Moto RAZR Foldable Actually Coming in 2019?!

it looks like motorola is planning to release the razor hopefully before the end of the year the Samsung Galaxy fold is finally available for purchase but there’s already a problem and that one may have already leaked the launch date for Mac OS Catalina on a specific website I’m Jaime Rivera and let’s join a Google and celebrating its 25th birthday I mean you can actually say it because we know that they’re listening this is pocket out daily the official news today begin with deals definitely Apple killed Apple watch Series four in favor of Series five with their launch but for those of you that are still interested in getting a deal you might be able to get something on Amazon for series four apparently the company is offering the specific variants in various configurations for $50 off for example if you want to go for the GPS 44 millimeter variant of Space Gray you’ll find it available for $379 I still like series 4 and if you don’t care about the always-on display you can learn more about everything in the description now for those of you that are rocking older iPhones and I mean older than the iPhone 10 meaning iPhone 10 8 and before that there’s a new exploit that’s actually got a lot of people worried a security researcher just posted an exploit on Twitter which is an uncatchable jailbreak for millions of iOS devices called checkmate this is the first exploit since the iPhone 4 back in 2010 it works on devices from like the iPhone 4s and all the way up to the iPhone 10 and iPhone 8 as well as iPads as well as the iPad 2 so yeah you might want to do something about everything that you should learn about in the precautions in the description as well now obviously we’ve seen this whole change into foldables and then becoming a thing we actually got more news about that coming up but the thing about it is if you remember last month IC universe tweeted out a picture of a smartphone that he claims is the future he said that curved waterfall displaced with just the beginning then we would start seeing for curved waterfall displays a couple of days ago we got the mimics alpha and it does seem like the industry is going in that direction and obviously by for curves we’re talking about corners and the sides and everything question is definitely are you interested in that kind of design because in my case I’m actually celebrating that the oneplus 70 doesn’t bring a display now it’s rather interesting that Apple did their launch of Iowa’s 13 iPad OS and watch OS and everything and we’re still waiting on mac OS Catalina the company didn’t really specify when we would get a launch they just mentioned the possibility in October now according to Apple’s Mac OS Catalina Danish website it may launch on October 4th the website says that Apple arcade will be available on the App Store on October 4th as well but on the iOS App Store it’s pretty much already available in we obviously know that Mac OS Catalina is pretty much up next I’m definitely looking forward to it particularly for sidecar so let’s wait for that now let’s move the spotlight over to Samsung obviously we’ve been waiting for that Samsung Galaxy fold by the way the reason I don’t have – because I’ve been traveling but expect some coverage next week I already have two videos on it but obviously our full review is still in order the company is now making it available for purchase in the United States for those of you planning to buy however one of techCrunch’s editors already has issues with their device and has sent it back to Samsung for investigation he says there’s a clump of pixels at the center of the phone on top of the crease that are stuck in their lip condition obviously expect some coverage on Monday over are we having any issues are we not having any issues I don’t have any issues on my original unit but we’ll see and finally the hottest news today have to do with the Motorola RAZR I’ve been waiting for this product for the longest time we still don’t have any confirmations but apparently that might change you remember lenovo said back in spring that they were planning to launch that moto razor over the summer and that clearly didn’t happen now we’ve got some publications already claiming that sources of the companies say that they plan to at least announce a device by the end of this calendar year we don’t know when it will be available for consumers or if verizon will be the exclusive as was rumored as well prom is obviously the $1,500 price tag let us know in the comments down below I mean do you care about that Moto razor anymore do you not because in my case it’ll all depend on what we get obviously if the specs are not there I just won’t care probably but we would love to know what you think in the comments down below friends again if you want to get the news earlier follow us on talking about comment subscribe to our Channel English and Spanish for more videos like this one also follow us on social medias our extended coverage happens on Instagram and follow me on my personal handles to see – with these phones please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw I’m hanging out again I think so much for watching we’ll see you next week

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100 thoughts on “Moto RAZR Foldable Actually Coming in 2019?!

  1. I'd have find memories of my clamshell phones. One with a full display would be very cool (like the razr). But for $1500? No way. When they come down to. $4-600, now I'm interested.

    Also, full wrap around cell phones would never work for me. One drop and it's done. A case and protector is on every phone.

    My op6 is pristine and it's never not had a case or tempered glass and I bought it day 1.

  2. For the case of the Razr, I'm sure the way more people who rather spend more to get more phone than less simply case. There'll be a few to try it out but the rest probably going to wait until the price goes way down from $1500

  3. For me the razor would have to have pretty high performance (think Apple X) and a certain level of ruggedness.
    That $$$1500 price tag to high.

  4. No I don't and it is very unfortunate that pioneer companies like Sharp, Moto, etc got bought by other companies who are not exactly passionate in the same way in the categories they pioneered

  5. I think that wraparound screen on the mix alpha is a total waste and how do you protect something like that? the fold and the huawei foldable phone are the future, not a super expensive wraparound screen. The Razris pretty cool though but I'm not going to dish out that much money just because it folds in half.

  6. Motorola is on to something, if it’s a foldable rzr like before it would mean it’s a pocket size phone, honestly that was really cool back then, the small size. I think it Motorola can do good with this phone if the display kicks ass. Pocket size foldable? I’m intrigued

  7. That tweet was a leak to get mire ppl to buy the updated iPhones don’t listen to this b.s guys please give us better news

  8. Please, remove the annoying music in the background it is NOT possible to concentrate on what you Jaime is talking about. Thanks in advance/Sonia from Stockholm.

  9. Any foldable device which folds into pocket size is in principle useful. Any phone which already fits into your pocket but is furthermore foldable inherits all drawbacks of a foldable device (robustness, additional weight etc.) without giving you advantages. As such, the Razr only made sense if it was a foldable tablet.

  10. I'm thinking about, why cant they combine glass and plastic. So that the folding part is plastic and the flat screen just a normal glass or at least a strong plastic like 5

  11. Most cellphone are produced in China, so how can apple get the newest hardwares to put in iPhone??? Apple should consider invest in cellphone manufaturing if they wants to stay on top of the game and also move all the production line out of China or else Chinese manufaturer can copy it easy, in China they don't care about the copy right laws!

  12. I'd like a compact foldable phone that when it unfolds it would be 6' to 7'. So i could easily carry it folded in my pocket and when unfolded i'd have a nice 6' to 7' display!

  13. Phones like the razor have been forgotten because of the way phones are now made. This would have been cool back in the day. It's not the 90's anymore.

  14. Couldn't agree more that curved screens are dumb. They:
    1) Guarantee some glare on sides no matter the angle
    2) Create touch issues
    3) Are physically harder to protect
    4) Are more expensive
    5) Are more difficult to repair
    6) In the case of the Note, mean you can't write near the sides without the pen slipping off (awful experience – miss my Note 5)

    They need to end. The non-plus Note should've been a flat screen like the S10e. That's what I expected and was REALLY looking forward to as someone who goes for the Note for practicality over looks.

  15. IF they can already overcome 1st gen foldable problems then yes. My kidney deserves a far better and less problematic foldable smartphone!

  16. I like the Moto Razr if they can pull off the exact design minus the issues that occur on the Samsung fold. However; for $1500 nah

  17. Who wants a folding Motorola branded phone ? The brand is one of the worst brands there are. They can't even give you a true release date. Its this year. Next month. Next year..sometime. by the time this releases we'll have the second or 3rd gen galaxy fold.

  18. I don’t know if it’s the company’s or consumers but one them have lost their minds. Not in a million years would I pay that much for phone. They only can do so much talk, text, internet and take pictures.

  19. I'm in the flatscreen camp as well, although that Xiaomi does look amazing, as an ornament. Don't know how useable that will be.

  20. They can keep that Motorola thing off because xiaomi just killed everything about phone design and so and so on. What's next?…

  21. I like how he has no accent to speak of… And then he says his last name and makes his accent 10 times stronger than someone who doesn't speak English would…

  22. Curved glass (and glass back) on smartphones is a dumb trend. Seems like the tend for smaller and smaller mobile phones before the smartphone era.

  23. I never liked the idea of a folding phone that unfolds to be twice as big as the phones that we use currently. I much rather have a phone that folds to half the size of the phones that we use currently.

  24. Wait, did you just warn about accidentally jailbreaking your phone? Uhh, it’s not that easy, and jailbreaking is really only a benefit…

  25. I think the innovation for the new razor is cool. But due to the hype not pushing it out there in the media too much it may be like the ZTE axon M and just be a conversation piece than an actual competitor.

  26. Apple talks about foldable phones, leads to all these compaines rushing to get foldable display phones out. When Apple finally releases theirs, it'll be "OH, so that's how you do it." Then we can expect all the Apple version ripoffs. And people will still argue that Android is better.

  27. If I'm going to get any foldable phone, it will be the Motorola. I'm really hoping that Verizon isn't the only place I can get one

  28. I’ve had the iPhone since it first came out, never once has it crossed my mind to buy a non-iOS device. Then, I saw the renders for the Moto Razr & i prépares myself to switch ASAP!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting!!!! Since I didn’t hear anything, I bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but I’d be willing to sell it for the razr if it does end up coming out

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