MTG Arena STANDARD 🔥▷ AMASS Board-Wipe Deck! ◁🔥 【 WAR 】MTGA

through the power of peer pressure daddy
is finally playing arena we’re looking at an amassed standard duck and you know
it wouldn’t be a magic aids video if you weren’t fully erect by the end of this
which is why we’re running for X e’en scriptures so the idea of the deck we
make a big mass token then we play for XT and scriptures making it a bigger
big mass token and an artifact and then we destroy all non artifact creatures
but spoiler alert there are no artifact creatures in standard so in other words
it kills everything but our token another key piece of the deck is death
horde invasion it’s basically a ghetto bitter blossom without the flying and
once we have a token it puts a wall encounter on it each turn but the
downside of the card is we’re gonna be losing life and sometimes would be
helpful to balance the hand which is why we have this card here calluses missile
we can bounce a burn it’s a hand and then we amassed one and we can also use
it on Forex in scriptures to get a second board wipe out of it and then we
have cards like thought enema you take a card from opponents hand we serve out
one and we have this here it’s kind of meant and there’s op and gleaming
overseer which gives our token Tech’s roofin menace and more board wipe and
also three of these but my favorite card in the deck is this card here we deal
for damage we gain for life and we amass for a pretty gangster deck if I do say
so myself but now it’s time for that arena gameplay and I hope you enjoy now
I know it doesn’t look like arena but when you hear the visuals and see the
sound effects that we no doubt that this is in fact arena will start with Optio
knee and back opponent pass back to us and now we shall fire a thought enema
no opponent negates that’s fine and opponent casts thief of sanity sure it’s
me the Antichrist back on our turn myzel sentence of Jesus with the board wide an
opponent cast nickel bow loss making us discard and if only we had one more mana
that’d be super nice but instead let’s drop the Scriptures mill and back for
opponent opponent swings in 4/4 we take 4 and then bolus dives mill and I was
trying to go with the overseer now back for opponent won’t play the brass is
contempt sure and another nickel boloss ok when’s the last time you ate a salad
bowl discard scriptures please pull land here whatever old exile this hoe for one
and back opponent makes a sack of creature so we lose the one one and back
on our turn we shall play another overseer and back to our opponent
opponent passes back to us well caused us missiles swing in for to swing in for
two and back to our opponent with disease another nickel Bowl loss wow we
guess what we get to do this enter the Gaga which means you can swing for six
goes at nine back to them opponent passes back to us and looky here how
grande is this now we shall swing for seven and there’s the concede so hooray for us
and now we’re already moving on to match two because that’s how our Rena works
opening hand let’s Mull this and this we can keep and now I got something to play
on turn to I know where else wait a minute where are the effects ah darn
they’re not working oh well let’s thought I’m taking the Phoenix revered
and passed back on swings for one and plays a chain world are sure we could
kill that we could play this to block but I really want to play scriptures and
you survive attacks for two turns or do you kill this and I’m gonna risk did not
play anything actually I might regret that and now go scriptures although
we’ll have to endure another attack act my opponent upon it hits us for four and
now the creatures go to Jesus playing this I suppose we could have played that
before the Scriptures lost one of them I mean it was a bit of a tough call when
it plays the Guardian and we shall off I say kill that hoe now swing for a measly
two and back upon Oh Sark on at least we can kill the dragon though first let’s
op do calluses missiles sure that will work as well now he’s swinging to its
arc on one of him and I’m back for I’m gonna pass the backswing in for three
back to our opponent opponent pasa buck to us we swing in for a 3 buck and
another crab do we kill it now we can’t use that for a depth now sending the
Jesus now although a little depth in response yeah so they have another one
in hand now back on our turns swinging for three oh it goes 8 back to them well
it plays that guy again into nother one okay now the question is how do we deal
with these we can do double kill where do I pee here won’t work and also have
this but if that thing dies the pendant has to burn cards in hand one that deals
three the other one that deals to we can’t have that happening so I guess the
best move here kill boat and now back to our turns waiting for three and myzel
take one of the burn cards now that tapped out yep backdoor opponent on the
past backswing for three and there’s the game I mean there’s the match wasn’t
that spectacular I mean we have a pretty good matchup against any kind of
mid-range creature deck because we have so much creature removal game one but
now on to the next one opening hand one land hand so we’re gonna mole yeah I’ll
keep this on a plane tomorrow oil an pass back opponent fire is incue bation
swings for one and back on Arsenal’s fire the thought interesting interesting
I say we take the news and backed up on it going for one we take one and back on
aren’t as much as I want to play the invasion I think we got to take the ooze
in case the hidden to land turns over boom yeah I’ll take these and
anticipate killing that next turn back up on Oh swings for one we take one but
they don’t play the hydride interesting this might get countered but we’ll go
for it okay I’m back for prominent an opponent plays the hydroid but we’ll
take care of that boom I mean they still drew two cards from that so it’s pretty
good but I would say it’s about 5050 here and the vivianne destroying our
enchantment okay and I suppose we should exile Vivian in response take that back
on our turn a sling for one they take one back to them incue bation having an
ease s lame we should probably kill it now packs proof no that hurts my
butthole and you think we’d have a good matchup against a slow creature deck
like this but not this game at least let’s survey along we’re probably gonna
lose an opponent isn’t flying shirt and a token anything good not really just
too little too late from us and our opponent can swing for 11 this turn okay
we can’t win them all so that’s the duck I liked it it made me
big happy in pom sometimes the deck can be a bit slow going on the offensive and
it lacks any big bombs to finish off the games quickly like at the ferry but I
thought the deck was most gangster nonetheless but now the big question is
do people want to see more standard videos you people like standard I don’t
know and the best way to let me know would be subscribing because if the
video gets a lot of subscribers obviously they got to make more of that
video tight but I’ll also be going through all the comments of this video
to see what people liked and what people didn’t like did people find game 1
tolerable did they like it probably not but now my investigation begins and as
always I hope you have a great day

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100 thoughts on “MTG Arena STANDARD 🔥▷ AMASS Board-Wipe Deck! ◁🔥 【 WAR 】MTGA

  1. Standard is fun to see sometimes, but only if it's janky/nonmeta stuff. The standard meta is always so boring lol

  2. Interesting soundboard lol. Standard is kinda whatever . Unless you were gonna do some kind of superfriends/planeswalker deck

  3. I'd love to see you toss up the standard meta but I'd watch anything you make. You do you, daddy. Make what makes you happy.

  4. Best of 1 is a terrible format – I'm okay with Standard videos if you don't have any Modern ideas at the moment, but Standard is just not as fun a format IMO. This is amusing as a jab at Arena, but would not want it to be a habit.

  5. Definitely in for some Stanard brews. It's fun to see you being creative with a more limited card pool 😀

  6. very cool! id like to see some more brews using war of the spar cards but for modern! i've been messing around with a kiln fiend, dreadhore arcanist, delver deck .

  7. Standard is ok but the eternal formats always have the greatest diversity, would love to see you play some vintage, legacy or pauper and best use your great deck building skills

  8. I always love your vids, so if you want to make more standard I will watch them, but I personaly prefer modern.

    Thank you for making this content its great

  9. It's cool to see you work in a different format standard has a surprisingly high power level right now so you might dig it.

    Game 1 was Lolz-tastic

  10. I love your modern content, but this was very entertaining as usual. More Arena matches like this are perfectly acceptable!

  11. I love your content and find your channel hilarious. But I only play standard at the moment so standard videos from you would be “muy grande”.

  12. I see alot are already saying it, but i do like modern. would rather not see standard, but i will watch whatever you post. This video was pure gold

  13. The sound and visual effects were really funny but if you did more standard in the future you'd hopefully omit that. I prefer your modern videos but would also really like the occasional trip to standard play.

  14. I've enjoyed amassing Daddy all over Standard these passed few weeks. xd

    PS. My friends still talk about GearSplosion!

  15. this just makes me wish MTGA would let you use your own sound files and music to replace voices/music. it would be pretty sweet to have archmage antonidas' sound play when you drop a Llannowar elves

  16. wow arena looks like a real card game, nice!
    but seriously, ur videos are great no matter which format u play…in saying that, plz stick to modern 😁

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