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History of Benalia. This card doesn’t really jump out at me as a mythic rare; the fact that it is a mythic rare means it’s probably really, really good and I have no clue why. It turns out Dominaria Standard’s got a ton of knights kicking around, so I mashed them all together in a little masterpiece I like to call Knights of the Frown table. The frown is the thing your opponent does when you slam Benalish Marshal. So when I first saw Benalish Marshal, I was like “holy smokes, this card is broken in half!” You see, back in the day they had this tournament called the Junior Super Series. It was a tournament for players 16 or younger, and I played a LOT of mono white. It was great! Back then, if you drew Glorious Anthem, you couldn’t lose. Benalish Marshal is Glorious Anthem on a creature. Then the wheels really got spinning. That old mono-white deck played four Suntail Hawk and four Lantern Kami. Those are one-ones for one and the deck still felt blisteringly fast. These days, it’s a whole different ballgame—we’ve got Legion’s Landing, Skymarcher Aspirant, and last but not least, Dauntless Bodyguard, which is a Knight. And when you’re trying to go ham with History of Benalia, that Knight creature type’s important. The two-drops back in the day were also kinda mopey. Leonin Skyhunter and Auriok Champion were cool, but they’re not exactly awe-inspiring. Two-mana creatures are much better these days. Take, for example, Metallic Mimic. The only non-knights in this deck cost one mana; everything else is a knight, so a turn-two Metallic Mimic makes all your creatures really, really good. And they’re already awesome to begin with. Knight of New Benalia hits real hard. Knight of Grace dodges most removal spells and can pick off opposing creatures with ease. My favorite two-drop, though, even though there are only three in the deck, is Paladin of Atonement. It’s a knight, which is good, but check out that text up top: if you lost life that turn, put a plus one plus one counter on it. This means Paladin of Atonement gets pumped if you’re getting attacked, BUT it also works in conjunction with the deserts. If there was a turn you didn’t take damage on, just ping yourself with a desert. One damage and one mana to make my creature permanently bigger? Yeah, I’d pay that. You may have noticed the presence of some black lands in what’s mostly a mono-white deck. Those are there to accommodate Aryel, Knight of Windgrace. I figure if we’re gonna go full-tilt on the Knight synergies, we should have a proper payoff, and holy moly do you get paid on Aryel, Knight of Windgrace. By the time you untap with this thing it should be able to pick off whatever creature’s annoying
you most, and at the very least, it’s an army in a can, spitting out knights every turn. Did I mention it has vigilance? Because it definitely has vigilance, meaning you can attack
and still make a knight or wipe out an opposing creature. What Dominaria strategies are you capitalizing on for Friday Night Magic? Are you gonna go wide with knights? Or are you combo-ing off with Teshar, Ancestor’s Apostle? Let us know in the comments. Just don’t bring up the fact that I forgot Radiant Destiny, because I didn’t forget and your words can’t hurt me. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! See you next time.

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14 thoughts on “MTG Knight TRIBAL Deck Tech

  1. Hey your forgot Radiant Destiny, you scrub. Just kidding- but seriously, I think you probably could shave a land and run one copy of it, The deck is pretty low to the ground and 23 lands seems like a lot for it, esp. considering you're running 4x Legion's Landing. Why no SB though?

  2. Ok that closer made me sub.
    Me- "Your words cant hurt me." Also me- Said no one to a blue wizard ever again.

  3. I still think Adanto Vanguard is still better than Knight of New Benalia because of it's superior stats, despite not being a knight.

  4. I've been running Knight of Malice as well without the Marshal. I think this is a better shell though. I'm sad. I like the best-friends-worst-enemies dynamic of Malice and Grace.

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