MTG – How To Build Pauper Slivers, A Budget Deck for Magic: The Gathering

So you say you are interested in building a competitive Pauper deck that won’t break your bank account and that combines amazing synergy with aggro swarm? Well then, have I got the deck for you! Pauper Slivers. Pauper Slivers combines tribal synergy with a straightforward aggressive strategy to create a deck that’s hard to answer. Control struggles to control it, other aggro hasn’t the muscle to keep up, and even tron is left just searching for an answer. It’s Pauper Slivers, and it’s only about $20 both in paper and online. I’m a big fan of Pauper Slivers because it reminds me of my precious Modern and Legacy Merfolk. While Pauper Slivers lacks the control elements Merfolk brings to the table, It makes up for them with some of the best tribal synergy at the common level. By which I mean lords for days. Let’s take a look! Can you believe these Sliver Lords at common? Sinew Sliver, Muscle Sliver, and Predatory Sliver each give your Slivers +1/+1 and each only cost two mana. That’s essentially doing what Lord of Atlantis does at rare. And yeah, in this deck that means you can run up to 12 of these There’s also Plated Sliver which gives +0/+1, but is a one drop. Great value for only one mana! This is not just helping us create a great mana curve, but it’s also how Slivers get out of control fast While Slivers don’t provide abilities like Landwalk as Merfolk do, they do grant other great abilities, most notably the Virulent Sliver which gives all your Slivers poisonous. Poisonous was a precursor to Infect. It gives your opponent to poison counter each time it inflicts damage, it stacks, and just like with Infect, 10 poison counters means they lose the game. This is a great alternative to going in for full force and creates a back-up plan when you’re up against decks that might have an answer to a straight out aggro assault. Another great Sliver is Sidewinder Sliver that grants all Sliver creatures Flanking. Flanking, another old ability, is highly underrated, especially in this deck. Whenever a creature without Flanking blocks a Sliver with Flanking, that blocking creature gets -1/-1. This cuts through your opponent’s defenses in a major way. Sentinel Sliver gives all Slivers Vigilance, meaning you can swing in full without worrying about a lack of blockers during your opponent’s next attacks. Spinneret Sliver gives Reach, which provides you with needed defense against flyers. And Hive Stirrings is a three-cost sorcery that places two 1/1 Slivers into play, putting forces on the ground. Being in green and white, the deck also packs some great combat tricks. As always, you’ve got a lot of options for customization here. Vines of Vastwood is usually going to be included in all lists, as it lets you protect the creature you control that may be targeted for removal, and also easily pump it +4/+4 which is absolutely insane value. Thrill of the Hunt is a bit more defensive, giving target creature +1/+2 and it has Flashback for only one white, meaning you can get double use out of this trick. I also like to include three Journey to Nowhere, as it lets you remove any creatures that would otherwise overwhelm your Slivers. At only one white and another mana of any color, it’s great removal in common. The man base is fairly straightforward. The dual lands of Blossoming Sands come into play tapped, but at least give us a life. Some lists like to run a few of the Cycle Lands, but I feel that too many of these slows down our aggressive deck. I stick to just a Secluded Steppe and a Tranquil Thicket, and then keep the rest of the mana base plains and forests. What about our sideboard? Prismatic Strands is ideal for protecting your board and also granting evasion. You can swing past an army of black creatures with this or just protect your forces from damage. Flashing it back just by tapping a white creature means this is a must have in the sideboard. A full play set of Gleeful Sabotage let you destroy target Artifact or Enchantment. It also has Conspire, meaning that by tapping two green creatures you can copy it to hit a second target. That’s great value when you’re going up against Kuldotha Jeskai or mono black control stacked with those Oubliettes. And at least as of the filming of this video, that’s a lot of what you’re encountering these days in Pauper. Scattershot Archers are great value and defense. At one green they give us the ability to tap to do one damage to a flyer. Pick off fairies and other problems with these. Fnally, a play set of Obsidian Acolytes are the other non-Sliver we run as ways to shut off the monster that is mono black control. Slivers have remained one of the most popular tribes for a reason. Great flavor, but even greater design. The ultimate in terms of tribal synergy and value. Pauper Slivers is a deck that is both highly competitive and highly fun. Pauper Slivers is also a deck I’m quick to recommend for people looking to get started in Pauper. It’s competitive, simple to pilot, yet complex enough to scratch that itch for strategy, and all at a highly affordable price point in both paper and online. It’s an ideal deck for brand-new Pauper players. And remember, if that’s you, for all things Pauper be sure to check out r/pauper, the Pauper subreddit. I hope very much this video has been of some help to you. You can help me out by remembering to like, share, subscribe, or just by leaving a comment. What deck do you want to see a tech of next?
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100 thoughts on “MTG – How To Build Pauper Slivers, A Budget Deck for Magic: The Gathering

  1. Come on Professor, it's time to show everyone what they really want to see from a non-rotating format – combo!
    Do Drake.dec please!

  2. great video. I love slivers a lot and if i ever start playing pauper (which i probably will once i can do it in paper) i'll definitly build this.
    Also this might be a weird request, but could you maybe do a deck tech of a "super draw" deck? If you don't know what i mean, it is a deck built aeound drawing a lot of cards and using effects like chasm skulker, lorsclae coatl and hoofprint stag to maximize the value. With the new Tamiyo announced i fell it could start getting competetive

  3. Thank you, professor! I was hoping to see another Sliver video since I found your channel. Slivers are my favourite tribe, and it's great to see something related to them 🙂 it's a nice gift for my upcoming birthday 🙂 thank you!

  4. Is there a reason you didn't mention Naya Slivers in the video? I think that Heart Sliver and Lightning Bolt (possibly two-headed sliver as well) make this deck a lot better. I play it for a couple weeks and went 4-1 in most of them.

  5. I need help with my deck. Can someone please take a look and see if I need to change anything? Thanks!

  6. I would love to play paper MTG. its much better than yugioh but.. my card shop went out of business and my friends are too stubborn to switch.

  7. thanks for this Prof! I had this deck built in modern the rares being the lands and it just wasn't competitive enough, i never thought to create this in pauper!!

  8. i was wondering if you would be willing to do a deck tech on mono green commander bears(actual creature type) or five colored sliver commander?

  9. I want to know where the Professor buys his cards because, regardless where I purchase cards, the list ends up being double or triple the price.

  10. I've played a deck very similar to this for a couple of years. My list includes four gemhide slivers and four lotus petals to help ramp. I've found you can overwhelm other decks by turn three pretty easily or at the very least have them constantly on the defensive.

  11. I'd really like to see a Deck Tech video on Pauper Midnight Gond. I have a Bant list that uses this combo effectively, but I'd like to see your take on it.

  12. they need to do slivers vs slivers duel decks. rath slivers vs those stupid humanoid things that call themselves slivers that is.

  13. I just built this. It was only $9 on MTGO and a great way to play for super cheap. I admit, though, that I haven't done well with it. I just never seem to hit my mana at the proper times and it has basically no draw.

  14. This was the first pauper deck I ever built, and it works really well "out of the box", but I have one major suggestion for anyone planning to build this. Try Commune With Nature in this deck. I currently run 3 copies instead of Thrill of the Hunt and one Sentinel Sliver, but I think even 4 would be useful in a creature-based deck like this. It's almost never a dead card in your hand, and considering that you have 12 functional copies of Muscle Sliver in the deck, it basically always gets you what you need.

  15. I built this in MTGO. I have been unable to beat blue black control. Any suggestions? I just cant defend against sacraficing my own creatures and counterspells.

  16. I love the flavor you put in your videos! I just built a mono black control deck in paper for pauper just because of the play style and flavor of the deck itself. I kind of have a different theme of deck for different formats. I use mono green Infect for modern goon tribal for commander and now black control for pauper I like to change up the way I play from time to time but o think mono black control is my fave flavor wise.

  17. Prof thank you so much for these videos they're incredibly helpful and easy to understand keep it up I love your content!

  18. hey Prof, can you please make a 5C Pauper Sliver? 🙂 i'm just getting back into mtg after 14 years of not playing and i absolutely loved slivers back in my days and still do now. 😀

  19. this is awesome!, would it work well if i combined it with other colours and their slivers? or is it best to have a different set?

  20. hey prof! I did some changes to your deck, wanna check it out?

  21. Built a giant 80 card 5 colour sliver deck back in the day of Urza’s and Tempest that could hold its own against Finkel Blue and stomped the local Magic Tournament. Good times.

  22. I remember this deck of mine 20 years ago. One guy name Chester cheated me on gameplay that my Muscle Sliver ability does not apply to other slivers but only same Muscle sliver. Later found out that guy is a lying son of a bitch. Heck I was only 13 years old back then.

  23. Is there another pauper sliver that can be substituted for Sinew Sliver? That price has gone up and I could make the deck cheaper if there was an alternative that would work as well.

  24. ANY Slivers were sooo out of range as a teenager… 20 years later… yeah… I'll get a pauper deck instead of a steak one day! Woohoo!

  25. There's some good Merfolk/Ninjitsu synergy happening at my LGS. People switch it up based on the players strategy but essentially it's Dimir, Unlockable Merfolk, Ninjitsu cards and some counter magic, some creature removal and some P2L cards to gain protection from Electrickey and such

  26. with all the reprints for slivers, can you make a video on potential Sliver abilities? Such as "When Landroamer Sliver enters the battlefield choose a basic land type. Sliver you control gain a Landwalk of the chosen type." I wanna Say this in a Green White Sliver or a WUBRG non-legendary 4/4

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