MTG Core Set 19 Pre Release Recap 4 – 0 Finish! Deck Tech

The Doctor is in! oh yeah had pre release fun and like I said
in yesterday’s video I went 4 – 0, got me my 18 packs of prize support. Oh yeah , probably not opening all these in
this one video, probably open up 3 every day until I do another pick up. So if you don’t want to miss that, don’t
forget to be subscribed, hit that like button, share the content, ring the notification bell
so you don’t miss a thing. And what’s the deck that got me 4 – 0,
its not mono green but it is green black oh yes oh in creatures…. I’m just going to go over the deck real
simply not to keep this video to long for Monday. So we have Druid of the cowl, little *click*
ramp. We have the Centaur Courser 3 for 3/3. We have this guy which is pretty much removal
on the stick. Daggerback Basilisk, uh 3 drop that has deathtouch. Having 2 of those is pretty nice. Had to run the giant Spider has reach always
pesky little flyers being all over the place. Got a wolf just want to have more creature
support in the deck. Hungering Hydra, super awesome rare for X
and green you get a 0/0 hydra that says when enters the battlefield with X plus one plus
one counters on it. It cant be blocked by more than one creature. Then whenever it is dealt damage it gets that
many plus one plus one counter but it has to survive combat.

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14 thoughts on “MTG Core Set 19 Pre Release Recap 4 – 0 Finish! Deck Tech

  1. best thing I'd use fraying omnipotence when all they have is a elder dragon…then u can revive it and kill then with it….I did that once. . my lulls sucked and I only won once but I did something fun.

  2. Great showing, and a nice pull! I didn’t do so well, but can’t complain with the jackpot pull from my pack! Video tomorrow😉

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