MTG Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release Deck Tech | Day 2

Hey guys, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here. I know the Guilds of Ravnica pre-release was
a little while ago, but boy was it a blast. This video will focus on the second event
I played in. 2 Headed Giant. My partner and I opened 12 packs of Guilds
of Ravnica and combined them to build 2 very synergistic decks. One was Dimir Surveil and the other was Boros
Mentor Aggro. I’m going to cover mostly the Dimir deck I
played but I’ll give you some of the highlights from the Boros deck my partner built. Anyway let’s get into it. Being Dimir the removal was a bit more plentiful
than the previous day. Dead Weight and Dazzling Lights in the 1 drop
slot. Dead Weight to kill a small creature or reduce
power and toughness on a larger creature. Dazzling Lights to reduce the damage from
an attacking creature and obviously for Surveil 2 2 Drops include Enhanced Surveillance and
Unexplained Disappearance. The Surveillance for, well Surveil. The added ability to exile it to prevent you
from decking yourself is also nice if the game goes long, but wasn’t something I had
to use. Unexplained Disappearance to bounce a creature
and for it’s Surveil. For 3 drops we have Disinformation Campaign,
Mnemonic Betrayal and Notion Rain. The Campaign to repeatedly draw cards and
force your opponent to discard, given how much Surveil we have. The Betrayal to stop decks that abuse the
graveyard with the main goal of being able to cast anything in that yard yourself. Notion Rain to fix the top of your library
and draw those cards. It may deal 2 damage to you, but it’s usually
not a big deal. We go hard in the 4 drop slot with Artful
Takedown, Chemister’s Insight, Creeping Chill and Price of Fame. The Takedown gives you options but a lot of
the time you’ll be using both modes. The Insight draws you 2 cards at instant speed
and then you can do it again with Jumpstart. Creeping Chill to deal 3 damage either by
casting it or by binning it with Surveil. Price of Fame to Destroy a creature, preferably
a legendary creature, and also for the Surveil 2 We only had one 5 drop and that’s Deadly Visit,
essentially as a second copy of Price of Fame. Our creature curve was pretty low topping
out at 4 mana. I’ll start with the 1 drops obviously. Which includes Barrier of Bones and Hired
Poisoner. The Barrier is an early Surveil trigger and
a large body for a small cost. The Poisoner gives us a deathtouch for 1 mana,
which should encourage your opponent to either hold back attacks or use up good removal. 2 drops give us Child of Night and Passwall
Adept. Child as a nice lifelinker and the Adept as
a good way of giving creatures unblockable. Primarily for my partners creatures, which
I’ll get to. 3 drops include Blood Operative, Darkblade
Agent, Midnight Reaper and Whisper Agent. Blood Operative to exile anything from a graveyard
if your opponent is running recursion or is using jumpstart. Darkblade Agent will more often than not have
deathtouch and draw you cards given the amount of Surveil in this deck. Midnight Reaper draws you cards if you start
loosing creatures, hopefully getting you into your answers. Whisper Agent because flash blockers with
Surveil are awesome. Your opponent thinks it’s safe to attack in
and they get blocked, with the Surveil trigger happening first to possibly make things even
more uncomfortable for your opponent. Our last 2 creatures make up the 4 drop slot. We have Muse Drake and Nightveil Predator. The Drake makes a nice flying blocker that
draws you a card and the Predator is a bomb that no opponent wants to see. A 3/3 flying deathtouch creature with hexproof. Unless they have a board wipe or counter spell,
it’s going to make their life difficult. This decks mana was pretty simple. In one of my packs I opened a Watery Grave
so the rest was just 9 Swamps and 7 Islands. My partners deck had some great Boros-y cards. For Removal he had Justice Strike to make
a creature fight itself. Great for those big beasts we faced. Cosmotronic Wave to kill a token board and
to prevent your opponents from blocking for a turn. Creatures were really were this deck shined. Healer’s Hawk for a flyer and the added lifelink. Skyknight Legionnaire for even more fliers
and this time with haste. Truefire Captain and Wojek Bodyguard for Mentor. The Captain having the added ability of dealing
damage to target player when it’s dealt damage. And Barging Sargeant for more Mentor. Well that does it for today. What did you think of the deck? How was your pre-release? Let me know in the comments. And I have to give a shoutout to Waypoint
Games and Cafe for hosting this event and letting me film. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to
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and on Instagram at kitchentablecommander. it’s been a blast and I’ll see you in the
next video.

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  1. Waypoint looks like a great LGS! Nice breakdown of the rest, and brief look at that Boros! Glad you had a great time! 👍😁

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