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Alright, welcome back, everybody. Craig here, and I am here
talking again about YouTube TV. This is one where we’ve
talked about it in the past, a couple times actually, and we keep getting lots
of comments about it, a lot of frequently asked
questions you might say. So I wanted to address
a few of those today. Before I do, make sure you
hit that subscribe button and the bell icon, because we’re back here
every Wednesday and Friday with videos just like this,
and we hope to see you there. Now, let’s get started. (energetic music) (moves into gentle guitar music) YouTube TV is now in
almost a hundred markets across the country, and it
covers 98% of the population. So it is nationwide. There are a few pockets still missing. If you are at all concerned that you might be one of those pockets just go to,
enter your five-digit zip code, and they’ll tell you not
only whether it works there but which channels you get. Well, it comes with a lot of them. It is missing a few key ones, and we’ll get to those later, but it has a few that its
competitors may be missing like AMC, BBC America. They’ve got NBA TV. They also have YouTube originals which can be a big deal for you. It is missing a few channels
that may concern you, Discovery, History, HGTV, and
all of the Viacom channels. So that’s MTV, BET, Comedy
Central, Nickelodeon. Those are Viacom channels. Those are all out. You can get those on other services, like Philo is a good add-on for 16 bucks to kind of supplement the
channel count here on YouTube. Yes, it does. Actually, that’s one
reason why YouTube TV, a couple of years ago, had
kind of a slow rollout, because they were concerned about getting as many local channels for
every area as they could, and so they wouldn’t
expand to a metro area unless they could get
all those local channels. So, if it’s available in your area, there’s a good chance that most or all of your local
channels will be on there. Works on a ton of different devices, your phone, your tablet,
streaming devices, of course. What you need to watch
out for is Amazon Fire, the Amazon Fire TV devices
or the Fire TV smart TVs. Those do not run a YouTube TV app, so you won’t be able to use it there. It’s also not available
on the PlayStation 4 because they have PlayStation Vue that they wanna push you toward. Each subscription gets
six separate accounts. That is not the same thing as
simultaneous streams though. You get three simultaneous streams. So six accounts can be
streaming three things at once. No. Storage on the DVR is unlimited. However, we did just recently do a video, kinda, talking about this specifically because it’s a great selling
point for YouTube TV. It just comes with a few caveats. So if you haven’t watched our video on how the YouTube TV DVR works,
make sure you check it out. Obviously if you’re watching live TV, you cannot fast forward. If you are watching a
recorded show, maybe. If it is a recorded show that
is not available On Demand then it will be your recording that you can fast forward through. Sometimes though, if you recorded a show that is available On Demand,
they’ll shovel you over toward that and that one will
make you watch commercials, the On Demand version. Yes, some services like
Sling TV have restrictions on certain channels, and
you can’t record ’em, not so on YouTube TV. YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service. YouTube Premium is a premium
version of So, YouTube Premium does no commercials and that sort of thing on YouTube videos. YouTube TV is completely separate. One of my favorite
features about YouTube TV is that you can arrange the
channels in any order you want, and so if you find yourself
watching the same 10 over and over again, you can put those in the top of your guide and customize it that way, one of my favorite things about it. One last note before we go is that if there are problems
with your YouTube TV stream, it’s possible, especially
if you’re using a browser on your computer or
your laptop or whatever, that your browser may be out of date. So make sure you update that, put it to the latest version possible, and that should help out. Alright, hopefully that
answers some questions for you. If you have any others,
hit up the comments below, and we’ll try to answer them there. If this video was helpful
to you, give it a like, make sure you subscribe
so that you can watch us every Wednesday and Friday
when we’re back for new videos. Thanks for watching guys. We’ll see you on the next review. (energetic music)

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49 thoughts on “Most Asked Questions About YouTube TV | YouTube TV FAQ

  1. We tried to address the common questions you ask on our channel. Let us know your thoughts on YouTube TV!

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  2. you forgot this, the guide only goes 24 hrs in advance, at least it only did a few months ago. I cancelled it till football season. Other than that, I recommend it

  3. YouTube TV is also missing the A&E networks. Even though they're available with Philo, Hulu with Live TV has them in their base package. I currently use YouTube TV, Philo and Hulu (since I like Hulu originals) but hate their upcharge for the ability to fast forward DVR content.

  4. I was a sling subscriber for a few years and it was good until it wasn't. I'm now into day 3 of my 4 day trial with YouTube Tv and I do love it but on the bubble about keeping it $40 a month seems a lot considering I don't watch half the channels , but I do love the live locals

  5. I wish YouTube TV had KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) live, mainly for their local news broadcasts. Currently it only has the CW shows on this channel in VOD.

  6. Here's some combo plans ( tax not incl )
    #1 Youtube TV + Netflix Premium = $56
    — best price to value live tv streaming / most popular originals / best DVR / full news / alot of popular sports / Netflix 4k library.

    #2 Youtube TV + Philo = $56
    — nearly all popular live tv channels for the cheapest combined price / complete DVR coverage.

    #3 Netflix HD + Hulu Ad-free + Antenna + Espn+ = $30
    — sports movies popular originals / ad-free Hulu on demand and high quality content / everything excluding DVR for the cheapest price.

    #4 Netflix basic + Hulu + Prime + Antenna + Espn+ = $26
    — 3 largest libraries / nearly all popular shows and movies / sports / Prime perks / antenna for news / everything except DVR and full HD.

    #5 Hulu + Sling Blue with added DVR = $30
    — news sports movies popular originals and live tv / some of everything for the cheapest price.

  7. I had sling orange and blue with the lifestyle and heartland packages plus OTA antenna!
    Due to OTA being a bit unstable for CBS where I watch Bama football and the basketball final four..
    as I did research over the weekend I have landed for now with
    trying out YouTube Tv for local and sports channels $40
    and dropped Sling down to the blue package and kept the lifestyle and heartland package! $35
    Was going to do philo with YouTube tv but my hubby and I like the channels on the heartland and lifestyle package that sling offers!! No other streaming service provide all the channels in the lifestyle and heartland package!! 😒
    PS: if sling would offer local channel for those who have unstable OTA content I would stay completely with them!

  8. How far with the TV Guide allow recordings in advance + can it be set to record only new episodes of TV Shows?Thanks, Rog

  9. Ok here we go. Youtube tv suuuuucks! but it is better than some. First they keep raising there prices, or is it their prices, lol. when i first got it, it was $35. Next let's say a show you come upon you wanna watch, well a lot of the time they won't keep the first episodes around, so you have to start with episodes down the line. that really sucks! Decisions decisions, lol.

  10. Been with YouTube tv since last year but I will be switching to direct tv now, rather pay $50 with them and get hbo than stick with YouTube tv and get discover channel and other crap for the same amount

  11. will Youtube TV work fine with the lowest level of Xfinity internet (Performance Starter) which is only 25 Mbps?

  12. Is there any t.v. that is local and just for your phone that you don't have to pay an arm and leg for $49 per mo is too much when all I need it for is on my phone ..?

  13. I just signed up for the free trial. It says you can have 6 different accounts using it and use on different devices. My sister and I want to share the cost and we live in the same town but not in the same house. So can she add the YTTV app on her roku and sign in with my info and watch it on her tv's and what about when the roku app gives you a code and you input it on so it will start playing on the roku,is that going to work?

  14. How far ahead does the program guide let you see what is coming on? Can you set a recording say 7 days ahead?

  15. I have a couple of tvs that don't have Youtube-tv and have been told I need a Roku device. There are many. How do I know which Roku to purchase?

  16. Hello,

    I've Got A Few Questions For You, Hope You Could Aswer Them.

    1. Sports- I've Tried To Set Up The System To Record The Collage Army/Navy Game And It Would Not Allow Me To Set That Up. I've Watched Every Video On How To Do That And It Won't Record It.

    2. Show Series/Show Episode- I Would Like To Know If Your Set To Record Every Episode How Or If I Could Just Erase The Episode I just Watched Not All Of Them?

    3. Number- I Was Wondering If There Is A Number For Me That I Could Talk To Some One From YouTube TV.



  17. I went on my computer to rearrange the channels and remove ones I don't like but when I returned to my TVs it didn't work…it says hit agree to finalize but I don't see that anywhere…what am I doing wrong?

  18. How the heck do you convince YouTube to stop offering YouTube TV? I want to opt out of it permanently (I view it as being pretty fecal) and never again see the persistent offer.

  19. Are you able to add an OTA Antenna to receive local channels not on Youtube TV, would the Cloud DVR be able to be used with those added OTA channels? Would the guide show these channels once they've been added?


  21. Question, you mentioned adding another service onto of You TUBE TV. Is there any package that allows someone to get both YouTube TV & YouTube Premium?

  22. Excellent review.. no goofy graphics or some guy trying to be funny. Just facts and right to the point.. thank you!

  23. How do you access what is upcoming on that network for the evening? I can see two shows in advance and nothing else. Without a guide you have no idea what is showing all night on that particular network. Also, how do you find the description of that evenings episode, kind of like a synopsis of what that particular hour is going to be about?

  24. I like YoutubeTV very much with the exception of the live guide. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to read the channel names on the left of the guide while I really don't need a 2 inch still picture between the channel designation and the listing of what is on — can this be changed or how can be pressure youtubetv to do something about this????? Frustrating. Making me think seriously about hulu.

  25. Question : so without internet connection/ Wifi cant do absolutely anything about youtube TV right ??. I want to get rid of comcast I definitely dont like the service specially the cable service but I still will need the comcast internet service to make YouTube tv work !! What should I do 🤔🤔

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