MTG – B/R Vampires “$20 Budget” Tribal Standard Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering!

Hey everyone, my name is Wedge. You’ve been asking for a standard vampire budget deck tech since Shadows over Innistrad came out. Well after weeks of testing different variants, I think i have one of the better builds out there, considering it cost less than 20 dollars. Ya, I got this deck to cost less than 20 bucks it was really difficult but I made it work as we go through the video I’ll show you the price of each card right now on if you wanna buy any of the cards, or the entire deck, you can click the first link in the description it will bring you to the deck list, click one button and boom, have the entire deck, right there. so easy without further a do, lets get into it red black vampires might as well be called red black madness vampires its basically what we’re doing here, the deck outrageously aggressive and totally abuses the madness mechanic to no end the lands are simple, we’re running 21 of them 12 mountains. 9 swamps remember, this is super budget I considered running cinder barrens, but we really need our lands to enter untapped we can’t afford to be this slow. that’s why this version is only running basics alright time for the good stuff we’ll begin with the bottom of our curve with 4 Falkenrath Gorger this 1 mana 2/1 with no downside is alright where we wanna be whats better than that? turning all out vampires into madness machines as you’ll see in a minute, we’re running over 20 vampires, so the Gorgers ability is relevant the entire game, its an auto include speaking of auto include, 4 Insolent Neonate I don’t care what anyone tells you about this card, its the real deal 1 mana for a 1/1 with menace is boring but its a vampire so that’s a plus. and it enabled madness all on its own and replaces itself after doing so you can block with this and instant speed madness and sac it before damage is dealt, there is no real downside to the Neonate this is exacle what we want in our vampire deck that abuses madness seriously, its like the poster child of what we are trying to do here the 2 drop slot is where the flesh of our deck is we’ll begin with the obvious inclusion 4 heir of falkenrath 2 mana 2/1 that’s basically guaranteed to be a 3/2 flying vampire the next turn sure that’s fair cards gross, not only does it enable madness without any real cost what so ever, the technical cost is a creature upgrade most decks have no way of dealing with a 3/2 flyer on turn 3, its just not a thing enables madness, beats in quick, is a vampire, 3 for 3 moving on our next 4 of is ravenous bloodseeker, a lot players underestimate this card in constructed play but they don’t see the value here we are talking about a 1/3 that gets a sick power boost after it enables madness you can even enable madness on your opponents turn if you need to bloodseeker is one of our main madness enables because it can keep enabling turn after turn Neonate dies to enable, Heir flips, Bloodseeker sticks around, its why its a 4 of, to reliable to say no we’re running 3 asylum visitor, this is where a lot of vampire builds separate. some people hate the visitor, some like it. I love it while games with this deck will go very quickly so will your hand, so will your opponents hand after all if they arn’t casting spells or committing something to the board they’re just dead your deck requires reaction, the more they react the closer you get the Asylum goodness sometimes it might end up being dead, but worst case scenario you’re still hanging onto a 3/1 vampire for 2 mana and it has madness, I’ve had a lot of success with this cards in games, it refuels and helps you win, trust me. Our last 2 drop is Olivia’s Bloodsworn, 2 mana for a 2/1 with flying, that’s already not bad we don’t care that it cant block, what’s super good is that last ability being able to give haste to any of our creatures, that will help our clock out a lot especially after turns 4 or 5 when we might have an extra mana or 2 to use. You might think this is a filler vampire but your wrong the Bloodsworn has a real place in this deck, haste is so important, remember that the last creature in our deck and the top of our curve is Incorrigible Youths. A full playset our dream is to turn 1 Gorger, turn 2 Heir, turn 3 flip Heir play Youths and attack for 9 this is the kind of crazyness we are looking to make happen. We need a lot of madness enablers because we need to use aggression as soon as possible. we need them to win the game our creatures are great but relatively tiny. The Youths, not so tiny, they barrel we need them to barrel all the time, of the best cards in the deck for sure. That’s gonna do it for the 26 creatures we’re running, that leaves us with 13 non creature cards probably more than you thought, well 7 of those are burn spells. We’re running 4 Ffery Temper and 3 Lightning Axe Fiery Temper is Lightning Bolt in this deck, it just is. When your casting it for the full 3 you’ve probably lost the game already it is lighting bolt, no reason not to play it. this card was included for this very deck Lightning Axe? similar story, card is stupid. 1 mana for 5 damage and you enable madness. its unreal, totally unreal this is gonna plow through any creature your opponent plays to stop your onslaught wrecks Avacyn right quick, same with archangel of tithes there Isn’t much the axe doesn’t hit that you care about these burn spells let you get through your opponents defenses and win the game, easy choices we are also running 3 tormenting voice, while I was testing the deck I tested it with 0, 2, 3, and 4 of this card Tormenting Voice is just too good at catching you back up in a game to cut completely you don’t want it all the time but when you want it you really want it 3 of them gives us a good chance of drawing it but no so good we draw a bunch of them early some may be against their including but I promise you their card filtering and madness enabling is exactly what you want especially if you need catch up on cards the last 3 cards in the deck and the 3 cards that bring this entire deck together. Stensia Masquerade. that’s right this draft powerhouse is great in constructed, who knew? You’re running 26 vampires. 26! giving them all first strike when their attacking seems good they get counters when they get through even better. dream card for the madness vampire deck best part is you can combat trick this in. it has madness itself. so good with all the creature based strategies running around you cant tell me that auto-first strike isn’t good its great, its game ending it makes the asylum visitor a nightmare to deal with it makes heir to the night a win condition all by itself it turns everything you have into big threats over the long game this requires an answer every time, if they don’t have the answer they lose its that simple red black madness vampires is incredibly aggressive, aggressive to the point where i cant properly articulate the magnitude of it you play your 1 drops, into your 2 drops, enable madness whenever you can. swing all the time and win now, it isnt always going to be that easy remember that you have a lot of value in madness, if you need to wait a turn to get full value off a discard effect on your Lightning Axe, wait the turn if you can it’s about tempo, its about using your triggers when you can if you have to cast Incorrigible Youths for 5 because you were to anxious and used tormenting voice a turn too early, well. that’s on you bad idea, just a few things to think about ok a few different directions to go with this deck from here. if you dont feel Incorrigible Youths are an effective top end. Mindwrack Demon and Goldnight Castigator are both very strong if you play the demon add some Evolving Wilds to the deck for delirium if you play the angle don’t worry about the downside, your an aggro deck your opponent is going to be on the defensive, not you the angle is a 4/5 for 4 with haste thats what she is 99% of the time if you think your curve needs to be higher these are your 2 best options for some fast damage and low cost if you want to up the budget of the deck there are so many ways to do that if you do your deck becomes that much more consistent and that much more deadly the deck without a budget is actually kind of gross the first thing you wanna do is get Drana, and Olivia in there. they are both very strong and deserve spots top of the curve, remove castigator and demon or whatever you have up there and put in kalitas to make room for all of this take out incorrigible youths, maybe one of 2 take out all asylum visitors and all tormenting voice Drana and Olivia are just so dumb in this deck if you have them, run them and come back to me. its crazy how much power there is there all thats left after that, lands 4 foreboding ruins and smoldering marsh, run playsets mana reliability is definitively a thing, you don’t have that luxury the budget version but in the non budget version, these lands are very important, run them thats going to do it for this standard budget deck tech. let me know what you think about the deck in the comments and if there are changes you’d make tell everyone about them again if you wanna see the deck list or order some cards click the first link in the discription from that page you can order any or all the pieces to this 20 dollar budget deck I know 20 dollars, so good! anyway be sure to subscribe for the latest and most reliable magic the gathering information you will ever need this is the mana source, I’m wedge. thanks for watching. we’ll see you next time

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100 thoughts on “MTG – B/R Vampires “$20 Budget” Tribal Standard Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering!

  1. I've been playing a variation this deck at fnm for a while and have found indulgent aristocrat to be an amazing include as it can easily be a combat trick/get your team out of sweeper range. Have blown out a few people by instant speed pumping the team multiple times

  2. If you don't buy the lands, then the deck is like 3 bucks cheaper; you could spend a bit of that extra budget on a dual or two.

  3. Any thoughts on the sideboard? I'm pretty sure like 2-3 rending volley, 2-3 castigator, maybe a couple of that avacyn madness burn spell

  4. Im really confused. If you have multiple goldnight castigators does their effect stacks ? Like do you take 4 times more damge ?

  5. Here's my take on BR vampires so far:

    3x Falkenrath Gorger
    2x Indulgent Aristocrat
    4x Heir of Falkenrath
    4x Ravenous Bloodseeker
    2x Olivia's Bloodsworn
    2x Olivia, Mobilized for War
    3x Elusive Tormentor
    4x Incorrigible Youths

    Noncreature Spells:
    2x Duress
    2x Lightning Axe
    2x Sinister Concoction
    4x Fiery Temper
    3x Stensia Masquerade

    8x Mountain
    7x Swamp
    4x Foreboding Ruins
    4x Smoldering Marsh

    Any ideas for improvement? I think asylum visitor would be nice, but I am not completely sure…

  6. I threw this together on Octgn to see how it plays (with Kalitas, Drana and Olivia in it).
    It is SO GOOD!
    Mulligan to 4? No problem.
    It's also great to cast a second Heir to transform the first one

  7. Great video Wedge, really very helpful for those layers looking for a cheap in to the current standard. Can you do more of this please, it would be great if you could work out a starting budget deck list and then use the final third of the video to list the dream deck list you can aim for with good trading, draft picks or simply purchasing the better cards. Once again thanks!

  8. qeue beethoven
    thanks for finally making the vid.
    also biting rain and gisa's bidding, fun madness triggers experimenting with those guy's in the sideboard.

  9. Bring Olivia out as soon as you can if your running her. Turn one falkenrath gorger, turn two heir, turn three Olivia if in hand, turn four drop drana activate Olivia's effect discard firery temper to give drana +1+1 and haste cast the firery temper take out the biggest threat(or to deal that extra damage you need to kill your opponent) discard a land to transform heir and swing

  10. I think you actually don't want to go over 3 Smoldering Marsh, lands entering tapped in this deck is real bad news. I also think people tend to put cards in/cut cards from this deck with the assumption that you're always going to have a Falkenrath Gorger on the battlefield, when it's only 4 of your 60. You need, need, need cards with madness, and cheap madness at that. Cutting the Asylum Visitors for the strong 3-drop vampires in the non-budget version sounds nice on paper, but in practice, you lose a TON of value tossing them away. I'd honestly cut down on Ravenous Bloodseeker before I'd cut down on Asylum Visitor. Pretend that "bad Bob" clause isn't on there. It's an ability that isn't going to be turned on very often, but I think the card is worth playing even with out it. It having that text on it is just gravy, but it ends up being relevant more often than not anyway. That text will draw removal to it. An opponent might choose to kill the Asylum Visitor over your flipped Heir if you've got 0-1 cards left in hand, which is GREAT for you. Play the card as an aggressive madness creature, and forget the other text. It's still good, and having enough cards with the word "Madness" actually printed on the card is really important.

    I run a non -budget version with 0 Ravenous Bloodseeker, instead opting to play 4 Lightning Axe (rather than the usual 3) 2 copies of Kologhan's Command, and an Asylum Visitor, with a couple other changes in there as well. But going up on the one Lighting Axe does go a long way towards replacing the usefulness of Ravenous Vampire's repeatable effect. Kologhan's Command is really nice because you can get back a card you threw away to Lightning Axe or Heir if you were ever forced to discard for no value. Which happens.

    I have a lot to say about this deck. I've been playing with it and tuning it obsessively since before Shadows even came out. Innistrad Vampires was my first ever Standard deck, so it holds a special place in my heart. All in all, I really like this budget version, I guess the main thing I wanted to say was that cutting the Asylum Visitors when moving up to a full-priced version should not be obvious or automatic. The fact that they actually have madness and don't only have it when you're lucky enough to turn 1 Gorger is HUGE.

  11. I want to include Macabre Waltz and Call the bloodlines so badly in this, I think thoose 2 cards are really strong too (maybe just 2-2 of each), bringing back an Incorrigible Youth and madnessing it asap and attacking with it, is just awesome. And with running 2 Call the Bloodlines maybe switch out 1 neonate and 1 Bloodseeker for 2 Indulgent Aristocrat? Maybe bringing in 2 Markov Dreadknights just for the pumping + madness enabling ability in the budget deck? Or is it too slow and expensive? And what about grotesque mutation and uncaged fury combo? I guess there is no place for them in this deck?

  12. Sweet, I have not had much luck with my build so I will definitely try this one with a bit of my own touch 🙂
    What is your opinion on Call to the Bloodline?

  13. I actually think that sinister concoction would be a nice one drop for this deck. Madness enabler and removal in one package. If anything, just a two of.

  14. What about sideboard? Black gives several good options like Duress, Transgress the Mind, Ruinous Path, Languish, etc.

  15. I've had a lot of success with the Elusive Tormenter, I'm a little shocked it wasn't mentioned. it's a big creature for cheap, that can slip through defenses, protect itself from spells, and induce madness at will. A must add imho.

  16. I really like these decktechs. I just bought most of the pieces from this one and i'm super keen to play it 🙂

  17. Hi, I tried to follow your build in Magic Duels, but because of restrictions I came up with something similar. However, I need the opinion in one thing. Instead of 3 Tormenting Voices (non available), I came up with 3 alternatives (madness enablers): Sinister Concoction, Call the Bloodline and Macabre Waltz. Personally I prefer the Concoction because it's a nice (and harder to counter) removal and would spare me 1 mana. But I would like some feedback on this.

  18. How competitive is this deck? I could get all the commons and uncommons from the unwanted draft cards at my lgs and can get the rares for £7 or just trade over bulk for it and could probally trade/buy Olivias. I do want to play this but if i'm gonna lose every game then theres not that much point.

  19. +TheManaSource The upgraded version is awesome to run, especially at FNM. This is what I run, just needs a reliable sideboard. I didnt drop the Incorigibles or the Asylums and I see the draw as a need with this deck, especially after Olivias are added, I dropped the bloodsworns as I find them to not be as useful, only run 2 Stensias, 2 Ravenous, 2 insolents, and I include 2 senseless rages as they are quite useful to drop right before combat damage to upset your opponent.

  20. How is Alms of the Vein not an auto include in a BR aggressive strategy? It creates a gap six life wide and costs one mana. I understand life gain sucks and it's a sorcery but still…

    Please, enlighten me.

  21. These decks loses everytime to Throttle or Thoughtknot. When Zendikar rotates out this can competitive of Eldritch moons gives it a Planeswalker or ability to pump up your vampires faster.

  22. But… just to throw it out there.. LOVE the standard budget decks. Wish there were more posted. Keep it up! 🙂

  23. Okay, I take issue with "abuses the hell out of them." Wizards did not print ONE card with a 0 mana discard cost, that also LIVES after using it. EVERY single other source can only either activated once, or once per turn. Not to mention you're jumping through ALL these hoops just to have Fiery Temper. Until Vamps gets more support or Origins rotates, set this deck the hell down. It doesn't have a way to plow through the field right now, and there is WAAAY not enough burn to just go to the face. And don't say Alms of the Vein. stabs you

    Falkenrath Noble (along with most every other Vampire in the deck) dies to
    – Spacial Contortion
    – 90-95% of the budget vampires die to Warping Wail as well
    – Fiery Impulse
    – Fiery Temper
    – Grasp of Darkness
    – Kozy's Return
    – Radiant Flames
    – Also Secure the Wastes completely blanks so many of your cards.
    – Chandra Flamecaller's -X set to 1 will wreck your field, too.

    And this deck falls absolutely flat against GW tokens.

    I hate Stensia Masquerade. Yeah, IF your dudes live, IF you have a madness enabler, IF it's YOUR turn. This card is a Pokeball. When it works, it's great. When it doesn't, it sits in your hand doing fuck all.

    Like… this deck is FILLED with X/1s. It's kinda just bad.

    I built BR Vampires. It's awful against the format right now. They get wiped by Secure the Wastes, and planewalkers shit al over them.

    I have a very strong opinion about this deck's "budget" access because the only reason it's so budget is that the cards don't win you the game. There isn't enough meat, the deck has no haymaker that doesn't just die to the mirror's cards… It's such an uphill battle. had an article where they ran FOUR different iterations of Vampires through their gauntlet. And it was awful. Less than 25% win rate.

    So. Yeah. If you want to win less than 25% of the time, budget the shit out of it.

  24. Hey Wedge, I'm looking for advice, and I think none other than you can give is fit to give it. I want to build a Temur Elementals meta, but I'm not sure of what cards I need staples of. Any tips or words of the wise?

  25. Honestly, the budget version of this deck is better. Far better. If you play madness enough like me, you'll realize it's very mana expensive. The best discard outlets are the "free" ones. Such as Heir to the Falkenwrath, Ravenous blood seeker ect. Once you pay the cost for playing the creatures Heir and Ravenous, you're home free next turn. You can discard now only having to worry about the madness cost of said card your discarding. Olivia and Drana are strong card yes, but too big for this deck. This is an aggro deck. The ONLY time you want to pay 3 mana is if your madnessing in Incorrigible. Other than that you'll realize soon enough that Olivia's madness plays may be powerful, but they're too mana expensive and will leave you over extended. Think of it as blowing your "wad". Also, the fact that this deck doesn't have call of the bloodline is well… hilarious. You need that card. More than stensia believe it or not. Keep Kalitas in the side. Stensia is good, but Call is much better.

  26. Would you please do a Standard Zada, Hedron Grinder and Silverfur Partisan deck? It's a fun, simple combo that I think could be done so much better than I could do.
    This is what I've been able to do with it:

  27. Would any of the standard Planeswalkers work well in this deck? I was thinking Chandra, Flamecaller might fit since this deck is based on Madness and her 0 cost ability is "Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards plus one." . Not to mention her +1 is very aggressive which is also a main focus of this deck "Put two 3/1 red Elemental creature tokens with haste onto the battlefield. Exile them at the beginning of the next end step." allowing you to swing for 9 every turn as long as you keep her alive.

  28. How do you feel about "Twins of Maurer Estate" for this deck? Is the mana cost for them too steep for what's being done in this deck?

  29. Looks great, and I used part of it as a template for my version. One thing that I am a little confused about is the lack of Alms of the Vein. In my experience it has defiantly won me games and is another 3 damage for 1 mana with the upside of life gain. Thnx for all the great vids!!!!

  30. This looks like a fun Standard deck. I like aggro decks and the madness strategy adds a new twist to it. Plus I have plenty of the dual lands for these colours sitting in a rare folder. Just need to pick up some of the cheaper rares and maybe trade for the non budget rares too to make this a competitive deck.

  31. I took this deck to a tournament and placed 14th out of 33. I only ran the marshes because ruins can still possibly come in tapped. I did put Kalitas, drana and olivia in the deck and removed the asylums all together. Not sure why you missed avacyn's judgement, but it is amazing in this deck vs. aggro. That being said the side board is heavy removal. Destroy planeswalkers, plague for tokens, languish, etc. I love it and cannot wait to run it at FNM this week.

  32. I'm interested in making this deck, would you add vampire nocturnus(m13) or nocprocplis regent(ravnica) ????

  33. I am super rusty I havent played mtg since the first zendikar set. i got olivia prepared for battle for cheap what would you remove from the budget list to play her?

  34. I play a similar build but I dropped the black and play mono red…the insolent neonates into a skin invasion is incredibly good and I use sin proder to get my hand back, cycle through unwanted land, or get some damage in

  35. i pilot a similar deck currently. i run more creatures, vampires of course, to hit faster and harder.

    4 neonate
    4 gorger
    4 heir of falkenrath
    4 olivia dragoon
    3 drana
    3 olivia
    4 bloodhall priest

    4 incendiary flow
    2 lightning axe
    4 fiery temper

    4 cinder barrens
    4 smoldering marsh
    1 geier reach sanitarium
    8 mountain
    6 swamp

    3 collective brutality
    2 avacyn's judgment
    3 alms of the vein
    4 galvanic bombardment
    3 goldnight castigator

  36. We can just replace the Tormenting Voices with Cathartic Reunion now that Kaladesh is a thing, right? And I know that Indulgent Aristocrat has great synergy with Falkenrath Gorger. You sac it and pay 2 to put a +1 on all your vampires, then cast it again for madness. I wreck with that synergy because I already made my own version of this deck

  37. I might try it for fun. I do blue white control for standard I might try this for fun I have a lot of these cards already

  38. I played deck I love it I built it for fnm I lost but as I play with it more I'll get better with it so I love the madness triggers.i have all cards except a kalitis I think thats how you spell it.othet than that now I have 2good decks toplay

  39. I like your deck a lot and I made close to yours check it on TCGplayer. I hope you like my deck on TCGplayer as SirChris38

  40. My b/r speed vamp deck is better than this. Where's markov? Lifelink vampires and enchantments? That lets you beat down on your opponent and not give a shit if he attacks back on his turn. There is a 1 cost vampire too that gives your vamps counters and drops a card that triggers madness.

  41. i chucked in some "call the bloodlines" in there. it gives you a 1 mana madness trigger AND it gives you a 1/1 vampire token. pretty sweet. i also chucked in perpetual timepiece since it shuffles all of your used and discarded spells back into the deck. again pretty nice.

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