Morophon, the Boundless: Deck Tech and Primer

Welcome to a Morophon the Boundless deck tech. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to build an awesome human tribal decklist, and give you the tools to build any tribe
you want with this guy. I’m your host Joe Cherries, I’m your host
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werewolf commander. Disclaimer: Wizards will never make a good
commander exclusively for werewolves. Before we jump in, let’s start by reading
our commander. Morophon, the Boundless is a seven mana 6/6
legendary shapeshifter. It has changeling, meaning it’s all creature
types at all times. As it enters the battlefield, choose a creature
type. Spells of the chosen type you cast cost white
blue black red green less to cast. This effect reduces only the amount of colored
mana you pay. Other creatures of the type get +1/+1. Alright, first thing we’re gonna talk about
is what cards in this deck are gonna be universal, across all of the Morophon decks. We’re going to say it “Morophon” I don’t know
how to say it. “Morphin?” Yeah Morophon. It’s Morphin’ Time! It’s Morophon Time! No it’s Morophin! Moroph’n Time. If it’s not Morphin’, I, come on. Morphin? First category: all the cards that are the
core of this deck you can take any tribe, but you gotta plug in these cards, because
they’re awesome. So let’s get into the first one. Fist of Suns and Jodah, Archmage Eternal. Fist of Suns is a three mana artifact that
lets you pay WUBRG instead of spells mana costs. And Jodah is a one and Jeskai for a 4/3 flier
with that same ability. Right. So the way it works, if you don’t know, with
Morophon on the battlefield, and Jodah slash Fist of Suns you can say “I want to pay WUBRG.”
and then your commander says “Okay, it costs WUBRG less.” and you go “alright, play it
for free.” Any creature you name whether it be, in this
case, humans, saprolings, horses, treefolk, whatever, it cost zero. There’s so many horses. There’s enough. There’s enough horses to build your tribal
horse deck. Cuz there’s enough changelings to build any
deck, really. We finally have our horse commander. Crested Sunmare, get in here! Kindred Discovery is another one. Casting lots of free spells, drawing lots
of free cards, well what could be cooler? How are they drawing cards? Might it be because Kindred Discovery is three
blue blue for an enchantment that when it enters you name a creature type, and whenever
a creature attacks or enters under your control of that type, you have to draw a card? That’ll do it. Everytime one of these enters, you just get
to draw which is super duper duper good. I mean if you’r playing a spell for zero mana
and it draws you a card, that’s getting a little frisky, that’s starting to get into
combo potential. Yeah, also with this card you get to if they
attack. Yeah. That’s just a that that that’s each one.If
you attack with three guys, they each draw you a card. That’s just that gravy. Cuz that’s not what the card is in here for,
like if it was just whenever they attack it wouldn’t be in here, but… gravyyyy. Mhm. Other cards that are coincidentally five mana
and also draw you cards whenever you cast something like that is Tome of the Guildpact
from uh Guilds, and Vanuisher’s Banner from Ixalan. Yeah almost everything is multicolored in
this deck. There’s a lot, there’s like thirty spells,
thirty-ish. So, your commander is a changeling, which
means he is all creature types at all times, meaning Urza’s Incubator and Herald’s Horn
not only reduce whatever type your deck is based around but also your commander. Yup, Urza’s Incubator reduces it by 2 and
Herald’s Horn reduces it by one and sometimes if the top card is a creature on your upkeep,
you draw it. Yeah, which is once again, gravy on top. Cuz we want the reduction. I really like these cards where it’s like,
this effect is good, but also, what if there was some gravy? What if every four times you drew a card? Yeah, alright. Yeah or you just randomly drew something. And the undisputed Gourmet Bagel coming out
of the gates. What’s a Gourmet Bagel? A Gourmet Bagel being the best card in the
entire deck, according to us. It is Cloudstone Curio. Three mana for an artifact. Whenever a nonartifact permanent enters the
battlefield under your control, you can bounce something that shares a type with it. And this’ll be the Gourmet Bagel in like most
of these decks. I’d have to imagine. Because you’re just gonna be able to bounce
so many different things. Just so many free things like no matter what
you’re building there’s always let’s give a just a hypothetical example. You know let’s say Fusion Elemental it’s just
a WUBRG 8/8 elemental. And you have your commander and you wanna
name elemental. You play your commander, then you can play
Fusion Elemental for zero, now let’s say you have a second Fusion Elemental, it doesn’t
really matter. A card that’s the exact same as Fusion Elemental,
Horde of Notions. You play Fusion Elemental for zero, now cloudstone
curio is gonna trigger, you can bounce your other card that costs zero, play it, bounce
your card that costs zero, play it, now if they have actual enter the battlefield abilities,
like ours are going to, infinite everything, you win the game. Or any of those cards like any of those three
cards that draw cards right before this that we mentioned, draw your whole deck. Win the game. Yeah, so what is our deck trying to do? Combo, first and foremost, we’re doing ridiculous
weird stuff with humans, it’s a really cool combo deck. Who would have thought human tribal combo,
if you, this is one of those classics like, if you had told me a month ago that the first
deck that you would build out of modern horizons would be human tribal combo I would be like,
you’re wrong. You’re allowed to be wrong, and that’s fine. Human spells from all across commander casting
the same creatures over and over and over with cloudstone curio and other friends, assembling
these loops. Going into combos we picked humans because
we felt like it had the best chance to combo off out of everything, we just wanted to build
a cool combo deck, make it not as competitive as possible but like as combo-y as possible. I mean, the deck wins by comboing. That’s what it does. Right, you’re not gonna win on turn 2, I mean
your commander is seven mana and you kind need him. So it’s like, this is like a janky for fun
stuff. This deck is built around the commander very
heavily. It’s not as good as it can be because if it’s
as good as it can be why would you be playing this seven mana janky commander yep. and why
are all your creatures humans? You could just build these combos a better
way. Yeah exactly, so, what humans are we playing? Well, let’s talk about the strong effects
on humans, thats a great topic. It is a great topic, and let’s start with
the tutors. We got Spellseeker, two and a blue for a 1/1
when Spellseeker enters the battlefield, search your library for an instant or sorcery with
converted mana cost 2 or less, put it into your hand, shuffle your library. Imperial Recruiter and Recruiter of the Guard:
They’re both two and a white or red for 1/1’s and they search for creatures with power or
toughness 2 or less right to your hand. Trophy Mage, did you know that Cloudstone
Curio is three mana? And it’s an artifact? And Trophy Mage finds those things? Finds exactly that, Trophy Mage is real good
in here yeah turns out you really really want Cloudstone Curio. Yes, what about some card draw, what kind
of humans do we have that could draw some cards? We have Notion Thief, which any time your
opponent draws extra cards you draw them instead. It’s not only they don’t get it, you do get
it. It’s really annoying. Grim Haruspex, whenever one of your humans
dies, or any other creature dies on your side of the field, how bout you get a card? Draw that card. Ranger of Eos, we’re never gonna stop loving
that card especially me, it finds Serra Ascendant, it finds mana dorks that we have in here,
any number of things, it’s card draw. Serra Ascendant is a human, Serra Ascendant
is a human. Shardless Agent? One blue green for a 2/2 with cascade? Value! That is value. Oh, and you get to read my favorite one. Queen Marchesa. Which only costs one colorless! What if you cast a one colorless gain the
monarchy haste 3/3 deathtouch? Uh, I like it. It has more things, but as we say, those are
gravy on top. Graaaavy! What about removal? Removal? Well, We have Vithian Renegades. Just one green red for a 3/2 and it Shatters
when it enters. Hostage Taker you exile a card that isn’t
it even though on the card it doesn’t say that, it should, it doesn’t, you exile another
creature or artifact and you can cast it by paying its mana cost. Fiend Hunter Oblivion Rings something until
it leaves, Anafenza is really cool graveyard hate that costs zero. And I just wanted to mention we’re trying
to prioritize cards that have multiple color symbols because they get the most reduction. Yeah, exactly so you can play Reclamation
Sage but then it would only like if that was our tribe, it would only cost 2 colorless,
but Vithian Renegades only cost one colorless. So we’re doing that. Yeah, exactly. So cool this is so cool. Okay what about ramp, humans don’t ramp! Do they? Uh, I’d beg to differ. What if we had Diligent Farmhand? I love this card. Wanna read Diligent Farmhand? Yes. Make sure you read everything, I will read
the most important part last.One green for a 1/1, so green, for a 1/1, and you can pay
one and a green to sac it and search for a basic and put it onto the battlefield tapped. But that’s not the most important part. As long as Diligent Farmhand is in your graveyard,
Muscle Burst’s effect counts it as a Muscle Burst. It’s insane! I think it just says “Diligent Farmhand counts
as a Muscle Burst.” I don’t know. Because it’s never once mattered. It’s more confusing to any player who reads
it. Which is great. Knight of the Reliquary, we put a Gaea’s Cradle
in here, Gaea’s Cradle is just insane, pick any land you have that makes more than one
mana or Command Beacon and put that in thespot, Knight of the Reliquary is awesome. Yep, Noble Hierarch slash Avacyn’s Pilgrim,
both just mana dorks, both humans, and Ranger of Eos is ready to find them all day. He’s looking for mana dorks. Easy. I mean definitely. Shaman of the Forgotten Ways? That’s a human? I forgot it was a human! It’s just all these cards you’re like “that’s
a human, Shardless Agent, tnats a human!” Yeah that upside-down weird looking metal
face thing, thats a human. Why is it upside-down for no reason. Why can’t it just be right side up? Because it looks cool. It does not look cool. It definitely looks cooler. Maybe the artist submitted a right side up
one and Wizards was like “this looks terrible… Wait a minute, wait a minute!” Maybe he sent it in in an envelope and he
put it in upside down, well he put it in right side up and when they took it out of the envelope
they went like this so they pulled it and… they’ve never done that with any other card. Well yeah he’s the only one who ever mailed
it in. Right. Two cards I want to mention that are awesome
because they’re humans and they have four different colored pips in Kynaios and Tiro,
and also Saskia. There’s another one that we’ll mention later. But those two; it’s gotta feel pretty great
to play a 2/8 for nothing. And Saskia is like, that’s your backup plan,
you just beat em down. Saskia is a really good beater, I love Saskia. Alright, but now- someone was beating me down
with Saskia the other day, wasn’t me. I was definitely getting beaten down by a
Saskia. Card’s cool. But winning the game is even cooler. How are we exactly going to combo? We have four different ones that we’ve highlighted,
there’s probably like a dozen more, but these are probably the four main ones. And the first two that we’re gonna talk about
require Morophon and Curio in play. But we’ve got a bunch of ways to tutor that
and Morophon is always in the command zone. We need Morophon we need Curio just for these
first two. So as you know what they say, “It”s Morphin’
Time!” Right and you can say it when you’re about
to go off, you actually have to it’s you have to say “It’s Morphin’ Time.” Oh, it’s so good I’m glad that I decided to
pronounce it that way well this deck I would say is Morphenominal. This is great. “It’s Morphin’ Time! tyrannosaurus!” Oh, you could name the Ranger things when
you pla- okay, we’re going off, we’re going off ladies and gentleman. Method number 1: Burning-Tree Emissary and
Breya, Etherium Shaper. Breya and Burning-Tree are both humans. Burning tree can cost red green therefore
it costs nothing. Breya will cost nothing. Play Burning-Tree for zero, get red green,
play Breya for zero, get two thopters, bounce Burning-Tree, wait a minute… didn’t we just
make red green and then not use it? Keep doing it forever.Infinite red green,
infinite thopters, now that you have infinite red green, use Breya to sacrifice infinite
thopters to deal infinite damage to everybody. Yep, you can do that. That is number one. I believe you can read number two. Remember we still have Cloudstone Curio and
Morphin’ Time in play. We have Samut, Voice of Dissent and Zhur-Taa
Druid. Samut gives your creatures haste, Zhur-Taa
druid taps for a mana, deals one to each of your opponents. Yep, you just need another free human to keep
boop boop boop boop ba doop right there’s cases where Samut can be free, or if she only
costs one then you can still do it with just her and the druid, but you just respond to
the trigger that bounces the druid and you deal one to everybody. comes back, deal one to everybody, over and
over and over, and over? Game over. Or if you have Samut and a mana dork you have
infinite mana. That’s true too. If you have Samut, a mana dork, and another
free one, so if you just have the haste guy out or just like any two mana dorks. Yeah, basically if your creatures have haste
and you have two mana dorks you can make infinite mana. And there’s weird ways we can mention to draw
your whole deck if you don;t have the kill piece. There’s Thraben Inspector, which Ranger of
Eos finds, and then there’s also Rogue Refiner that can draw your whole deck too. Shenanigans. Good old Rogue Refiner. You can just stockpile useless energy, just
make sure to keep track of that useless energy that you can’t spend. Make sure that you make somebody keep track
of it, yeah “well I’m going off I don’t have time for this, hey Nick can you keep track
of my energy?” Got em. Now these next two methods do not require
Curio, but you probably should have your commander out. Actually, you know what, forget it we don’t
even need that either. You definitely don’t need your commander. These are just, they require more stuff, but
they don’t require your commander. I mean, I guess if you do have your commander
out when you start this one, you’re only gonna need, you don’t need very much mana, yeah,
this is just plan like C and D instead of A and B. So why don’t you tell us plan C and
D? Method number 3, you’re going to need Saffi
Eriksdotter, Renegade Rallier, Zulaport Cutthroat, and Cartel Aristocrat. Those are all humans they’re all humans. Cartel Aristocrat basically the only human
that can sac stuff for free. What’s gonna happen? So, Saffi and Renegade Rallier, sacrifice
Saffi, target Renegade Rallier, sacrifice Renegade Rallier, Renegade Rallier comes back,
gets back Saffi, do this over and over and Zulaport Cutthroat has infinite death triggers,
kill everyone. Humans just can do everything. Humans really can do a little bit of everything. They just don’t have redundancy. There’s like one human that can do everything. Yeah, like there’s one sacrifice outlet human
yeah there’s one human that shatters something, there’s like except for Fiend Hunter there’s
like eighty five Fiend Hunters but other than that. Yeah, humans are really good at Hunting Fiends. Oh and bouncing creatures when they enter. There’s a lot of them that do that, too. I was looking this up all day. But go to method number 4. The last method we have here. We have Fiend Hunter, Cartel Aristocrat, Angel
of Glory’s Rise, and basically anything. What you can do is you have your Angel of
Glory’s Rise enter, returns Fiend Hunter, returns Cartel Aristocrat, returns any number
of humans in your graveyard. All of em. Hopefully something that wins you the game
even like a Venser Shaper Savant which can bounce everyone’s lands, so the Fiend Hunter
enters, trigger, put Angel of Glory’s Rise under it, sacrifice all your humans again,
do it all again. When Fiend Hunter dies, and then Angel comes
back, brings Fiend Hunter, brings all your humans back. Venser bounces all their permanents, Zulaport
Cutthroat kills them, any number of things like that. There’s so many, there’s gotta be… I mean, it’s similar because like Burning-Tree
still generates infinite mana. Because this is free to do. So it’s like all the same combos that you
could possibly generate, but with this instead. It’s a different shell. Those are our infinites, moving to the like
conclusion I guess you could say? Where we just wrap up our thoughts. The average cmc of this deck we built is like
2.97. There’s no six drops and there’s one seven
drop and that’s it. Everything else is five four three two one. Super cheap, this deck is sweet. Yeah the deck actually looks pretty cool if
I hadn’t already built a human tribal deck in the past I would snap build this. This one’s way cooler than your humans- oh,
no it’s so much cooler, I will concede that point. You get blue! And like infinite combos, and you can say
“It’s Morphin’ Time” all over the place. Manabase, talk about it. The manabase is fetches, rainbow lands, shocks. Pretty simple. And Gaea’s Cradle. It’s super expensive, however, you can build
it basically however you want depending on the tribe, if you only wanna play like devils
that’s only red or black, they’re gonna be reduced the same, or demons, or whatever you
wanna do, you only need like if you’re playing mono demons, you just need swamps, your demons
get reduced by one like that’s fine whatever you wanna do. I like mono demons. Yeah mono demons, mono devils, whatever. Imps, you could do. Yeah do mono Imps. Or like I don’t know Eyes, mono Eyes. Yeah, do mono Eyes. But the manabse doesn’t have to be restrictive
is what we’re saying. And like we said, you can play- this commander
is so wide open, like anything. you can literally play any tribe, I mean it
is it’s tribal, its restriction is you wanna go into a tribe, and you wanna go into one
specific tribe. Maybe even you could even if you were really
feeling frisky you could go into two tribes. Yeah I mean I saw one of the decklists we
were looking at, it was like, six different tribes and it was a bunch of blink effects. That’s very cool. So you can switch back and forth I’m like
“I don’t really wanna do that, but that’s cool.” Yeah, exactly, and that’s why this commander
is really open. So open. Like you can do so many different things with
him. I think that this is a really interesting
and cool commander I think it does a lot of different things, and it oh my gosh the commander
has gravy on it, your creatures get +1/+1 oh my goodness they- pour that gravy! There’s so much gravy make sure you use the
mashed potato picture oh yeah I know exactly what you mean, I have it, I saw it, I love
it, we’re gonna be using it at least once. But that was the video, if not three or four
times. Yes. That was all we got for you, we want a special
shoutout to our Patrons, they are here, they are plentiful, you can join them, where can
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