cast from graveyard as long as we
control a zombie and that’s where feeder comes to play because it is a zombie
speaking of zombies we have stitcher supplier when it comes to the play we
mill three and when it dies we also mill three it’s very good and ideally we’ll
hit cars like bridge from below when bridge from below is in graveyard
whenever an on token feature of ours dies we make a 2/2 black zombie creature
and if we have multiple bridges in graveyard each one makes a zombie the
downside to bridges if one of our punch creatures dives bridge from below gets
exile so to prevent this from happening I’ve main deck three light line of the
voids it flat-out prevents cars from going to our opponents graveyard so
bridge from below won’t get exiled as a side note a card that works really well
with bridge is neonate neonate lets us discard and sack and if we use it with
bridge we immediately get a 2/2 zombie house for the rest attack we have
looting blood gas and avenge line which if it’s in graveyard and we cast two
creature spells in the same turn it returns from graveyard to play which is
why grave crawler is so good he goes you can play attack it and then play it
again in the same turn but now on the sideboard most of our sideboard is
geared for dealing with graveyard hate and we have this new card here soon
anagen wish to stores an artifact but also has dredged one meaning that when
it’s in graveyard we can put in the hand instead of drawing and that is more
grande as for more artifact hate we have to err for one read we have oak which
means we put into play but then immediately which happens work with both
bridge and bends vine and because the deck is flashing green we also have
nature’s claim which destroys an artifact or enchantment but even better
we have four assassin trophies or two mana it takes out any permanent most
importantly it takes out ley line and even if our opponent does not draw their
graveyard hey we can still use trophy on all their other permanence and wrapping
things up we have three thought C’s which can hit antique favorites spells
like surgical and it also just hurts combo decks in general and for crease
removal we have lightning axe as well as in the chronic wound which exile is that
creature that is the deck let’s get to the gameplay but first be sure to
subscribe if you want to see more content like this and without further
ado here’s the gameplay and I hope you enjoy opening handed a lot of the same
cards but you could pitch most of these away so we’ll keep it lost ley line is
pretty gangster starting with looting and nice doctor home and it looks like
it’s L a can our trend looting but this will do cuz watch this supplier and we
talk about looting dumping these two that’s in great far from graveyard and
then swing with everyone upon it blocks like that which is strange through the
bridges in graveyard and you think they want to trade that or remove the bridge
and I’ll finish up with that doctor home upon a player’s heritage route into
Ellis are screwed into finale of devastation mmm cool but that’s not
gonna cut it because watch the sack make two tokens hand sock again and back
aren’t when we get it lands well guess comes back with haste and grave crawler
sack replay grave crawler attack but then wait for it rave crawler and sack
this feels like fair magic to me fling with everyone and there’s the game so
we’re going to game to go on the game to I’m gonna dump all this for all this and
with that let’s go to game two opening hand not enough fuel so we’re gonna mole
this is also pretty bad so a mole and I’ll try and keep this snow lander oh
boy on the land again Oh guys land cool who’s our supplier gave color and bridge
they’re just gonna be really tough to win at this point so maybe the goal of
this game is just to see where the sniper cards are oh boy yeah it’s a lost
cause at this point so we’re going to Game three up a grave color in one late
line or do you thought season with a let’s go to Game three opening hand
nothing special if I supposing mole and yeah this is much much better starting
with supplier with on that and pass back I know our and back aren’t and let’s do
this neonate sack and then feeder attacking this mostly lands but we can
play this cool back to our opponent but they could have dismembered to kill this
oh wait just kidding dismembered doesn’t kill that brave Carl or attack the
feeder and then great Carl Ertz act the feeder and swinging for is totally fair
amount on it goes before back to them metal plan caller I cannot run striatus
looting feeder I suppose and swing with ever
oh no guys they’re gonna kill the hoggar law I think we might be in trouble
damage goes through down the to the hog wall dying mixes token bridge goes away
and then we’ll do this recast Hakka law triggering venge vine and who says
modern isn’t fair and there’s the concede I mean pretty
close match but you know we pull through in the end but now on to the next one
opening hand looks really really good so we’re gonna keep it ARC’s looks sure so
the mole down the five okay we shall kick things off a faithless looting
dumping venge align and bridge and then pass back I’m gonna pass it back and
we’ll play the supplier putting a whole lot nothing in graveyard and now neonate
I get back the Venge vine Oh and main deck Surgical somebody understands the
current state of modern but they target the bridge alright so in that case
instead of attacking we’ll just do this okay seems pretty good to me oh and
snaring bridge dang they really did come prepared but what the bridge is in exile
I think they have us so it looks like we’re going to game 201 the game to her
and dump a lot of stuff so that we have less than four copies of a lot of cards
in case they get hit by surgical and instead we’re being and all the anti
sideboard stuff and with that let’s go to game two opening hand I like it so
we’ll keep start off with supplier a bridge and nature’s claim now let’s see
what her Punk can do and they pass back I imagine that a surgical basically
surgical they take the bridge but we only have three them left and then we
shall play Karen Peter sacking the supplier you hit a hospital do this
grave crawler and bring in the big boy back opponent oh and it’s mill guess
that explains why there’s so much anti graveyard stuff main deck but no matter
we shall queef on them hard swing with everyone walks like that sack and be
cast on graveyard and might as well play a neonate back to our pone until dark
i’ll but then they concede so Game three it is opening hands and knope’s are
gonna mole in yeast these will do bill the run and start off with looting
something this and this and back to our opponent upon past back another venge
line ooh yeah in that case II Mazal looting something about to not but then
back to opponent and they pass back to us I cannot try let’s go for it wire
nothing then feeder read them surgical script incursion okay that’s fine well
then sack the supplier nothing playin a and pass back and then go back to us
gotta try and hit a second creature here so we’ll sack in your name and what do
you know oh no they know or up to I’m back to our
opponent and they I feel the ruin that was our last basic
a shock which exiles our graveyard oh boy I think they got us I’ll play
another feeder swinging for one I checked down three back to them almost
four four again grave crawl let’s do this lay it sack which they surgical and
then swing it a shock a shock goes of Jesus act for opponent we then pass it
back to us close to me swinging for three back to them back to us this seems
familiar swinging for three back to them back to
us swinging for three and we’ll hold off on this in case they have a bridge
another cog allowing for three I’m sure there’s wait until they have lethal in
hand with the mill a field of our own archive trap Ark I trap for lethal there
is the match so it turns out hoggle walk can be defeated so long as you have
surgical main deck and ensnaring bridge main deck and extirpate and crypt
incursion and a shiok opening hands really good so we’re gonna keep it oh
there goes our pace loading oh I’m passed back to our opponent Matt
that’s fine there’s not much to take anyway they take the altar but pass back
and play the supplier of the altar and the smart players that play the altar
first and then pass back dark confidant and I’m back on our turn let’s do this
supplier bridge engrave it nice and Sackett putting four cards in the
graveyard and in sack this we have a hodgman law and then blood gas sacking
the blood gas so much good stuff in graveyard but we’ll pass back to
opponent scavenging news that I doubted the mana for this turn on swings no
blocked and then back on our turn we’ll bring back the grave crawler now get
ready for this hogs my law but then sack hodge mala avenged I’m the only one
bridge will also sack the grave crawler and with there will also sack the zombie
and then another zombie hooray another bridge and then bring back rape crawler
smacking the grave crawler bringing back the grave crawler and then the
hoffmann-la but wait there is more sock the Hosmer law bring back the hodge mala
sacking the hodge mala sacking the grave crawler oh four bridges how nice and
then bringing back Hosmer law and our opponent better hope they have a
maelstrom poles they kill their guy why amazing that sooner okay in no Maelstrom
pulls time for a big boy fun time great crawler great crawler double avenge line
and like my mama always says habla de tus not like us but now on the sideboard
going on the game to dump all this for all this and with that let’s go to Game
two opening hands really good as long as they don’t have graveyard ape so I’ll
keep it boss he’s taking the looting those play the feeder and pass back and
a hell spell bomb okay so winning won’t be that easy swing
for one blade the altar and then pass back our confidant and back on our trend
let’s do this faithless looting dumping this and
feeder swinging for one and then pass back our McCoy if they play it swings
for two and we’ll swing with the Venge line if they have instant speed though
they could buff this out of range but we got to try it you know they do block
over they trade all right I should probably than a hill now maybe yeah it
seems out right it’ll land and I go a collector brutality and response or mill
for one nope and unearthed on the coif cool that’s pretty gangster I gotta turn
sapphire Ridge sack the supplier oh I sense a surge yep that surgical air
enough oh I do hit avenge mine and Holcomb law to play with you to get back
then join and then aione and then Hodgman law and well it could sack it I
think it’s a bit too risky without the bridges so for now we’ll pass back grabs
a forest disease oh that’s very tricky cuz of our stuff dies with that out it
gets exiled and they make token so let’s do stuff now sack this and sack Benjamin
another hashmi law and then passes back yep let’s do this hey this looting oh
boy another faiths looting and then swing for a if your must have to double
block yeah feelin that hoe or one away from lethal here it’s not looking too
good and a surgical of course well that will do it will play the grave crawler
get back a Cosmo law in the ven divine they surgically I mean no matter what we
do they’re pushing lethal then we’re going three no one in the game 3 I’m
bringing to the Aussies and hopefully we can hit their graveyard heat before they
hit us and with that let’s go to game 3 Oh boys hands so good it’s surgical
oh whatever old keep it start off of looting dumping avenged fine and crawler
and pass back why they don’t play land so they must have like 5 surgical Xin
hand come on Oh Oh cat great collar where dem surgical zone oh there’s 101
for that back for opponent and look they hit a land
graft digger okay so here’s what we’ll do waiting for three play feeder docking
this hoping to hit a bridge nope that might as well play the altar back upon
us and there’s a bridge whatever swing with both and passed back they pass back
to us in nice Oh play it all right now back there going ah
up yours ho-bag little socket bridging graveyard but this thing’s a problem
Oh in that case let’s sack the grave crawler Wommack token oh my god they
have another surgical note just just stop he’s a high whatever sack this guy
they’re like man this is very frustrating and not even doing anything
all they pull this break right like everything
they pulled this great verdes ever assassins trophy and lands are so
confident they swing well no matter what we do there isn’t just game life from
our graveyard let’s put ourselves out of our misery
oh god I guess we can’t always get lucky open hands not that terrible but we had
no way of discarding this or in a mole yeah it’s better throwing awful things
looting dumping this and this Alice the opponent Scott looks like it strong and
you nice bridge we shall do this neonates act apply er great corn
Benjamins we’re looking really good now but they’ll hit strong next turn there
you want to play it relatively safe we’ll play one feeder attacking the
supplier getting back the grape crawler triggering the vent line so hang for
eight and I’ll see how good of a handler ponent has where i’m Kalenjin okay that
ain’t gonna cut it though on c ceaseless coming zack avenged grave crawler and
it’ll even sack this and here’s what we’ll do Peter grave crawler and then
they concede even if they did block we sacrifice whatever creature they block
so that life link doesn’t go through so hurry for us no one the game to dump all
this for all this note that let’s go to game two opening hand looks very good
like very good we’ll keep it wrapped diggers cage okay we’ll have to find a
way to deal with that lot sees oh they already have drawn a snob Wow well
pastor that’s pretty smart in case we hit the bridges and we shall face
looting ass trophy nice so for now just play the grave crawler ham passed by a
closed account run that rings at us for two we take two and then back on our
turn attempt to swing for two are then passed back assassins trophy on that at
the end of our ponents turn bad mana begging for two pumps as a map having
sanctum of Aegon and the turn is tempting what’s one the hit I suppose
gotta be the cage so now they can pump this again back on our turn there’s
gonna be a long shot but let’s faithless looting nope we wish I was hoping for
hodgman law how I just can’t really win next thing I can push the lethal if you
don’t block yep unfortunately they got us I rolled the dice and the dice rolled
us want long going in the game three since were on the play on a bringing two
nature’s claims and dump these two out that let’s go to Game three open your
hand nope mole and this we can keep burning
off with Otzi’s well we have a bit of a problem but for now let’s take surgical
even though they still have relic in hand and back turf I’m gonna go
schematics fear and passes back tough position I suppose the right move knee
and exactly it’s a grave crawler and feeder
yeah I’ll play it try ramp into this and then pass back plays the cage all
right luckily sell this big boy in hand you know we can’t really play it but for
now it’s a swing for one and pass back and relook this is not looking good
let’s see how clever opponent is supplier the better fighters now they’re
thinking they’re thinking what are the odds we need to fire this right now
yep they fire it we still a chance here swing from one pass back they search for
a land like the map and then passes back King Everly went to sack this but we
need at least two creatures for coming folks on a stable swing for to play the
alter hand pass back upon it fires the map plays ballista that’s a problem and
then passes back to us well this is most unpleasant swinging for two and back to
them they play Karn I think they got a kiss on 12 indeed yeah we can’t do
anything this is frustrating do a card back to our opponent on horses exile and
employs a relic okay well it seems like everyone brought the graveyard hate to
work today while we’re losing miserably we can reflect on this deck will this
deck break modern despite us good results in that one tournament the deck
is very inconsistent and very susceptible to Gregor Tate and I think
when the new london mulligan rule comes into effect the rule will likely do more
to hurt benjamin than help it simply because it’s so easy to find your
favourite heat when mowing the seven cards each time i also the deck is
interesting and hodge mala is very very terrifying the detectors doesn’t have a
plan B if our graveyard is shut off the whole deck just creeps on itself so
modern appears to be safe and we can all move on with our lives at least for now
because I’ll try and see what else we can do with Hollow but that is all for
now thanks again to you guys who were able to buy one of my deck boxes before
they sold out and because of that I am able to take time off sucking deck for a
living to make more videos so be sure to subscribe because there will be a lot of
videos coming your way but that is all for now and as always I hope you have a
great day

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100 thoughts on “MTG Modern ▷ Hogaak BridgeVine Deck! ◁【 Modern Horizons 】

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    I totally forgot that alter could mill our opponent in the match against mill when they had Ensnaring Bridge out! Should have played that one out instead of conceding…

  2. Not sure if this is already mentioned, but if you have Hajmallah out and another one in graveyard you can use the first to cast the second maintaining priority to sac before legend rule happens. This let's you string with a single bridge for a bit until you have extras!

  3. I really like intricate stuff but at about 8 minutes when you just sac everything over and over I got lost

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  8. I love it how the actual name is easier than what you were saying and yet you still went on saying what you said lol

  9. I'm a twat who passed up hogaak at my prerelease because he was passed to me and I didn't look at a price sheet. Also passed a prismatic visa. At least the next day I got sword of truth and justice and wrenn and six

  10. Dear Magic Aids. Will you please make something with Altar of Dementia and Enduring Renewal with either memnite/ornithopter or some kind of undying/persist thingy to do the janky spanky to the opponent?

  11. Despite being vocally angry at the graveyard deck support throughout spoiler seasons for this exact reasons, this is one of the most fun competitive decks I've ever played: it's fun, getting mana screwed rarely matters as I was able to swing for a solid 13 on turn 3 with a single blood crypt, and every card felt so good and synergistic with each other.

  12. People were losing their minds on the MTGgoldfish channel when he was piloting this deck with very little graveyard hate from his opponents. People are acting like graveyard decks get free wins in modern and honestly, that's a joke.

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  14. Just a suggestion, the next time you play a graveyard deck, expand the pane so we can see at least half of the card names for your graveyard. I'm watching on PC and I can barely tell what is in your graveyard, I can't imagine anyone on phone can.

  15. ¡Me gusta tu español! Muy grande, No me gusta bailar and Abre tus nalgas are definitely useful when travelling to latin america.

  16. If you're frustrated that you opponent can beat you by "doing nothing", maybe dont play a deck that loses to a deck that "does nothing"

  17. I can't tell if you're calling Hogaak a different name as a joke or if you genuinely don't know how to say it

  18. This deck will definitely get something banned. Either just by itself or by introducing yet another stupid graveyard solitary deck in the format.

  19. This is beginning to feel like a Tier-0 deck. I mean, the definition of a tier-0 deck/archetype is when you either have to play that deck or a deck specifically designed to beat it in order to be competitive in the current meta. I realize that those decks running obscene amounts of graveyard hate both maindeck and sideboard are doing it to try and hit ALL of the graveyard strategies that have been prevalent in modern for some time now…..but this deck is looking/shaping up to be THE graveyard deck and it may just be a matter of time before most of those players gravitate to this deck.

  20. Love your videos Daddy :)) Really enjoy your collaboration and thought put into your decks! Was seeing if you could possibly help with mine? 🙂 would greatly appreciate it!

    Vampire Aristocrat Deck: Bringing Vampires back to the Meta

    Maindeck (60)
    4 Insolent Neonate
    3 Viscera Seer
    4 Blood Artist
    4 Bloodghast
    4 Cordial Vampire
    4 Cruel Celebrant (debating 4 Kalstria Highborn instead)
    4 Falkenrath Aristocrat
    2 Fatal Push (debating 2 Kolaghan’s Command)
    2 Dreadbore
    3 Lingering Souls
    4 Aether Vial
    3 Hidden Stockpile
    2 Blood Crypt
    2 Bloodstained Mire
    3 Bojuka Bog
    4 Cavern of Souls
    2 Marsh Flats
    1 Mountain
    1 Plains
    1 Sacred Foundry
    2 Swamp
    1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

    Sideboard (15)
    4 Tidehollow Sculler
    2 Extirpate
    3 Wear // Tear
    1 Deafening Clarion
    3 Drill Bit
    2 Stain the Mind

    Shared via TopDecked MTG

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  22. Magic Aids: Loses to decks that CONSIST of graveyard hate
    Also Magic Aids: See, this deck is not broken!

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    It’s just two syllables you fucking ape

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    I learned how to do that in Algebra II.

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