MTG Guilds of Ravnica Pre-Release Deck Tech | Day 1

Hey guys, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here. Guilds of Ravnica pre-release was this past
weekend and boy was it a blast. I played a regular 4 round pre-release on
Saturday and a 3 round 2-Headed Giant pre-release on Sunday. This video will be the first of a two-parter
covering both of the events I played in. Did you play in a pre-release this weekend? Leave a comment below to let me know what
events you played, what amazing cards you pulled and how you did. While you are down there in the comment section,
you might also want to hit that subscribe and like buttons. Just sayin’. With this pre-release I decided to go outside
my comfort zone and try out the new Undergrowth mechanic. I don’t normally play black and I don’t normally
go messing around in graveyards but I had to see what all the hype was about. Also, Assassin’s Trophy. Can’t blame me for trying. Anyway, I opened Izoni, Thousand-Eyed as my
promo and my seeded pack was nothing but value. Even the regular packs were heavy golgari. The only thing is I wanted to include some
surveil cards to help fuel undergrowth at a faster rate. To do that I had to include some blue in the
deck. Speaking of the deck, I should probably get
into it huh? We are playing limited so removal is key. Unfortunately my pool was not. My removal package consisted of Dead Weight
to get rid of small value creatures or lessen the blow of a bigger creature if I couldn’t
deal with it. Disdainful Stroke to counter those big creatures
or the crazy combo pieces in Izzet colours. Never Happened to exile something from the
hand before it becomes a problem or graveyard in case they have recursion. Thought erasure for hand attack and to surveil. Status//Statue as a combat trick or to get
rid of pretty much anything that’s annoying you And Undercity Uprising to give all my creatures
deathtouch with a bonus fight ability. This deck was more about getting creatures
onto the battlefield or into the graveyard to fuel undergrowth. So the lack of spells wasn’t really a big
deal. Speaking of creatures we have quite the list
for a 40 card deck. Starting off with our 1 drops. We have Portcullis vine for early blocks and
gives us the option of sacrificing it to draw a card and increase our creature count for
undergrowth. Hired Poisoner for an early attacker that
also keeps your opponent from attacking, for fear of losing their best creature. For 2 drops we have Grappling Sundew for a
bigger body and reach, plus the ability to give itself indestructible. Passwall Adept to make something unblockable. Swarm Guildmage mostly for it’s first ability. It may be expensive but giving something +1/+0
and menace for a turn can win games. But we’ll get to that. 3 drops gives us 2 Dimir Informants to give
us extra surveil. Hitchclaw Recluse for added reach. And Plaguecrafter to force your opponent to
sacrifice a creature or planeswalker, or discard if they can’t. I know this hits me too, but more often than
not it won’t hurt my strategy. At 4 mana we have Bartizan Bats for a flying
threat. And Moodmark Painter to give a creature +X/+0
and Menace until end of turn with undergrowth. We only have one 5 drop and it’s a Kraul Foragers. When it enters the battlefield you gain 1
life for each creature in your graveyard. And after that it’s still a 4/4, not a bad
bonus. I know this is limited where the mana curves
are low and the big creatures are few, but I got greedy. Like I said earlier I opened Izoni, so I had
to play her. Turns out making a lot of 1/1’s to block with
and maybe sacrificing them to draw cards and gain life is pretty good. On top of that we had 2 Vigorspore Wurms. Ya I said I was greedy. A 6/4 that gives another creature vigilance
and +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures in your yard. Plus it can’t be blocked by more than one
creature. Oh I forgot to mention. This deck also has Glaive of the Guildpact,
which gives the equipped creature +1/+0 for each gate and vigilance and menace. Do you see a pattern here. Cast the Wurm, either equip the glave or use
the Guildmage to give the wurm menace and you have a creature that must be blocked by
more than one creature but can’t be clocked by more than one creature. It makes your opponent scratch their head
while they take 7 or more to the face. Our land was pretty simple. Since every pack has a Guildgate in the land
slot I included 2 Golgari Gates, 1 Dimir Gate and a Gateway Plaza. To maximize the power boost from the Glaive. Other than that it ran 6 Swamps, 5 Forest
and 2 Islands. I probably could have gone with less land
but I did have one round where I was not hitting my land drops. Oh and I almost forgot that I included 1 Golgari
Locket for some added fixing and card draw. Anyway, how did this deck do at the pre-release
you ask. I went 1-1-1, so not great. But in those three I faced Boros Aggro, Golgari
Surveil and Izzet Burn. It didn’t stand a chance again the Burn deck
that included Niv-Mizzet and Ral, Izzet Viceroy. Turns out his emblem is pretty strong in an
oops all spells deck. This deck defeated the other Golgari deck
and Tied in rounds with the Boros Aggro deck. Something I did not expect. Well that does it for today. What did you think of the deck? I know it’s not commander but there are some
interesting cards in here that will be making an appearance in a future commander deck tech. Also how was your pre-release? Let me know in the comments. And I have to give a shoutout to Waypoint Games and Cafe For hosting this event and letting me film If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to
like, comment, share and subscribe. You’ll be helping the channel. You can help yourself by hitting the notification
bell so you know the second we release a new video, which will be sooner than normal. If you want to help in other ways you can
check out our Patreon. Link is in the description. As always you can find me on Twitter @ KitchentableCMD
and on Instagram at kitchentablecommander. it’s been a blast and I’ll see you in the
next video.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun mate, and some cool tricks in the deck. Your game store looks awesome too, proper chairs!!

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