Motorfist Trophy Pullover Review

You’re checking out an awesome uninsulated pullover that Motorfist has stay tuned Up North Sports has got you covered Hey guys! Matt and Seth here at Up North Sports, We’re checking out the Motorfist Trophy pullover You’re going to find this in two different colorways available at what I love about this stuff. It’s extremely flexible, Extremely lightweight it is a pullover. So that’s something to keep in mind There’s no hood, but it’s pretty unique, and how you get this on and how the snow skirt works as well So let’s dive into those features also many nice features and a lot of good benefits come from a pullover But real quick to give you guys a point of reference. I’m 5 foot 9 175 pounds I am in the size large in the Trophy at the moment. I’m finding to be a little on the large side Matt Even if I’d be wearing possibly a Tek Vest or even heavy layering out sizing the medium on this one But I’m definitely able to make a large work. Just a little additional room I prefer a more fitted look on this, but great features and great benefit side of this I love a pullover Matt one of the main things is you don’t have an entire zipper going all the way down even leaving room for Wind or maybe snow dust to come in so great on that and of course eVent material 100% windproof and waterproof can control your moisture really well absolutely Now let’s look at some of those features. How the snow skirt works You can see it’s pretty unique how to get this on and loosen this up, so it’s actually down the left side of the jacket We’ll open up that snap waterproof zippers On this you’ll see how we open that out so this is gonna make it a little bit easier to pull this pullover on You’ll see the snow skirt is actually on the side of the jacket as well So well while putting this on you can actually undo this piece Undo the snow skirt, it’s gonna make it a little bit easier for you to put this on you’ll see really nice mesh lining in there. It’s gonna help. It breathe very very nicely, and then you can obviously employ That’s an snow skirt So like is it that on and you are all set a couple other features a nice d-ring on here in a very large pocket on the front as well Seth huge fan of that because you Know as I do Matt out west especially when you’re really working the machine and extra pair of warm gloves Maybe even a pair of extra socks a lot of different stuff can be stowed in this and I love that it’s a nice water sealed zip with a glove friendly pull, the mesh inside again the build on this is ultra comfortable guys You’re going to find insane flexibility out of this Great pit vents as well and as Matt mentioned easy on and off with the way to do this entry on the side You know see Seth has the wrist gator and the adjustable strap employed, which is gotta help you get a more specific fit for you Which is really really nice and like Seth said he would wear a size medium. I’m about five ten hundred eighty pounds I would also wear a medium in this as well remember you can find all the different layering options available whether it’s the mid layer the base layer by Motorfist at And if you ever have any questions we’d love to help you guys Make sure that if you found this video helpful For you that you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel you can obviously comments on there or on social media Or you can always call us here at Up North Sports and talk to one of our customer service agents We’d love to help you get into your new gear. You can reach us at 866-335-8500

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