MTG Guilds of Ravnica Izzet UR Counter Burn Deck Tech

Welcome young mage, I’m Rhino. Today I have a deck tech for you. It’s something my dad says hasn’t been
a thing for many years. It’s counter burn. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll tell
you. And we’re starting right now. When Guilds of Ravnica came out, my dad and
I made a long list of decks we wanted to build. If you want to see them all, make sure you
subscribe. And hit that bell notification, so you don’t
miss a single one. When he said, “Counter Burn” I had no
idea what he was talking about. Then he showed me the card Ionize. Now it makes a lot of sense. We tried several version of the deck. When I tried to play the deck the first time,
it was strange. I’m so use to playing creatures. It’s easy for new players to play creatures. That’s why the Welcome Decks are mostly
creatures. And this isn’t that. You draw a card, play a land and pass the
turn. But we do have a creature in the deck. Actually two different ones, but I don’t
think you want to have both of them in the main deck. So one type is in the sideboard. We will get to those creatures later and why
they are important. This is a spell heavy deck. Thirty two spells. A lot of people would just put a playset of
what they think are the best spells. But that would only give us eight different
spells. We want to be able to react to just about
any deck a player would play. So we have 12 different spells. They are basically Burn spells. Counter spells. And card draw spells. It’s everything this deck needs. Let’s start with the burn spells. We have 3 Shocks. Simple. One red to do two damage to any target. Two Lava Coils. It’s one and a red to do 4 damage to a target
creature. It’s a sorcery, so you can only do it on
your turn, but if the creature dies, you exile it instead. This makes sure that those creatures that
come back from the grave…. don’t. A playset of Lightning Strike. One and a red to do three damage to any target
at instant speed. Have to have that in there. We have 2 copies of Fiery Cannonade. It’s two and a red to deal 2 damage to each
non-pirate creature. Yes, it deals damage to our creatures too,
but we really aren’t playing creatures. No big deal. This will get rid of all of those little tokens. I’ve even used it to get rid of bigger things
too. I’ll show you how in just a bit. We also have two more spells that have burn,
but it’s not their main focus. Ionize is a counter spell for one with one
blue and one red. This is what the deck is named after. So we have to have 4 of them in the deck. It counters a spell and then burns the controller
for two. Yeah, I just stopped your spell… oh and
take two damage. The other spell is Risk Factor. This spell is so good. In the early game most opponents will just
take the 4 damage. Later in the game, they can’t afford to
take the damage so you get the cards. Then you can hit them again by casting it
from the graveyard. You just drew 3 cards, so discarding one is
no big deal. Jump start is such a cool mechanic. We have two more spell with some burn in them,
but they don’t get played that way a lot. We’ll get to that in a bit. We have 2 more counter spells other than Ionize. Two copies of Syncopate. I’ve played this a lot when my opponent
just cast their 6 drop using all of their mana. I just tap a blue and one other and that’s
it. No big creature. I’ve also cast it to force them to use up
their mana making an important 3 drop, cost them 7. There’s more than one way to use this spell
and it’s so much fun. The last counter spell is Essence Scatter. Counters a creature. Just about every deck has a big creature as
a win condition. We have 2 of these in the deck for that. And now card draw. I have found that I cast a lot of spells with
this deck. They are all low cost so I run out of cards
quick. I need the 2 copies of Radical Idea to do
that quick card draw. At first I started with two copies of Opt. But I always wanted the card so the scry didn’t
do me any good. Once Opt is in the graveyard you can’t use
it again. So Radical Idea with Jump-Start is much better. It cost a bit more, but you get to use it
twice. The other is 2 copies of Chemister’s Insight. This is double the cost of Radical Idea, but
you draw two cards. You may wonder why I didn’t do a playset
of Chemister’s Insight. I found that I really liked having card draw
early in the game before I get my fourth land out. So I split it between Radical Idea and Chemister’s
Insight. The final two spells are a mix. The first is 2 copies of Firemind’s Research. This is a card draw or a deal damage engine. It’s not the greatest of enchantments, but
it gets the job done. I use it most of the time for card draw. The other spell is a playset of Expansion
or Explosion. I rarely use the Explosion side. If I get it late in the game, I found using
Expansion to copy a spell is much more useful. Like copying Fiery Cannonade so your opponents
creatures take 4 damage each. In fact my dad copied Fiery Cannonade twice
to deal 6 damage to all my creatures, taking out my Doom Whisperer and Underealm
Lich. Copying the burn spells can be really good. Now you probably want to know what creature
this deck runs. I chose 4 copies of Electrostatic Field. It’s a two drop 0/4 wall that pings your
opponent each time you cast an instant or sorcery spell. It’s a great blocker. And most players won’t waste a removal spell
on it. After all it’s only one point of damage. It’s annoying not deadly. But I average doing 8 damage each game with
it. After a while they realize that so in the
sideboard I have Guttersnipe. I never have both of the creatures in the
game. It’s one or the other. We’ll get to the Sideboard in a moment. But first the land. A total of 24 land cards. You might think that’s too many. After all our Mana Curve is really low. But later in the game you need a card to discard
for Jump Start. I’ve discarded Sulfur Falls or even Steam
Vents late in the game. You don’t want to miss a land drop. And having extra lands to discard are very
helpful. I added 2 Field of Ruin, so you can wreck
your opponent’s mana base early on. I don’t seem to do that very much. One thing I’m considering is putting in
Reliquary Tower. There are times late in the game when I have
9 or more cards in hand. I may not want to be forced to discard to
7. It depends on the deck you play against. Finally the sideboard. There’s the 4 copies of Guttersnipe to swap
with the Electrostatic Field. There’s one Niv-Mizzet if you are going
up against another counter deck. It can’t be countered. There’s also a lot of fun stuff when you
play spells. Two copies of Banefire. Really good late in the game. Nice to have another spell that can’t be
countered. Just don’t try to use Expansion on it. Two Mission Briefings so you can get a spell
out of your graveyard. Nice to pull a Jump Start card back to your
hand so it doesn’t get exiled. Two Negates so we have extra ways to counter
spells. One Search for Azcanta so you can pick the
spells to put in your hand. One Ral, Izzet Viceroy for card draw or creature
removal. I have yet to ultimate him. And finally 2 Mirari Conjectures. To return instant and sorceries… and copy
them. That’s it. It’s pretty fast and very annoying. It has a lot of different things it can do. You can generally play it without the sideboard. You have plenty of options. The harder to get cards are the lands. You can run more Guildgates and put in a few
Evolving Wilds. It will run slower, but will still be a lot
of fun. I’ll put a deck list for both this version
and a budget version in the description below. And if you want to see some gameplay, I have
a video in the card above. It’s a lot of fun to watch. What do you think of this deck? What would you change? I have some videos here… and here. Do a thumbs up… or a thumbs down. I have more videos coming out soon. So until then, Rhino out.

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  1. I was trying to do this but I was doing wizards with some wizards for more value with wizards lightning and wizards retort but mine was clumsy :(. I like yours though. : D

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