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green-black decks have been taking it in
the butt and not in a good way so the question is is the new card hexdrinker
the butt plug that green-black desperately need and spoiler alert it is
quite the massive butt plug what makes it so good you asked first of all it is
a 2-1 for one which is already pretty good and then we can level up for one
and once we hit three counters it cannot be hit by instance and when it hits
eight counters it has protection from everything now on the downside level up
only works as a sorcery but here’s the thing we have so much discarding the
deck where we look at our pawns hand which means we often know when exactly
we should or should not level up hexdrinker and another reason why it
works so well in green black is that let’s say on turn one we don’t have any
discarding but instead we play hexdrinker and what usually happens to
turn one creatures they die rather quickly and if hexdrinker dies by turn
two we can follow it up with its harm away which is boosted by the hexdrinker
and removal card in graveyards but that is not all a very key card in green
black decks is dark confidant which says at our upkeep reveal the top part of our
library and we put it in the hand we lose life equal to its mana cost now
here’s the thing with dark confidant we’re hoping to reveal land which is a
big reason why we have so many lands in deck at 24 lands but it really blows
when we reveal a Lilliana or its how this tracker or any other car that cost
a lot hexdrinker only cost one and to make room for hexdrinker I cut three
Tyler’s trackers and a maelstrom polls so in other words dark confidant and
hexdrinker worked really well together but on top of that because we need to
run so many lands to make dark confidant wertha and 24 is a lot for modern
oftentimes we have a lot of unused mana but hexdrinker can soak up that mana if
you can’t already tell I really really like this card as for the rest of the
deck we have the cards we typically find in green black deck or pushes for in
position 3 thought seizes more goiz 3 uses one brutality one decay and three
trophies and then of course a play set of Liliana’s with one tireless tracker
as for lands the man lands have been reduced although we have two and I also
add the new card nurturing peatland which can draw us a card and while we’re
on the topic of new cards let’s talk about the sideboard because we have
quite a few new cars here first we have three collector routes for two mana it’s
a creature that says artifact abilities cannot be activated it’s no secret that
green black decks do you horribly against Tron so having this card here is
muy Grande as for another new card we have plague engineer it is really good
against tribal creature decks because our opponents creatures of the name type
get -1 -1 and it also has death touch which is an added bonus and then we have
torpor or because hexdrinker is at risk or being returned to hand by cards like
harbinger of the tides and reflector mage corporal orb stops it and as an
added bonus like engineers ability of naming a
creature type is not a triggered ability so tort barb doesn’t hurt it aside from
that we have a lot of other cars found in a typical green black sideboard but
all that is really boring so instead let’s get to the gameplay but first if
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is the best way of letting me know what people want to see but without further
ado here’s gameplay and I hope you enjoy opening hand we have more lands than I
would like but we can turn 1 2 3 so we’ll keep a new nice dredge well this
shall slow them down and back to them I’m gonna fire space looting well I
guess an amalgam so we’ll probably get it back here yet whoa whoa beeping chill
we can still counter all that by throwing down thick boy back to them on
house to confer glows in graveyard but for now no blocks I’m gonna
flashback faithless looting ok ok I can turn Liliana’s not only the best card to
play here I don’t really wanna put a hex grid until it’s safe with the fourth
land so we’ll make them sack even though it’s gonna be blood gas and then hold
back to block we can’t see the life in the lumber can flog oh ah yeah they have
one long swings it Lily will block the amalgam does I suppose they looking for
walk a lot yeah I gotta turn nice I’ll play one hexdrinker who stood up and now
we have four four can still be targeted by they can flog along for now at least
and another life from the lone so they’re charging up there can flog along
again there’s only one more left though and they swing with both but well block
anyway even though they’re gonna get back or amalgam we’ve got to keep our
life till above a crap amount the question is that we’re not thinking you
can flock a lot here no looting Oh keeping chills so annoying grab I think
that’s gonna do it yep we can swing for six but it’s not enough to really do
anything actually that blows bows on the game to go on the
game tour and dump a lot of stuff here discard stuff Alana and instead of
bringing Gregor hey the other Oh Leona a torpor the amalgam and the plague
enforcer for blood gas and what that let’s go to game two opening hand yes
yes yes now back troponin opponent starts with
faithless living amalgam and stinkweed but we’re looking really good because we
can double the hill spell bomb probably just fire it now and draw a card and
then play the second one pass back another faith of looting
in hexton tonight so let’s try this brutality discarding them cathartic and
to lightning axe and we’ll take cathartic and instead of hex string
crows hold back and keep this open the draw a punt dredgers can flog a lot well
gas an amalgam in there and an ancient grudge and in response to the blood gas
trigger we can do this so there goes the graveyard and they play a life in the
lonely get dredge in there but on the bright side since they’re tapped out we
can play hexdrinker level up so now the lightning axes can’t hit it impact
opponent oh look at that hit jellyfish amalgam and blood gasps OH what is this
are they trying to hit our hexdrinker at the Lightning accent mmm that’s right
you want tap that land back on our turn let’s just jump right into it well I’ll
text drinker all the way now it is a six six protection from everything swing in
and we shall race them back to them and they lightning axe own do to get that
into graveyard sure so far nothing too special ill his for five gallons ten but
their two swings away from dying and they flashback faithless living Oh
having jellyfishing on Malcolm but that should be fine oh good beckon our turn
going for six and then pass back into a bunch of stuff on their turn oh just
this and this though on the bug ass and they get back the lands at least there’s
no can flog along well guess comes back with hey say swing the best move here I
say we do this hit one of their lands will revolt and then do trophy on that
Sala concede all right we would have done that on that taking five down to
five or and it’s flying for lethal yeah so Game three it is opening hand we got
in the hill scouting is so we’ll keep it well it starts with a living stinkweed
in loam and I’ll sleeve up the hill for now and pass back I’m Malcolm we could
play the is but instead I want to scout their hand
make sure there’s no lightning axe ancient grudge okay a little fire in
response cathartic an impact that we’re looking good for next turn news a hard
cast the impending cast back but ooh I see big boy move here we played the and
we hit the artifact hey an external do these but for now back to them last song
just like my mama’s face and then they pass back lost some makes things weird
Republican put on to get or the news next turn and then put the graphic risk
age after that so here’s a big boy move here by the new horizon lansac revolt so
will kill this hoe and then eat that home all day angry they’re putting a
counter on it they were saying oh you I’m getting ready for you going for
three back on their turn they fire it but too bad because we can do this and
also this and then back to them gonna pass back and that should about do it
as a final nail in the coffin let’s go with this and pass back and there is a
concede pretty good the dredge matchup can be quite difficult for us it was
nice to see how well it went but now on to the next one opening hands go they
have a creature deck but they’re not a collegiate record kinda screws are in a
mole and this is even worse oh-ho all in the
I’ll keep not the best of hands work with but at least we have hexdrinker and
then tarmogoyf and now back to them what disease and it’s burn upon its wings for
two we hit a land yes and we shall take it back on our turn I want to play the
gore this not out of bolt range so instead will plan on killing the gobble
guide first which means a play land here level up one swing for two and back for
opponent oh it’s not burn is goblins interesting it’s still kind of a rough
matchup for us but we have a shot well killer got my god take two and the smart
play here is probably to play the tarmogoyf but the kink your move here
level up this guy so now it’s a 4/4 swing for for back on our pones turn
they swing for one we go to 12 they play burning tree oh that’s dirty it’s a
sorcery fine I did not expect that and pull tracker we play either one of these
cards but the smart move would probably be the tracker you guys will get two
clues out of it and then back up on amou nice a new card so whenever it or
another goblin dive deals one damage to any target and pay for a second gobble
make two tokens I’m promising for two no blocks and we shall get another clue
back on our eternal Osaka clue and another goeth cool and best move here
play lands waiting for four but I doubt the block and then play the coif act our
opponent opponent plays gum guide sums with everyone if they have goblin
grenade they win we’ve got a block here please no goblin grenade no okay
we’re alive now here’s where things get grande we have lethal I think we’re good
using insect clue I was out of bolt range that’s nine and we can sack
another clue and they concede alright so in regards
to hexdrinker if it hadn’t soaked up that goblin grenade we’d be dead so it
did something even though goblin grenade on hexdrinker was pretty dirty but now
on the sideboard don’t want on the game’s t1 dump all this for all of this
looking forward to this and with that let’s go to game two opening hand one
land is not too bad and we’re on the draw
yeah we’ll keep it won’t goes gum guide which will probably help us yeah we hit
a land and we’ll kick things off with Inquisition I suppose that’s interesting back upon playthings in for three and
then back to us no green sand no tarmogoyf at least you have the failed
pushes plays the foundry and the loyalists and swings for five this cards
actually getting some work in but I will fail push and another fatal push so now
they pass back to us we don’t have a land here and we’re just gonna pass back
to them Legion loyalists and this thing’s
actually hurting us a lot you take five they put light up the stage and one of
the course exile Zach ours devs expertise that’s pretty kinky but you
know it’s not kinky our hand cuz we’re passing back yet again opponent place
spirit guide looking for five back oh boy we lose what a sad game but
on the bright side we’ll have one more chance I’ll sing the new anti tribal
card so game 3 it is opening hand this is very bad so we’re gonna Mull pretty
bad too I’ll keep it we’ll keep this land on tap
for fail push our brand a swing this feels stupid but fatal push and back to
us my eyes will play the is here you guys vulnerable if they have a boat
we’ll probably play it but we gotta roll the dice with such a crap hand but
disease far as expertise sure putting out that for free though he take 3 down
to 16 and then back on our turn we shall inquisition loyalists or risk factor
probably should take risk factor than eat that so it can’t be dumped started
from graveyard yeah eat the creature and the risk factor and then swing for three
back opponent upon plays Louis and another loyalist swinging for four and
passes back well we shall do this fatal push eat it put that out and swing for
four they go 13 back to them the foundry they swing for to down to love and then
we’ll do this all from that and then back on our turn we shall brutality I
think the save as option brutality again just in case they have goblin grenade
hit them for for and back to them they pass back land man eat with creature
swing first six and then back to them can they survive this emissary guide
swinging for 3 with a collector brutality on top and now let us take out
bat for lethal so we’ll keep it there instead of fetching which means now we
can do this and then swing for lethal hooray we did a not the most competitive
match ever but it was certainly interesting especially with the goblin
grenade on the hexdrinker who had a thought and hopefully the other matches
are just is interesting but now on to the next one opening hand no disk are
but we do have two hex drinkers so we shall keep both start things off with a
hexdrinker and pass back when it’s drawn at least
we have assassins trophy they only have three cards in hand so I highly doubt
they can hit all their lands by turning three let’s try and be aggressive here
swing for two they go to 18 then we’ll drop another hexdrinker and the slam tap
back to them the opponent draws a card lays a forest that’s not great for them
you draw that but this turn I think we should do this but three counters on
this one denounce the 44 trials the loss if I can kill it but now he’s swinging
for 6 I gotta pounce her and they search
dropping the mine and they play a sphere so we definitely have to keep this at
the ready swing for 6 a go to 6 will put a counter in this guy and now that is
their upkeep let’s hit that land mm-hmm it appears they’ve been fondled enough
all one in the game to dump all this to put in all this and with that let’s go
to game 2 opening hand we have a thought seize but otherwise very Landy so we’re
gonna mole oh boy that bad but we do have feel to
run on whatever we’ll keep it or Maddox here and I’ll start off with an
inquisition interesting interesting I don’t like them having this but you
can’t need to protect tarmogoyf it will take dismember and pass back opponent
fires stirrings we’re having the tower Oh more land or at least next time we
can feel the run back to them oh no no me gusta bailar what do we do now fire
field are on and then fire thought sees both of these are problematic yes you
take the rack test and pass back upon swings four six we take it like mommy
sung and dang will draw a card but there’s not much we can do well grab a
gun come back to 20 and we’re going to Game three Game three no change the
sideboard and we do have an assassin’s trophy and a full meter maid so we shall
keep this one let’s see what they’ve got mad I’ve to the Tron lands already we
definitely got to take the dismembered here protect our McCoy although relic
also hurts Tommy Boy you play Goya that Ray looks quite annoying one plays that
passes that man but comes into play tap might as well swing core two they go
nineteen and we shall play on using assassins trophy on their turn here
crucible of worlds Oh No now I gotta kill that thing whatever yo
whoa how can I try to feel the run nice I’m I still start thinning out our hand
brittle y’all next turn most likely Inquisition oh and they have the third
man I’m glad you saw that because now we’ll play full full if we sack it
before combat I’m sure those sacrifices that well just still three and now sack
doctor opponent and now they draw a card excellent graveyard no close it goes
quarter takes out that land that’s fine also ones crying and then they pass back
Sasson strophe we can’t really play Lily on this turn now and use your discard
ability cuz I’ll get rid of these Haskins trophy so instead we’ll just
swing for two they go to fourteen back to them expedition mad our plan and they
pass back and to turn Brophy the power plant you fire the map grabbing another
power plant but at least you bought some time back a night for me draw a swamp a
play Liliana forcing discard and swing before or onto ten back to them there’s
the plan and nice another timer boy so I’ll do this Tama life just guard and as
long as they don’t hit the third Tremblay on this turn we win next turn
please just one more turn good cars in hand warm quail okay we can deal with
that we pull full foam and I gotta make them sacrifice that home we’re so close
swing with both not with this though he blocked like that and then we play this
heading off strong and hopefully that’s the end of it rocks fear if only we had
pulled collector oof expedition and they fire it they pass back with one card in
hand well force them the discs are whatever that is we pull Horace discard
who and it’s a world breaker we should still be fine we shall deal seven this
turn and even with will break her back in hand we saw have three good cards out
and it looks like we’re doing just that they placed fear ask the world breaker
filling the land but we can still a forcing the sacrifice and this shall do
it yep because there’s the concede alright so we eat got the win against
Ron so that’s something to be happy about but now on to the next one opening
hand too many Lance we’re gonna mole and yet is better with a potential turn to
goy starting with Inquisition Oh tight and green black doesn’t really do that
great against the delicate decks because a lot of our cards don’t interact with
them but anyway tarmogoyf and pass back opponent starts with farsi and passive
back Liliana but we’re missing black mana oldest swing for two and pass back
puzzling passes back and then we’ll do this we can get a swamp okay and then
back in our turn the Liana forcing discard and swing for three opponent
play v Leon pass back next when they have the Titan Bulldog confidant horse
discard and swing for three backtrack on it they play the Titan grabbing one Val
cut in the mountain to take out the confidante I was gonna send the Titan to
Jesus before no feelingly have an answer here
with two cards in hand I want to be surprised they hit us really hard here
yeah I figure something like that it looks like we’re losing Liliana she was
thick while she lasted and this fetch here’s a big problem because they can
fetch that what ha my boy and it’s not only thing we can do at this point
unfortunately and another one that will do it we’re going to game to going on
the game to when I bring in a torpor or Bree foams one surgical to brutalities
dumping this and with that let’s go to game 2 opening hand may the land
situation isn’t great and we don’t have any early place I’m gonna mold this oh
god well that’s bad also but we can hit land off the top and we have a shot so
we’ll keep it a bottom starting with hand position you have a reclamation
stage but poor poor ghost Ava’s abilities we’ll take that and
essentially just have lands now I’m on land oh okay it wasn’t that pass back
rampant growth a pass back no this is not how we lose no and of course they
top deck that all right we got something here I’m sure we’re still dead here but
take that we got a sec sorry please it’ll land here because no a whole
minimize this turn Inquisition and that’s the game because they have
stomping ground ok oh whoa I guess it can’t be helped in conclusion I thought
hexdrinker was really really good aside from our goblins match we played against
X that are really hard for green black to do it normally we did lose a delicate
but that is to be expected because we can’t really interact with them but we
were able to win his dredge and Tron and I think that’s a really really good sign
so I am very happy with the way things went and I think the hex finger is what
green blacks been needing for a long time and if you guys want to see a fall
video to this deck I would certainly be happy to do so but that is all for now
thanks so much for the support with the deck boxes you guys bought every deck
box I had in under an hour which was certainly unexpected and with that money
I will be able to take off time sucking dick for a living to make more videos
hooray so everyone wins and if you’re bummed
about the deck boxes selling out do not fret my children because daddy
will get started on the new series of boxes but that is all for now and as
always I hope you have a great day

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