MTG – Flash back into Standard with a White / Blue Midrange Deck for Magic: The Gathering

*Cute warbly intro music* Looking to get back into Standard in a Flash? (Puns) But don’t want to play the top two decks from the recent Pro Tour? Then have I got a deck for you! White/Blue Flash is, much like Standard itself, making a major comeback. Although the changes to its list and slightly adjusted strategy of play make it more accurately described… As White/Blue Midrange. Once the go-to deck and real powerhouse of Standard, The banning of Smuggler’s Copter and, much more so, Reflector Mage, downgraded the deck. And with the rise of Saheeli/Cat Combo, it sent White/Blue Flash to the Exile Zone. But now, with that cat combo gone and Amonkhet cards giving rise to many new decks, White/Blue is making a major comeback. But the deck itself has adapted to this new Standard. So let’s take a look! As before, you’ll want to run a full playset of Inspector Thraben. (C’mon Prof, get it right.) Whose GO! GO! Thraben clues (Prof plz) make this one of the best Turn One plays out there. But added to our curve is the new Glory-Bound Initiate, one of my new Standard favorites. Who, for only 2, gives you a 3/1 where… “You may exert Glory-Bound Initiate as it attacks. When you do, it gets +1/+3 and gains Lifelink until end of turn.” Continuing along this curve, for 1 Blue, 1 White, and 1 of any color, we can cast Spell Queller. A Flash Flying 2/3 that reads… “When Spell Queller enters the battlefield, exile target spell with converted mana cost 4 or less.” “When Spell Queller leaves the battlefield, the exiled card’s owner may cast that card without paying its mana cost.” Once you’ve got your 3 mana available, hold up on Spell Queller! Your opponent is likely within that “4 or less” range, and so when they attempt to move forward… Counter what they’re throwing your way, Flashing in a 2/3 Flyer, and gaining some major tempo advantage. Love this card!

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100 thoughts on “MTG – Flash back into Standard with a White / Blue Midrange Deck for Magic: The Gathering

  1. professor, we know you for budget builds that are super O.P. like the mean green power doubling machine, and not this two hundred and fifty dollar stuff with gideons .

  2. loved the vid, but could you do another budget Deck for the meta pls I've literally been playing magic duels for a week now and considering I'm an ex pro Hearthstone and yugioh player I know I'll want to go big in this game but I don't want to start at 250 dollars thanks in advance

  3. WTF!!! Someone help me this makes no f*cking sense why does Gideon even turn into a 5/5 if he can't attack?!! Help me this is so stupid?

  4. Thanks for vid, however it's really disheartening to see Gideon get in here.
    Though an IMPORTANT QUESTION: link to that sweet Avacyn art, pretty please? =)

  5. main
    4 Bomat Courier
    4 Canyon Slough 2 Cut // Ribbons
    3 Dust Stalker
    4 Evolving Wilds
    4 Fatal Push
    4 Fiery Temper
    4 Foreboding Ruins
    4 Forerunner of Slaughter
    2 Glorybringer
    4 Key to the City
    3 Magma Spray
    4 Mountain
    4 Scrapheap Scrounger
    4 Smoldering Marsh
    3 Swamp
    3 Unlicensed Disintegration
    2 By Force
    2 Dispossess
    2 Grasp of Darkness
    2 Lost Legacy
    1 Ruinous Path
    2 To the Slaughter
    2 Transgress the Mind
    2 Yahenni's Expertise

    let me know what you think Prof.

  6. I love your videos and can't wait to see you at vegas! Could you do a tech on standard fevered visons turbo fog?

  7. I'd love to see your brew of a Simic deck with a focus on getting free creatures out. Using new Nissa and Champion of Rhonas maybe even As Foretold.

  8. I find your lack of Always Watching disturbing. But that said, excellent deck. How do you feel about using Oketra, the True as a budget replacement for Gideon?

  9. Okay serious question, why does everyone use 3-4 of each card in their Deck? I get that significantly increases the consistency and power of the deck, but it is just so boring.

    You are using the same combo/combo potential the entire game. None of the cards feel unique, you are never hoping for that 1 card/combo to save the day because your whole deck IS that one card/combo. It is why I stopped yugioh back in the day, got into magic but the same thing happens here too. I get that winning is wonderful, but these types of 4 per card decks take all the fun out of everything.

  10. A newer pummler build to mess with would be great. I love mine but I like to see/hear other peoples opinions.

  11. Cool deck prof! I'm wondering if you can do an original take on aetherworks marvel or similar way of casting huge stuff early in the game?

  12. i'm trying to put together a green/white aggro angel deck that is fast as shit but can stop on a dime and change momentum if the situation calls for it. any suggestions professor? im rather new at MTG.

  13. For the love of all things holy, prof, the 'h' in "Archangel" is supposed to be silent! It's supposed to sound like ARK-Angel.

  14. Thanks for the tech, Professor! I have a question: what do you think of Commit//Memory or Pull from Tomorrow in this build?

  15. You shud make a standard deck tech using champion of rhonas ples would love to see a deck using him and his effect

  16. This price makes me cringe. I remember a few years ago when you could get an entire commander deck for the price of this mere 60 card deck

  17. Love the deck tech Professor! Keep it up! I'll probably be playing this list for GP since I have access to all the cards on the list. I was just wondering what match-up will you bring in the Gisela's in? Appreciate the reply.

  18. Dare to infect our minds with an infect EDH deck? Saskia, Atraxa, or even a Child of Alara? Alara can blow your minds in some games…….. as well as your opponents board. And maybe this is just plain stupid but Planeswalker EDH deck with Atraxa or Child of Alara? Power to the baby boomer. I'm done.

  19. yesterday I was using the Temur cycle deck and was beated down by gideons, man that guy is really annoying

  20. Hang on, why so much hate for Gideon? I thought he was a 4 mana token-generating vehicle-crewing emblem-making indestructible stud? Isn't the point of making a good deck having the best cards in the format?

  21. If only Gideon had been a 4/4, would have take that grasp and be a little less pricy.
    Waiting forward for the day he rotates out in the nowhere.

  22. I recently bought into standard so i could play standard-events at my LGS. I came up with a red white dwarves/vehicles deck and so far it has been pretty successful. Heart of the deck is Consulate Dreadnought and Siege Modification. No matter how many Gideons, a turn 3 10/11 with first strike is strong. I spend like up to 40 bucks for this deck and im still having fun.

    Artifact (14)
    4x Consulate Dreadnought
    4x Fleetwheel Cruiser
    4x Peacewalker Colossus
    Land (21)
    4x Inspiring Vantage
    6x Mountain
    4x Needle Spires
    7x Plains
    Creature (13)
    2x Depala, Pilot Exemplar
    3x Sram, Senior Edificer
    4x Toolcraft Exemplar
    4x Veteran Motorist
    Enchantment (8)
    4x Siege Modification
    4x Stasis Snare
    Instant (4)
    2x Fling
    2x Built to Smash

    Sideboard tech would be build to last against fatal push and some more variations to get rid of Gideon. Let me know what you think Professor.

  23. It's not hard unjustifying Gideon, he's too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe, Prof, you could do substitute videos, where you take out an expensive card for something ok that's cheap at the same slot.

    If they were balancing a bit, Gideon should have seen a dismember reprint.
    Hope they really gonna mix masters and core set in one interesting new summer set next year.

  24. I'd like to see a deck who is rotation proof, I'm definitely not going to buy a deck for that much cost just to play for 4 months.

  25. I'd like to see your take on a BW token/aristocrat deck using hidden stock pile and anointed procession. I know mtggoldfish did a budget version but would like to see your version in full throttle

  26. Professor, I know this is not the video topic, but would it be possible to brew a Competitive Modern Mill deck? Been thinking about this for some time now, and as a big fan of the 8 Rack, deck that you made me know and love, I believe if someone would be able to pull off a Competitive Mill it would be you.

  27. i play with 2 Gids ally and 2 new Gids, 3 Avacyns and a Bruna, the rest is the same, and daaayyuumm your list rocks, have been playtesting around stasis/counters/cast and havent found the balance, since your list it has been pretty smooth xD

  28. Check out this new fun casual multiplayer format I invented with planeswalkers:

  29. most of those cards will be out in 4 months time, not a good deck to start making if you're getting back into standard imo

  30. Plz do a sultai midrange deck with winding constrictor. I have tested something like this but can't find just the right build. I would be very interested in a less aggressive more midrange build of the constrictor deck with a splash of blue for rogue refiner and counter magic

  31. I've been running a similar deck for a while now, it's quite fun.  Gave me some ideas for adds to my list as well.

  32. For online orders, I exclusively use Card Kingdom. I have yet to be disappointed by their stock or how quickly the cards are delivered.

  33. I've been noodling with a Bant version of a Flash deck. Mainly to utilize Vizier of the Menagerie to surprise slam a creature off the top of the deck. Void Grafter also functions as kind of additional copies of a lesser Spell Queller to help protect the board.

  34. Hey Professor, I love the videos you do for standard studies. From the graphics to the well written script, they are always a video and audio aesthetic appeal to watch. As much as I love the decks you showcase, I'm afraid that cost is a big factor for many magic players.

    I was thinking of a way to solve this problem. I recently had about $200 saved for cards, so I put together a peasant cube, which is 360 and on its way to 450. I'm also working on a "commander cube" (yes, it is as horrible as it sounds, but it's really fun).

    As I read the comments throughout this video in particular, a lot of people are complaining about the price to play this deck in standard. And as we know, standard can be quite pricey. Maybe suggesting promoting eternal formats, something players want to get behind.

    People don't want to play formats. People want to just play magic. And for me, and many other players who decided to build a cube, have also found this the case. And cube also uses the cards you want. It is the creativity of commander, the complexity of modern, the speed of standard, and the environment of limited all rolled into one.

  35. Hey Professor, could you please do a deck tech on Ad Nauseam ? I've been wanting to buy the deck but i'm not sure if i will wnjoy it to it's full potential

  36. God I had to watch some fucks talk about keeping white people illegal in Slavemerica. I found out I am able to keep all of our Visas totaly legit because Bulgaria's wall is weak. I am now impervious I think.

  37. How do you think your deck and sideboard compares to the GP manila winner?

    will W /U flash still be viable in thhe next rotation do you think?

  38. Hey! just wanted to say thanks. I took my own version (inspired heavily) by this and managed to take down fnm for the first time.

  39. this deck is VERY solid. i am a fairly new casual player and i only played commander before i bought this deck as my first standard deck. with this deck i finished in 2nd place at my local fnm. i would highly recommend it

  40. Doesn't "Archangel Avacyn" automatically flip prior to sacrificing "Selfless Spirit"? (or am I missing how you can avoid the 3 damage board sweeper/wipe)?

  41. I'd like to see a white/blue angel artifact build..artifacts & artifact creatures tapping for mana to bring out legend Angel's faster and blue for counter spells. Not sure what lands to combine for good synergy & helping cast the bigger cards though..any thoughts? Could you give an example on what this deck would look like in Legacy or vintage? Not worried about price.

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