MTG Modern ▷ Davriel DISCARD Prison Deck! ◁ 【 NEW from WAR! 】

war of the spark has come the modern and
discard decks rejoice because we have Gavriel and spoiler alert Gabrielle is
really good first of all I know a thing or two about making modern deck first
five color humans into the world and popularize hard skills affinity no big
deal hashtag humble hashtag blessed anyway whenever I’m building a deck I
always look to avoid cars that only work in a very narrow set of situation
particularly cards that only work well when we’re winning and for discard decks
the car that really bugs me is shrieking affliction at our opponents upkeep if
they have one or fewer cars in hand they lose three life and that’s good if we’re
winning but it does absolutely nothing in every other situation because like
what if they don’t have one card in hand what if they have to or what if they
have a creature on there hitting us and we’re trying to survive but we pull this
card it’s like well I can’t do anything there but all dis card decks run for rax
and for shrieking afflictions because often discard decks struggled to close
out game but that brings us to Davros after testing it devrel seems a lot
stronger than shrieking affliction and we’ll talk about why in a second first
of all this sec here is really heavy on prison most discard decks run one the
tunes snaring bridges this one runs four and before in staring bridge we have
three bitter blossoms to block our opponents creatures and i can also
finish off game so because we have these defensive cards here that makes dev real
a lot better because that rails static ability says and our ponents upkeep if
they have one or less cards they take two damage and the longer Davros stays
out the better it is it’s basically shrinking affliction but it’s discard
ability helps a lot now comparing Gavriel to shrieking affliction in the
best case situation for Gavriel it stays out for several turns dealing two damage
each turn if our opponent tries to hold cards in hand we can make them discs are
with the -1 ability so best-case scenario it’s insanely good and it can
win this game but what I like most about Gavriel is that even in the worst case
situation it’s still a solid car because let’s say we don’t have in staring
bridge or bitter blossom to defend it and we just play it knowing it’s gonna
die next turn or three man that still make our opponent discard a card deal to
damage them and soak up an attack I certainly think it’s pretty good however
is it as good as Liana absolutely not well beyond I can do a
lot more but I’m still a big fan of Gabrielle so aside from Deverell and the
prison cards we have many of the staples of discard deck for Ravens crimes which
makes your opponent discard we can also repeatedly cast it from graveyard if we
discard a LAN and we have Inquisition thought seize and to funeral charms it
can make our opponent discard at instance feed at the draw step and also
kills little creatures like Noble higher art then there’s the rack it is more
forgiving than shrieking affliction and our poets up keepeth they have two cards
in hands they take one damage if they have one card in hand they take two
damage and if they have zero cards in hand they take three damage and then we
have 4 wrench mines where to man our opponent discards two cars and less they
discard an artifact card against most X it’s a two for one and then two
the brutalities as for lands we have for mutabal which if our punt runs out of
cars we can win the game with mutable and help make up for the colorless we
have three herb orgs which les muna vault make black mana but now on a
sideboard against creature heavy decks we have a dismembered three bunches last
reckoning switchboard wipes and turn three or Lana’s on tap return but it’s
not too bad in a discard deck and there’s also one fatal push we do have
one main deck already but it’s good against little creatures and because
there’s a lot of people saluting decks out there least not says on our own
discards a creature we get a to to block zombie token if they discard land we
have to black mana and if they discard a non creature spell we draw a card and
then again scrape our decks we have four Leyland the void and against Ron and
other control decks we have four full manator mages that takes out of land and
because you have a lot of artifacts and chants in the main deck we have one
spells cut to reject removal to it and it can also help defend Averill and
Liliana that’s the deck so let’s get to the gameplay but first if you want to
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know what videos people really like without further ado here’s a gameplay
and I hope you enjoy opening hand not a lot of discs are but we do have a good
prison setup so we will keep and it looks like it’s all drazi Tron okay that
makes things a little trickier but we’ll go Ravens crime opponent discards ghost
quarter and pass back oh it’s chalice alright and now for turn T let’s go
wrench mine they probably have an artifact though no the discards he lands
okay and then back to our phone and I thought knots here they’re probably
gonna take the in airing bridge indeed they do icon shouldn’t wrenched mine not
safe for gavrio let’s just go bitter blossom and pass back fires the map
grabbing another temple and back to us Oh bridge I play the bridge pass back
now things are looking really good I don’t Reaper and back on try let’s go
dev real horse discard loom ignite swinging for one and then play Lanham I
also get this thing out of hand by getting countered so that way they can
attack for sure and then back to our opponent dev reels us to damages knives
and what does these Chow’s on tutor I think at this point we don’t really need
anything so them back on our turn swinging for too long it takes the two
and let’s get one of these hoes out of hand let’s get rid of that and then back
to pond do more damage to look at that oh it’s so exciting it’s like the bridge
and this really good and then our pumpkin seed so clean so clean it’s like
if this guy can stay out long enough he’s super worth it but now on the side
boarding going on game to because they artifacts on with um three wrench mines
also one fatal push to put them dismembered bond shoes laughs reckoning
and to fulminate mages and what that let’s go to game to opening hand only
one Lance we’re gonna mold now we have too many lands but we’ll keep it starts
off at the map and we shall start off with Otzi’s interesting interesting so I
suppose the chalice everything else here is fine
we got the bridge and the backup on another map and look at that pole right
there one wrench mines and dad should to fight muta ball but whatever and then
wrench mine dropping two matters shapers and then back to our opponent passes
back to us now I could drop the bridge believe you have a card in hand next
turn and they’ll be able to play the car and after fetching so we’ll go down real
fetches oh he goes hand oh shoot I’m retarded I mean I’m actually retired cuz
I’m autistic so I’m allowed to say that and you know but we do have one more
turn so you might get the car if they don’t pull land here and then I’ve been
trying for it okay grabs a power plant so they don’t take to damage or disease
Alice on one fair enough so in the end we’re able to get the car in anyway boom
and it says swinging let’s just go and snaring bridge no box or opponent on it
takes two and then pass back well we’ll be on a nice but perhaps you swing in
instead yeah let’s do that or damage coming in they go to 14
that’ll go to 12 here and they pass back keeping one card in hand since they do
have chalice it is a pretty smart way to try and keep cards and hand beat around
this but we also have Liliana on they concede all right that was fun I like
that Deb reels a lot better than I thought it
was because long as we got the bridge out we’re basically doing two damage
every turn or almost every turn assuming we keep up the discard which you usually
can so I’m happy in Ponce but now on to the next one opening ham I got some
discarding stuff when we got a bridge so keep on boys welcome portunity so start
things off let’s go inquisition and it looks like it’s tightened shift so for
now I’ll just take this little guy because the summers pack won’t be an
issue for a while and then we’ll pass back one of his land passes back and
Mosel take this summoners pack with brutality
yep into more land and pass back one plays Leon passes back and he could fire
Ravens crime even though it’s gonna get hit by this I really want to play rack
this turn well maybe we just double discard I’m with Ravens crime now let’s
have them with Ravens crimes Oh boom and before they can fire the relic let’s go
boom just guarding that oh and it’s a bull all right it looks like we’re
losing the Ravens crime but that’s okay I’ll pass back back on our turn another
bridge so let’s just go rack drawn two cards we might as well thought seize as
well just to be extra safe oh it will take scape shift mean this is also kind
of a problem we do have bridge well dick escapes it
for now and then back for opponent they’ll take two damage at the up key
who they fire it okay what they grab what else lot alright I guess just
trying to get the ballot get going but now things are kind of awkward they
might be able to outspeed us got a pass back and they pull another vowel I can
turn to play bridge Tavella cos could be a problem if they draw until lamb and
they do draw a mountain so anyway our mountains will cause both of these
to trigger six damage per land okay I cannot turn land by a bridge and it
could prevent us from attacking us if we discard our so yeah it’s kind of lame
but whatever I’m back for comments down the 800 thank god there’s hope now as
long as they don’t hit any more land five damage will be a lot
oh it does hit a land but they can see because even if they deal six I won’t be
lethal if they do three here that’s still three damage to the upkeep dang
that’s a little too close though it would have nice we pulled this guy like
a couple turns earlier deal extra damage but we got there go on his a game – I’m
puttin a spell sky protect artifacts but also to redirect it all cut stuff and
also put in 3 for my damages dumping this and what that let’s go to game –
opening han one Lance we’re gonna mole it could be good I guess we’ll keep on
playin tapped and we’ll thought seize them interesting this thing is a problem
hard draws also problem I think we got to take this thing and then pass back on
explorers just like I explored Joe Mama’s asp real ants already oh speaking
of land play the rack and then pass back more exploring and then back on our
channels go Liliana discarding Ravens crime they discards the curt tri-ball
DREAM Act or opponent holds us directly interesting you think they’d go for
Liliana or maybe they just really want to see the double rat combo if you know
what I mean what else and pass it back in oh that is muy Grande the safest move
here I think is to go this just in case you want to make him SAS capes if noise
and might as well make him sack and then play full mater made all right back to
our three damage a pass back muta bollocky and we make discard ancient
grudge and we’ll swing for for when I was 11 back to them what disease an
escape shift uh-oh you guys take out one of these
lands so nice not taking any damage from that oh good okay back on our turn just
up this swinging for for and I’m back up on it okay we pull a rack but they do
have ancient Greg that’s no fun so I’ll force the grudge out of them you only
gets the land but that’s the game are this gonna take to damage here what a
legend alright as pretty straightforward a little uneventful but yeah this
guarding seems pretty good right now so on to the next one opening hand one
Lance we’re gonna mole or multi and whatever guess you got a dump this and a
little too early for that and it’s odd nauseam I guess just take
odd nauseum life is gonna be an issue and our land situation isn’t helping but
at least we can go the take the unlife on to play the rack and then pass back
there’s another version and then Pont passes back
right slang for – Cooper a lame-o disease unlike okay and finally the
questions we go wrench mind or Liliana maybe wrench mine we’re pretty desperate
at this point spoils and gemstone imagine they still have it I mean we’re
just so late getting that land yeah darn okay so we’re going the game
to all in the game too and I’m working a spell sky dumping this and without go to
game to I probably should have taken the bridges out and put in the fulminate of
Ages but like if it comes to that i want one1 land mole and yeah we’ll keep
autoimmune of all right off with inquisition you unlife cinema simeon
totake beyond life am passivity we hit the thought sees really don’t like that
unlife in there and they can play it next turn so yeah boils of the vault as
well so i’ll take the online eyes will make them discard as well and pass back
spins Lotus bloom in dev real nice but now let’s go wrench mine so there goes
their hand and then pass back they play Leon and Nolan for us but we can play
bitter blossom and then pass back they play another land we missed another land
we pass back these on life pulled oh lucky now and in her land is lame oh my
god it’s like the Special Olympic I watched just think I can say that back
on our turns wing for three passes back and we Hill and now he’s swinging for
for crime played at real it hits them before it’s discard and Delian
interesting but luckily can block it and then pass back when it takes the two and
then pass back might as well forced discard angels gray shirt playing four
or five and if only these are fulminate or mages leather not so pass back back
on our turn let’s go Ravens crime they discard to land and then swinging for it
doesn’t really matter to fairies it stood up three fairies okay and then
back opponent and now the poison counters begin no was sad match and you
think with all is discard be able to get them but you’re just a little too slow
scheming like how did they even get the unlife you know what I mean like we
discarded two of them where’d the third one come from you know and even if these
were both full millionaire mages and took out to the lands they slob plenty
of mana and I guess we would cook on a couple swings in
but now on to the next one one LAN hands hurt my buttholes we’re gonna mol mall
one more time I mean I guess autumn start with Ravens crime but that’s a
blood gas wah-wah and it’s dredge this will be tricky so let’s just go
Inquisition it got reunion then play the rock and pass back to amalgams and
graveyard we’re probably gonna lose this one at least the first game that can I
should rent mine we can’t play it going in for two and pass back or evangelical
gauri into land well we can’t really play this now cuz we don’t have any way
defending it just go wrench mine which will probably help them this is a
dilemma because like we know they have dredge in hand but they also have to can
flog allows in graveyard to be able to discard anyway this is march to our doom
alright back to our poni yeah those ain’t looking too good and lastly pull
bridge here no that’s exactly 10 damage so we’re going to gain to actually we
could block now or not we’re going again to put on the game too and put in for
late lines one way snot and one spells good and then dump this with that let’s
go to game two opening hand lay line thoughts easy yes yes indeed
good luck winning now luckily film they have nature’s claim just kidding no
nature’s claim for you big boy they pass back and we’ll get things going here
better blossom and pass back gonna go stay the saluting I can actually
brutality and probably go with Liliana and then pass back almost gotten up and
as it should be and ensnaring bridge dang but I won’t fire the bridge just
yet because we might not want to show them because who knows if they put in
ancient grudges or not and they probably did but let’s take a look a lot of
nothing and there’s a concede though game three it is aim tree no changes
sideboard but we have no ley lines so we’re bowling Mulligan oh my good
so much good stuff I guess dump this lung and man how do you can come back
from that you know Ravens crime might as well if we can hit a second land here
neither brutality then I think it’s over cuz they probably have like one nature’s
claim in hand but two nature’s claims I don’t think so we know green either glug
yes sure mmm no lamp we have the rack play it and back opponent on swings for
two out okay cool decision time we can try and take a nature’s k but they don’t
even have green out I think the smarter move waste not and it wants to start
discarding them a lot it will be very very good value especially if base are
just hurting themselves and that would be muy Grande how can I return land
let’s go collect a brutality he was sitting we want them to use this
or waste not so I’ll get rid of this we then draw a card thought sees again
thought sees the prize that Malcolm get a creature
so he asked you that I’ll take two damage in the process but it’s worth it
feels so good it’s like the first time playing engraver deck is just a joy it’s
like yes please use paper saluting for the first time those words have never
been spoken back on our Qin lands let’s go Ravens so
we draw a card another land so raven you’re on another card and mutable this
should be another prized amalgam there yeah there is So Raven again and we get
a creature token so much fun disease sink we dam sure no more cards to
discard but we’ve got another rack there’ll be six damage at this upkeep
it’s like if they keep playing their cards the rack hurts them but they don’t
play their cards will discard them to make waste not worth it it was like how
did they get around it they can’t now that keeping in hand to try and delay
the damage but Raven again oh no they tricked us alright but
they’re delaying the inevitable for now we’ll just pass back they go to four
they pass back to us and ensnaring bridge that should do it
so we’ll swing in for two they’ll have to block and then bridge upkeep they go
to two Liliana and there is the concede if only every match were like that oh
what a high note to end on so in conclusion Gabriel may sound like a
low-end porn star name but it turns out he’s actually a high-end porn star I’m a
huge fan of the card I think it’s really good and when you compare to shrieking
affliction Gavriel feels so much more flexible because as long as we have
something to defend like bitter blossom or bridge it just stays out and it has
the potential to do a lot of damage and having the dis credibility as an option
really forces our opponent to have a low hand side with Gavriel and assuming the
new Mulligan roll sticks I think this card looks really good
right now because with the new london mulligan rule opening hands seem a lot
stronger now and being able to turn one inquisition or thought sees that’s
really big especially with so many combo decks floating around now even though we
did lose odd nauseam but whatever so in other words I like the deck a lot and
hopefully you did too but that is all for now be sure to subscribe if you
haven’t already subscribe and as always I hope you have a great

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