MTG – “Budget” Feather, the Redeemed EDH/Commander Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering!

feather is the most dynamic and arguably
the best Boros commander we’ve seen in a long time her power is rivaled by few
and she demands a completely unique deck building experience in this video I’m
gonna show you a pseudo budget list that manages to include powerful cards fun
interactions and a play style that you’ve probably never tried before I’ll
be using TCG player pricing throughout the video to show you just how cheap it
is and you can click the first link in the description to see the list in full
or purchase any of the cards in it for the cheapest price as possible I do hope
you enjoy this absolute monster of a commander deck and if you do remember to
hit that like button helps out a lot feather the redeemed is 1 red and 2
white for a 3/4 legendary creature angel with flying whenever you cast an instant
or sorcery spell the targets a creature you control exile that card instead of
putting it into your graveyard as it resolves if you do return it to your
hand at the beginning of the next end step that trigger is pure card advantage
whenever you cast an instant or sorcery that targets a creature you control you
get that card to get into beginning of the next n step which means you can use
this trigger on your opponent’s turns getting your spells back again and again
barring resources you can keep casting spells and your creatures forever they
always come back to you and that’s the point of the entire deck say hello to
Boros combat tricks storm a deck unlike any other we’re gonna start with spells
that target a creature we control that we want to cast over and over again
since we get them back for free we also want to keep the cost down so we can
keep using them on our opponent’s turns in the one mana slot we have a ton to
work with defying strike pumps and draws a card for one mana then we get it back
to do all over again crimson wisps same thing except the
creature we target also gets haste which is nice ex but I pretty much the same
thing niveus wisps forces a tap on a creature but we don’t care about that at
all because we’re kin tripping like a boss
renegade tactics on our own creature at sorcery speed doesn’t matter so this is
just another repeatable one mana draw card on our turn bandage prevents damage
and draws then heal and panic our relics of the past Cassie an instance speed and
drunk card the beginning of the next turns upkeep eight spells the
cost of one man at that draw card seven of which we get to cast every single
turn not just our own Boros with this much card draw it’s unheard of and these
are just the one mana can trips at two mana we’re looking at accelerate which
is just a worse expedite but it’s still a cheap can trip you get to cast forever
guided strike gives first strike so it’s just a buff defying strike psychotic
fury is very cool you’re only going to be casting these spells with feather on
the battlefield so psychotic fury should always have a target Plus double strike
is sweet for commander damage shelter helps to protect feather from the flurry
of removal and then stunned well you get it now I understand how this may look
with all these tiny canned trips are we just spinning our wheels hacky no
remember you get each of these spells back you keep drawing cards which draw
you more of them so on and so forth eventually your hand is going to be
bursting with these spells and that leads me to our first wind condition
storm we’re running empty the warrants and
grapeshot empty the Warrens is a monster in this deck and super funny in the mid
game it’s easy to get at least six or seven spells going in a single turn
feather keeps returning everything your hand literally mana is your only limiter
for four mana empty the Warrens is usually going to land you at least
twelve or fourteen goblins at least in my experience so far in a game where
player started for you life grape shop probably won’t kill anyone that easily
but it can turn the tide of a game in your favor two mana for sometimes eight
or ten or twelve damage seems pretty good to me and you get to spread that
out fireball style delicious but my favorite storm payoff in this deck ether
flux reservoir what a beautiful card if the reservoir sticks around for even a
turn or two you’ll be able to nuke another player without any issue the
deck runs so many can trips and self targeting spells that recur you will
literally never run out of spells to cast and they’re also cheap the average
converted mana cost of a spell in this deck is under two and a half that’s
pretty low for commander you gain massive amounts of life then kill
everyone the reservoir has to die or you in the game it’s really that simple
Boros storm so good everything we’re doing rides on feather being alive she
has to survive to cycle all of our awesome spells so we need to protect her
ajani’s presence is cheap gives indestructible and wreckers emerge
unscathed gives protection and workers from feathers
ability also with rebound you choose which replacement effect happens so you
can decide whether or not to occurred immediately or get a rebound trigger
God’s willing grants color protects Dan lets you scry nice repeatable card
filtering their and valorous stance is repeatable indestructibility you can use
as a removal spell if you’re in a pinch lots of shields for feather because this
deck is unlike any other we get to run some real cheeky removal spells ones
that aren’t is good anywhere else Chandra’s ignition targets a creature
you control which means it’s a potential board wipe over and over again at worst
three damage every turn doesn’t seem so bad jaya simulating inferno is beyond
funny with feather you can target her in two other targets burn them to the
ground if you have to and get it back impact resonance isn’t widely known but
you can divide the damage however you choose so you deal one two feather the
rest to whatever you want dub and get it back then use it again at instant speed
whenever you want reckless rage is a repeatable removal
spell and feather survives it then or UM’s Thunder is an artifact an
enchantment destruction spell that you can get back by burning feather with a
kicker more ways to abuse feathers trigger spawning breath is straight up
ramp intimidation both us and kill feather which means it’s a recurring fog
and Boros not bad seize the day is beyond amazing giving
you an additional combat phase every single one of your turns if you want it
no big deal so broken spark of creativity is card draw just another
nice can trip and borrows charm is repeatable double strike and eventually
a way to protect your team from a board wipe then to round out this package of
absurdity double cast because who doesn’t love to spells instead of one
pretty great with storm just saying the deck is full of powerful creatures that
take full advantage of our combat tricks spell slinging nature electrostatic
field is a win condition hilariously so is guttersnipe but he wins twice as fast
it’s so good young pyromancer amasses elemental tokens and then oh baby and
then we have the trio of mirror winged dragon precursor golem and Tzadik he
drawn grinder because we weren’t drawing enough cards alrighty think about all of
our awesome and cheap can trips on one of these nasty creatures we give
creatures first strike double strike and power buffs across our army that’s going
to be a huge deal so much power in this deck I can’t wait for you all to try it
we love casting spells that target a creature we
control so the rest of the creatures in this deck care about that a lot a crow
and Crusader and vanguard of Brahmas are gonna create more one one’s for us
fabled hero becomes a wind condition very quickly if it isn’t removed
favorite hoplite is a more defensive heroic creature looking to keep him
alive through a bunch of combat damage and damage base removal labyrinth
champion requires you to target it but if you do what deal to damage to
whatever you want over and over again forever seems decent deathless high
priest is especially saucy recruiting most of the creatures we’ve spoken about
so far in this video best part is that you can cast it it hits to the
battlefield your opponent’s try to remove it so in response you cast a
flurry of one mana can trips bringing everything back and then the damage has
already been done so so strong and then my personal favorite heroic art in the
deck a crow in can script her on the face of it already pretty insane since
you can cast so many spells you can probably take most of the battlefield or
at least all the powerful creatures but then after you do that while you still
have control of them casts cloud shift you exile one of those
creatures it comes back under your control as a new creature so it doesn’t
go back to its owner and because you targeted a creature you control you get
cloud shift back I honestly love this deck more than words can describe
running cloud shift opens the door for us a bit to include some creatures we
want to flicker Boreas charger knight to the white
orchid and quark cartographer are all perfect for this deck getting us lands
that we desperately need in addition to land fetchers rival Ark is a great
target for flicker spells returning a pair of our creatures back to the
battlefield certainly Worth’s flickering then Sun Titan same deal except it has
more flexibility to bring you back more creatures and other permanence that make
it destroyed along the way if flickering provides a lot of value and protection
for our creatures which is why it makes such a good sub-theme in this deck we
decided to bolster our defenses in this way by including angel of condemnation
flicker wisp and restoration angel for creature based blink effects then the
deck includes acrobatic maneuvers for blink and card draw that we get back
eerie interlude exile is a bunch of stuff to protect from board waves than
you get it all back an otherworldly journey flickering and buffing a
creature works pretty well with feather herself if you need it then we have twin
flame love this card for the creatures with I know the battlefield triggers
twin flame creates copies of them and triggers feather so you keep getting it
back it’s so much you we’ve covered so many instance in
sorceries but this deck wouldn’t be complete without their Lord and Savior
son forger well this card has spiked in price we’ve
managed to keep the total costs of the deck pretty dang low then it makes it
worth it to invest in a copy son forger is too good to ignore functioning as a
bomb spell tutor getting you whatever you need at a moment’s notice when you
don’t need to unattach it it makes a creature huge it synergizes with
Chandra’s ignition and we’re also running magnetic theft so you can
reattach it immediately and get this back thanks to feather imagine being
able to unattach the Sun Forge or get a car do you need attach it again
immediately then unattached get a car Denis it again then get that enabler
back to do it all over again you cannot tell me that this doesn’t sound absurdly
fun I mean come on it’s so good swiftlet boots is gonna help feather stay alive
don’t play lightning grieves because shroud is terrible in this deck you need
to be able to target your creatures elixir of immortality stops you from
decking yourself which is a legitimate concern in this strategy believe it or
not so run that car trust me then we have commander’s sphere Boros locket and
borrow signet for some ramp and fixing the deck has an incredibly low curve so
we don’t need too many bells and whistles here running 35 lands in total
slayer stronghold buffs one of our creatures Needle spires can be a
creature if we really need something to target temple of the false god is solid
Carles mana to help us cast a bunch of spells at once then we have dual lands
and Boros garrison borrows gub gate and wins guard crag it fetches in evolving
wilds and terra morphic expanse and then thirteen mountains and 14 Plains to
round out the 99 well this deck is a symphony of awesome
I understand why to up the budget I have a sick list of upgrades for you if you
enjoy the storm component of this deck primal amulet is a real house getting
completely out of control once it flips for further abuse of feathers trigger
our Relius fury is very powerful same with ball doovy and Raijin fel the
mighty if champions helm is a great upgrade to help keep feather safe stone
forged mystic can go grab sun forager or skull clamp if you want to upgrade into
that as well very strong with the number of won ones in this deck then some
quality of life upgrades in solemn simulator on burnished heart and soul
ring then the truly over-the-top nonsense – fairies protection and sort
of feast and famine the sword letting you untap your lands gross that plays
right into your storm craziness feather of the redeemed is easily one of
the coolest and most unique manners we’ve ever had essentially making
unplayable cards absolutely bonkers I love this deck it’s the first Boros deck
I’ve ever really enjoyed in commander I can’t get enough of it and I know you
will feel the same click the first link of the description to see the full list
and purchase the deck on the cheap it’s around $60 right now made from scratch I
promise you that’s a bargain for how much fun you are going to have with it
if you’re playing cards I’m not leave them below and we’ll chat about it and
of course as always thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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12 thoughts on “MTG – “Budget” Feather, the Redeemed EDH/Commander Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering!

  1. Hey @TheManaSource … I've been playing this deck and one big question plague my games… I have zada, hedron grinder and mirrorwing dragon, and whenever i target them with an instant or sorcery i copy it for every other creature i control correct? Ok, then…Does the cards that have the heroic mechanic, when they are targeted by the copied instant or sorcery, do they get activated as well? For what i understand they do, but a friend in my play group says they don't activate. So it's very confusing… :T Thanks for the help…

  2. Bosium Strip (from Weatherlight), helps out against those counter spell heavy decks. It's an artifact that for 3 and tap, allows you to recast the top card from your graveyard then put the card in exile (but with feather you get it back). So good to protect the important instants/sorcery spells.

  3. I managed to attend the London GP and got this card in my sealed pool. Did awful. Lesson learned, never build a deck around one card with no protection. Now I really want to build a commander deck around him and see if he can redeem himself. (Sorry, accidental pun 😂)

  4. Kazuul's Toll Collector combos with Sunforger. With it's ability to equip any equipment for free you can essentially grab any spell from your deck for just RW. And with Feather on the field, any spells targeting your creatures will go to your hand. Win-win right?

  5. Wouldn’t arclight Phoenix be good here, you would never cast it, just discard it as soon as you hit 7 cards and watch it jump right out to the battlefield

  6. Path to Exile should at least be in the upgrade section. If you need you can even path Feather and get path back

  7. I'm running a runaway steamkin in mine. Every three instants gets me more mana to cast more instants
    , rinse and repeat

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