MTG – Get dirty! With Dimir Alchemy, a Powerful Control Deck in Pauper for Magic: The Gathering

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100 thoughts on “MTG – Get dirty! With Dimir Alchemy, a Powerful Control Deck in Pauper for Magic: The Gathering

  1. So, a question for everyone out there who are experienced in pauper: Why run Prohibit over Mana Leak? Prohibit seems more limiting in my eyes. That said, Ive never played Pauper so I'm not experienced.

  2. Nice deck!
    Apologies for the ignorance but “many (maybe not that many) Magic: the Gathering players ask – where is that elusive bell on the Youtube page? Is it available to a non-subscriber of the channel?”

  3. God i just despise Maria. That cancerous grin and just awful awful unfunny laugh and "Insightful commentary". Wish I could watch the GP's but not now.

  4. Do you know am effective website that buys cards or can direct me to a place in my city that buys cards? I have a lot of cards to sell some of them worth quite a bit. But I would like to sell my whole collection that I no longer play.

  5. I wanted to submit a decklist to you of a bloodbriar deck for pauper ive made.
    2x act of treason
    3x tormenting voice
    3x fiery temper
    2x font of ire
    3x insolent neonate
    2x alchemists greeting
    3x fanatical firebrand
    2x vessel of volatility
    4x bloodbriar
    2x hooting mandrils
    2x vessel of nascency
    2x grapple with the past
    3x costly plunder
    2x terrarion
    2x explosive apparatus
    4x bloodfell caves
    2x unknown shores
    4x rugged highlands
    4x evolving wilds
    5x mountain
    4x forest

    Any feedback from you or anyone would be appreciated. I feel like this deck could use some tuning. Thank you all.

  6. UG Tempo. Delver+Nimble Mongoose+Werebear. You run bounce cards and control spells. The goal is to drop early threats and then pop! Threats off the board and get in.

  7. I've never heard anyone pronounce augur or Evincar this way before, and now that I type the word out for the first time, does anyone else find it strange/ominous that Evincar is a near anagram for Ravnica?

  8. Prof loved the video — thanks to you I got into pauper and I love it. Also your guides are super, duper helpful. It is also good to know that others share the same cynical and realistic views on WOTC and strengthens the good feeling when people such as yourself share the views. love this channel.

  9. So I've been waiting to find a control deck before hopping into pauper. Given your comments on the versatility of the deck and my experience being exclusively edh, any suggestions on cards to grab playsets of to try out? Not really sure what format Staples are but if it's only five or ten more to have better options for more matchups that's cool.

  10. Thanks a lot for being at GP London. Lost all the games but learned a lot about the format see you at the next GP. 🙂

  11. I can't agree with some of things that you said in this vid Professor (more than I mentioned). Clear draw-go teachings have 3 good ways to win game (EJ, CotBT or/and sprout swarm), and they are not that "poor", but for some weird reason, normal 60card teachings doesn't work so well.
    About mulldrifter… strongly disagree. This crit is almost always good to play if you are running creatures and blue cards (2 or even just 1 copy). It's just 1 for 3.
    Could you explain why less than 4x alchemy, edict's and think twice?

  12. many magic players like me ask the same question, why isn´t the professor making a video about the last ban on T2???

  13. He finally made a video of the pauper deck I play. It was bound to happen I guess. This a great control deck. Usually only lose with bad draws or getting overrun by slivers or elves if you don't have enough early answers.

  14. need a mono blue pauper deck tech plz. ive looked at the top 10 pauper decks im sure my blue counter deck should be the best but it would set my mind at rest to maybe see a mono blue deck tech for pauper so i can compare it to mine. if you need a list of whats in my deck then let me know then ill make one up for you plz and ty.

  15. hey professor, enjoy watching your videos. i bought a jace planeswalker deck from ixalan a few months back and was wondering if there were any good cards to upgrade it and help provide better synergy for a modern format.

  16. I have a question about different counterspells. Why do I never see rune snag in deck lists? I get that prohibit always counters a 2 cmc for 2 mana no matter what point of the game you are in. But I always like rune snag when it was in standard, and in a deck that is milling itself a bit with forbidden alchemy, couldn't rune snag be just as good as prohibit, but more versatile? Rune snag is often going to make them pay 4, if not more, later in the game. Or is the absolute guarantee from something like prohibit just more important than rune snags versatility?

  17. I took a deck very similar to this to GP Indy and I thought it was still too slow for the format, though it could be that I just suck lol.

  18. I'm going to be "that guy"… 4:10

    Correct me, if I'm wrong.

    Aside from that, this is a magnificent deck. In fact, I'm inspired to try out the format.

  19. Thanks Professor for doing these videos. You were the reason why I got into pauper and after a year of playing magic….this is probably my favorite format…..I just wished there was a bigger scene in San Diego…….

  20. Thank you for being such a pauper advocate. I've been waiting years for it to catch on in the paper world. Now I can finally brush the dust off my Affinity and Mono Black decks and play them in real life since pauper events are regularly firing at my LGS down here in Fresno CA. You have a large amount of my gratitude for this, prof! Let's all work to keep up the momentum and get an official non-MTGO paper ban-list and regs so that it can be even more accessible to aspiring budget players!

  21. Building this on MTGO at the moment, just want to offer a little ultra-budget tip: Vodalian Zombie can be substituted for Zombie Outlander, the former costs over a ticket while the latter is less than a tenth of one. The only functional difference is that Prof is running a Merfolk Zombie in an old frame, which is slightly cooler than a Zombie Scout from Conflux. They're both 2/2s with pro-green that cost UB.

  22. I personally prefer the UB Teachings list; Teachings for Teachings, now THAT'S Magic! And I just love winning via Buying Back Evincar's Justice.. Good stuff.

  23. that first statement isn't entirely true – otherwise hymn to tourach and sinkhole would be in pauper black control. Even if it probably would be banned in the format after just one major event…

  24. I have no idea if it's possible, but I'd love to see an artifact pauper! Affinity is cool or if there's others 😀

  25. Just picked up the pieces and built it. Im looking forward to starting out in pauper. Thanks for the advice proff!

  26. During my 1st ever standard format. Masques/Invasion block and 6th edition. Everyone in the local meta loved Blastoderm, so I mainboarded 4 Vodalian Zombies in my then $150 aggro and creature thief deck. That lil zombie got me dirty looks aplenty and several packs of prize support.

  27. Hi Professor. Is it true that chainer's edict has not been printed as a common and so cannot be used in paper pauper only in mtgo?

  28. I prefer to also swap two islands for halimar depths for more deck stacking and nice option for mini tutoring

  29. Maybe you should avoid listing individual card prices? Evincars justice is not 17 cents anymore. More like 2$, and thats online tix prices

  30. Why is Chainer's Edict better than Diabolic Edict? Yeah it has flashback but for SEVEN. Diabolic is also an instant.

  31. Cryptic serpent would be a good creature for this deck as well.
    It has “This spell costs 1 less to cast for each instant and sorcery card in your graveyard”

  32. Sorry I gotta be "That guy" but… Prof you are an English major right? How is it you don't know how to pronounce Augur? it is "AWE-GER" ~portend a good or bad outcome. But nice try with the frenchy version at 4:11 AWAR of Bolas ?
    Sorry fer bustin yer balls, love yer vids. P

  33. Prof your an English professor how can you not pronounce card names correctly and forbidden alchemy is not better then mystical teachings

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