MTG – Max Protection Are The Worst Card Sleeves For Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon & TCG Games. FAIL

Max Protection sleeves are officially the worst sleeves in the world. In just one moment, I want to show you the absolutely shocking thing that happened to these Max Protection Alpha sleeves. But first, if you’ll remember from my last video: *magic shimmer noise* So this is what happened to the corners of brand new, never used, right out of the box Max Protection
Tournaments sleeves. A little shuffling and they are
somehow peeling apart at the edges. So here’s the Max Protection Alphas, the
budget alternative to Tournament sleeves. Here’s one right out of the pack clear
front yellow back, right? Now here some cards in the same sleeves after only one month. No these weren’t left out in the Sun
or put in the microwave or dropped in a vat of acid. Somehow amazingly they seemed to just waste away
sitting in a league box in the shop. This happens to a couple
other folks who made the mistake of choosing these sub-standard sleeves. Don’t make that same mistake yourselves. It’s just not worth the risk. There’s a
point where you have to determine that a
company is not worth doing business with. Maybe you’ve used Max Protection in the
past and not had any problems but do you really want to risk it when
you see what type of products they’ll allow to go to market. I consider quality like
this to be a red flag. There’s no reason to risk your money on a company that sells sleeves like this. Sleeves that literally deteriorated
weeks out of the pack. And be careful they’ve redesigned the packs to look
like this. Stylish! I noticed their company logo is small for
the not so premium tournament sleeves. Max Protect is to be avoided if you want
a very detailed comparing contrast of all the major card sleeves available, check out my other video here. I plan to
make more detailed reviews of magic products, deck boxes, binders, and other
cardboard protection accessories so go ahead and click Subscribe.

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100 thoughts on “MTG – Max Protection Are The Worst Card Sleeves For Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon & TCG Games. FAIL

  1. I find that the magic ultra pro with the art work on the back sucks to, just bought them yesterday and already I can no longer shuffle my deck. I hope the solid colors are better.

  2. yo bro I need a 43×65 sleeves for 'timeline inventions' but the only sleeves I could find are mayday mini chimera reds, do you know if that is a good brand?"

  3. i bought sleeves from them, with art on back. i must have got lucky cause i have 400 of them and non are damaged

  4. Wow, I have a lot of MAX sleeves that I bought 5+ years ago and they are still in great shape. Never bought solid color, just ones with art on them. The ones I have are as good as Ultra Pro IMO.

  5. I dont know what to think about this guys reviews. I wanted to see for myself if max protections really were as bad as hes claiming and after about of continually shuffling they still look great. It looks like he just left the sleeves out in the sun or something idk. He says ultra pros suck, been having a lot of those for a few of my decks. The only sleeves i ever hated was a brand called GOGO something cant remember the name but if i dont like them im pretty sure no one will. Those sleeves are truly god awful.

  6. I bought these ultra pro mats and they are not bad. They shuffle good and havent ruined. I prefer Dragon shield though

  7. How the hell do you even green light terrible sleeves like this? Someone doesn't give a damn about their customers…

  8. @Tolarian Community College i got the dragon protection green. i love them, i almost got max protection but then i watched this LOLZ thanks

  9. The sleeves for my Angel commander deck were, unbeknownst to me, Max Protection when they came in.  Luckily, after 2 months of use they are still holding up well.  Strangely enough, even though I only ordered 100, they sent me 200.  Thanks for the warning though!  My local shop doesn't offer KMC, just UltraPro and Legion.

  10. I wish I had seen this video a few months ago D: My friend and I went to our lgs to get some sleeves, and I saw some sweet looking Max Protection Bruce Lee sleeves (Bruce Lee is my idol) and I bought them instantly. I opened the box and they were all peeling from the corners, and the art was faded. I couldn't get a refund cause I opened the box 🙁 My friend got some of the alpha sleeves and when he saw how they were all faded he legit threw them down the gutter.

  11. I just wanted to comment that I have 2 sets of max protection sleeves and they are really good but I should add that I bought those several years ago when the Ravnica city of guilds just came out. Maybe the company changed ownership of they just stop caring about their customers.

  12. Max Protection get people to buy their shitty sleeves by having cool art on them. I learned the sub-sub par quality of their sleeves many years ago. Also, I can't stand when companies sell 50 packs (this goes for Ultra Pro as well). 

  13. My girlfriend got some of these for her deck and sure enough, before long the backs were peeling off. Curiously, I was able to completely remove the 'art' from 60 of them and the actual physical sleeve is a fair quality, so I use these for a spare 'newbie' deck I made for teaching magic that I didn't want getting damaged (Abzan Aggro). Only thing to be careful of is the backs are straight up mirrors now. 

    We've learned to just get the affordable Ultra Pros from Wal-Mart. Not the best sleeves, but they're functional and durable. 

  14. There is only one pro to the alpha, matt, and metallic max protection sleeves: when you take about four or five of them and ball them up, they make excellent kindling for a bonfire, barbecue grill, or a cozy fireplace fire while you play MTG with REAL sleeves. The glossy sleeves should only be used in campfires because it seems like the bugs don't like max protection sleeves either.

  15. Its sad, because earlier in their run the Max Protection Tournament sleeves were fantastic, the old blue/silver were my favorite sleeves I have ever used. In fact my first commander deck, is still played and in good good shape countless games and shuffles later in those very sleeves today.

    Somewhere they took a dive, and now they are this. Sad Pandas 🙁

  16. personally i think you guys just have bad luck i got 3 packs of their sleeves recently and i got 2 packs of the anime sleeves and one plain pack. so far its been 3 months and i never had a single one peel except the sleek design ones which had the witch on them.

  17. Some of thes brands make me want to start my own gaming supplies company so I can be sure that there's quality products for myself and fellow players

  18. My local store only has ultra pro and dragon shield, I went with dragon shield, the only thing I don't like is that the only color they had was orange.

  19. my EDH ultra pro sleeves are the first 'quality' sleeves i bought for MTG at the age of 12 (well, my mom bought).  I am almost 25 now and someone asked me where to get those sleeves i was using.  no, ultrapro is not paying me.

  20. But it writes "top quality" in Chinese on the box :D. I bought 9 booster boxes when I was in china and those cards feel quite different (they are more thick). I don't mind though, having Chines fake Ajani is a lot of flavour for me. Sorry for bad English.

  21. Thank you, I was about to buy some illustrated dragon sleeves from Max Protection on Amazon, and they were almost as expensive as the Legion Illustrated Sleeves (which I bought instead because of you)

  22. Oh man! Just realised I ordered 3 packs of max protection sleeves a few days ago and now they are on their way. Wish I could of seen this video earlier!!

  23. The sleeve I like to use best is Dragon Shield. While Dragon Shield sleeves are expensive, I have never had a problem with them. I put my mono-white Hate Bears deck (mono white hate bears on average is a couple hundred dollars) In them with no problem whatsoever. To prove this, my Aether Vial is still in near mint condition from when I bought it. Now while that isn't the greatest point as expensive sleeves like dragon shield are expected to do so, I do know that I am able to shuffle amazingly with them, They are not too slippery, they last a long amount of time, and that they are very very trust worthy! This is why I like to use Dragon Shield.

  24. I just found this video AFTER I ordered new sleeves, including one pack of Max Protection's "image" line sleeves (the Balrog ones).
    At this point I'm happy I only ordered ONE pack as a test to see if they look good. (I bought the majority of other sleeves from KMC / Ultra Pro, because I used them before.)

    If they end up randomly deteriorating like this I'm definitely never spending a penny on them again.

  25. it looks like someone peeled the backs off when they started splitting, i once did the same thing to some ultra pro sleeves and after that shitty glued on foil was taken off i had some cool translucent green sleeves.

    Ultro pro is guilty of using that same method and though their method has changed for plain sleeves it has not changed for artistic sleeves.

  26. Since I started watching your reviews, I have been using the KMC. I'm really glad to see such reviews. They're all very informative and helpful.

  27. I am relatively new player with not much money so i bought max protection alpha because they are cheep ( little more than a dollar for 50 sleves in store where i bought them) and i'm playing for about month now with them and i don't have any problems…

  28. i bought dragon shield sleeves at my newest LGS a couple days ago remembering your first video and how they were some of the best sleeves in the market thanks professor tibalt 🙂

  29. I recently bought a pack of Max Protection sleeves without doing any research on them, and the edges at the top were actually cut improperly! You could feel it just by running your fingers over them, some of the sleeves had extra plastic. If I were a cheating man they could be used like marking cards. It is unacceptable and I aim to replace them asap.

  30. Looks like what happened when I left my yugioh binder out in the car, in direct sunlight for a few months. The cards in the front sleaves are so faded now and the sleeves destroyed.

  31. I got the dead men tell no tales ones before watching this. I haven't had anything happen to them except the image part on the very side of the card fading to silver not on the back of the cards just when you hold them sideways to shuffle. and hopefully that's as far as it goes. but i wish I would have watched this first lol. oh and also the box that they sale with 100 sleeves doesn't even fit 100 single sleeved cards so beware of that as well.

  32. At the main local store where I am, the owner has had that tiny store by him self for like 20 plus years… he no longer carries ultra pro and ONLY carries max protect… because they says they DONT rip like ultrapro… I bought some and they were just fine… they fit the cards nice n tight and are very tough… still prefer ultrapro though.

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