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hello everyone this video is some arena
gameplay from my sponsored stream of war of the spark where I am playing a really
fun deck called thick angels by toko Yami the decklist will be in the
description below and I hope you enjoy this again this is a really fun deck
don’t forget to Like and subscribe here’s my thinking JAL’s ok here we go
we’re trying it out we’re gonna see how it goes oh maybe is Mingus of the bazaar
good I don’t know you tell me I don’t know anything about it is it I don’t
think I don’t think it is that good cuz I’m pretty sure I’ve pulled that before
it’s just like kind of media it’s it’s no Liliana that’s that’s for sure or what’s the other car the demonic tutor
it’s not that’s not that good sorry ok here we go here we go thick
angels umm oh gosh oh gosh ok define it strike
define strike I sure assemble this is a terrible
opening and we have to Mulligan this we have to notice your legionary that’s
fine feather feather aralia oops this is not great but I’m I’m going to keep it
tense district legionary we can cast that it’s not it’s not the worst but
it’s not a financial boom yeah sorry it’s not a $200 girl I’m
gonna keep this terrible opening in France straight I guess I’ll keep that why do these cards make me pay to live
I’m just gonna enter it tap because I can’t catch anything my first turn
anyways oh I’m gonna say hello it’s my opponent a bit too lethal hello a bit
too Lisa I really like this rack dos avatar that’s very cool
now this one I am gonna pay to live so that I can cast my district Legionnaire
oh she has haste well there we go get it girl that’s right she has haste I
knew that all along just kidding I didn’t know at all
oh no to Defiance choice but whatever we’ll cast it on our creature I share
assemble oh I really don’t want this card I’m gonna put it at the bottom
because I need low mana oh I don’t think servos a scale running man I’m gonna
cast this on it too Oh perfect okay
there we go oh she is buffed up did you see that oh no my opponents Windemere what is a bit too lethal going to do
because I just gave them a pretty big hit I wasn’t even paying attention to
her counters I’m so scrum tastic should I cast feather or aralia oh shoot I’m gonna cast irelia target EPSA want
our Christian troll up to one tick creature oh look at that oh she is
stepped on stress district Legionnaire she’s hardcore oh wow these angels they
are not messing around ah she got vigilance too she’s red and
white so she got trampled and vigilance Harold has a dread horde I’ve got
another ten sadistic Legionnaire but I really want to cast feather okay I’m
gonna cast Federer because hey yeah and I’m gonna oh maybe I should
have put it on her I’m so scrub I don’t think it matters are they saying nice
because I picked the wrong creature to put it on Oh kill them oh yes
Wow okay we didn’t even really get to see that day okay let’s let’s play pick
Angels again and see how it goes oh wait let’s do it the Magic eight Ball says
okay magic 8-ball well we win this game it is decidedly so that’s okay here we
go we’re gonna win we’re gonna win this
game again hello Jake thank you for joining me we are playing some thick
angels right now I’m playing the same opponent it’s a bit too lethal again oh
my goodness oh no I don’t have any red mana I’m gonna keep it anyways I’m
saying hello again I’m just like I’m sorry that you’re gonna have to play me
again well you know maybe they’ll get to
redeem themselves I would like to see this deck do some work Grimm initiate I
like that guard I’m gonna be oh no I don’t have any red Nana okay I’m gonna
play my other goblet shrine intercept different strike I couldn’t do that to
their creature just a draw card no I’m not going to what if what am I saying
what am I saying stop I have to stop okay all right
don’t look at my lands you’re not gonna kill my lands are you please don’t enters the battlefield tat
whenever it attacks you get paid sorry if you do is gonna talk creature card
from your graveyard demon oops sorry I’m passing oh it’s just one damage I’ll be
fine okay pass my turn red man I read MIT I can catch my Gideon ah so pleased
to get a black but during your turn I’m gonna cast members 1 an angel first
I love responded angel I love angels in general so this is a pretty good deck
for me oh no droid horde invasion I really like
this card I played it earlier it’s kind of weird but I like it are you tricking
me I check you me right now are you glad to trick me
first rate I’m not gonna block it I feel like you’re tricking me so bad
wait oh my god is my partner Casson eyelids Oh save the scales or should I
cast my Gideon’s up to one other tart determined trophy
to trace the visuals have been indestructible until I return
okay I’m gonna cast Gideon I still could use some Redman I’m gonna pass I’m gonna testify it
strike on my angels so I can draw a card there’s my red mana I will give her vigilance up up to 130
feet cheers I’m gonna give her yeah ooh a bit too lethal how about that oh look
getting is now a planeswalker again what is that
zombi tokens you can drive death touch oh no no no see you’re just gonna do one damage sure do what can we do that’s first right
when it dies they’re gonna amass one no I’m not blocking I’m not blocking it’s a
trick it’s a trick I feel tricked okay here we go time to
shortly or Sarah for this I guess I’ll probably
cast myself for this Bayliss Flyers are good my opponent doesn’t have anything
against fires well I mean I guess they might but I haven’t seen anything of
life length so I’m going to give my our resplendent aimed roll vigilance again yeah gonna give it vigilance next next I’m not killing you oh maybe they’re about to leave communit it’s not over yet look at this
please Walker tact that is so strange just are growing I don’t care if you do one damaged oh okay
okay I guess I was too slow I’m really sorry
um let’s go back to our sick angels and try another game of that cuz that one
was fun but we didn’t really get to see much of it so we will give it a shot
here even get some more sweet angel action going on I enjoyed a lot of these
sex that I’ve been playing but it must have been playing whores objects so
first I’m going to enjoy those I don’t really like to see a deck that I built
but it was red and green and those that’s just not my colour combination
like at all okay here we go this okay I’m playing my sick angels oh
wow oh oh oh oh oh I think I’m gonna keep it
yeah I’m gonna keep it that’s pretty good
I play Gideon earlier and I just didn’t think I would like it but I did it
weirds me out when planeswalkers become creatures but it was fine I should say
hello to my hello it might be a little late now because they’ve only been
attacked so hope it’s not awkward okay no it’s fine they’re fine with it they
understand okay I don’t want to pace your wife because I can’t cast anything
anyways so we’re moving on and turn and I’m hoping to get to play my feather the
redeemed next turn we shall see oh there’s my 10th district Legionnaire oh
did I draw that well shoot I didn’t realize I’m such a scrub I should have
cast that but I just wasn’t paying attention well you know whatever it’s
probably cost me the game it has probably cost me the game Oh creature
suppose new control can’t be countered well that’s ok because I’m not playing
blue I’ll never counter one of your creature spells don’t worry
um ok uh oh should I guess my gideon the no shoulda casted my father the redeemed
should i cashed my yeah I’m gonna cast my feather redeem yeah whenever you casa dancing our
surgery small at targets creature your control eggs a lot card instead of
putting it into your graveyard as it resolves if you do return it to hand at
the beginning of the next Enda step grouse spell break okay riot haze tax proof riot trample it’s
not really necessary do you have to say that twice oh man this deck seems pretty hard cooler I’m just not gonna block
didn’t have vigilance ooh ouch do another feather I’m not that I can um let’s see should I cast
Gideon black blade yeah I’m gonna cast Gideon black blade and okay so I can’t
attack with him but I can like plus him right
my flank vigilance life indestructible um I think
I’m gonna give my feather vigilance okay chalk it up to walk creature okay and
then I’m gonna cast different my feather oh and then I’m going to attack with my
feather with that yeah that’s right and my gideon black blade is once again a
planeswalker so there’s that oh no this is bad I’m gonna say nice but I don’t
really mean it why are you killing my kid Ian seemed so
rude I’m not gonna block it kill him does trample damage hit my planeswalker
and then come and hit me I’m really not sure honestly it did it hit me
Oh No Oh No shoot this will pay to life but I probably should not have done that I think I’m dead no matter what I do
yikes oh boy okay I can cast this actually and
that will get haste well I’m pretty much dead let’s be real right here um I don’t
think I can survive one more round yeah I mean uh this dragon Oh does it have
haste it does I’m so dead oh I’m just not gonna walk
I’m not blocking this video brought to you by card sphere click their link in
the description below

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6 thoughts on “MtG Arena #sponsored gameplay with THICC ANGELS deck | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

  1. Did you drop that many frames on stream as well or only in the recording? I ran into some similar problems with other games and there is a few things you can do to try and fix it. Nuuu missed that 2 drop in game 3 lol oh sad.

  2. //Deck Name: eternal thirst
    3 Cruel Celebrant
    3 Dusk Legion Zealot
    2 Forerunner of the Legion
    3 Martyr of Dusk
    3 Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle
    3 Priest of Forgotten Gods
    2 Regal Bloodlord
    3 Skymarch Bloodletter
    2 Twilight Prophet
    2 Ethereal Absolution
    2 Legion's Landing
    2 Kaya's Wrath
    3 Settle the Wreckage
    3 Godless Shrine
    3 Isolated Chapel
    2 Memorial to Folly
    9 Plains
    7 Swamp
    3 Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord
    3 Bishop of Binding
    2 Champion of Dusk
    2 Elenda, the Dusk Rose
    3 Ixalan's Binding
    2 Profane Procession
    3 Revival // Revenge

    You should give this build a run… I bet you'll like it.

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