Mr. Robot Season 4 “Back to Work” Teaser Trailer (HD) Final Season

– [Elliot] We need to get back to work. – [Mr. Robot] You go down this path… …it’ll never end. There will always be something else. Another symbol to destroy… More people to save… This is an endless war. What you’re about to do
is crossing a line. – [Elliot] It’s a little late for that,
don’t you think?

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100 thoughts on “Mr. Robot Season 4 “Back to Work” Teaser Trailer (HD) Final Season

  1. So many high concept hit drama series have let us down in the past with their final seasons: Lost, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica and others all failed to deliver a satisfying endgame that both resolve their plots and bring good closure to their character arcs. I have become quite sceptical for new shows to succeed where so many others didn't. But Mr. Robot is different. I have full confidence in Sam Esmail to blow me away. Where will the final season go? Are all the time travel references throughout the seasons for real or just a red hering? I have no clue. But I am so, so stoked to find out. 4 weeks to go…

  2. Darlene will get killed and in the last episode Elliot will commit suicide by saying "Goodbye Friend" because he will realise that he is too dangerous to live. That is my prediction. (I hope this does not happen)

  3. Happy they brought the show back to finish the story. Ratings plummeted to less than half a million per episode. Good to see they let a good show finish

  4. Season one was a masterpiece! The rest is overwritten… Cinematography is one of the best I've seen on TV. Rami acted his ass off in this part, he deserves all the Amys and TV awards. Sam the creator of the show, well done dear, overall it's a great show if only it was running like the first season.

  5. Huge honor to be part of it! Really looking forward to the final season! In case anyone wondering about the trailer music, it is my dark piano version of Silent Night.

  6. this show features some of the most exquisite experimental camera work i have ever seen. very excited to see how it plays out

  7. Надеюсь, что будет лучше, чем третий. А то в последнем вообще какая-то Санта Барбара было, особенно финальная сцена с "Я твой отец".

  8. This show is way overhyped. First season was great. All the other seasons were terrible. Same repetitive crap of Elliot going loco. It just got boring. Common, move the story along! If you havent watched this show yet, watch the entire first season and the last 3 or 4 ep of the 3rd season and you will have the entire story. Everything in btw is about Elliots illness.

  9. Of ooooooffffff the man in the high castle , mr robot , joker , oç pinkman filmi hepsi de geliyor. Geliyor gelmekte olan ajajsueueııeııf

  10. I'm happy for the last season but also sad. The best part of a journey is not the end, the best part of a journey is what it gets you there.

  11. See this is bittersweet, if this season is anything like season 3, then we’re all winners.
    But I don’t want the show to end, it was a good ride though.

  12. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! I presume you have now seen episode one, in which case read on, or don't if you haven't

    In the very start of season 4 episode 1 Angela gets shot by the Dark Army, yet in this trailer of season 4, a exactly 0:51 seconds in you see Angela looking or listening to something/someone whilst tearing are rolling down her face. Could she still be alive? Could White roses theory/project be true. I'm going all conspiracy nut over this now. I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

  13. What about the family that rule the world behind the scene, nothing ? Hows come this series are becoming crap after they spoke about the ruling family ?

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